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Hi everyone,
If you've been wondering why I've been so quiet all week it's because The Empress and I are in Provincetown with our pup Casnova.

We are staying on the historic Captain Jack's Warf. (gorgeous) We were greeted with a huge bouquet of flowers from Bobby Miller. (gorgeous) Made us feel like P.P.Town royalty.

Today is the first day of summer and it looks like it's going to be a good one here. There are so many fun people up here already.

It has changed a lot since we first started coming here (but I guess what hasn't?) The people here now are a lot richer, older, greyer and fatter. When I walk down the street I get cruised down because I'm like the youngest, thinnest piece of meat on the street. And when I'M the thinnest, youngest piece of meat you KNOW it's a lesbian retirement community! I mean when Bobby and I walk down the street we turn heads.

But it sure is beautiful here.
That never changes.
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It sure was cruel of you Daddy to leave Messy Bonnie Raitt waiting for half the day on the corner of Grand Street with her little bag packed with essentials -Drum tobacco and Thunderbird and some oxys- thinking you were gonna live up to your promise and whisk her away to Ptown! I gave her train fare to Coney. She seemed fine. But just as a warning for when you get back in to town and find some upchuck on the decks at Crobar.

And did you give my message to Ms. Miller?

Say hi to Casanova. We know what real dog gonna be gettin some up there.
And yes, he did.
He jumped off the warf into the water still tied to the deck!
Actually, he never hit the water.
He just hung there in mid air by his neck, swinging.
I was horrified.
I ran across the deck and let him drop onto the beach where a lesbian was sunning herself.
She was stunned at the sight.

Casanova was fine and didn't try that it again.
This article on Tennessee Williams' unseen plays being revived in Provincetown this Thursday...
Bobby I trust you are going and can fill us in!

"...a premiere of a once-lost work, 'The Parade, or Approaching the End of a Summer,' provides more evidence that Williams wrote freely about his sexual desires. Completed when he was 29, the play details his own emotional crisis after being dumped (for a woman) by the first great male love of his life, a young Canadian draft dodger named Kip Kiernan. The play, staged by the Minneapolis company 'Shakespeare on the Cape,' will make its debut as part of a new Tennessee Williams festival in Provincetown, Mass., where Williams wrote early drafts of the plays that made him famous: "The Glass Menagerie," "A Streetcar Named Desire," "Summer and Smoke" and "The Eccentricities of a Nightingale."

One reason Provincetown decided to stage a Tennessee Williams festival after all these years was to wrest the playwright out of the ghetto of Southern writers by focusing on his life in Cape Cod. "There is a lot of nonsense that says Williams was conflicted about his homosexuality in this period of his life," said David Kaplan, a theater director and founder of the four-day festival that begins Thursday. "That's not true." He added: "The tone of ˜Parade' is beautifully unequivocal. It is not whining. It is not apologetic. He demands his audience to take seriously gay people onstage."

Thomas Keith, an editor at New Directions, which publishes Williams's works, agrees. "Williams was writing about his own life in a less disguised way at a time when he probably didn't expect that he would show his work to his agent," Mr. Keith said. "It was a story that he wanted to tell, and he came back to it in the 1960's."

....Perhaps for the only time in his life Williams unguardedly fell in love. For less than six weeks that summer he and the 22-year-old Mr. Kiernan, whom the playwright thought resembled the Russian dancer Vasla Nijinsky, shared a two-story shack on Captain Jack's Wharf. As Williams writes in his "Memoirs'': "We slept together each night on the double bed up there, and so incontinent was my desire for the boy that I would wake him repeatedly during the night for more love-making. You see, I had no sense in those days "” and nights "” of how passion can wear out even a passive partner."

One day Mr. Kiernan's girlfriend entered the picture. Mr. Kiernan told Williams that their affair was over. "I was in a state of shock," he wrote. Distraught, Williams packed his bags for Mexico. Mr. Kiernan later married but at 26 died of a brain tumor in a New York City hospital."
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More from that article... about Tennessee's "MEMOIRS" --

...Mr. Kaplan, whose book, "Tennessee Williams in Provincetown," is also coming out next month from Hansen Publishing Group, said he suspects "The Parade" wasn't produced during Williams's lifetime because of the antigay climate. Mr. Kaplan compares the Provincetown premiere of "The Parade" to the posthumous publication of E. M. Forster's novel "Maurice" and to Paul Cadmus's openly homoerotic paintings.

