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Very appropriate that British royalty would frequent a club named after a type of heroin; I guess they still haven't gotten over the Boxer Rebellion.
And Lauren Pope in that gorgeous top, posed with the flute of champers... where? Note the furnishings-- is it an untidy Buckingham Palace? Or her Islington bedsit, decorated by "Tudor Cabinet Craft?"
where? Note the furnishings-- is it an untidy Buckingham Palace? Or her Islington bedsit, decorated by "Tudor Cabinet Craft?"

All I know is it better damn well not be Harry's bedroom at Clarence House. That guttersnipe-wench-hag! She'd better keep her hands off. Those ginger balls are MINE.

Poor Harry. To be a young horny thing and living under a microscope. I can't imagine it. If he so much as drolls at someone, it's front page news. How does he get laid? Hopefully Charles is smuggling in hookers for him. (note to self: get an interview with the royal madame). Is he a premature ejaculator? Is he endowed like his father? What's his favorite position?

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Prince Harry is the new Sean Penn.


LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Prince Harry was hit in the face with a camera during a scuffle with photographers as he left a London nightclub in the early hours of Thursday, royal aides said.

A photographer's lip was cut after Harry, 20, the younger son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, pushed a camera away.

Sources said the prince, third in line to the throne, was hit on the nose by a camera as he tried to get into a car after partying at Pangea club in Piccadilly, central London.

Pictures shown on British television show the red-haired prince, who has a reputation as a playboy, scuffling with a group of photographers.

Harry's injuries are not thought to be serious.

London's Metropolitan Police had no official comment on the incident but a police source said it seemed there had been no arrests and that no charges were likely.

Harry, who has grown up in the shadow of his elder brother Prince William, has attracted unwanted media attention in recent years after he admitted smoking cannabis and under-age drinking.

Harry, who achieved only modest exam results from exclusive private school Eton, is to begin army officer training next year, continuing the royal family's long tradition of military service.
Continuing his family's long tradition of hiding slackerhood under the flag!

Lex you get up too early in the morning to read the news, I was going to post the same gossip just as a tribute to you.

I like that though, the 21st Century Sean Penn. Which means what, like, he is going to have a fling with Hillary Duff.
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Here's another version of the 'story' from the Brit tabloid angle......

This is
21/10/04 - News and city section

Harry in paparazzi brawl

Prince Harry was hit in the face by a camera during a scuffle outside a nightclub early today which left a photographer with a cut lip.

The 20-year-old was leaving Pangaea in the West End of London when photographers attempted to take pictures of him.

A Clarence House spokesman said the third in line to the throne was defending himself when the incident happened at around 3am.

"Prince Harry was hit in the face by a camera as photographers crowded around him as he was getting into a car," the spokesman said.

"In pushing the camera away, it's understood that a photographer's lip was cut."

The incident comes just a week after the new army recruit was accused of cheating in his art A-Level exam.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "We are aware of the incident but no complaint has been made."

The paparazzi photographer involved, Chris Uncle gave a different of events to that of Clarence House.

Mr Uncle, 24, told the Evening Standard that Harry "deliberately lashed out".

Mr Uncle, who works for the Big Pictures agency said: "Prince Harry looked like he was inside the car and we were all still taking pictures.

"Then suddenly he burst out the car and lunged towards me as I was still taking pictures.

"He lashed out and then deliberately pushed my camera into my face.

"The base of the camera struck me and cut my bottom lip.

"At the same time he was repeatedly saying 'Why are you doing this? Why don't you just leave me alone?"'


