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If i may jump on the stage here for a quick moment.

to judge or not to judge ? It seems to me all the above (including myself) are really judging ourselves or to keep this simple .... we judge who we think we are or whom we strive to be in THIS world. we stand for this or that and our choice of friends is even a judgement on who we are. yes , we all judge every second of our lives and THAT'S called survival. The case in point is right above on the "heading" PARTY MONSTER ! I as well as the rest here (i'm sure) have " Been Around" a few MONSTERS in our time and the only difference is that the people still alive have made some Better judgements then the dead.(excluding natural disaster to a higher degree) if i may be so crude to put it that way. I can tick off too many names of friends & others i've met & loved who just (for reasons known & unknown) mad very Bad judgements and it cost them their very lives. Don't ever forget WE LIVE IN THE JUNGLE with all the other animals & 1 wrong move at the wrong time and GOODBYE. The simple fact about ME is ... i always judge "everything" but i put the most judgement on MYSELF & my ACTIONS. (need i say Action speaks LOUDER than words ?)

Seeing how this very topic is about MICHAEL A. ect. Most here personally knew him. I wasn't his FRIEND but we did know each other from our Club World Life and although i'm not a fan of "pointing Fingers" at others , i made a judgement on the spot that he was out of control so i kept some distance. I had my own demons to deal with as i still do today along with the rest here but we'd ALL be dead if we didn't properly JUDGE our own Lives at the right moment and choose a different path QUICKLY.

This is a wonderful group and everyone here contributes to it. EVERYONE !

Beijing weather update jan. 12th,2007 = FUCKIN COLD but happy. miss you all ! next
Michael Alig is not Macaulley Culkin, Bobby, you're right, and vice versa. And is Seth Green James St. James? And Wilmer Valderama Keoki, and Wilson Cruz Angel and etc, on down the line? No they are actors removed from the story! They might've known about the people in question but saying Culkin is Alig is like saying Will and Grace doesn't play with gay stereotypes! ie not true!
so what are some of you gonna do? organize a throw michael back in jail campaing when he gets out? do you think it`s gonna work? he gets out and he gets out, that`s one thing i have learned since i have left n.y.c. we are always pointing the finger at the bad one and saying stay away from him/her and in the end it really doesn`t work anyway, never works, so "take a break from all the hate"...

"i am the bad man"
Back in the days the Limelight,ClubUSA,Jackie60,BoyBar,Tunnal.I used to see Angel,he was nice guy and respect me and I respect him because Angel never force me to buy or take his drugs as I never force him to have sex. So we have equal respect,at all these clubs I see him all the times,we say hello to each other small talk that it until one day I don't see him anymore.The arest is history. Today I ask myself "What if Angel is alive today what he will be doing? Ask yourself. As for Michael Alig if the history went the other ways he would continue to party on take more drugs,living a fasttrack lifestyle he will be biological pre-mature aging and end up dead of drug OD.

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