"These are different people who wanted to go after the mainstream and withheld certain aspects of themselves in the art they created for mass production," Mr. Kaplan said. "But they were not embarrassed and were not conflicted about being gay.

"....Williams's 1981 play "Something Cloudy, Something Clear,'' his longer and complexly woven reminiscence about Provincetown, covers some of the same ground as "The Parade."

[I recently read my father's old copy of T. Williams' "Memoirs" which had never been reprinted... realizing as I read, "why" Tennessee had had so many problems late in life...]

... Williams, who died in 1983, was an altogether different creature by that time. "The difference is that he had been repeatedly mocked in public "” not to mention his own disruptive behavior," Mr. Kaplan said. "It's not that he was bitter in his later life, but he didn't have that confidence of a successful playwright, which is what he was in 1962."

For instance Williams's 1975 "Memoirs," which New Directions is reissuing next month with a new foreword by the filmmaker John Waters, was initially greeted with critical derision and caused a scandal.
"If Williams," one critic wrote, "has not exactly opened his heart, he has opened his fly."

Mr. Keith said: "The book needs a reconsideration. If a straight person had been that candid about his love life, he wouldn't have been treated the same way."

[My copy has this swirly psychedlic cover and is chockful of great photos, very memorably one of Tennessee out on the town with Candy Darling. It's an amazing read, written a la Casanova -- bringing you continuously back to the present day person writing, as he reminiscises.]
Report from PPTown:
It's sunny. There are more new businesses opening here than you can shake a stick at. Million dollar homes being built every day and Mark Jacobs opening right across the street from Bubala's in the west end this summer . Fur coated, face lifted ladies and their maids shopping on Commercial Street. It's almost impossible for anyone under 45 to buy or rent here. And a lot of the older places are folding and heading to Florida. In ten years it will be like Palm Springs at the ocean. Unless Global warming hits us and then we'll be under water. Until then...who knows.
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egads girlfriend for real?
one of the sickest things eva hoid.
Santa Fe is over-gentrified but we don't have $500. gold-leaf pizzas. Yet.

As ancient punks go even more dinosaur no doubt Florida will fill up. It should improve the neighborhood. Miss Horse is worried about where she should go out for pasture... but again, global warming shuld be sending all blonde fair-skinned ladies yet elsewhere.
Some foul and upsetting news out of Provincetown. Scandal erupted this week as news broke that the landmark Atlantic House (better known as the A-House) has been dumping raw sewage from it's bathrooms directly into the bay via a garden hose that runs from the basement, over the lawn and into the town sewer. Mouths are agape and some remain in disbelief as it is now known that unsuspecting tourists and their children have been swimming in water polluted with the feces of gay men!! Jokes abound that the A-House, now being called the OutHouse, has given Provincetown the biggest "payday" in History! The most outrageous element seems to be that one day after this outrage has been exposed on the front page they have re-opened for business. Bombs Away.....
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Provincetown Update :

The follow up article on the A-House Sewage Scandal revealed that miraculously all repugnant violations made by the historic bar are being
forgiven. Town government stated that because the owners complied so quickly to clean up their poop pump that the estabishment will NOT be fined because that would be "mean spirited".
Well PPTown looks to be a fun time this summer. So far we have Dina Martina returning for a full seasons run at ther Vixon, Richard Move and his Martha at the Art House and Jeff Stryker in his one man show at The Post Office. All we need now is Messy Bonnie Raitt at the dick dock and what a summer we'll be having.
It is starting to shape up to be a fun season here. Justin Bond stopped by for a visit as well as Mike Albo. And kathlene Turner turned it out for the Film festival this week too. And Alan Cumming was in town to recieve an award from the festival as well. Now if we could just get rid of some of these damn tourists.
The Annual Bear Week is upon us here in Ptown, and it is actually one of the best weeks of the summer. The bears, their ilk and admirers completely take over the town - which is a welcome change in energy compared to the 4th of July "Circut Week" cavalcade of arrogance.
Growls can be heard through the streets during the day and last night at 2am I witnessed a GrampaBear dressed up like Santa Clause having the time of his life. It's beyond....
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For your viewing pleasure.....

