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Loving it! Republican U.S. Senator Larry Craig caught doing the deed in an airport mens room. Think Bush will pardon him?


When Craig was arrested, police at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport were conducting a sting operation to investigate allegations of lewd conduct at the airport's main terminal.

According to the police reports, a man, later identified as Craig, kept watching the undercover police officer through a crack in the stall. Craig then entered the next-door stall and placed his luggage against the opening under the stall door.

"My experience has shown that individuals engaging in lewd conduct use their bags to block the view from the front of their stall," said the officer, Sgt. Dave Karsnia, in the report. "The presence of others did not seem to deter Craig as he moved his right foot so that it touched the side of my left foot which was within my stall area."

The report said Craig swiped his hand beneath the stall divider several times.


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Leave it to self-loathing, destructive right wingers to villianize faggotry however they can! Evidently gays are only good for quick handjobs in toilets and don't deserve equal protection under the law.

Let's run down the voting record of Larry "I Am Not Gay" Craig:

- Voted YES on constitutional ban of same-sex marriage. (Jun 2006)

- Voted NO on adding sexual orientation to definition of hate crimes. (Jun 2000 and 2002)

- Voted YES on prohibiting same-sex marriage. (Sep 1996)

- Voted NO on prohibiting job discrimination by sexual orientation. (Sep 1996)
The bizarre thing about the whole case is that it WAS entrapment. Craig tapped his foot for crying out loud, hardly an action that threatens society. Another victim-less crime for the police to waste taxpayer money on while real crimes are being perpetrated. To make matters worse, this supposed "sting" operation, featuring cute trade as bait, happened at an airport of all places, a setting where surely more serious security issues abound. It's been depressing to watch talk show hosts demonize cruising and listen to pundits like Tucker Carlson brag about gay bashing someone who supposedly propositioned him in a DC bathroom.

Of course it's impossible to muster a shred of sympathy for Craig, a despicable and vile Benedict Arnold if ever there was one. His portrayal of gays as debased sex fiends has now proven successful in ways I'm sure he'd never imagined. The destruction of his career and exposure of his private life is a just reward for having spent decades making the private lives of gays and lesbians into campaign issues. And in true conservative fashion, the Republicans wasted no time in roasting one of their most loyal soldiers over a bed of hot coals -- Mitt Romney being the first to backstab, despite the aid his presidential campaign received from Craig. The hypocrisy at the center of Craig's tabloid crash-and-burn recalls Gingrich and Henry Hyde during the Clinton impeachment years, hiding mistresses in their past while excoriating a twice-elected president for lying about receiving a blowjob. The difference here is that Craig now bears a big "G" burned into his backside ... in GOP quarters the ultimate scarlet letter. Thus, Craig finds no defenders among his colleagues.

In the end closeted public figures may take away from this scandal the need to live their lives in a more authentic, honest way.
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I agree Lex but the really outrageous thing is why gay men have sex in public bathrooms in the first place. The heterosexual world condemed gay sex for so long and made it illegal, thereby driving gay men into the closet and into the dark backrooms and secret places where we could meet. There were no gay church socials or dating services or public community meetings where gay people could meet and socialize like the straight world around them. We were doomed to cruise street corners and public bathrooms and porno movie theaters thereby making us the sexual outlaws that entire generations of gay men became. The entire act of hidden sex acts became eroticized and accepted by us as the normal thing to do. Even in these conscience times we live in where gay is a household word and gay rights are taken for granted by many, where millions march each year since 1969 in gay pride parades where we are seem on television, where we have openly gay and out celebrities to speak for us, there is still no real equality amoung the sexual preferences of gay, lesbian, transgendered and bisexual people. We are still looked upon as criminals and perverted diviants by the straight moral majority and even the average straight folk from middle America. The very idea and nerve of homos to even think that we are equal to the straight world with gay marriages and adoption of children is considered an outrage by most of the straight world. It will be a long time before the world is really an equal place to live. Look how long it has been since racism was the rule of the day and how long since women were treated as equals to men and ask yourself if anything has really changed. Racism in America is still rampant and vile and particularly obvious amoung gay people as well. women still make less than men in the work force and gays are a joke to laugh at by most of the worlds standards. But I say, never give up. Fight your way to the top. Don't take no for an anwser and remember above all else that the creator who made us all made us equal. we all bleed the same, and we all die at the end of each life. But while we're here I say spit in the eye of the haters and fight for your rights. And most importantly vote, write letters and let the rulung bastards know how you feel. It ain't over till it's over and I for one intend to keep up the fight until the end. As for people like larry Craig, yes he is a homophobe and a bigot and yes he is guilty of hating gays and trying to keep them down but he is also a victim of the same culture that taught him to hide his true self and like mixed races from the past has tryed to "pass" just to get along in this world. I pity him, for his life is ruined and the mirror that he must find himself hidden in, will reveal to him and all those that he knows and loves, just what a wasted life such deception brings. Perhaps others who have suffered his fate will see themselves reflected in the drama of all of this and take a turn towards real freedom and happiness. Otherwise the circle turns and nothing changes and we are doomed to repeat the past.
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I agree with Lex... even if Larry Craig is not gay and was entrapped, this is a beautiful karmic pay-back for his attacks on gay people and their rights all these years. I kind of hope he ISN'T gay. That will make his downfall all the more torturous!

