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And the fact that he has gazillions of dollars...that probably helps his defense. I think he's probably guilty, if not on this one than on some kid before; we all know she's a little screwy in the head, but she's also definitely being railroaded.

Poor choice of chicken (unless he was set up on this one). It seems more likely that ruining his career and his life is a stiffer punishment than "martha stewart" jail, cush cush. And if his lawyers really believe he's been set up, then of course they can turn the tables by making it a three-ring circus, demolishing any credibility this prosecution and this case could have in the first place. He's playing the freak card to the max.
I think he's real guilty - he sadly totally fits the peodo profile - its so shady that he only befriends lil boys, the whole security thang around his bedroom (alarms which tell him people are near!), choosing 'weak' victims... its all so shady.. if he really wanted to 'help/heal the children' it wouldn't just be cute chickens he wants to help, but perhaps ugly gimped out boys AND girls! Think all this pj's business etc is just a weak deflection. Course the parents are just lookin for $. Thats the reason they would let their kid stay there in the first place... got to be odd to let yer kid sleep in a bed with a grown man, whoever he is.. when u don't KNOW him at all and he has singled out ONE kid your young CUTE boy. I hope he gets found guilty, just cos I think he feels above the law and will continue to fiddle with lil boys.
MJ seems emotionally and sometimes mentally about 9 or 12 years old to merlin's recogning. you can see it in the pretenses and fantasies around MJ. so what do 9 and 12 year old boys do together, remember that far back daddy? they mess around not much else. act silly and wonder what sex is all about.

an adult that never grewup, and acts like he is 12 is not about sex, remember? it's about silly sexiness for little boys. worse cause MJ is an adult and it would appear should know better than to stay at that level with children.

another way to explain this would be to look at the priests recently found guilty. they too seem underdeveloped emotionally and mentally tho at the old age of 16-18. when arrousal and action begin to coinside..... but no real previous experience with real sex.

saw an interview on cnn with mj's rabbi ex spiritual advisory explains how deeply MJ is into fanatasy and how this is drawing him out and possibly killing him. the rabbi keeps saying look at his face, that is not the face of a healthy adult. he says MJ's life can only be saved with an intervention from someone MJ will recognize outside of himself. any volunteers?

it's a big dark lonely frightening world from which MJ needs rescuing. hope he gets it. it is never too late.

in love,


note: these are merlin's attempts to see a man where he is now, not to excuse any action that may prove to be true that he may have committed against children.

the victim also needs rescuing from his family, as MJ needs rescuing from himself.

in love,

Remeber when OJ claimed the police set him up...Well I think both things were true..He murdered Nicole and Ron AND the police thought he might get away with it so they set him up on top of it. I think the same thing is true with MJ. He is a pedophile who likes to play with boys AND the one he picked this time came back to bite him in the ass. A shady family looking to get the big payday. But both things are true and he will go to jail AND they will sue him in civil court for millions. A sad situation for sure. No more Billie Jean..Boo Hoo!
I like what Merlin says about the boy victim needing to be saved from his family.

MJ obviously needs to be saved from himself.

I think she is guilty of some level of violation. She is as guilty as the parents of the victim who have no excuse for placing their child in harm's way. As with almost all cases of a tainted celebrity with unbridled vices those seeking to gain reward through whatever legal action against them are just as unsavory on the question of character. MJ has had a way non-normal life replete with abuse from his own father, so the story goes. The people who really cared about her should have intervened many years ago.

I saw a newsclip four or five months ago about a guy who sued MJ in New Jersey for back rent on a storage room full of clothes, performance costumes, and assorted props. They guy won the suit and his award since MJ wasn't going to pay back rent, was the contents of the room. Among MJ's lingerie was a box of letters and notes. One was a note to a small boy which MJ signed "Rubba."
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I think MJ is a fantastic manipulator (peodo's normally are).. everyone has said that ... infact lisa marie presley, paul mccartney, Howard Stern etc.have ALL spoken out about his calculated fronted personality juxtaposed to his media Peter Pan.... he's a very shrewd business man on so many levels... really f'd over McCartney with publishing, etc. Very slick.. there is no child like in him at all, really think his only fascination with all this kids stuff is to attract the kids. Look at John Wayne Gacy .. u think he was into clowns!
Side note.. i did meet MJ at a press meet an greet once at Radio City .. very strange
2nd Side note... think he is/was really talented muso without a doubt.. but guilty as fuck and the families of the kids are as u all have said b4 - also guilty! agreed
Now they're saying she's teetering on bankruptcy and near-suicidal. The staff of Neverland Ranch is owed $500,000 in back pay and MJ's brother Randy was trying to wrestle up money to pay them but couldn't. MJ's household account at Bank of America is reportedly empty, and she won't be getting any royalties on her backlist for another few months. She used the Beatles/Lennon-McCartney publishing as collateral on several huge loans which she's defaulting on, so she could lose that too. MJ is supposedly terrified of appearing broke and the twin pressures of that plus facing her accuser in court have everyone in her camp fearing she's going to do herself in. Whatever. It seems to me that if she'd only sell 1/8 of all that expensive junk at the house she's bought in years past then her money troubles would be over, or at least her staff would get paid.