Sounds like Harry can't take being Harry anymore. It's the classic scene where the birthed-into-priviledged is just an ordinary bloke and simply can't live up to the exaggerated expectations of the public. Love the part about the alleged cheating on an Art Exam! Imagine crib notes penned on the Royal epidermis, what, he couldn't discern the difference between the Chapman brothers and Gilbert and George?!
Here in London everbody is talking about this. Indicative of the ill feeling towards Harry the word on the street has twisted the reporting. Getting my haircut this morning my hairdresser described Harry as a "violent maniac." I said that if a camera hits you in the face you'd push back. She said, "Yeah, but there's a time and a place." I discontunued the conversation only to wonder later what time and place you allow cameras to hit you in the face. Anyways, I'm sure it's a great close-up - lots of nose hair.
Just saw the photographs on Richard and Judy - my hairdresser may just have been right. Classic. They interviewed one of the photographers who was there and he obviously denied any misbehaviour on the part of any photographers present. Richard and Judy sided with the Prince with Richard describing an incident with paparazzi where he had to kick a photographer out of the way who was crouching with his camera pointing up Judy's dress. Love it. Although I'm not sure what you'd do with a picture of Judy's kooch.
Having just returned from London what I heard and saw was that most the media were paternalistically endorsing Harry's loss of temper, (he went to apologize for his behavior to his DAD! not the photographer!) poo-pooing the thought he was a brute of any sorts. Very sympathetic, and most comments were along the lines of 'well he's just a young guy and should be allowed a night out punting with his chaps without intrusions' - usually accompanied by clips of the lad in his military uniform (such an impeccably respectable image, that). Bolstering this was a lot of finger-wagging at the paparazzi. Now that Harry has been roundly encouraged hopefully we can look forward to some more antics as he gets increasingly frustrated with being himself.

Great image to imagine don't you think Lex, a military man with his parade trousers about his ankles, asking for a reach-around.
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Indeed Seven. And it seems People magazine has its own Harry vs. Wills obsession happening.

A Tale of Two Princes

Still, the prince Diana called "the naughty one" has supplied those papers with juicier material than big brother William, 22. ..... An avid athlete with a daredevil streak and charm to spare, "Harry is more impetuous than his brother and wears his heart on his sleeve," says this friend.

Someday my prince will come. Party on, my boy.


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It's really no surprise that Harry is so dumb that he thought this would fly. What surprises me is the Royal chain of command this decision to dress as a Nazi must have gone through. Harry being somebody who has never had to buy anything or shop in his entire life, so presumably Harry states "bring me a Nazi uniform," and a line of Royal advisers and servants set about this not ever questioning the implication.

I just wonder how many Tsunami care packages Harry will have to pack to make ammends.
As far as the uniform goes, though the pic is hard to see, it looks pretty piss poor. Looks in fact like he got a shirt anmd trousers set from the Gap and stuck a swastika on the arm.
The only period uniform that would be that color would be Rommel's desert Afrika-Korps, and I just don't think Harry would be that advanced.
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Now how did I know I'd come in here and find you all yacking away about this? You vicious cunts leave my baby alone! (so surprised Seven hasn't been in here to weigh in on this ...) And btw Hatches, the Afrika corps look WAS what he was going for, according to the British tabloids I checked on line. He and William both seem to have this love for African things ..... I wonder if it extends to half African things like me!

However in all seriousness I feel really sorry for the chap. Obviously my lamb has lost his way and wants to shatter the glass of his fishtank very badly. On some subconcious level he's rebelling with all the shennanigans and it is manifesting itself in a self-destructive way. The worst part is that this photo will be around FOREVER and will haunt him FOREVER, even when he's 58 and much wiser (if he lives that long). Also he's had everything handed to him his whole life and is surrounded by sychophants coupled with the fact that as an extremely young person he simply doesn't know the level of insensitivity he's projecting. To him Hitler is just a person in a history book, like Napoleon or Gingus Khan. He's 20 years old and was born in 1984. A very stupid move, but thoughtless rather than hateful or mean-spirited. In fact the thoughtless is WHY he did it. Besides, as someone pointed out, people in London are paying money every night to see Nazi uniforms paraded across a stage in "The Producers". It's all relative.

That said, of course I would still fuck the hell out of him. I never said my twinks had to be smart, did I?
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I have heard "The Producers" being brought into this debate in various news reports. The trouble with that is "The Producers" is not relative at all. It's a commercial venture and as such free of public constraints. Harry and his family exist by virtue of the taxing of a nation. As such it has been decided that they should represent the ideas and diversity of that nation, which partying in Nazi unifroms does not really fit into. Especially when you are a family with a history of being, if not Nazi sympathizers, than certainly Nazi appeasers. It's all very unfortunate as although it strikes me as totally tokenistic to eat Xmas dinner and see the Queen, in her annual national address, on TV shaking hands with black people and attending a Mosque service, Royal PR has made an effort to make something extremely antiquated appear relevant. Now in one moment it's all come undone. This should not be seen as Madonna's "Like A Prayer" or Justin and Janet's Super Bowl, ie. celebrities courting controversy, Harry should be judged more in line of a public elected official. Right now Harry is just fuel on the fire in the debate as to if this family should exist at public expense, and it seems the press will not rest until the public damn Harry to hell.

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