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Memorial Day weekend:

More dykes than you can shake a rubber dick at, Isla would wear out her rug-munching tongue.

More pre-summer bleached blondes than you can shake a can of bleach at, with their also bleached mates
in matching Sergio Valenti and earthshoes.

Why do dykes have the most amazing hairstyles on the planet?

The sequined ( head to toe) street psychic who claims that he can tell you your last name, phone number and address after he asks for some ID , but they say that he's the real thing.

New police everywhere. Twin dyke policewomen.
Haven't met the new Cheif yet but they say he's out for the gays this year. He's got his work cut out for him.

Love the new Puzzel-Me-This store right smack dab in the middle of town. I stand outside and demonstrate the favorite item of the season so far, The Bubble Gun..we are selling them like ice cream on a july afternoon. The sight of hundreds of bubbles swirling around the heads of dykes and queens and middle class american familys, all turning to look at each other in a maze of bubbles while skate punks race through the middle of the scene on motor scooters.

And the leather marys haven't even arrived yet.

Haven't been to the dick-dock yet JD so I'll let you know whats happening. Though I heard thsat a few weeks ago the new cheif of police and his possie came ashore with spotlights and megaphones, declaring that such behavior would not be tolerated this year.

Hmmm, wonder where they'll move it too.

Well...more later. Miss everyone. Well. almost everyone. big grin
Hey Bobby,
Don't know what our summer is like yet. We have so many things up in the air right now but we really want to get there sometime in June. Captain Jack's of course.

Gennaro is torturing. He wants more landscaping around his grave. He is no longer satisfied with the flower treatment. He now wants trees & shrubs! So if you see him at "Bar Rush" tell him I'm on it.

Legendary birthday by the way. Everyone is still talking about it.

Last night at Cheezwhiz Miss Understood gave me a sequin & beaded choker to give to Mommy. Missy U. brought it back from Tailand. The Empress plans to feature it at The Boatslip this summer. (Actually I don't think she is ever going to take it off!)

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My favorite so far is the dyke/guest who asked friend and owner of gay guest house { a serious leatherman) after calling him to her room ,
" Could we please have new pillows, these smell like men."

On the other hand,

The caterpillow coccoons are bursting
in the dunes.
Random caterpillows headed out and over
the hills and valleys of the sand
in every direction towards the sea.
The birds singing and darting by.
Come September they will be butterflies
and the humans will be naked in the reeds.

And just now
after glancing out the window,
I see the fog has arrived.

Spiritus begins it's call
of butter pecan and mint chocolate chip. razz
I found out the hard way Daddy. " I am not an animal! I am a man!" John Merrick.

Now I am itching and covered in poisen ivy. But they are sooo cute those little furry worms. They will all soon be gypsy moths and fly away and I will still be itching!

Headed back to NYC from June 6th - june 12th..anyone want a ride to Ptown on june 12th?

Kisses xxx razz
Opening night of Provincetown Film Festival.Lots of stars in town this weekend. Saw " Elvira's Haunted Hills"..Superb, funny,very early Mel Brooks meets DQ humour. Kevin bacon and wife, Matt Damon and Megan
who plays Karen on Will & Grace seen all over town
Rainy and cold.High tide.Too many people in town.
The town's gone gaga over movie stars and the A&P is closed this time of night

Think I'll stay in and post on the Motherboards
all night long.

Just got in from a lovely bike ride to the ocean..refreshing clean air and the sight of
young lovers making out in the parking lot.

Ah the moon and the stars and the visiting dignitaries.

Just had dessert with the divine Sheril Vinegar
and JoAnne.

Saw an 87 yr old tranny at the A&P..Didn't know The Lady Bunny was in town.
Bobby, we miss you and problemstown and really enjoy your updates. Though summer plans are still being finalized, we are thinking of coming up for September 11 week - it looks like it'll be really something to leave town for, and ptown is beautiful then.

If we'll be too busy to make it then, we would alternatively come in August, but that's the worst time I know besides July 4. Are you returning to NYC at any time in July?