And no Bobby, even if there seems to be acceptance, there isn't. You can't legislate intelligence. Acceptance and open-mindedness does not come automatically with the human genes.

A woman where I work, apparently hip and young, the other day said something about these 3 very out, very butch dykes who work at the agency, "Why do they have to put it in my face?" She's been married twice and is no paradigm of sexual maturity. I said, "Haven't you ever heard of human rights?" and she shut up.
It really is a hall of mirrors with so many second and third order reflections that out not just someone's possibly gay self but the institutionalized violence of law enforecement, the totally parochial image mill of politicians (the Romney two-cents worth is particularly revealing about self-fear and totaly mercenary ambitions)and what Bobby elaborated on -the sick nature of the overall social order past and present. The result, this burst of outright hysteria.

The scapegoat was taught not to be truthful and honest by the society that isn't truthful and honest.

Idaho has an openly lesbian publicly elected representative who of course has never had public identity conflicts. She would seem to be an example of how much more healthy it is not to weave a life trap for one's self.
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Wow. Why are you writing all this politically correct stuff in Politically Incorrect? Shouldn't y'all head over to the Opposition Report or something? This is the forum for less. Less government, less taxes, less big social reform (can't you just leave folks be?)Ironically, that does give you one "more", "MORE FREEDOM!" Oh yes, more money too. If you earned it, you should own it bitch.

Anyway, for those of you who haven't noticed, the economy is booming, we haven't had a major islamo-fascist attack on our soil since 9/11 and my hockey team is 4-0 as of tonight. Stop complaining and go work on your slap shot. It's hockey season!!!
Oh those republicans and their sexual antics!

Another GOP Closet Case Caught with Panties Down
Washington State Representative Richard Curtis, an anti-gay Republican, got more than he bargained for when he engaged hooker Cody Castagna, 26, when they met at the Hollywood Erotic Boutique in Spokane on October 26.
KXLY reported that after being seen seen wearing women's lingerie in the sex video store and having oral sex with another guy, Curtis agreed to meet Castagna for a $1,000 bareback tryst at the Davenport Tower where, police say, they engaged in anal sex before Curtis konked out.

Castagna is then alleged to have taken some cell phone pictures of the politician and stolen his wallet, later trying to extort him lest he be exposed to the public and his wife and kids. Castagna, who has a long criminal record, claims he was only holding the wallet to secure his fee.

After police nabbed Castagna's bag man in a sting, they went back with Curtis to his hotel room to collect evidence. The police report reads: "I asked Curtis what physical evidence would be in the hotel room which would link the suspect to the hotel room. Curtis pointed out a Propel fitness water bottle in the garbage, a condom wrapper in the garbage, and a used condom in the garbage. I photographed the room and items prior to their collection. I also collected the sheets and pillowcases from the bed.
"While I was collecting evidence I saw a plastic sack which contained a light grey length of nylon rope, a plastic doctor's stethoscope, and other items I could not immediately identify. Curtis told me they had nothing to do with the sex act and that the suspect had not handled them. Curtis said he did not want to show me those items in the sack."

