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my name's Michael Wilkinson - I spoke to chichi today about my project:

- I'm designing/sourcing the costumes for a low budget film called Party Monster, about the club kids of New York in the 80's and 90's. I am
trying to source interesting clubkidwear for the film, and was wondering whether you might post a message to see if anyone out there has clothes
they might lend/rent to us - the wilder the better

people can call me on 917-554-4635 or 212-594-4036 if they'd like to be

thanks a million,
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At Theo's recent fete over at Don Hill's I was approached by some sissy number who called himself Theron. Claimed to be one of the associate producers of the film in focus; he displayed a digicam's snaps from that afternoon, (the first day of shooting). Gotta say, Marylin looked stellar. Within the 20 minutes he was talking to me, he'd gotten up and run off and come back at least ten times in search of blow. Before he darted off for the last time, I told him that at least he was in the right condition for that kind of project...
I must say its a shame their sorry lives will be the focus of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars of film, talent and energy. There seems so much more worth showing the world than troubled souls trying so desperately to have a good time. Maybe its what people need to see, I dont know. It certainly has fascination - in a 'how low can you go' kind of way.

One thing's for sure, its definately a New York story. I wonder if this film will reveal the disconnection, the desperation that ran through that scene. Ive always felt there was something divine at work that sent me to California during that period when I needed to dress up every night, take lots of drugs and go crazy with all the other 20 year olds...
Well, Jade, you could've just stayed at the Pyramid like I did and been oblivious to most of their early lunchpail-isms. Though Sister and I did let Michael throw a party once in the basement lounge, I vowed never to do it again when I saw what a bunch of clown-faced, free-drink-grubbing fools on bad drugs they were.
Speaking of clowns, does anyone remember Clowny? He was very underage and a total drug whore. He had a huge member, I remember, and lived at the Hotel 17 (where else?) with a black dreadlocked older drug dealer.
About the film: why don't they hire a REAL costumer like Kitty and stop begging for free costumes and lunchpails. But then that's very fitting, considering the theme.
Now, Christina, there's a film by itself... And how gorgeous that Miss Manson is playing her; she always chooses the right direction!
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I remember at Jackie everyone kept looking for Angel. He was one of the more well-loved drug dealers. Then the rumors started that Michael killed him. I never really believed it but just to be sure I asked Michael, "Did you kill Angel?" He looked me right in the eye and said "No, I didn't." I can't believe it.
This subject is always so polarizing, and we've tried to steer clear of it ...

While all of it was going on, we were being good little students and getting our education at Ohio University in the middle of nowhere. Zazoo did go to Limelight and Club USA in '92 (or ˜93) and had a blast. The Little Professor bookstore on campus carried "Project X" but that was the extent of our knowledge of the scene in NYC.

When Chi Chi posted Michael Wilkinson's note above, we debated for over a week. When we did our research, and found out that Killer Films was the production company, we couldn't resist. Stonewall, Boys Don't Cry, I Shot Andy Warhol,Velvet Goldmine, Poison and Hedwig are among our very favorite movies, and the imagery in them is just one of the reasons.

It IS a shame that there is a movie that makes the story of a true-life murder entertaining. Angel is dead. His family will have all of it put back in their face again, but I don't think the goal of this movie is to glorify Michael Alig. In fact, I'm betting the story will illustrate how messed up he is and how dangerous hedonism can be.

I'm also betting that the whole story being put out in the world as a feature film will do him more harm than good, because now what parole board in their right minds will let him out before his entire sentence is served.

You are right about people wanting to see the lowest people can go. Most good stories are based on the rise and fall of the main character, dating back to Greek tragedies. It's why "Behind the Music" and "E True Hollywood Story" are so successful.

So, even though it may be an unpopular choice, we've contributed costumes to the movie... Michael Wilkinson and his assistant Lisa have been VERY professional and friendly. Their staff DID create the majority of the costumes in the film, but wanted to get a good range of looks. They have a very small costume budget. The entire production is being done for under $5 million. So, they are constrained, and were probably tapping in to the one community that they knew would have connections to some original, creative and authentic costumes. And for the record, they are renting our stuff, so there was really no begging going on in our case.

I guess what I wanted to express, is that there are many people connected to this movie, and they are not all like Michael Alig. I'm sure everyone involved had to think about the positive and negatives in being connected to this film. (except for Marilyn Manson who probably doesn't care.)

