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Seven am sure u have been there loads... but have just 'found' a cute lil late night drinkin/lounge - Nublu...Ave C and 3rd... just find the house with the blue light... cute after hours feel about it... real chill an a real mix of people... even a back room/yard for smokin' very chill... nice crowd friendly, local didn't seem like the usual UWS trash that invades EV/LES these days.
Yes dear Anna, and let's not spread it around too much! Ave. C still is one block too far east for the vast majority of the mall crowd cruising A and B lounges. Nublu is heavily populated by Brazilians and other South American partiers. Very ecclectic flavor, hot, rhythm-emphasizing live music, relatively inexpensive drinks. A real relaxed, open social vibe because of all that South American mind-set where diversity is a norm. Almost doesn't feel like New York City in there. Hope to catch you around.
How come you don't know about the place Daddy? It is a small, kind of funky room. But they have an in-house label and really good DJ you need to meet. They can probably turn you on to some new material for your gigs. I can just see the girls at Crowbar stripping down to their
g-strings thinking they're in Impanima once you slap on the Brazilian platters.
On a lighter note .....

I've really come to love taking my Napoleon to the dog run at Tompkins Square Park. It relaxes me and my "fag child" lives for it. Once in a while I take him to other runs like Union Square, Washington Square and Stuyvesant Square, but Tompkins is our favorite, the closest thing to having a back yard. Being a dog daddy has brought me into contact with so many people right here in the EV hood that I'd never have met otherwise, and it gives me such pleasure to watch my little French bulldog romp and play with all his friends.
The other French bullogs he likes are Margaret, Chula, Kermit, Violet, Batman, Edie. There is also Diesel the Pit Bull (Napoleon's hero), Chester the Pug, George the Boston Terrier and his Lab mutt buddies Jessie and Clark. Napoleon doesn't care for the dainty, tea-cup varieties of canines. He likes hearty small dogs and big dogs. Naturally he is always well turned out in his skull-studded black collar or brown and powder blue harness, my proud little New Yorker.

There is the small dog side, which is kind of like a kindergarten playground. The big dog side is more like the high school parking lot with a tough crowd and dog fights but sometimes I let Napoleon venture over and strut his stuff. J'adore le dog run!
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Woof woof!

The city is so full of categories of misfits it doesn't really occur to anyone that owning a dog in Manhattan qualifies you as being a social outcast! Yes, having a sensitive connection with an animal is so un-megalopoloid of you. Luckily, the T2 dogrun is the canine equivalent to, like, the Eulenspiegel Society.

Funny, isn't it, the special categories of life form that are provided sanctuary in T2 are dogs, and young children!
So Napolean goes to the small dog run?
That's better.

The big dog run is too dangerous for Casanova. He lOVES to play with the big boys as well but the pitbulls turn very quickly from playing to killing. It's way too ghetto. I was talking to the head of the dog run association one night and he told me that there is at least one MAJOR pitbull incident a month there and he doesn't mean regular dog fights. He means killings and maulings.

One night Casanova started running around the run like a nut (in that way that he has) trying to get the other dogs to chase him. He had a couple of takers including a couple of pitbulls. They just couldn't catch him and were getting mad. Finally they ganged up on him and it got real ugly. Luckily the owners got them off but it was very scary. We were lucky because the owners were not the kids from the projects that throw raw meat and scream KILL! They were the East Villge Rockers that think having a pitbull is cool for their image. They are a lot more responsible. Those kids are a nightmare.
Be careful.
An informative post Daddy (thanks Seven!). I rarely let Napoleon over to the big side for that very reason ... as much as my little tyke likes it, the crowd over there is just too rough and tumble and it scares me to think that in a fraction of a second his neck could get broken and there would be nothing I could do to stop it. The little dog side is where he really belongs and I know it. When the little side is busy enough, Napoleon doesn't notice anyway and parties away.