Curtis tried out the "I am not gay" line with The Columbian newspaper on Monday. He later told police he was drugged and didn't remember anything that happened.
"Anyone with a bizarre sexual orientation can claim protection under the terms of [the Employment Non-Discrimination Act] ENDA. Any person who is a heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual under ENDA can also engage in a variety of sexual orientations and bizarre behaviors." - The Traditional Values Coalition

"ENDA -- which would restrict religious freedom and open the door to excessive litigation -- is modeled closely after state employment non-discrimination laws currently being misused by activist judges to impose same-sex marriage and civil union laws on states." - U.S. House of Representatives Republican leader John Boehner (R-OHIO), describing the proposed federal ban on workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation.
Lex has plenty to be thankful for: Good health, good looks and the commen sense to know that the Bush administration is made up of a bunch of greedy turds who hate everyone who is different then them. As for peace, wouldn't it be nice if all the troops came home from this stupid liars war and George Bush was impeached. THEN we'd have some peace.
Darla, it's no surprise you admire Ann Coulter so much. You're pretty much cut from the same cloth. You just like provoking people. That seems to be your only goal. I mean, you are on this message board of mostly progressive people. You know no one agrees with your ... let's be gentle and call them nazi fascist ideas... yet you continue to post them just to see what sort of reaction you get. You are the transvestite Ann Coulter. Happy? I hope you are happy when your Republican "friends" have you on line for the gas chamber. I hope you are right in front of me on line, I want to see you the look on your face as you step in to take a "shower".

"I'm afraid to take mine
out of the box."
--Barack Obama

"What's this about a glass
ceiling in the White House? There's no glass ceiling.
Hey, I've been in every room!"
--George W. Bush

"This is not the kind of squeeze doll I grew up playing with!"
--Dick Cheney

"My friends, it will have no effect on me.
I don't crack under pressure."
--John McCain

"I like a woman
with a firm grip."
--Arnold Swartzenegger
One of the enduring mysteries of the Bush Administration is why after 9/11 it never truly beefed up the U.S. military, why it tried to fight the war against Islamic fanaticism on the cheap. Our troops have performed heroically, despite repeated tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Clearly many of them are paying the price of those repeated deployments in unnecessarily strained family issues. Those in the Reserves and National Guard are also paying a price in repeated absences from their civilian jobs.

The Democrats would make the Bush drawdown even more severe. Thankfully John McCain, a former career military man who currently has a son in the Marines and another attending the U.S. Naval Academy, won't make such a catastrophic mistake.
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Oh Yes. In reply to all those pretentious little Marie Antoinette references, do have it be known that I not only worked for my money but once I had EARNED it I invested it wisely. No peasants suffered while I was acting intelligently, working hard and smart to take advantage of the most efficient economic system to ever benefit mankind. If you yourself had followed the Darla Diamond investing system, you too could have made 400% on your investments so far this millennium. But you are probably socialist statists who think the government's job is to support you the rest of your lifes. Honey, that's like asking the DMV to be your chauffeur the rest of your lives!
Darla, no one is asking the government to support them. It is a feature of modern capitalism in every other advanced CAPITALIST nation that the state guarantees that every citizen has health care. The US healthcare system is ranked 37th behind all the other rich nations. That's just one example. As far as housing regulations or any regulations on the market, we should remember that regulations put in place after the great depression pretty much saved Capitalism. There is nothing communist about the government in the richest nation on Earth making sure there is a floor it's citizens cannot drop below. It's called civilization.
The Week

"If he wants to see bitter, he should try taking away their guns."

Time magazine offers a bracing report on biofuels headlined "The Clean Energy Scam." The report, by Michael Grunwald, is unsparing in its assessment. Accounting for worldwide deforestation as biofuels push food crops onto newly cleared land, ethanol is harder on the environment than old-fashioned petroleum is. And the diversion of agricultural resources drives up food prices, exacerbating hunger. Writes Grunwald: "Corn ethanol, always environmentally suspect, turns out to be environmentally disastrous. . . . The grain it takes to fill an SUV tank with ethanol could feed a person for a year." Ethanol is a product that could not survive on its own in the market: Massive subsidies are lavished on agribusiness corporations in the effort to turn Kansas into a corn-powered Qatar on the prairie. And even the subsidies are insufficient; federal mandates create artificial demand for ethanol that nobody wants, and that has to be produced by robbing the taxpayer to pay Archer Daniels Midland.

