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I'm goin' back on Friday! This will be my fifth year!

For anyone who's interested, last year I spent 5.5 weeks in Thailand and I kept a little journal of observations. Topics covered include the elabrate Thai drag shows, the constant spooking of trannies EVERYWHERE, the amazing cheap food, the giant wooden phalluses, etc. You can find it under:>Front Door->Best of the Motherboards->Miss Understood's Hi From Thailand.

These photos are:
1)My $10 beach bungalow
2)A float in the Chiang Mai Flower Parade
3)Same parade, a little boy in full makeup on a pony. It's something historical I think.
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"The first time I lay eyes on you I fancied us an a little one" but unfortunately I'm a pig that has to feed it's trough. I would love to be married to your mind and your spirit though because it so does intrest me(you sick motherf'r) I had no idea you were here since 1987.I really liked what you said about michael alig etc. I only shook his hand a few times I couldn't really add to anything.
Enjoy thailand to the fullest......I hope I see you out soon!!

I don't think Miss minds people talking about's when they STOP talking that you've got to worry. And I don't think she's there yet--she's still on the plane!

Speaking of who he looks like, he told me that in high school he was often told he looked like John "Ducky" Crier. I got the same thing--but me & Miss do not look at all alike. I guess it was a polite 80s way of saying:

"You are gay."
It's like 1AM and I'm in an open-front Internet cafe on Khao San Road. KS Road is... hmmm, Like St. Marks Place meets Mortville crossed with an amazing eclectic flea market with lots of hippie/punky clothing and accessories,bootleg CDs, and food vendors. Add thousand Aussie/Euro backpackers with dreadlocks. I wouldn't stay on this street, too noisy, but it's comforting to be near it. Oh, and between my hotel and here I've spooked 4 trannies.

A lot visitors who want to "keep it real" might shun it the way some of our friends might shun St Marks, but for a tourist neighborhood is earthy, convenient, fun, and cheap. The other tourist ghetto is all gossy hotels. It's slick and boring. This area is full of hidden alleyways chock full of cheap shopping and great snacks. I just had a fresh-n-spicy chicken satay for about 25 cents.

I'm still all zombified from the grueling plane ride. But the night weather is that rare perfect comfortable breeze.
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I'll probably read up on it at some point, but I do think that it just goes back a ways in their culture. I'm not saying that there's no discrimination at all. Trannies actually CANNOT get female IDs here, which they can in the States. But in general, everybody is used to them and pretty much lets them be. Maybe that's not true in rural areas, I'm not sure.

TV here airs major drag pageants. They also do that in Brazil. I've never seen it in the U.S. except for some lame Jenny Jones type thing.

So, even though surgery is cheap here, and even though lipo sounds tempting, I'm exploring more natural alternatives. There's this great place with a cleansing fast program. No food and colonics for days!! I might try it:
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For your information, the Thais rarely use soy sauce as a seasoning... they use FISH sauce! Mmmmmmmmm..

It's only my 2nd day. I haven't hit the bars yet. When I get on this day schedule I just can't do nightlife. I'll get there. I should go hit the bathhouse. It's really fancy looking. For here it's expensive: $5. You can live in it for $20 a day! I like it, but not that much. Hey, maybe Dirty Martini should stay there and be there and be their Bette Midler! I'd love to see a lady stripper in a gay bathhouse! Check it out:

I forgot how much I just love wandering around this city. I love the most plain old 14th-Street-esque shopping areas. The whole city is like a buffet. Everywhere you turn there's a food cart with some exotic snack for 25 cents. It's like snacking at an exotic cocktail party all day. I keep making it a point to try weird looking things that I may have been put off by oor ignored in the past. It's usully just some kind of fruit.

Last year the big knockoff item was fake Sprouse bags. This year it's much cuter: fake Paul Frank! Monkeys everywhere!
I've been there before. It looks like some crazy Mary westerner did that site for them. It's not really an accurate description. It's just a nice place. It's very lush. There's a courtyard bar that's just so tropical and nice. Al; the nookie happens in the cubicals. The Thai have this modesty thing. Like in the locker room they'll put on the towel before they pull their pants down. Also, if they drop the towel to get in the jacuzi (sp?), they'll cover their weenies while they step in.