Oh Satori, I am glad you are contributing to the project. I just tend to see red when some one I don't even know tries to borrow things I have horded over the years and then receives "Costume Designer" credit. Maybe I am just paranoid. Not that I have a single lunchbox :-)
And I am looking forward to meeting you on your visit.
I can remember when Angel had vanished and the rumors were flying. The NYPD was desperately trying to produce a body so they would have a case (after all, that's one thing you almost always need to prosecute.) So they looked to the rivers. Every day reports would come in that a body they thought was Angel's had been pulled from the water. And then it would turn out not to be him. This went on for weeks. Who would have thought there were so many corpses floating around out there? But in retrospect, it makes sense. I mean it's not like you can dispose of a corpse easily on this 10 square mile island!
It probably went a lot like that...

We were thinking "small budget" and $5 million didn't really belong in the same sentence either. Of course we've never produced a movie so...

Hattie we are very much lookig forward to meeting you too smile

On the topic of too many bodies, we had a similar incident here. A police officer fell off of a bridge into the Ohio River, they searched for his body, and never found it. Instead they found three other bodies, all women. This disturbed a lot of people. However,the news reported that the public could relax, there was not a serial killer on the loose, because all three women had been killed in different ways. We all thought "Oh great. So there are at least 3 killers. No worries."

No Daddy, it would be something like this:
World Of Wonder: $.5 million + % of profit
Macauley: $.5 million
Everything else: $1 million
The corporate octopus involved: $3 million + % of profit of film, 100% on lunchpails & other film- related merchandise.
And you would think that after $5 million came in that WOW would begin to go into percentage and see some more money, right? Wrong. The "break-even point" on a film like this could be as much as $10 million, after the corporate entity tacks on more nebulous charges and fees for rentals and distribution. Pretty amazing accounting, huh?

As far as budgets go, I remember that I was astounded when everyone was trumpeting about what a small budget Blair Witch Project had. It was something like $35-50 thousand. Or so they said. Daddy, you could have made that film on a budget of 35-50 CENTS. Let's just say it was no Easy Rider...
I guess we are in the wrong business.
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"Party Monster" seems to hold promise as an interesting film. As someone who witnessed the rise and fall of the club kid movement, I'm very curious to see how they treat the subject matter - how realistic or how white washed? Also given that it's from the same company that brought us Poison, Hedwig & the Angry Inch and Velvet Goldmine, I'm sure it will be dazzling on some level. It's worth seeing for me just because Wilson Cruz (Ricky Vasquez on My So-Called Life - - one of my favorite television series EVER) stars as Angel and the other luminaries in the film. I made out with a cutie who was working as a production assistant on the set and I can't wait to hear more anecdotes.

I guess my only vague concern is that it will give the general public an even more negative view of the nightlife community that it already has. Guiliani very successful tarred and feathered us in the media as a bunch of irresponsible drug addicts who don't contribute to society, and I think much of the non-nightclubbing public has bought that perception. All the papers ever seemed to talk about were the noise complaints from community boards, the accidental overdoses and excesses, etc.

Then again I've always felt that political correctness is not and should not be a criteria for good art. The filmmakers will have to do the best they can with their work and whatever it is it is. Can't wait to see what they've done with it.
For those involved in the movie...

We're no less than 3 degrees from Kevin Bacon now in all the ways below:

You were in Party Monster (2003) with Macaulay Culkin
Macaulay Culkin was in Jacob's Ladder (1990) with Pruitt Taylor Vince
Pruitt Taylor Vince was in Trapped (2002) with Kevin Bacon

Or, you can pick up the rest of the connections in place of Macaulay Culkin:

Seth Green was in Enemy of the State (1998) with Scott Caan
Scott Caan was in Novocaine (2001) with Kevin Bacon

Wilmer Valderrama was in Summer Catch (2001) with Fred Ward
Fred Ward was in Tremors (1990) with Kevin Bacon

Chloe Sevigny was in Palmetto (1998) with Elisabeth Shue
Elisabeth Shue was in Hollow Man (2000) with Kevin Bacon

Diana Scarwid was in Bastard Out of Carolina (1996) with Laura Dern
Laura Dern was in Novocaine (2001) with Kevin Bacon