Top ten reasons to support ANWR development:

We could always go back to harpooning whales, that's natural and eco-friendly.
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But I agree with you about Islam, it's mysogenist, homophobic and horrible and superstitious just like much of christianity and judaism

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Note how Islam is capitalized, yet Christianity and Judaism are not. Some of us don't quite seem to know which side our bread is buttered on.
Thanks, GWB:

The End of Cheap Food?
High Cost of Commodities Will Continue to Hit Developing World Hardest
By Mary Kane 04/23/2008

A sharp spike in prices for wheat, corn, rice and other staples has sparked riots in Mexico and Egypt, marches by hungry children in Yemen and the spectre of starving people in Haiti turning to mud pies for sustenance. This growing unrest is forcing the global community to focus on the causes of higher food costs and what can be done. But it's also raising the troubling possibility that cheap prices for food may be gone for good, an economic relic of the the past.

That scenario would be disastrous for the progress of fighting poverty in poor countries - and it would threaten to halt a long period of rising living standards in the United States tied directly to the inexpensive cost of food.

"Don't look now, but the good times may have just stopped rolling," the economist Paul Krugman wrote in his New York Times column. The Economist was more strident: "The era of cheap food is over," it declared. World Bank President Robert Zoellick, reaching back to policies created during the Great Depression for inspiration to address food inflation, is pushing a "New Deal" for global food policy, aimed at aiding impoverished countries with income support and help in producing crops.

The gloom-and-doom outlooks are prompted by rising prices for commodities, which started increasing steadily in 2001 before suddenly soaring recently. Wheat prices have gone up by 181 percent over the past three years, according to the World Bank; food prices around the globe have risen by 83 percent during the same period. In March, rice prices hit a 19-year high. Corn prices recently rose from $2.50 a bushel three years ago to $6, for the first time. Zoellick has predicted a sustained period of higher food costs, saying he expects prices to remain elevated through next year and stay above 2004 levels for at least the next seven years.

The causes are many. India and China have growing populations and are becoming more prosperous; more people can now afford to eat more meat, and the demand for animal feed has grown. In the U.S. and Europe, a boom in biofuel as alternative energy is diverting considerable amounts of corn from the market. A severe drought in Australia has contributed to a 25-year low in supplies. Some also blame speculation in the commodity markets for sharp swings in prices and availability.

While plenty of people are worried about the end of cheap food, it's not clear yet whether that will happen, said David Orden, senior research fellow with the International Food Policy Research Institute. Things like the weak dollar becoming stronger, crop shortfalls easing, energy prices stabilizing and strong growth in the world economy are all factors that could affect the availability of food, he said, and no one's sure how they will play out. "We just don't know yet," Orden said. "Before this bump in food prices started, people were not predicting it."

What has become clear is that in a short time, soaring food costs have shaken some long-held assumptions about food and fuel, especially in the U.S.

Food has been cheap in America for nearly 60 years, and Americans set aside less of their incomes for food than any other country in the world, devoting just 11 percent of disposable income to it, compared to double that percentage in Europe. Keeping food costs low has been one of the great economic achievements of the last century. The low food costs, combined with rising incomes, "have been two of the primary sources of prosperity for American consumers," said John Urbanchuck, an agriculture industry analyst for LECG, a global consulting firm.

Until now, Americans had the luxury of worrying about food due to its abundance. Concerns have centered on childhood obesity and an epidemic of diabetes. But new problems with food are already surfacing, as rising prices begin showing up at the grocery store. More expensive corn means people pay more for eggs and poultry, and still higher meat and milk prices are on the horizon. Record high oil prices are adding to price pressures, since transporting food costs more.

If prices stay high for a long time, the poor will be hit the hardest, since they spend the largest percentage of their incomes on food. Efforts to reduce hunger, like food stamps and free and reduced lunch programs, will become more costly, said Otto Doering, a professor of agricultural economics at Purdue University in Indiana. Asking taxpayers to pay more for them won't exactly be politically popular, since food prices could also take a greater bite out of middle-class budgets. And paying more for food will mean having less to spend on things like big-screen television sets and iPods, putting a dent in the kind of consumer spending that has kept the economy growing for the past two decades.