This is Mike, a "straight" street performer who plays Rock guitar here in Ptown. After much resistance, he caved in and showed the goods at Showgirls for some prize money. The queen in the picture is my friend Felicity Lane. Unfortunately, when Mike revealed his manhood he shook it around pretty fast and even shooting at high speed I could not capture it.
Just use your imagination.


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Joining Rue on stage,(left to right)are Bruce Vilanch, Jeff Stryker and Dina Martina.
A stellar line up indeed.
Jeff is here doing a show written by Bruce, during which he appears fully nude, erect and gyrates over the crowd nearly tapping their heads with his famous penis.
That's entertainment! Front section seating costs $50 a ticket!!
Dina Martina is a seasonal fixture and does one of the best shows in town.
Sorry about the blur.


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Carnival Week is here, which signifies the near end of summer and the conclusion of Family Week (thank God!). Crying kids and double strollers will be replaced with costumed freaks of all sorts.
Also, my show of photographs will be on Saturday, August 18th following Carnival.
To all here in Provincetown, please stop in and check it out.


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I love Carnival Week, it's so retarded.

That pic of Marti is so genius, I remember when you took it. People were standing around wondering "Why is that poor girl on the floor? Is she alright? Should we help her? Why is that man just taking her picture?"

I wish I could see the show but I probably know most of the photgraphs. Or maybe not. Do you have lots of new ones?
Any hot lesbian photos?
I think that you are weakest in the "Girl-On-Girl Hot & Horny Action" category of photography but other than that you are a brilliant photographer.
Just got home from Mr.Casertano's photo exhibit.
Beautiful. Lots of handsome men and a gorgeous sunset as a back drop. He is on his way to the success he deserves. They were gagging over the shot of Marti Domination but everything looked fabulous framed in white wooden frames and a recurring slide show on a large computer screen as well. Here he is side stage beaming with joy.


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Please send some beams of protection to Provincetown. Aside from the hurricaine that is about to hit in a matter of hours there is an arsonist who has set about 16 fires in 4 days. He started out lighting trash cans and dumpsters and moved to empty construction sights and now has hit several homes and buildings all over town. The police don't have a clue as to what they might be dealing with. At least with the heavy rain from the hurricaine we might be safe for the next 24 hours from this maniac. Notify your friends who have houses here or who live here year round to keep their eyes open and call the fire department right away if they see any fires. Goddess Bless us.
November 03, 2007
PROVINCETOWN "” With the town on edge after 10 suspicious fires in recent weeks, an arson occurred again last night, this time with serious consequences.

The earliest suspicious fires were found in trash cans, then progressed to unoccupied houses or homes under construction, Provincetown Fire Chief Michael Trovato said. Until last night, the damage had not been extensive.

Last night, one or more arsonists pushed leaves and other debris against the rear wall of an unoccupied home at the top of Oppen Lane, a steep road rising high above Bradford Street, lined with mostly seasonal, expensive homes. The debris was lit on fire, and the blaze spread to the home's outside wall, Trovato said.

The flames had been burning for an estimated two hours before a neighbor noticed and dialed 911, according to Trovato. The house, owned by Jeffrey Libert of Cambridge, is probably a complete loss, the fire chief said.

In a town filled with seasonal homes, many neighborhoods don't have occupants, making an arsonist's job a lot easier, Trovato added.

Residents should keep their lights on, and their eyes open, he said. "We should be forming neighborhood watches, but in a sparsely populated neighborhood like this, that will be hard."

In this case, firefighters had trouble locating the source of smoke, Trovato said. At first, they checked neighboring Harbor Hill Road, the street identified by the 911 caller. But then they stumbled upon the two-story ranch with smoke seeping from its windows and doors, the fire chief said.

Two firefighters made their entry by breaking through a wall next to sliding glass doors on the ground floor, Trovato said. As they entered the burning building, they heard a cracking sound, and a piano, about eight-feet long and very heavy, crashed through the second floor, grazing firefighter Justin White's helmet.

White was not injured but it was a close call, the firefighter said.

"This was very close to being a murder scene," Trovato said last night. "This is what I'm afraid of, that a firefighter is going to get killed."

In the 1980s, Deputy Chief Franklin Oliver died fighting an arson fire at the Lobster Pot Restaurant, the fire chief said.

Arson is suspected in 10 other Provincetown fires that have occurred in recent weeks.

