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More from that article... about Tennessee's "MEMOIRS" --

...Mr. Kaplan, whose book, "Tennessee Williams in Provincetown," is also coming out next month from Hansen Publishing Group, said he suspects "The Parade" wasn't produced during Williams's lifetime because of the antigay climate. Mr. Kaplan compares the Provincetown premiere of "The Parade" to the posthumous publication of E. M. Forster's novel "Maurice" and to Paul Cadmus's openly homoerotic paintings.

"These are different people who wanted to go after the mainstream and withheld certain aspects of themselves in the art they created for mass production," Mr. Kaplan said. "But they were not embarrassed and were not conflicted about being gay.

"....Williams's 1981 play "Something Cloudy, Something Clear,'' his longer and complexly woven reminiscence about Provincetown, covers some of the same ground as "The Parade."

[I recently read my father's old copy of T. Williams' "Memoirs" which had never been reprinted... realizing as I read, "why" Tennessee had had so many problems late in life...]

... Williams, who died in 1983, was an altogether different creature by that time. "The difference is that he had been repeatedly mocked in public "” not to mention his own disruptive behavior," Mr. Kaplan said. "It's not that he was bitter in his later life, but he didn't have that confidence of a successful playwright, which is what he was in 1962."

For instance Williams's 1975 "Memoirs," which New Directions is reissuing next month with a new foreword by the filmmaker John Waters, was initially greeted with critical derision and caused a scandal.
"If Williams," one critic wrote, "has not exactly opened his heart, he has opened his fly."

Mr. Keith said: "The book needs a reconsideration. If a straight person had been that candid about his love life, he wouldn't have been treated the same way."

[My copy has this swirly psychedlic cover and is chockful of great photos, very memorably one of Tennessee out on the town with Candy Darling. It's an amazing read, written a la Casanova -- bringing you continuously back to the present day person writing, as he reminiscises.]
Report from PPTown:
It's sunny. There are more new businesses opening here than you can shake a stick at. Million dollar homes being built every day and Mark Jacobs opening right across the street from Bubala's in the west end this summer . Fur coated, face lifted ladies and their maids shopping on Commercial Street. It's almost impossible for anyone under 45 to buy or rent here. And a lot of the older places are folding and heading to Florida. In ten years it will be like Palm Springs at the ocean. Unless Global warming hits us and then we'll be under water. Until then...who knows.
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egads girlfriend for real?
one of the sickest things eva hoid.
Santa Fe is over-gentrified but we don't have $500. gold-leaf pizzas. Yet.

As ancient punks go even more dinosaur no doubt Florida will fill up. It should improve the neighborhood. Miss Horse is worried about where she should go out for pasture... but again, global warming shuld be sending all blonde fair-skinned ladies yet elsewhere.
Some foul and upsetting news out of Provincetown. Scandal erupted this week as news broke that the landmark Atlantic House (better known as the A-House) has been dumping raw sewage from it's bathrooms directly into the bay via a garden hose that runs from the basement, over the lawn and into the town sewer. Mouths are agape and some remain in disbelief as it is now known that unsuspecting tourists and their children have been swimming in water polluted with the feces of gay men!! Jokes abound that the A-House, now being called the OutHouse, has given Provincetown the biggest "payday" in History! The most outrageous element seems to be that one day after this outrage has been exposed on the front page they have re-opened for business. Bombs Away.....
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Provincetown Update :

The follow up article on the A-House Sewage Scandal revealed that miraculously all repugnant violations made by the historic bar are being
forgiven. Town government stated that because the owners complied so quickly to clean up their poop pump that the estabishment will NOT be fined because that would be "mean spirited".

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