Consumers won't be the only ones feeling the squeeze. Hog producers in the Midwest expect to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in just the next six months due to corn price hikes, Doering said.

It could get far worse. Another "hidden issue" is the scarcity of land still available for farming, he said. In the past, the United States had plenty of farmland to provide more crops as food demands grew. But land is finite, and after all these years, we're beginning to run short, Doering said. "For the first time in our history, we're pushing up against the edge in terms of quality land," Doering said. "We're in a somewhat fixed box."

Because of all this, Doering said it's not clear whether the U.S. can keep food prices low. "It's a whole new ballgame," he stated.
The United States has endured temporary price bumps before. A spike in commodities in the early 1970s was due mainly to bad weather around the world, and to huge and secretive Russian grain purchases. In 1995-96, food inflation stemmed from a Midwestern drought, global demand for U.S. feed grains and speculation. In both cases, prices settled back down again.

This time around, the biofuel boom is also complicating the question of whether prices will revert. Some one-third of the U.S. corn crop now is devoted to ethanol production, its growth due to a combination of high oil prices and generous government subsidies. When corn prices were lower a few years ago, ethanol was seen as a popular energy alternative. Now it's a target.

Zoellick, the World Bank president, made headlines for blaming biofuels for recent price hikes, saying earlier this month that biofuels are a major factor in the world's added demand for food. Biofuel mania, or speculating in commodities by hedge fund and traders betting on corn prices, was also responsible for shortages and price increases, he said.

His remarks added to an already simmering debate. Last summer Foreign Affairs magazine published "How Biofuels Starve the Poor," which reiterated that sentiment, noting that filling the 25-gallon tank of a sports utility vehicle with pure ethanol required 450 pounds of corn, or enough calories for one person for a year.

At some point, American policy-makers are going to have to decide whether they want to live with an "expensive food policy" that requires continuing to produce large percentages of corn crops for biofuel and enduring higher prices for other foods, said Bruce Babcock, an Iowa State University economist.

The food debate will eventually break down into two camps: Those who believe supply and demand are the problem, and that the world can't produce enough to meet the needs of growing economies; and those who blame ethanol production. In the end, Babcock predicts, Washington will continue to support ethanol production in the near term, before imposing caps on its production.
But the future for food prices will still remain uncertain, because the global market is so complex. "I don't think we've ever been where we are right now," Babcock said.

Should prices stay high, the effect will be felt most keenly in developing countries, as the recent food riots have shown. Impoverished families now pay 50 percent to 80 percent of their incomes for food. Continuing high prices for oil and corn threaten to undo any gains in reducing poverty made over the past decade, Zoellick said.

Josette Sheeran, head of the U.N.'s World Food Program, told The Economist that the effects of higher food prices in poor countries will be devastating:

"For the middle classes, it means cutting out medical care. For those on $2 a day, it means cutting out meat and taking the children out of school. For those on $1 a day, it means cutting out meat and vegetables and eating only cereals. And for those on 50 cents a day, it means total disaster."
Food riots have already started in Egypt, Thailand, Cote de Ivoire, and Haiti.

Soon a regular news feature will be the food riots of the week report.

I also think these reports are the seed of a conscious effort to bring pressure/shame on all the oil producing nations -if they are cuasing high gas prices which then drive the cost of food up due to the higher transport costs, then those oil producers will eventually have fingers pointed at them about how they are causing the world to starve.
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Note how Islam is capitalized, yet Christianity and Judaism are not. Some of us don't quite seem to know which side our bread is buttered on.

Oh please Darla. GODAH!! I can't even partially agree with you without a snyde remark in return. I despise Islam. It's a sickening homophobic violent totalitarian ideology. I didn't capitalize it on purpose. My bread isn't buttered by any of those fairy tales.
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Government supplied health care is health care rationed. If you think it's bad now, wait until that suspicious lump has to wait 3 months for an MRI. Besides, where will all the Canadians go when they need an MRI?