Still, I don't think she'll go to jail. I do think she's a pedophile, but this particular case is just too murky. The prosecution won't be able to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt and she'll walk.

It's all tragic really. To look at old Jackson Five footage and to look at her now .... very sad.
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The pedophilia case against Roman Polanski was similar in some respects. Local mothers knew he had a thing for young girls... some would bring young girls over for "screen tests." Mostly it was just a kind of child prostitution thing, and he didn't always fall for it... In the last case, however, that made the scandal, the mother was exceedingly more agggressive about her blackmailing. Roman. P. simply fled the country rather than confront the criminal justice drones who were more than ready to pillory him.

The details of the mother & father putting their child "in harm's way" are really disgusting. How could they in a million years have imagined anything was innocent about a sleepover with Michael? I guess imagining a million dollars.
I've seen former employees interviewed who said MJs friends did try to intervene years ago but were told by MJ "don't tell me what to do, don't judge me, no one tells me what to do." She's responsible. Nevertheless I still feel sorry for her. She's been prostituted out for the world's entertainment since she was 5 years old. And I feel sorry for the kids whose parents see opportunity and peddle their own childrens' bootys to get it.

Indeed Stan, as I said in Hopelessly Devoted months ago, if the sleepovers were so innocent then why is conveniently only the pretty boy who sleeps in MJ's bed, not the plainer brothers or the sister? Shady.
fantastic manipulator

this was a slap of reality in the face.... remembering the clown gacy and then the neverland toys, thank you. remembering Presley say that MJ only baby-talked in public and had a mature persona when they were alone.

when we watched MJ trying to get the whole world to call him kingofpop, who is an outside moral voice or role model in MJ's mind. there appears to be none, and yes his face is that of a very angry, insecure, and self loathing human. am hoping should this court proceeding begin to fail that some sort of hospitalization is arranged despite his exalted sense of himself.

all those around him have been feeding on him since childhood, as with the victim's mom. and yes, those that are part of the problem are also getting paid.
the NY POST seems similar in their lack of concern for reality or truth as this front page suggests there might not be any justice for mj in the uk. the post and the mirro are both reckless in their exagerated reporting. they love to report on royal celebrities, too, so of course MJ calling himself the king of pop makes him another royal? and aren't these magazines still running front pages of the late diana at least once a month? inventing new angles on her death? neigther of these magazines nor their publishers care about the people they report on or democracy for that matter. both spend most their days simply royal chasing and defaming those that won't play by their rules. these magazines are created solely to sell copies. using capitalism while dissing democracy? lol.

the 'jacko wacko' phrase is so very, how shall we say?, SO MURDOCH! don't you think? so LIVE at FOX FIVE too. the publisher and owner only became an american citizen to gobble up a larger percentage of american television stations, not cause he is into the american ideals of justice and protection for everyone, lol.

can you imagain having a whole publishing empire after your ass, right or wronge, and all they got is a couple of kids and alot of gossip? and two finger prints on different pages of a dirty magazine?
Photos of Jackson's penis confirmed '93 claims

As search warrants go, you won't find one more intrusive than the one executed on Michael Jackson's, um, person in 1993. And the results of that intimate Kodak moment from a decade ago could resurface in the performer's upcoming molestation trial.

A detailed recounting of the criminal probe of Jackson is contained in sealed documents reviewed by TSG. An affidavit from former Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department deputy Deborah Linden was filed in 1993 to secure court permission to photograph Jackson's private parts. Investigators sought the images in a bid to corroborate allegations made by 13-year-old Jordan Chandler. The boy told police that Jackson frequently masturbated him, adding that he could provide a detailed description of the star's penis as a way of proving the pair had been intimate.

According to the Linden affidavit, Chandler told police that Jackson justified the illicit acts by saying, "it was okay and natural because other friends had done this" with him. The singer, then in his mid-30s, also allegedly told the boy that, "masturbation is a wonderful thing." The celebrity also told Chandler that if he ever spoke about the incidents, he would be "placed in Juvenile Hall," and they both would get in trouble.