Some people are very anti-pit bull and I can understand why on some level. Napoleon loves Diesel, a pit bull from 11th Street (his father owns the 11th Street tatoo parlor, a real sweetheart who rescued the pooch from ghetto b-boys), but Diesel is un-neutered and is sometimes involved in dog run altercations. Do you think some breeds really are more vicious or do they simply get a bad rep? My mother feels any dog can be sweet if raised in the proper environment. I'm not sure.
Of course there are very sweet pits.
Jonny Tingle's dog Elvis was a beauty.
But I will NEVER trust a pit bull.
This guy that I know on 14th St. had this pit from a little puppy. It was about 2 years old and one night when this guy was playing with him, he went crazy and took his hand off. The dog had him trapped in his bathroom but luckily he had his cell phone and called the police. They came and shot the dog. Now he walks aroundd wiith a mangled right hand. You may have seen him in the neighborhood (cruising).
even though I am a cat truly - I think pit bulls are very sweet by nature BUT they need EXPERIENCED owners who know the breed - there should be a training course before they allow people to have these dogs. They can be lethal in the wrong hands as I am sure we all know. I like watching "Animal Police Squad" when they arrest these asshole owners and bring them to jail!
PS did you see "best in Show" winner this year Rufus? He is the cutest egg headed bull terrier ever
Kelly I am obsessed with bull terriers! Miniature bull terriers are my favorite breed, second only to French bull dogs. The mini-bulls look just like Rufus but stay smaller, usually below 40 pounds. I love their adorable egg-shaped heads .... a very 'frat house' breed but so much fun and clown-like. The only downside to owning one is they are more work than Frenchies, they need more exercise and outdoor time and during a cold winter that can be a deterrent for a warm weather type like me.

I love Animal Planet too ....
Ahh, the pitbull debate. Well, the problem is unregulated breeding (my uncle was a breeder). Pitbulls were bred for aggression towards animals, but they are/were surprisingly docile towards humans. If you have a real pit, it is advised you not use it as a guard dog because of their love for humans. Today's pits are, of course, descendants of those lines, and if they have been bred correctly, should have no aggression towards humans. HOWEVER, because of inbreeding and general misbreeding (especially since the advent of the "street status" of this dog) certain pits have developed a bad streak, giving all of them terrible reps. I grew up with pits (gotten from my uncle) in Texas and never even knew they had a rep until I moved to the big city. Something true for all "breed" dogs one wants to purchase, but doubly true for pits because of the aggressive factor: One must first know the lineage of the pit; the sire, the dam, and also their sires and dams. Even as I love the breed, I would probably never adopt one because of all the assholes in NY. I don't know about anyone else, but I can't count the times some macho dumbass has a nice looking unneutered pit that he plans to breed then sell. The shelters are full of these poor pups.
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Sorry to digress from the dawgs here but just read that Trader Jacks is opening in the Palladium space... damm I wish they would just re-errect that Palladium building instead of more consumerism for the NYC kids... but if it is to be then am glad its Jacks... cos at least we will be able to get cheap wine... some good news for ya there eh Bonnie? U will need all that wine to take your through the end of that pregnancy no doubt!
When I lived on 11 and B I was in the park a lot more often than now when I'm on 2nd. I used to see the young boys baiting their pbulls in the park by putting a rag up in a tree branch just out of jump range and just commanding the dog to go for it for, like, an hour. Those maulers would never even get winded even though the task was futile. But one trick if a pit gets your dog in their jaws is to throw your cup of coffee or your soda right on their face. It shocks them and they freak out just long enough to let go. I saw this done once right outside the park when a pit had a lovely small collee in a death grip. The pained howling of the collee was excruciating to hear. A young girl ran all the way across the street from her building with a small bowl of water and tossed it right on the pit bulls face and poof! She was an angel.
Recently we discovered the dog run at Stuyvesant Park, open only during evenings. My bat-earred Frenchie Napoleon loves how much room there is there, he ran around tonight with a Pug like he was on a race track. I don't care for the fact that it's all concrete, but apart from that I like the space and the mellow crowd. Sometimes I take him on little mini-tours where we hit Stuyvesant, then the dog run at Union Square, then we double-back to Tompkins Square Park. By the end of it he's usually exhausted and sleeps for a couple of hours afterward.
Stuyvesant is a great place to go just to hang on a bench around one of the greenspaces too. I used to go there a lot as a break from T2. No one bothers you at all, it is totally peaceful, shady and close by. I'm not down with the politics of the place (established by a mammoth insurance company ostensibly as affordable for its employees but now brushing them aside to overprice the place for wealthier occupants). But as a hideout from the noise of the streets and for a dash of civility it is great.
A hopeful and lovely sound..

