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I heard at the Jackie party last night very upsetting news which was updated for us this morning by Antony. Page ingested "a large amount of poison" sometime yesterday I believe, and is now in Cabrini hospital. According to reports last night it was believed to be an OD rather than a suicide attempt.

Antony tells me that she was moved to the hospice of Cabrini this morning. That is obviously not a good sign - a move to hospice generally means that a patient is terminal. JD was also told last night that she is brain-dead - Antony did not confirm this.

I will post any confirmed updates here and would appreciate your doing the same.
"Unhampered by propriety, niceness, discretion, public opinion, morals, The respect of assholes, always funky, dirty and lowdown".

Page relaxes at Jackie 60, 1999.
Photo (still from the upcoming Jackie 60 Movie) by Paul Brissman

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This news made me sad. I never knew her on a personal level, but Page was one of the first freaks I saw when I came to New York. I have a picture of her somewhere from my Louis Quatorze days backstage at the Pyramid totally nude with all-blue body paint, white hair, white nipples and white sunglasses. I think it was at Linda Simpson's Channel 69 party. For a kick I sent the picture of Page to my family back home. As liberal as they are, they still blinked when they saw it and cleared their throats before hesitantly mumbling, "my, you've met some interesting people in New York".
yes Chi Chi. smile - I also knew Page vaguely from working on a Blacklips show with Antony years ago. She sang "River of Sorrow". She was sweet and lived up to her brash reputation (Danielle Willis used to try and shock me with page stories before i moved to New York!) Anyway - I hope I captured her a little. . My honey Mike just met her recently and was also saddened by the news. He was struck by how she was so good natured and would talk to anyone.

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When I first arrived in the Blade Runner 'esuqe city that New York was in 1990, I remember seeing this tall "Woman" with a bleach blonde flatop, horned rimmed sunglassed, in the dark of night, and glitter red lipstick, while dressed in a retro new wave look about 10 years before anyone thought it was cool to bring that back. She waltzed up to me and said, "Hi, I'm Page...who are you ?" My eyes opened a little wider and what was possible in this life became a little broader and I saw the world as a more beautiful place. Page never saw herself as a man or a woman or a transexual or anything in particular (as far as I know). She was just always Page, always there to horrify tourists, leave incomprehensible messages on answering machines, and engage in inspired acts of neighborhood terrorism. If she is to go, it will be the continuation of some process that seems to be homogenizing our lives. I miss the chaos. Before Amanda there was Page (and I worship them both)...and it was more than her body, it was and is her voice and spirit and extraterrestrial beauty. In the ten Years i knew her, I never once heard her speak ill of another person or judge anyone. Maybe the living in between genders was too painful. I don't know that she realized how much joy she brings people. I wish I could tell her.

In the first Clayworld play at Blacklips, she sang "Crazy". I'll never forget, Page on a stool, motionless, in sunglassess, as the backing tape started and the audience screamed PAGE !!!! she barely moved as she sang in a voice that sounded like it came from another planet. I had been working on a script for a couple years, and the main Charachter is based on visions Page Ice Scating in Rockefeller Center in mid August, trying desperately to stay warm.

Nomatter how bleak a day it started out as, a Page sighting could always set you right, or at least make you smile. I admire her strength mixed with extreme fragiltity. There is so much to be said for being strong, but in many ways, the braver route sometimes is when you are willing to be as fragile as you are. she sees the monkeys in the faces of the people in the offices as they become white noise, and beings like her make the monkeys more bearable. Like a little vacation. I just wanted to honor her for all that she has given me.

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Page died this morning. I am glad that we had this week to honor her before her heart finally stopped beating. Page was a really great star for a lot of us in NYC and I am one among many who will miss her.

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This is so disturbing, an od? I will miss her alot! Even though I didn't know her personally, she always inspired me. I remember the first time I saw her was at love machine in 1990. I thought she was so New York and she just stuck out in the crowd. I never thought this thread would end in such a sad note. I'm happy I bought the video she had with her performances on it. I will miss you terribly page!
Lily put it aptly in her post- Page always said she defied classification- something it took me awhile to truly understand being the JC New Yorker, when I met her almost 9 years ago.

She truly did defy classification and lived her life as she wanted- for the positive, negative, or indifferent- which on various levels really is an inspiration for us all...
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Page and I didn't always have the smoothest of relations. She could be very difficult. I'm very glad however, that we straightened everything out these last couple of years and became friends again. I always loved seeing her in the park. I know it may seem wierd but I always thought she looked so great in nature. I still can't believe she's gone.
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I'm praying for acceptance of Goddess's will. I guess grieving takes time.

There will be a Memorial Service and I hope Linda and/or Antony will keep us informed.

I had the good fortune to do a taped interview with Page and her former husband, Peter a couple years back, maybe 1999 or 2000. I interviewed them seperately and then together. In it I asked her how she identified and she gave a very surprising answer. If there's any interest I would be willing to lend out parts of the interview as an homage to Page.

Page also gave me some xeroxed copies of her performances. There not reproducable quality but they do document her work. There are also computer generated stills from my tape and with the right techical help more can be made.

PS-Saturday Peter got to the hospital at 10AM to see an empty bed.

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From Linda Simpson:

Here are details regarding Page's memorial.

Saturday, September 7th. Starts promptly at 2:15pm
Anthology Film Archive, Second Avenue and 2nd Street, second floor
The event will include speakers and video footage of Page.
All those who loved, admired, were inspired or intrigued by Page are invited
to attend.

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