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Resident DJs Bela (Alejandro), Ana Vice, Malefic, and Stalagmike spinning a variety of outstanding classics, obscurities and new developments.

Jocelyn from necronomicharm will be vending her Gothic and Occult inspired jewelry!

FREE from 10PM until 4AM. 21+ and please bring valid ID.

Dress code: Goth, Vampire, Witch, Ghoul, Dark Glamour, Sinister Dandy, Edwardian, Victorian, Deathrock, or basic black. NO blue jeans, caps, sneakers, or flip flops allowed.

There is air-conditioning, dark and lovely decor, comfortable seating, clean restrooms, and an established dance floor.

Bedlam Bar
40 Ave. C (btw. 3rd and 4th Streets)

A mixture of nostalgia, revival, tribute, & the here and now!

Presented by Bela, Valefar Malefic, Stalagmike, and Ana Vice.

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Invite by Ana Vice 2017.

Memento Mori.Memento Mori.

Ana Vice


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  • Memento Mori.: Back of invite.
  • Memento Mori.: Front of invite.
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