This could win an award for the most overused bit of propaganda defending out broken health care system. The fact is we are the ONLY industrialized democratic nation that does not guarantee health care to everyone. Ask anyone in England if they have ever seen a medical bill, they haven't. My friends mother had liver cancer. She had to have three operations. She got the best care, didn't have to wait and paid NOTHING. If she lived here, in addition to worrying about having cancer she probably would have had to sell her house to stay alive.

The United States ranks 37th in terms of quality and availability of health care. Waiting times in many European countries are the same or better than ours. I would encourage you to watch the PBS FRONTLINE special where they go into detail about how other nations do it. You can watch it online on the PBS site.

The myth that the private sector does this better is laughable. We spend several times as much as other nations on health care and get worse results, worse life expectancies, worse prognoses and more debts and lived ruined financially. They spend far less (and virtually none of the administrative costs we do and they are healthier and live longer.

None of this I expect will cause you abandon the ideological position you need to identify with for whatever reason in favor or a common sense system that would actually help people. No, it's just if the State does it, it has to be wrong, and damn the consequences.
Government supplied health care is health care rationed. If you think it's bad now, wait until that suspicious lump has to wait 3 months for an MRI. Besides, where will all the Canadians go when they need an MRI?

What a croc of shit. My mother-in-law lives in Lewiston, NY, minutes from Niagara Falls and the Canadian border. She knows lots and lots of elderly Canadians who receive lots of free healthcare and are quite satisfied with their system. Were it not for her teacher's union healthcare benefits, my mother-in-law might be crossing the border to avail herself of far more affordable medicines right now as I type.

That said, I'm not convinced a healthcare system that is totally run by the government is the answer either. When I worked at Barclays Bank years ago I met lots of Brits and many complained about their system. One must wonder about the quality of British care when looking at their teeth. I feel a blended scenario is best, where private coverage can still exist and operate for those who can afford it and government and business share the cost of subsidized care of everyone else. Heavier taxes on things like tobacco and booze and proportional income tax, tax breaks/incentives for small businesses, that sort of thing.
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Safety Nets and "Comfy Chairs"

I guess McCain doesn't believe in "comfy chairs" either. That must be why he repeatedly voted against increased federal funding for the recovery of New Orleans, voted against increasing Medicare and unemployment benefits for Katrina survivors and spent the day after the Katrina tragedy eating birthday cake with George Bush. Anyone who's not a whiz kid on the stock market can rot, evidently.


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Oh Yes. In reply to all those pretentious little Marie Antoinette references, do have it be known that I not only worked for my money but once I had EARNED it I invested it wisely. No peasants suffered while I was acting intelligently, working hard and smart to take advantage of the most efficient economic system to ever benefit mankind. If you yourself had followed the Darla Diamond investing system, you too could have made 400% on your investments so far this millennium. But you are probably socialist statists who think the government's job is to support you the rest of your lifes. Honey, that's like asking the DMV to be your chauffeur the rest of your lives!

Of course. The ol' "pull yourself up by the boot straps" cowboy mythology. Much like Reagan's chauffeur-driven welfare queen, a character that, as the world now knows, was a complete fabrication. For your sake, Darla, I hope all those newly-acquired bon-bons haven't left your waistline as bloated as your two-dimensional, dog-and-pony ideas. But congratulations on your stock market victories ... I'm happy for you.

The Marie Antoinette references were not about what you personally have earned or not earned, Darla, but about your unflagging support for the elitist disregard of the current adminstration, even in the face of failure after failure.

Before you write everyone off everyone who hasn't scored on Wall Street, you should know that lots and lots of people earn an honest, productive living the same as you. In fact, some of us on these boards have graduate degrees and earn six-figure salaries working for profit-driven Fortune 500 companies. Life isn't fair and no one expects it to be. But that doesn't mean it's cool to bleed the system dry and let everyone who isn't a genius investor starve to death.
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Gorgeous! The man who presided over the sub-prime mortgage mess that is costing hundreds of thousands their homes can now sail off into the sunset.

Countrywide CEO Made $132M In 2007 Pay, Stock Sale

CALABASAS, Calif. (AP) "• A securities filing shows Countrywide Financial Corp. CEO Angelo Mozilo earned some $10.8 million in total compensation and cashed out $121.5 million in stock options last year.