The most recent three blazes occurred on Halloween. The most serious of the holiday fires, at 473 Commercial St., was started by someone igniting a plumber's blow torch and leaving it to burn full blast inside an antique waterfront home once owned by the arctic explorer Donald MacMillan, Trovato said. The fire burned a second-floor alcove of the house, which was under renovation at the time. The same day, there were suspicious fires at 2 Commercial St. and 10 Bradford St.

On Oct. 26, firefighters extinguished a fire at a half-built home at 98 Bayberry Ave.

While residents are naturally concerned, for firefighters the danger is more immediate and tangible.

"You can get killed every time you go to a fire," firefighter Vaughn Cabral said.

The strain is taking its toll on fire crews' nerves.

"I've been nervous for a week," firefighter Aubrey Gordon said.

The state Fire Marshal's Office has had a state police trooper investigating the Provincetown fires since Wednesday, said Jennifer Mieth, a spokeswoman for the fire marshal's office.

As of yesterday afternoon, there were no major leads, Mieth said.

But that was before last night's blaze, which was discovered around 6:30, when a emergency dispatcher began sending fire crews to the scene.

"We really think the public is going to be the key to solving this case," Mieth said. "If anyone has information, call the arson hot line. It's confidential. If anyone saw anything suspicious, just call. Don't second guess yourself. Let us decide what's relevant."

The arson hot line is 800-682-9229.
Last night during dinner at Bobby's we heard the sirens again and that expression fell upon our faces, like not AGAIN! Luckily, it was a false alarm, however this is really wearing on everyone here. I fear leaving the dog by himself to go to work and everyone has turned on every light possible at night. When I walk the dog late in the evening I feel suspicious of those distant figures in the night and their shadows. It's just weird. Usually when I see someone in the distance I just wonder if it might be an attractive man.

Friday night I was working at the gym and 5 fire engines went speeding by to the fire up on the hill. And you know here EVERYONE is playing Nancy Drew detective. It has made for some colorful conversation. Still, I wish it was over. The cab lady told me they have a suspect, but wouldn't say who.....
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Just returned from walking the dog. The lady on the beach walking her dog told me that someone "very reliable" told her that "the arsonist has turned himself in but they are not saying it yet, I don't know who it is". So the mystery remains as to the identity of the creep but let's hope this is true. If it's not you didn't hear it from me!
Good news to report, no fires in two weeks.
The arsonist has not been captured and no fresh
gossip to report, no one has a clue.

Last month, just before Halloween, was the
Fantasia Fair. The "longest running annual
event in the transgender world!" which began
here in 1975.
Had a ball at Fantasia Follies but the real show
is on the street during the day. Unsuspecting
tourists who have not an idea what is going on
are challenged to comprehend what they are seeing.
Occasionally a snicker, other times a loud "you go girl!",
the "tall ships", as they are affectionately
called, are the toast of the town for a week.
But many stay for two weeks. Coming from places like
"Henpecked, Kentucky", Ptown is the only place they would venture outside dressed. Ever.


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Divine lived here!
There is this elderly woman named Alice who loves my dog, she lives along the bay.
When I see her, in a thick Boston accent she says "That dog is a movie stAAAR!".
Anyway, she told me a cute story about how when Divine was her neighbor(see picture)
he would come knocking at her door in the morning to ask if she had any pot. weed


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Seeing as I referred to Alice as "a elderly woman", I feel compelled to point out that the Alice who was once Divines' neighbor is NOT the wonderful Alice Brock. The Alice who shared her maryjane with Divine happens to be elderly.

Living here makes one realize that details like this are very, very important to clarify.
Once pegged a vicious gossip, the townspeople appear on your doorstep with pitchforks and torches ablaze!!!
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Greetings from Ptown. The season is slowly creeping up on us here and the local news gets juicier each day. One of our selectmen just had a gay sexual harassment charge placed against him due to his 3 year hassling of a local straight contractor, who finally got tired of being asked for some "lip service" from the selectman in order to rush his contracting permit request through. And a 35 year old straight man from Hyannis was just arrested for raping a straight 18 year old man from Bulgaria here. And the town arsonist has set a record 18 fires since last October with no end in sight.

Here we go again.
Bobby please don't talk about lesbians like that. Not everyone knows how easy Lady Clairol really is.
Calling them grey whales will only get them mad and you don't want that do you?