Marilyn Manson was in Lost Highway (1997) with F. William Parker
F. William Parker was in He Said, She Said (1991) with Kevin Bacon

Natasha Lyonne was in But I'm a Cheerleader (1999) with Cathy Moriarty
Cathy Moriarty was in Digging to China (1998) with Kevin Bacon

Daniel Franzese was in Bully (2001) with Brad Renfro
Brad Renfro was in Telling Lies in America (1997) with Kevin Bacon

Wilson Cruz was in Johns (1996) with Kei th (I) David
Keith (I) David was in Novocaine (2001) with Kevin Bacon

Lucy Liu was in Payback (1999) with Yasen Peyankov
Yasen Peyankov was in Novocaine (2001) with Kevin Bacon

Dylan McDermott was in Cowboy Way, The (1994) with Rob Moran
Rob Moran w as in We Married Margo (2000) with Kevin Bacon

Most Data from : The Oracle of Kevin Bacon --


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I'd bet you know their faces but not their names...

Macaulay Culkin - The "Home Alone" kid

Seth Green - "Scott Evil" from Austin Powers

Wilmer Valderrama - "Fez" on "That 70s Show"

Chloe Sevigny - From "Boys Don't Cry" & Last Day of Disco"

Diana Scarwid - The adult "Christina" from "Mommy Dearest"

Natasha Lyonne - star of "Slums of Beverly Hills"

Wilson Cruz - Gay, Latino teen on "My So Called Life"

Dylan McDermott - hunky star of the TV show "The Practice"`
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ok. so i recently bought the Nelson Sullivan 'downtown' tapes. for thoes of you who didn't know him or of him he was a fabulous man with a camera constantly straped to his hand. Untill his death he was a man about town.

but anyways.
moving right along.

i got his tapes and there are many scenes with Christina in them. and i just think its GREAT! that ms manson is playing her. i hope he speaks with that great faux german accent too!oh its great. in the videos you catch Christina breaking character and talking in her normal voice. its jsut too good for words.
Hello all, I missed the previous version (video?)of Party Monster. Did anyone/everyone else see it at twelfth st theater? I'd love to hear any comments on it and continue the discussion. Like is it worth trying to find at Kim's? and on the timeline, where was Marilyn Manson in his career when the clubkid phenom was going on? Was he a C-kidder?
The documentary is certainly worth a watch.
There's a copy on Ebay right now going for 99 cents, ending on 8/14.

I'm not totally up on my Manson trivia, but from what I've heard Manson & The Spooky Kids did run around with lunchboxes... some similar fash ion pieces there... Their first album came out right around the time the NYC clubkid scene was dying.

Don't know if that was much of a help.
Hey, thanx for the fyi on the pm video, too bad I hadn't checked back sooner to get over to ebay. I've been trying to remedy a keyboard problem on a laptop hand-me-down so my typing is limited with 4 keys not functioning one of which is 'a' which I have to keep in the copy buffer if I want to reply or e-mail. I think I'll have to try Kim's to satisfy my curiosity. thanx-2x rb//nyc//bronx
I'll bet Miss Manson based her look on Walt Paper. That' so what Walt was doing.

Don't you find it weird that in the club scene, someone like that would almost never be straight, but when the ones who get famous usually are? Do you think it's because 1) Marilyn really is a big queer or 2) The like to give record contracts to the straight ones.

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We met Walt on our second day of the shoot. He did this AMAZING pitch black "indian chief" look. He had a beautiful feather headdress that went halfway down his back. He painted up head to toe with black make-up (including his teeth) and had white and red warpaint bars.

I'm positive that Ms. Manson would be doing something similar in her next video had he been there to witness it smile

Hmmm... Manson does play into the whole bisexual/pansexual thing quite a bit... always alludes to getting high as a kite and not really caring who he is having sex with. But it seems a bit contrived. Like another shock tactic.

Not sure about the record contract thing though, look at Bowie. He's been everything from Bi to Gay to now 100% straight? He's seemed to be able to keep a record contract whoever he happens to be for that album smile

club kids being youngsters ala nouveau, seemed to be as much of an of exploration in gender identity/preference, as social transmutations, and as I saw it, an alternative to traditional drag. I'm not all that convinced sexual preferences, although predominantly gay (98@100?), was always so absolute.