This is a dog-walking story too, in a way:

I often take Casanova (the eskimo pup) on a late-night walk to my favorite place in all of Gotham, St. Mark's Church. He cant go inside the grounds but loves the place as much as his mom does, though he sometimes senses the ghostly activity and bays.

A few nights ago I walked him there at 1 AM - it was very quiet on the streets. As we rounded the corner I heard the unmistakable lines of Alan Ginsberg's "Howl"

"who coughed on the sixth floor of Harlem crowned with flame..."

There was a young man standing on the church steps, copy of HOWL in hand, doing a reading of the epic poem to the deserted square.

A hopeful and lovely sound.
Then I assume you would have loved the little ceremony held right in the middle of E.3rd Street at the corner of Ave. B last weekend. The block of 3rd between C and B has been renamed.

Reverend Pedro Pietri Way.

Such a beautiful occurance. With his partner in poem Miguel Algarin -both were co-founders of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe where Ginsberg was an infrequent declaimer- presiding over the street ceremony at which a 12 year old spoke a wild, astonishing poem about the late reverend just as warm spring rain started to land.

Something was in perfect balance then and your blood just kind of slowed down a bit.

The grotesque idiot powers that be may lurch at getting the whole earth to fly off its hook but a small boy speaking a poem is the manifestation of our real destiny.
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Major Hell's Angel's dish on 3rd Street yesterday.

A couple comments on Gothamist Contribute noted some issues around East 3rd Street today.

- Any idea what happened at the Hell's Angel house on E. 3rd St? Police tape and detectives were around when I walked by earlier this morning.

- Regarding the NYPD helicopter.
We live at 72 East 3rd, and there are snipers on the roof next to us aiming at the Hell's Angels who live opposite. There was a big ruck last night. I would imagine theyve got guns in the hells angels building.

- The bomb squad just bagged up the Hell's Angel's exterior cameras, and an armored assault vehicle has moved into position. Looks like a showdown.

Now it turns out the police presence is due to a woman being found "critically injured" outside the Hells Angels headquarters. The police have sealed off East 3rd Street. The police want to know if she was attacked inside the building and then dumped on the sidewalk. The police are apparently waiting to get a search warrant to enter the building.
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As a long-time resident of East Third Street, and a survivor of 3 or 4 NYPD SWAT raids on the Hell's Angels - all I can say is that the NYPD are ass wipes - blah blah blah about what "heroes" they are - they are fascist pigz - they cordoned off and blockaded the street for hours. We were prisoners on our own street - with those assholes screaming and yelling at those of us who live on the block and who wanted to come and go as free citizens about "the dangerous situation" yadda, yadda, yadda.

I hope the HA sue the crap out of the city and the NYPD again and get some more millions out of them - so utterly ridiculous. When ever there is a complaint against the HA, the NYPD prick pigz come swarming in and then accost everyone on the block who wants to leave or get back home.

I have to say that police-riot-photog Clayton Patterson was right there and got some candids of me arguing with the idiotic, brain-dead, numbskull, drivel-babbling cop. It was also reassuring to see Ron Kuby in action and adding up the dollar signs on the legal action that is sure to enSUE!

Empress, remember a thousand years ago the graffiti on this block across from the HA clubhouse? "When in doubt, bash them in the head." RIP -In memory of Vinnie.

As William Love (aka Jasmine Allspice) said to me when I asked him if he missed New York living in Miami – "I only miss New York when I am visiting."
Hapi Phace, you poor dear, I hate the pigz 2. They are fascists. One night during a visit to NYC, We walk out out of the Golden Theatre after Avenue Q and two theatres down the crowd was massive, because Miss Julia Roberts was stinking up Broadway with her play that she was in. The pigz were yelling and not too gently handling the crowd, and shoving them a bit. I said a la Neil in The Young Ones, "Watch out it's the pigz"...all that commotion for an actress that looks like (in the opinion of Lois Griffin on Family Guy) she has a baboon's ass on her face! OINK! OINK! indeed!
It is almost a kind of weird bigotry against the HA. And these days the cops will take any excuse to totally go over the top with every kind of asset available to them.