I love that P.P.Town pettiness is starting already and the season hasn't even begun.
Bulgarian rapes, lip service from a selectman all fun but the arsonist is worring me.
I hope they catch her.
Okay, I need to vent if I'm going to get any sleep tonight.

The remains of the waning "Circut" crowd has descended upon Provincetown this week, unfortunately!

Seeing as I work in a local club, I cannot avoid interacting with this glaringly repellent group of people.
And not in a good way.

I'm working the door, just checking that everyone entering has their wristband.
An honest job.
Doing so I have encountered every single embarrassingly cheap, downright shady queen in this town.
They attempt every and any tired ass trick in the book to skip the cover. Straight up mopping.

The rather entertaining element is that as they enter the club they directly face a wall of mirrors.
I've felt like a behavioral scientist observing the circut boy reaction/interaction with their own reflection.
I am now certain of one thing. VANITY knows NO bounds.
Some, make that most, check the hair and primp it for about 90 seconds (even when wearing a hat). Some glance and slow down as they cross the threshold and their reflection disappears. Some become utterly transfixed and seem unable to keep moving. Some start to dance feverishly with themselves. Some surprisingly scowl at themselves. Some get very, very close to the mirror and actually touch their reflected image lovingly.
Some stare for a while, then turn around and realize I am watching them, panic and scurry away.
That's when I laugh. Big Grin
Sorry, but I do find heterosexual outrage to be humorous. Just stupid that gayness seems to be one of the most potent triggers for it. This article was in the national press for about the tenth time this week. Please excuse my comments in upper case. Just call me a connoisseur of American Backwardnesses.

Sex acts on Provincetown beaches prompt outrage (DON'T THEY MEAN ORGASMS?)
By Katy Jordan
Monday, July 7, 2008 - Updated 1h ago

Frisky ( "FRISKY" - AN EPITHET USUALLY USED FOR PET DOGS BUT HERE ITS SLIGHTLY EFFEMINATE CONNOTATIONS BEING APPLIED AS A CODED REFERENCE TO THOSE GAYS! ) sun worshipers I THINK THEY MEAN ˜BUN' WORSHIPPERS are flocking to have sex on the beach in Provincetown - but are sending horrified family vacationers packing, officals said. THIS IS SUCH A GREAT OPENING SCENE FOR THIS MORALITY PLAY.

Angry Cape Cod National Seashore officials said they are cracking down on public sex acts along the picturesque WHAT DO THEY THINK MAKES IT PICTURESQUE ANYWAY? shoreline after the number of citations for public sex acts more than tripled, from an average of 40 to 132 last year. THEY ARE MISSING THE BLATANTLY OBVIOUS OPPORTUNITY TO GENERATE PILES OF REVENUE FOR THE MUNICIPALITY, SIMPLY CHARGE A FEE FOR BEACH SEX!

"This is not what we're interested in seeing," BUT IF IT WAS NAKED WOMEN IT WOULD BE DIFFERENT OF COURSE said George Price, Superintendent of the National Seashore. "Over the last couple of years, public (sex) acts like this have been viewed by visitors." DOES THAT MEAN FUCKING ON THE BEACH WOULD BE OKAY IF NO ONE SAW IT? Price said officials are baffled as to why the vacation mecca has suddenly become a hotbed of public sex for randy exhibitionists. HELLO! BECAUSE THE SECRET IS OUT YOU BUREAUCRATIC IDIOTS.

"Laws and enforcement have not changed - it just seems to be something that some people decided we want to see," Price said. OH SURE, THE JOYSEEKERS ARE INTENTIONALLY PUTTING ON A SHOW FOR YOU MR. PRICE.

Complaints have included whale-watchers sailing past large groups of nude men, LOL and families stumbling upon people engaged in sex acts on the pristine PRISTINE, MEANING CHASTE AND PURE national NATIONAL, MEANING GAY SEX ON THE BEACH IS UNPATRIOTIC, UNAMERICAN shore that attracts tens of thousands of vacationers from throughout the world each year. A DIFFERENT KIND OF ˜WHALE' WATCHING. WHY NOT CHARGE FOR VIEWING GAY BEACH ORGIES – THE PARK WOULD MAKE MILLIONS!