The compensation disclosed in the Securities and Exchange Commission filing released Thursday represents an 80 percent cut from the 70-year-old's total pay in 2006 of about $51 million.

The Calabasas-based company reported a yearly loss in 2007 of $704 million amid the nationwide mortgage market meltdown.

It agreed in January to be acquired by Bank of America Corp. for $4.1 billion in stock.

The SEC has been scrutinizing the timing of Mozilo's stock sales. Mozilo has said he's cooperating with the inquiry and has denied making any improper trades.

(© 2008 The Associated Press.
"So before remembering that we are now left with two dangerous choices for president -- a young liberal who is friendly with terrorists or an old liberal who is friendly with Teddy Kennedy -- take a moment to revel in the fact that our long national nightmare is over. It turns out getting rid of the Clintons was the change we've been waiting for."

The Lovely Ann Coulter
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"but about your unflagging support for the elitist disregard of the current adminstration, even in the face of failure after failure."

Wow Lex, where did you get that from? The current administration broke the Promise with America by expanding the Federal Government, Medicare, and mis-managing the War Against Islamo-Fascism, (although General David Petraeus is busy fixing THAT). Also, don't you know that the term ELITIST is generally reserved for Ivy League educated limousine liberals, not us fly-over country hicks?
"The line between judicial ˜activism' and due deference is not determined by whether one always lets elected branches get their way, but rather by whether a judge will defer to the clear language of the Constitution regardless of whether that means affirming legislative or executive action or overturning it. Sometimes a judge is being activist by refusing to overturn a congressional action despite a lack of constitutional authority for that action, merely because the judge happens to agree with the policy Congress has enacted... The very problem is that too many judges want to ensure that ˜no interest is served except the interest of justice.' The problem is that what one man considers justice is often in conflict with the law, and that too many judges want to put their ideas of justice above the law's dictates. But Oliver Wendell Holmes was right to upbraid a friend who urged him to ˜do justice.' His answer: ˜That is not my job, sir. My job is to apply the law'." "”Quin Hillyer
DICKIPEDIA! A wiki of dicks.

Love the Ann entry.

Ann Coulter

Coulter attended [Ivy League] Cornell University, where she helped found The Cornell Review in 1984. The fortnightly tabloid, patterned after the Dartmouth Review, railed against affirmative action, gay rights, abortion, anti-apartheidism, and "political correctness," which is a term dicks use derisively when they are chastised for dressing up in blackface at Halloween parties.
It's a common misconception that conservatives restrict freedom of speech and liberals are the champions of it.

Shut up Darla you Log Cabin Bitch!
How dare you say something like that on these boards!
We are all free thinking unique individuals on The Motherboards and would appreciate it if you would GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!!!
How dare you say something like that.
in fact, I think I'll delete it.
That'll show you not to be a Contrary Mary.
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I invite all of you lovely members and participants of the MotherBoards to join the New York City Gay Hockey Association. If you really want to take a shot at me, here's your big chance.
Last game I got a totally clean hit going for the puck and got penalized based on how far my opponent bounced when we got to the puck at the same time. It's a no-check league but collisions can't be avoided and I understand Newtonian physics. Do you?
"Well, there's something known as American conservatism, though it does not even call itself that. It's been calling itself ˜voting Republican' or ˜not liking the New Deal.' But it is a very American approach to life, and it has to do with knowing that the government is not your master, that America is good, that freedom is good and must be defended, and communism is very, very bad." "”William F. Buckley Jr.
"God's view of government dictates that it carries out a specified and limited role in human affairs. The church and civil government are made necessary by the same thing (sin), but do not have identical responsibilities (Matthew 22:15-21). The humanist view of the role of government is to perfect mankind. The Scriptural view of the role of government is to protect mankind. Throughout Scripture, God is clear that civil government is charged with a limited responsibility and that good leaders decide to take a Scriptural view of government's role. We also see in Scripture that God has a welfare plan"”people are to look to the family, then the church, then the community (1 Timothy 5:3-16, Leviticus 19:9, 10, 23:22). The humanistic plan is publicly funded, coercive, and creates cycles of dependency. God's plan is community-oriented, voluntary, and empowers people." "”Nathan Tabor

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