I'm reminded of the F train party I attended about four years ago. The whole train was stopped on the platform before the Coney Island terminus. Then a battalion of cops stormed the train -to squelch harmless partiers. Swat teams tricked out with massive body armor, heavy machine guns, dogs; regular street cops seemingly out of place; and lastly and most menacingly a squad of outright goons, young guys in their early twenties all with shaved heads wearing blue windbreakers with absolutely no insignia or identification, they all carried one item, a truncheon the size of a bat.
Yes, it was ridiculous the other day. They wouldn't let me get to the building without a police escort. I told the bumbling cop who yelled at me from the police truck when I ducked under the crime scene tape at the other end of the block and started that I didn't need a police escort to get to my door that was 15 feet away. I said, "Then why don't you get out of that truck and escort me yourself?"

It was so over the top and nothing but one big pissing contest by NYPD. Dozens of NYPD cars and trucks, SWAT vehicles, armor, helicopters...a small army...and how much are we as New Yorkers paying for all this cock-size contest by NYPD? I would price that raid at around $300,000 just for salaries, fuel, etc...
LOL Joe, I bet it was a cool million$! Half the cops were probably on overtime!

The HA building hasn't had a menacing profile for at least 8 or 9 years. This has been reflected in the very type of bike the guys park out front. Nowadays you can see actual dress bikes on the curb. A far way from the heavy choppers and custom parts-yard vehicles that used to dominate there.

And you can be sure you are now on Police video tape down at the 6th precinct Joe!
Loved this thread. I used to live in hapi's building, and when I saw the articvle about this raid in the times I was sitting at a break room table of a retail store and pointed out to a couple of coworkers that I used to live about "right here" in one of the photos of cvop activity.

It seemed like some thought that was glamourous, and others thought it was so glamorous i might be lying about having lived there.

It also brought up a lot of NYC memories, and i feel just like Bobby expressed with THAT IS WHY I MISS NYC, about Chi Chi's story about the guy reciting HOWL by himself. in new york the honored loon is soul stroking even to the bitter, but out here in nowhere, it would have no honor.

Anyway,,,I recall TRYING to get to Hapi's building when I had to pee so bad i would DIE...but i couldnt cross 2nd ave ANYWHERE because Clinton was gonna drive down it in a little while. The weird thing is that I had taken up jogging for a brief period then, and earlier that day I was able to run over that walking bridge that goes over the FDR, and I ran right over top of clinton's motorcade which was the ONLY thing on the highway.
It was so senseless to me to later be trapped in this crowd and not be allowed right across the street to the adress on my license. I couldnt help but feel we were all being held prisoner as EXTRAS. (incidentally I was with tabboo and we ran into Nan Goldin and waited together for the road to unblock, but I couldnt hardly deal with her what with my being busy shifting legs.).

and furthermore...I never saw ANYTHING happening at the HA house that warranted anything like that.
They should re-name Second Avenue "ATM Way". A Chase bank is opening on my corner at 10th Street where the Second Avenue Deli used to be (which BTW, I don't miss. The food was mediorcre, disgustingly overpriced and the owners were pompous bores).

I must admit it's the first time I've been enthusiastic about an ATM opening. Chase bought the Bank of New York, where I've banked for years, so now I am not charged ATM fees at any Chase machines -- and soon there will be one right downstairs. Hope it doesn't make me a lazy cow.
So, from time to time (when i remember!) I hang a seedbell from my fireescape..which seems to attract all sorts of interesting little birds.
Mainly sparrows but I have had some woodpeckers and yesterday one really interesting lil birdie who hung out all sunday morn on my window ledge.. i just googled him... and turns out he's an American Robin. How cute!


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  • robin
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Robins look totally different in England so I had no idea what it was! Never seen one before... I think am a bird fancier!! LOL How odd and random but I watch the hummingbirds and doctor birds in Jamaica for hours... they have these tiny tiny birds about 3inch that are so cute there very like humming birds.
Messy Bonnie is a dirty bird with a small pecker I hear.

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