One complaint, issued in 2007, was from a New Jersey family walking in the dunes who encountered couples and a large group of men having "sex in the nude, including oral and anal sex right out in the open," the Cape Cod Times reported last week. MY MY HOW SHOCKING, PEOPLE ACTUALLY HAVE SEX IN THE NUDE!

"The majority is gay, but we've had issues with hetero sex as well. Families are upset and outraged," Price said. AS IF YOU COULD MAKE A FAMILY WITHOUT SEX. MAYBE THEY ARE JUST EMBARRASSED AT THE WHOLE AWKWARD PROCESS THAT PRODUCED THEM? FREUD WOULD LOVE IT.

He added that many gay community members are also appalled about the recent surge in public sex, WHAT A FAT LIE which is illegal under federal and state laws and can incur heavy fines.

"It's really two issues, one is the nude sunbathing, which has been around since the '70s and '80s, and that issue is being addressed. AD-DRESSED: MORE FREUDIANISMS.

"But the issue that we're talking about today is public sex: It's a seashore problem and it's a town problem," he said. MEANING, IT'S A GAY PROBLEM.

Spent the day at the beach and the crackdown is in full effect. Was enjoying a "bit of Bob Hope" weed, and suddenly a park ranger on horseback came galloping down our lovely National Seashore. He wasn't focused on me luckily, he seemed trained on the bare butts a little further down the beach. Have never seen them on horseback before, this is a new one. Oh well! I guess there will be no screwing til' after Labor Day when they couldn't care less what happens on the beach. Roll Eyes
Ptown Report July 27th:

This season has brought the return of Jimmy James and Hedda Lettuce as well as Jackie Beat ( here until labor Day) and the wondrous David Ilku along with Mike Albo and The Nellie Olsons. The Ryan Landry Gold Dust Orphans Theater troup has brought their Smash Sold out Hit " Wizzin " from Boston to The Crown & Anchor to run until the end of August. I recently stepped in for Ryan in the lead role as The Wicked Witch of the Westend for one very special performance only. I had a great time and it was so good to be sharing the stage with Jackie 60 sister and Boy bar legend Afrodite. It is now gay family week and the town is crawling with children and their gay parents. I can't wait until Labor Day. The theme of Carnival this year is The Wild West, all cowboys and indians. Hope everyone is having a great summer.
Well just when I start to get a little homesick for my past life in NYC who shows up at the local Ptown watering hole but Justin Bond herself. So great to visit and kiki about everyone I never get to see. Justin looks great and had me in stitches. I asked about several people including Jayne County who he told me he had recently seen out at Don Hills . The bass player from The Toilet Boyz had brought his 7 year old son to the party and Jayne walked in and turned to the child and said "Who in the fuck are you?" I spit my drink across the table. Oh how I miss New York and it's great and colorful denizens. Perspective hon.
Well it's been awhile since I gave a report from Pooptown. It's been slow and easy going here sice the start of the season. It's the Ptown Film Festival this week so I get to see lots of great films that otherwise would never make it here. Went to the opening of " Showgirls Provincetown" last night. Ryan looks amazing in it and it shows the best side of our town. If it shows near you be sure to see it. Next, bear week. Grrrrr.
Summer 20120 Ptown Update:

It's been a fun and busy summer here in Problemstown.

1) Finished a two book series of "Ptown Peeps" all color portraits of Ptown residents and seasonal visitors. Book party and exhibition at The Cabral Mansion July 29th 5 - 10 PM. Open to the public if you happen to be in town.
2)Have a new photo studio on the 2nd floor of the Post Office where I have begun work on my new book of " Fetish"

3)John "Jingles" Yingling badly injured in motorcycle accident resulting in several broken bones. He is now out of the hospital and resting comfortably at home.

4)Business has been great this season.

5) Sending lots of love from Ptown.

Here it is Spring again in Problemstown and all the nuts are starting to arrive in bunches. A long difficult winter that never seemed to end complete with lots of local drama, suicides, a murder and a sad passing of a local legend Miss Ellie the 76 year old tranny who sang Sinatra in front of the Town Hall. I kept busy over the winter and am almost finished with 2 new books: " Ptown Peeps Vol 3" and " FETISH" which I will have a gallery show and party for sometime in July.  Missing NYC like never before. Hope to come for a visit sometime soon. Love to the Motherboards. xoxo BM

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