I only made my living for a time off the plastercated people leaving six of those clubs.
The easiest ploy was I would have a pocket full of photocopied twenty dollar bills and ask the plastered idiot if they had change for it. Some nights, like outside Studio 54 and Danceteria I would make as much as a thousand dollars. Once, Biance Jager just gave me a fifty dollar bill and told me to keep the change. Nightlife is great. But Musto should list the 10 alltime easiest clubs to get sex at.
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seven, Are you kidding? Is that real? If so you are my hero!!!

And Lil,
Yes, you did cocktail at one of the clubs VERY badly.
My advise:
Don't give up your DJ career to be a cocktail waitress!
Hey wait a minute.
Getting spilled on by Lilly was arousing.
There are thousands of people who would pay for that, uh, but that is a Different nightlife occupation altogether !
Lilly, a spiller? Who knew? 

And don't forget who the original Jackie waitress was, Lil... Dee Finley. I doubt if anyone could top Dee in sheer personal volume alone!

BTW does anyone else remember the "ghost of Dee Finley" story?
I completely forgot That de Finley was our first cocktail hag.
We were insane.

What is the Dee Finley Ghost story?!!!
Quite a few years ago, Dee vanished. And then finally people began seeing her on the streets, towing a shopping cart and homeless. People tried to help, but it was't much use... this was for about 6 months.

The one day, during Clit Club "set up", some of the girls came in and told us she was dead. Sadly enough no one even questioned the story... (this was before Elizabeth Taylor & Dee's miraculous turnaround). 

A couple of weeks later, Julie Tolentino came into Clit Club "set up"  as pale an ectoplasmic spirit herself. "OMG," she said, "I've just seen Dee Finley's ghost over on 9th Street!

Well, needless to say, Dee had never left this spiritual plane at all
And I for one am glad for that.

Just goes to show you though that the girls are just as bad as the boys with their garbled gossip!
Hat / Thank you so much for sharing that story. I miss Dee and her great humour. I can remember many nights sitting in The Versaille Room with her and hearing her stories. A true original.

Here she is at Wigstock with Miss Shannon around 1989


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Oh right!
I forgot that Dee was "dead" for a while.
That was crazy.
We all gagged when she came back from the beyond.

Great pic Bobby.

I noticed that none of the clubs listed are even open anymore. What is gonna be the top club of 2011?

Well we should probably wait till the end of 2011 for that but...
Have you noticed that there just aren't that many nightclubs anymore to begin with? Let alone good ones. The City has placed so many restrictions on them that only a raving lunatic would open one now. (Although, come to think of it, there always was a bit of the raving lunatic in every club owner...)


And it does seem that nightclubs are happy (and lucky) to have just one "hot" night, forget about 7. Of course the definition of what makes a night "hot" vary.


But, what is your "best" nightclub of 2011, saxe83?

Well since it is about the music and always has been. For House music...Cielo, District 36, and Webster Hall always have the top dj's for that genre of music and are easy to get into and always a fun time!

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