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I'm not glad that he got off.. i defo think he's a kiddie fiddler and i really want those folks off the streets, especially the ones with $/power/fame. However, i would have also convicted the family of extortion too, shady gypos that they are. Its shocking that he got off but its again about celebrity in this country... unless u r a loathed celeb like Martha! I am not suprised that they are so many 'fans' outside.. they are the same 'people' who mourned the death of Lady Di., lost folks with a need to anchor their misplaced emotions somewhere...
I think he will re-offend. He has before ...
Sorry to be all nancy grace on ya...LOVE his music think he's amazingly talented but he's a kiddie fiddler...

Check out Triumph
baiting the fans outside the trial...

"The poopy stench of media scum is neutralized by the sweet and pungent aroma of lunacy...the Michael Jackson fan."

"Your Mom came all the way from Albuquerque to root for Michael? Don't they have any child molestors back there?"

"The only thing we're sure he molested was his nose."

Triumph's super cute as an albino with long black hair.
the first question during the press conference to the DA after the trial was about his relatives in the KKK. merlin was told he went speachless. so there is no innocence on this one. the mother's reign of terror is obvious from the jurists' comments about her clicking her fingers at them during important testamony and her apparently willing herself onto the courtroom stage. while the child will be confused for many years trying to work this one out.

yes, he may be guilty as charged, it is just, it has to be proved within the perameters of reasonable doubt about a specific case. have any of you ever been falsely accused and had the the DA go after you? have you ever watched as the police punished someone for perceived guilt so that they got theirs no matter what might happen later in the court room?

when it does happen to someone you know, their rights to be protected by the law become the only hope for peace in their lives. ask merlin the next time you see him out about this one.

in love,

I felt a sense of relief when the verdict was brought down, but mostly just relief that the whole thing is over. Personally I think MJ is "technically" guilty. I'm sure the acts were not violent, I'm sure many of those boys were in love with him too, but that doesn't make it okay. If he didn't diddle this particular kid, he did it to others. And yes, Merlin, young Gavin will be in a moral and mental quagmire for some time between memories of MJ, this trial and that cunt/slave broker mother of his. I have two cousins who are like sisters to me, each with young sons. I couldn't help but think of them as all this was going on. If you're a pedophile and sexualizing children, being talented and rich and famous doesn't exonorate you.

That said, the system is what it is and if the prosecution's case was weak then he deserved to go free. It's worth remembering that he was tried in a very conservative town without a single African-American juror and over 140 witnesses over several months. We can chose to belief McCauley Culkin or we can chose to belief Gavin's lying mother who tried to defraud JC Penney. But perhaps the jurors know something we don't. Also I feel tremendous compassion for him, he is just so DAMAGED in so many ways. Despite the stardom and millions, much of his life has been one big fuck over. His homosexuality has been subverted and strangled by his violently abusive father, his Jehovah Witness mother, his agent who tells him he can't come out of the closet, etc. Like all those Catholic priests, the closet and all the self-loathing it brings can drive people to do terrible things. Of course being fucked up doesn't excuse taking advantage of kids. But he is a deeply troubled person who has survived a lot of terrible things, including child stardom, one of the most soul-destroying experiences imaginable.

Now he will flee to Europe, possibly as early as Sunday, where attitudes about such matters are much more permissive. Maybe he'll find the 15-year-old of his dreams and live happily ever after, and everybody else's kids will be safe.
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p.s. Already there's talk about her big comeback. If she really wants to do that she should skip Neverland Ranch and the Swiss villa and move to NYC or London instead. Start going to clubs again, like she did in the late 70s. Listening to what's being played, see what people are responding to, get a pulse on the action. The whole isolationist policy is a terrible one if you're going to be a rock star. Just my 2 cents.
I think he is a huge manipulator... everyone I have ever met who has dealt with him in business has said what a CLEVER manipulator he is ....playing the lost boy thang when really he's always slick with business. Even celebs have said such in tv interview... I think he did a number on Lisa Marie (she has said in interviews this).... McCartney said the same about him becoming his pal then buying all the Beatles catalogue .. then there was Howard Stern who famously wrote about the shady mtgs he had with him on a few occasions... I think he's real slick an calculated. Think musically and as an entertainer he's amazingly talented too. BUT, bottom line I do think he's guilty but the clever/sad thang is ... he fiddles only with the low life kids cos he knows at the end of the day he is more powerful than them... clever. I don't think of him as this sad victim at all.
merlin could not believe it when merlin first heard and watched the beatles, for tax purposes apparently, originally announced the beatles were selling their amazing library of songs. merlin could not understand what john and paul and george and ringo where thinking at apple records at the time, yet that is exactly what they did. so micheal didn't steal the library, micheal just was willing to pay more for it than paul ever was. that is business and not very shrewd rather foward thinking business to merlin and the portion of the libray he has kept from the half he sold to SONY is worth about a half a billion dollars?

yes, it would appear micheal befriended paul. yet what kinda friend is paul? does anyone associate paul and friendship with anyone on the planet? LOL. do we ever hear of any friends paul may have except his revolving constant companion wifes?

shall we now need to know a definition for friendship in hollywood to further demonize michael? the gossip merlin is hearing is that Tommy L and the mafia are behind all this for some previous perceived slights. and no merlin would not want to sleep over either.
What she's done to her face says it all. If that isn't proof of a tragic person then I don't know what is. I know, I know ... plenty of stars have plastic surgery. But in her case it illustrates how deeply unhappy she is inside.

I've no doubt she's manipulative. She would have to be in order to sweet talk the boys she diddles into dropping their pants, and for certain she uses her fame and wealth as bait for their young starstruck hearts. Also the lost little boy schtick has long been a part of her image and she knows how to play the role. I believe Lisa Marie Presley's statements. But MJ is also a clearly disturbed person. What shrewd businessman, after previously settling molestation charges out of court under suspicious circumstances for $25 mil, would go on national television with a cherub hanging on his shoulder and confess to sleeping with children? Such a move could hardly be called clever, slick or calculating by any standard. I just don't think it's as simple as her being good or bad.
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the real question is becomming justice for us all........

and after forty years a mississippi courtroom has FINALLY convicted the good ole boy, Preacher Klansman leader of murder of the three college boys. the first jury hung on a woman who refused to convict a preacher of a crime.

this is real justice...... you can see it in the faces of the mothers of those that lost their lives, you can hear it in their speach. justice is not just listing someone's complaints about another till they become pariah. justice is finding a real convictable offense not just changing the laws to entrapp people --- not the rumor-justice we see now after the acquital.

and no merlin doesn't think MJ will get the help he needs either, now that his sense of invinceability is re-established, which is very sad. merlin also prays the boy finds the help he needs to understand what happened to him in his family, with mj and with the courts.

the whole thing smacks of helping people to become discourage about our court system and hoping for 'conservative' religious opinionated judges to take over our courts and do the right thang in the name of religious fervor. do we really want zealots in the court that will get convictions no matter the case? it all seems a set up to destroy our system. by people loosing faith in the system when politically motivated district attourneys go after people for the publicity rather than their ability to prove a case.

this all reminds merlin of the DA that chased down LIBERACE's hearse to force an autopsy to prove LIBERACE died of aids, for what? the politics and justice of hate, not justice for the rest of us at all.

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