Last year I fooled around with this guy and then, the next day, I saw him in the paper. He's the big gay avant garde artist...probably the only one in the country. That's not a big thing here. Why do people like up always find eachother, even if we're just in a towel.

I've been too busy compulsively fabric shopping. I know I come home with nice outfits, but getting it together is hard work. Today I shopped in the Indian Market. It's very hot crowded and I the minute I buy anything bulky I get stuck carrying around. It's physically uncomfortable but soooo fascinating. This city is full of markets that are all so different from eachother. This one, like the others, is a never ending maze of mysterious shops.

Indian people here speak perfect English so it's very easy to navigate. I found a gorgeous little sari shop and I went nuts. They're always nice if I show them a drag photo and tell them it's for me.
I got:
-a Green skirt with a sari attached trimmed in gold sequins
-Same in pink
-A whole matching red ensemble consisting of a top, wide pants with a drapey skirt thing that goes over it and a little scarf thing, trimmed in gold sequins.
-The same thing in orange.
-4 sheer red net things with gold sequiny things all over them. I might have something made from it.
-a silly looking male crown thing... you'd have to see it.
-a glitzy little hair thing...again, you'd have to see it.

Total: $100

Not bad. Some label fag would pay that for Diesel jeans. I really need four sari outfits? Yes, I do.

I also got some silly pink fabric with gold lame flowers to have a lady-suit made. And I don't need to hear all this.

To make up for all of this impulse spending I'm eating all of my meals in the cheap outdoor places.

Hey, here ar sites for the big drag shows I talked about last year. I want to try to go again. They're in another town;

You say "Cabalay" in thailand and everyone knows you mean a big glitzy drag extravaganza!
Not to disappoint anyone, but I'm not really a chicken hawk. Lately I've actually been into daddy types.
I met this 21 year old from Viet Nam (that's how they write it in Asia) online. Now, not only am I going to his town (Saigon) at the end of my trip, but he's also visiting Thailand while I'm here. We're basically traveling in circles will only meet for 2 days. He's going to Pattaya where those big drag shows happen. I made plans to go with him to the shows. Now, should I plan on 1 room or 2. Hmmmm.
The nails are gorgeous. I brought home a box of them to give as gifts one year. I need new ones for Kelly Webb. Hers got lost in the fire. If she wants a date with a certain nail obsessed crossdresser she needs some new ones!

I'm actually doing a lot of boy clothes in tailor shops. It's cheaper than off the rack at home! Shh, don't tell everyone about my secret fetish. I like to wear mens clothing. Actually, I have on men's jocky shorts RIGHT NOW!
I keep seeing little funny things that I always forget to tell anyone.

I was in this crazy crowded market today. Bangok has so many of these and they all have a different feel... but they're all narrow and mobbed. Then people walk through pushing food carts! But you know, the locals are just so used to it. Thay never bug out. In the US we expect everything to be comfortable all of the time. My friend has a very small shop on 2nd Ave, and customers will actually tell him to turn the air up or to change the music. This is a tiny shop that they will be in for 5 or 10 minutes! You know those dykes who like to have a "fragrance free zone?" Well, they think they're all granola, but I think it's really a sign of their western privilage that they even have time to think up such things. I'm guilty too. See the "Smokeless NYC" board.

So anyway, a big seller here:
Baby tees with the 7-11 logo or graphics of
McDonalds french fries! Junk food is hip and trendy. It's not cheap enough here to be mundane. They didn't all grow up on it.

Oh, knock off names. My tailor is the "A. R. Mani Boutique"! In the train station there's a "Coffeebucks". By the beach last year I saw the "Harry Potter Hair Salon".
I'll try to remember some more.
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I haven't ever encountered a dangerous situation. I'm sure that, just like in NY, if you're careless in crowd ou can get pickpocketed or something. But as for violence, I never see it. Confontation is frowned upon in Thai culture. In five long trips here I think I only saw a loud argument once.