The document also describes a confrontation between Jackson and Chandler's father Evan, who suspected that the performer may have been assaulting his son during sleepovers. The elder Chandler tracked Jackson down to his "hideaway apartment" in Los Angeles.

The boy's father asked Jackson, "Are you fucking my kid?"

The entertainer "became very upset" and told Chandler that he did not use that word. Linden notes that the singer did not answer the question or deny the allegation.

With Los Angeles Police Department detectives weighing his claims, Chandler gave them a roadmap to Jackson's below-the-waist geography, which, he said, includes distinctive "splotches" on his buttocks and one on his penis, "which is a light color similar to the color of his face." The boy's information was so precise, he even pinpointed where the splotch fell while Jackson's penis was erect, the length of the performer's pubic hair, and that he was circumcised.

It wasn't long after law enforcement's photo session that Jackson agreed to settle Chandler's civil claim for north of $20 million.

In a recent sealed affidavit, Tom Sneddon is quoted as saying that Chandler's pre-search description (and a drawing) "corroborated" photos taken of Jackson and observations made by officers who examined the body of evidence.

In light of Sneddon's proclivity for hardball tactics, perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise if he tries to have those old images finally admitted into evidence. We're pretty sure Jackson would oppose that, though he did tell Chandler years ago that he was "proud of his coloration" and thought he "looked like Pan."


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Take the self rightous stick out of your ass. No one on here made light of child abuse. Most of the references to the cute chicken(s) were to point out the act that it's silly to think he didn't do it whan the kids he "helps" are always cute boys. Anna Nicole did show a cute photo of the twenty something that was the accuser in 1993. He's an adult and he is cute. Big deal. We cope with the world through humor. Go watch M*A*S*H and pay close attention.
kalima....What is that? A fresh breath mint? Sounds refreshing.

Oh relax girl...either you were a victim of abuse yourself which is not funny ( no abuse is) or you are just an uptight conservative with no sense of humour. No one is laughing at child abuse. Read all the posts here very carefully and you might get what is being said.

And there is nothing funny about ugly children, I know that personally having been one.
I think he's guilty - it's just so odd an NOT random that he 'chooses' cute young boys in his bed if he really cared for kids he would want any kids, ugly kids, girls, disabled kids the lot... this is all too calculated that makes me think kiddie fiddler - BUT i also think that the parents of MOST of these kids are JUST AS GUILTY. They are all shady $ grabbers who use an teach their kids to manipulate.. course i am generalizing...
I also believe that it's ALL his sick parents' fault. Cathrine and Joe Jackson are the sickest things alive. I remember way back in about 1984 Madonna, who was just starting to becomee a star went to his house to meet him. She told me that when she went to his house his parents met her as well as some of the other Jacksons. They chatted for a while but no Michael. He was upstairs playing with a bunch of little kids, LIKE a little kid. She said his Mom went up and brought him downstairs to meet her. He just sort of shook her hand and asked to be excused to go back up and play. She said his parents (and everyone else) treated him like an eight year old. Even she was freaked out by it. Those two parents are sick puppies who indulged Michael in any fantasy he had because he was always their meal ticket.
the REALLY sad thing is he'll probably get off (no pun intended) again. He'll just have to pay the greedy sell her kids for a profit Mother. I looks like to me that she saw his first go around with aligations and set her poor kid up for this.
So sad, What are these 2 boys (that we know of) going to be like when they grow up?? What about MJ's kids? A whole other story, their mother's sold them too.
I can't wrap my head around it all. I don't understand how money can be that important.
The child molestation charge will not fly. There is too much reasonable doubt. All the prosecution can hope for is to nail her on a measly misdemeanor charge of serving alcohol to a minor, which carries a maximum sentence of a year in jail. Miss Jackson could easily get off with community service on that score. She will sell Neverland Ranch and move to Lithuania where clueless and tacky eastern Europeans are still lining up to eat her pussy.

The parents -- the victim's as well as Michael's -- are all culpable. But she's still scamming on prepubescent boys, whether she did it to this particular boy or not. After a certain point she can't blame Joe for everything.
Well, they're pumping Jacko and the Jacksons tonight in Union Square - was in the dog run when the verdict came in and within fifteen minutes the boomboxes arrived. I felt jubilant, which kind of surprised me, since I do think he was guilty. It's just that the grifter family was so locustlike and represented the very worst of celebrity feeding behavior.

The really great story through this has been the fans outside the courthouse - who knew he had so many diehard loony fans left? Perhaps there's hope for the old boy yet.

I am a tad sorry that he, Manson and Sirhan Sirhan never got that prison card game in though.

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