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Hey, you know who I met at a dinner the other night? Well, you probably guessed it. Michael Stipe. I couldn't believe that we had never met. What a nice guy. Very smart, very funny, very nice. I'm a big fan now. I felt like I had known him for ever. (I guess because it was like talking to Hattie). Any other fans out there? Please tell me more about him. (and yes, I know I'm pathetic and should know all of this already).
Hattie, Satori, Lex, Madge, Anna Nicole...
You guys know how stupid I am. Help me out here.
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Oh dear, I think there is a dark side!
I saw him again last night and...
well, the other night at this dinner I was also introduced to this very cute young French boy. He was having trouble finding interesting places to go dancing in New York. (I guess it's not the New York that He thought it was going to be). I told him I would call if there was an interesting party (he didn't have Email) but he never got around to giving me his number. I saw him again last night and said, "Don't forget to give me your number and I'll call you if something good comes up". As he was writing his number down I noticed M.S. standing next to him with fire coming out of his nostrals. I guess this must be his boyfriend. Let me just say that he was definitely not as friendly this time. There is a dark side! It was kinda funny.
I'm an even bigger fan now but I think you are right Anna Nicole. He does kind of work the odd ball thing a little bit but that's OK, if you got it flaunt it.

A Definite Dark Side.


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met him a coupla times myself... thru my athens, ga. friends. first time was up at a fourth of july barbecue at keith strickland's place up near woodstock. kept a small camera in front of his face most of the time and a buddhist cloth thing tied around his neck like a cape. very fairy.
he showed up at a kiki & herb show soon after that and sat with us... kiki spotted him in the crowd and came back on for her encore and did hole's "miss world." he immediately dialed a number on his cell phone and held it up for the party on the other end to hear... i can only assume it was courtney.
i think he's very nice, smart, and talented... great lyricist/poet. and one of the only out queer rock musicians to make it big recently.
He seems petty cool.
He must be OK.

But I wish someone would tell him that under age French boys is not really my thing. Before I left for Mexico (where I'm writing this) I called his little croissant and put him on the list for Opaline on Friday. I could hear someone in the backround asking "Who is that? Who is that?"
Ce la vie.

This one has been my fairly consistent (orange?) crush for the past two decades. I generally keep it to myself, but now the pussy's out of the ziploc...

We met a few times back in GA...first, when I was just going out in my late teens. His boyfriend worked the door at WEEKENDS, one of the last great mixed underground clubs Atlanta had before the city council began scrubbing and Febrezing everything. Back then she was just peaking as a "personality" so tried to keep this beautiful art-school boy a secret, yet would show up so she could keep her eyes on that prize.

A couple of times after some of their Thanksgiving concerts (they always end their tours in ATL on that weekend); I was wearing a lot of make-up and glammy going out fare, nails, hair, the whole bit and MS seemed to like my style. Giddy didn't even describe how I felt receiving a compliment from her.

Years later I'm living here in W. Village and having a rough spot, walking down 4th Street thinking about leaving NY, when I spot MS walking towards me. We trade glances and smiles, she jumps up on a lamp post and spins around on was one of those "only in New York" moments that pushed those moving away thoughts right out.

And, finally, the day that record came out in summer of 2001 (or was it 2002?) where MS finally talking about his sexuality in interviews. He was in the building where I worked, and talking about his queerness on K-ROCK, of all stations in promoting the album. I went downstairs for lunch, and she was outside on the sidewalk. I just went up to him, said "Thank You," and walked away without waiting for a reaction.

Great talent, personality (though territorial), some quirky, sultry energy there.

See Butt Issue #9
Originally posted by mr.joe:
Now I'm curious about the Hapi connection - Hapi lives across the hall from me. I wonder was it my building Stipe was in?


tHAT WAS aTHENS (damn cap lock) that MS & I were housemates. 169 Barber Street. (It was nicknamed the witches' house, BTW).

We'll have to chit chat about Georgia daze sometime. I wonder who we know in common? I probably know your parents! Ha ha.

Across the hall from you now, where I currently live, is where Quentin Crisp lived as you probably know. Though that is another thread.
Hapi, we'll have to sit down over tea: I'm dying to piece together the other connections as well: Phillip Ward (Quentin), the Stowe brothers, the Mills brothers, Rodger Brown (Athens)...? hmmmmmm. My best girlfriend married the younger Mills brother about 15 years ago, I was her "person of honor" at the wedding, she was trying to hook up Stiple and me but, alas, he no-showed the wedding...

I was just in Athens a couple of months ago, btw. My nephew is now living/schooling there and so I thought it'd be interesting to visit the old trolling ground, but I couldn't recognize it for the strip malls, TGIFridays, and Applebees everywhere; Frank's Barbeque is now a long, lost, aromatic memory of taste buds gone by.

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