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Well just when I start to get a little homesick for my past life in NYC who shows up at the local Ptown watering hole but Justin Bond herself. So great to visit and kiki about everyone I never get to see. Justin looks great and had me in stitches. I asked about several people including Jayne County who he told me he had recently seen out at Don Hills . The bass player from The Toilet Boyz had brought his 7 year old son to the party and Jayne walked in and turned to the child and said "Who in the fuck are you?" I spit my drink across the table. Oh how I miss New York and it's great and colorful denizens. Perspective hon.
Well it's been awhile since I gave a report from Pooptown. It's been slow and easy going here sice the start of the season. It's the Ptown Film Festival this week so I get to see lots of great films that otherwise would never make it here. Went to the opening of " Showgirls Provincetown" last night. Ryan looks amazing in it and it shows the best side of our town. If it shows near you be sure to see it. Next, bear week. Grrrrr.
Summer 20120 Ptown Update:

It's been a fun and busy summer here in Problemstown.

1) Finished a two book series of "Ptown Peeps" all color portraits of Ptown residents and seasonal visitors. Book party and exhibition at The Cabral Mansion July 29th 5 - 10 PM. Open to the public if you happen to be in town.
2)Have a new photo studio on the 2nd floor of the Post Office where I have begun work on my new book of " Fetish"

3)John "Jingles" Yingling badly injured in motorcycle accident resulting in several broken bones. He is now out of the hospital and resting comfortably at home.

4)Business has been great this season.

5) Sending lots of love from Ptown.

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