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Memorial Day weekend:

More dykes than you can shake a rubber dick at, Isla would wear out her rug-munching tongue.

More pre-summer bleached blondes than you can shake a can of bleach at, with their also bleached mates
in matching Sergio Valenti and earthshoes.

Why do dykes have the most amazing hairstyles on the planet?

The sequined ( head to toe) street psychic who claims that he can tell you your last name, phone number and address after he asks for some ID , but they say that he's the real thing.

New police everywhere. Twin dyke policewomen.
Haven't met the new Cheif yet but they say he's out for the gays this year. He's got his work cut out for him.

Love the new Puzzel-Me-This store right smack dab in the middle of town. I stand outside and demonstrate the favorite item of the season so far, The Bubble Gun..we are selling them like ice cream on a july afternoon. The sight of hundreds of bubbles swirling around the heads of dykes and queens and middle class american familys, all turning to look at each other in a maze of bubbles while skate punks race through the middle of the scene on motor scooters.

And the leather marys haven't even arrived yet.

Haven't been to the dick-dock yet JD so I'll let you know whats happening. Though I heard thsat a few weeks ago the new cheif of police and his possie came ashore with spotlights and megaphones, declaring that such behavior would not be tolerated this year.

Hmmm, wonder where they'll move it too.

Well...more later. Miss everyone. Well. almost everyone. big grin
Hey Bobby,
Don't know what our summer is like yet. We have so many things up in the air right now but we really want to get there sometime in June. Captain Jack's of course.

Gennaro is torturing. He wants more landscaping around his grave. He is no longer satisfied with the flower treatment. He now wants trees & shrubs! So if you see him at "Bar Rush" tell him I'm on it.

Legendary birthday by the way. Everyone is still talking about it.

Last night at Cheezwhiz Miss Understood gave me a sequin & beaded choker to give to Mommy. Missy U. brought it back from Tailand. The Empress plans to feature it at The Boatslip this summer. (Actually I don't think she is ever going to take it off!)

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My favorite so far is the dyke/guest who asked friend and owner of gay guest house { a serious leatherman) after calling him to her room ,
" Could we please have new pillows, these smell like men."

On the other hand,

The caterpillow coccoons are bursting
in the dunes.
Random caterpillows headed out and over
the hills and valleys of the sand
in every direction towards the sea.
The birds singing and darting by.
Come September they will be butterflies
and the humans will be naked in the reeds.

And just now
after glancing out the window,
I see the fog has arrived.

Spiritus begins it's call
of butter pecan and mint chocolate chip. razz
I found out the hard way Daddy. " I am not an animal! I am a man!" John Merrick.

Now I am itching and covered in poisen ivy. But they are sooo cute those little furry worms. They will all soon be gypsy moths and fly away and I will still be itching!

Headed back to NYC from June 6th - june 12th..anyone want a ride to Ptown on june 12th?

Kisses xxx razz
Opening night of Provincetown Film Festival.Lots of stars in town this weekend. Saw " Elvira's Haunted Hills"..Superb, funny,very early Mel Brooks meets DQ humour. Kevin bacon and wife, Matt Damon and Megan
who plays Karen on Will & Grace seen all over town
Rainy and cold.High tide.Too many people in town.
The town's gone gaga over movie stars and the A&P is closed this time of night

Think I'll stay in and post on the Motherboards
all night long.


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