Gay, straight or whatever, one inevitably discovers strong subliminal attractions for persons outside their sphere of gender preference that otherwise may never have been known or acted upon were it not for some experimentation visa visa a transformation, new identity or plain old drug cocktail induced musical dance liberation. How's that for a mouthful? The soup at the time as I remember it, was pretty well mixed with new ingredients (combinations) constantly being added.
Ideally, preferences as designators of identity, shouldn't be necessary as it tends to draw us into the same social trap of us vs. them, black against white, muslim vs and I digress but do only straight recording artists get the contracts? I would hate to think Boy George, Simply Red, Ru Paul being the only

Great kudos for Walt Paper, still going strong, one of my favs.

Manson a big queer? If his fondness for big stuffed furry creatures is erotic in nature, that might qualify him for queerness depending on I guess if his preference is bears and not bunnies.

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I am truly sad and alarmed that this film is being made. A horrible criminal act is being made into entertainment for profits. Michael Alig is in prison because in a selfish fit of rage he took someone's life. The fact that Angel sold drugs did not mean he deserved a instant death sentence. Michael will surly profit from this and it will act as a step towards his public resurrection. I think that it was parasitic for all involved to even make the documentary. The narrative film is just plain Kenneth Lay style greed. Sorry folks but if I had the choice to see Michael or Angel again, I would prefer Angel at least he was actually nice. Michael should be shut away and forgotten. He deserves no better. He should not be iconized by the media with numerous news items, a documentary and a feature film. Sorry if this got preachy but all this is just plain wrong.
I share some of the same sentiments but the reality is 'horrible criminal acts' is the basis for 70%? of the content of movies and TV for quite some time now. I also try to take into account what was Alig's intent at the time. As I understand it, it was a squabble that escalated to an attack. When you're drunk or using drugs, which both of them admittedly did, it's likely you don't know you're own strength when push comes to shove. It's not like he lay in wait to off his source to avoid a debt. His morale mistake was not realizing the consequence of what he had done and fessing up to it. From what I read (and news accounts aren't always accurate), the body laid in a bath tub for days while he tried to figure out what to do probably wishing the clock could get turned back. Yes it's sad one end result will be more notoriety for Alig but personal association to the time shouldn't preclude the intentions or benefit to others taking an interest and offering a media explanation. Otherwise we risk more than just dampening the creativity of anyone who chooses to examine something that might be unpopular or diverse. The Catholic church hates it when outsiders portray Jesus in any other light other than holy. We don't want to go that route do we? For all we know, the people putting this film together can peal off some new layers or at least the layers that time has covered over. Let's try not to be too thin skinned with this.
rb//nyc//bronx//bohemia bargains eek

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This is a very interesting discussion and please don't stop! I just want to take a sec to say how jealous I am of the name "dreambot" You have always been a "Jackie Genius" and continue to be one on The Motherboards! dreambot, I hate you and love you for such a great name.
That's all.
Now back to "Gila".
(Michael Musto's code word for the monster... Alig spelled backwards)
You did not really mean to imply that if you're under the influence of some chemical it somehow excuses your actions criminal or otherwise. As to the horrible acts shown in movies in this case it was a real person and a real crime and it is being turned into a sideshow by the film makers. Why don't they just call the film "MaGILA Monster",
And add a light hearted twist of whimsey to the whole affair.
No, my intentions are not to imply, defend, excuse any 'horrible criminal act' but rather to examine closely as many elements available that might be significant to a topic and try to have a rounded informed opinion rather than just my own gut emotional reaction. That's normal but when we allow gut reactions to solely supersede rational thought, we open up all kinds of canned worms. Is not the premise of civil law about resolving disputes resulting from gut reactions? Although this experience is personally very real to you, the criminal acts I referred to in movies are for the most part actual accounts that others experienced yet we watch in fascination nonetheless. Is the drama of death more alluring because of how it's perpetrated than why? As I recall the nightporter (movie) had something to do with pain, suffering, submission to emotions, maybe revisiting it would shed some new light.

Hey Daddy, thanx for the comments but don't encourage me. you don't want me to whip out my PBS Bartender's certificate and attempt to drink you under the table. I follow your comments on all the threads. You know how to add a lot. dream on. rb//nyc//bronx//be9 red face


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