In the US, the scariest thing is packs of 16-25 year olds. Young people can be evil when they're in a group. I never ever get that vibe off people here. People are very friendly and easygoing.

As for prostitution, there's tons of it. Most of it is in the red light district. Still, there is a lot of Western sugar-daddyism everywhere. It's very common to see a 50-80 year old Australian sitting with a 20 year old man, woman, or tranny. As for underage, while I'm sure it does go on, it's not out in the open. They have laws against it too. Well, they also have laws against prostitiution. They like to occasionally raid the hooker places. They also make them pay off people.

Last year there were a lot of raids on hooker places and gay bars, but they all still thrive and are very out in the open. I think it's all about money.

Hey look at the escort pages in the Voice. I guess in NY hey're more concerned with keeping them off the streets.

Hey, I went to Babylon last night. I forgot nice and cozy it is.

More Observations:

-Thais love anyything menthol. They eat Halls like we eat mints. They sell these cute little gold things, like a tiny salt shaker with a lid, full of menthol and herbs, that are just for sniffing. It's just for refreshment, no high. Wrigleys even makes "vapour gum" that you can buy at any 7-11 here. I'm getting hooked on it.

-Remember how we always heard that Eskimos rub noses? It may be true, because that's sort of a prelude to kissing here. If you get jiggy with a Thai guy, they do this thing where they act like they're kissing you, your face, neck, etc. But they just sort of rub and sniff a little. It's sexier than it sounds. After doing that for a while then they give you a tight mouth kiss, then comes the real thing. It's like foreplay to kissing. I have to remember to ask the Chengs girls if thats common in other parts of Asia.
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I had a friend who was Vietnamese(sp?)who, before kissing me on the check "hello" she would gently grab my face rub her cheek against mine then take a deep breath to sniff me - literally like one would a flower, I thought it was very flattering and charming (and something of a turn-on but, with "westerners" what is'nt? ha, ha.. ).
In her culture this is how you greeted someone you loved, a beloved friend, family ect. Very sweet indeed. I miss her.....

p.s. I know you're the Queen of sequins, but I bet you look awfully cute romping around that little bungalow in your Bvds!
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That's sweet of you Gigi. To bad I'm not into poontang these days. I keep getting compliments from girls.

So, I'm in a towel in the bathhouse. Tonight is the big Chinese New Year party. I was hanging out with a friend of a friend of a friend who said it's good to come during the day, so we got here at 4PM. It is nice actualy. There's so much outdoor area that it's like being in a fancy resort. I feel SO much less self conscious in a towel because so many of the honkys here are geriatric. The party doesn't start for hours, but I'll fiddle on the Internet, drink, eat, etc. I'll let you know what nookie comes my way! Thai guys are VERY sexy if you didn't know. We don't have a lot of them in NY, so maybe you don't.

At the entrance they had 3 drag queens in Chinese costumes. I'll post the photo later. I wish I could take pictures inside. It's very swanky,but still cozy, very clean, with lots of nice design and foliage.
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Okay, it's now 8:30 PM. I'm drunk so excuse any misspellinssssezz. I love it here! My hair is tipped in blue... maybe it helps me be to be a freak magnet. There was this sexy, sort of husky guy at the bar. He had that meaty nice body that's muscley, but not too obnoxiously toned... and he had LOTS of tattoos! That's very unusual here. And when you do see it, it's not in the gay crowd. He was born in Laos and grew up in Northern Thailand. He went to college in England, so he had this weird accent, Thai mixed with British. His name was "Slut." Everyone here goes by short nicknames. The real name is usually something cumbersome like Rachdakaplakaporn Surmatetarumpumtum, so they all have one syllable nicknames. His is "Slut". We had fun. Yes, some Asian men ARE well hung, especially husky boys like Slut. He had "Rebel" tatooed on his arm. That's so cute to see here! He really was some sort of local freak. Nobody here looks like that!

The special party price was high for Thailand, about $8. It includes 2 free drinks and some free Dim Sum... that's Chinese, not Thai, but it's Chinese New Year sill

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