Would love to know:
What is that new dishy paper there?
Is Billy Rene in town? If you see him send our love.
What does Gens grave be saying this year?

Love to you, Daddy and Shags.
Hiya hons..Miss you too. Dreamed about Mothership party as if I were there and then woke up, read the boards and it was just as I had dreamt.

hitting NYC tomorrow (weds/June 26 - July 1 and then back to Problemstown)

Standing in front of Puzzell store blowing bubbles when thre beautiful grandmother-type trannies arrive from three different directions at once and begin to chat.One person in man haircut w/lips/earring/baseball hat/shades and a polka dot dress
Second person in pink pastelsummer frock with frosted wiggage and NO make up but assessorized to the max/ flat addidas for girls/ and straw handbag with matching fan.
Third person with shoulder length hair /full beat of face/jackie O sunglasses and black lace see through dress./matching black espidrilles.
Each one was unique and beautiful and completely unaware of the throngs of families passing by them.
I couldn't hear a word of their conversation even as they stood there ,conversing for at least 45 mins. in the street. I stood transfixed in the doorway of the store as they found suddenly found themselves bathing in a sea of bubbles.

Meanwhile back in Gothem...Gay Pride?
Burning Man?
Whats goin' on...?

Love from this end.

PS. Gens is fine. I haven't been to see him in awhile. But he is everywhere here in my travels.
Fourth of July weekend..
big icky circuit muscle boys on tina
all the white trash families from all over the cape that only come to problemstown once a year to watch the fireworks and gape at fags
and really fierce transvarients from all over the globe.
Scotty The Blue Bunny and Brandon Olson and his partner in "GoGoReal" at The UU ( Both very good shows.)

* to Chi Chi and Daddy/ Merlin and I went to visit Gens and Merlin channels Gens who says to tell you to "Pay attention to the children around you, they are the friends you've known before."
And that Gens is about 10 yrs old now. And a beautiful boy. Merlin said he could almost "see" him

It was so beautiful and peaceful there the day we rode our bikes up there.

The breeze is so sweet tonight.
Missing you all.

roll eyes
Daddy! That webcam looks like its not really working..And I have a lot better things to do here at 4:am than stand in front of the cam and wave.

Weather has been delicious.
Brandon Olson and Scotty The blue Bunny are here doing shows and everything is yummy.

When are you and Mommy coming??
Owner of Spiritus tells me that Lysette is married to his brother and with children and living in Wellfleet...

Spawn of the dammed I am sure.
merlin had a wonderful time visiting bobby and riding a rented convertable with luggage rack and bottle holder (bicycle) all over ptown for eight days. can not thank bobby or john enough for the great time.
one morning at 4am , after having spent part of the evening looking for the moon along the west end of ptown, merlin stopped by the general store near the 'old' dickdock and asked the baker to open up cause merlin needed a cup of hot coffee, tho the air was chilled there was no need for a jacket. the night baker was agreeable and started the coffee and opened the cash register....... just as the beach was apparently being raided by the police or someone with a mean flashlight ..... as scores of men came pouring from every drive way and fenced yard trying to get away from the beach. about a dozen guys came into the store and got something to drink as nobody is open at that hour, period. talk about timing, merlin's coffee ended up on the house.
just one of many stories of life at 4am in ptown.......>
From Brandon Ohlson (as dictated to me):

Am happy to be back in New York after a wonderful month in Provicetown. Daddy's birthday party was a delightful welcome home.

Performed Go-Go Real, communed with Bobby Miller, Scotty the Blue Bunny, Edie (dynamic transvestite hoofer from NYC) and the lovely Varla Jean Merman.
Soaked in the sun, sand and surf. Met lots of town characters, had a good time doing the show, and enjoyed the much needed respite from NYC.

Glad to be back in the swing of things. Looking forward to seeing all the people that make New York special.

See you all at Spa, starting tomorrow August 8.

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Well..its the start of the end of the season and ptown has been bustling lately. More circute bois than you can shake a dick at..drag queens and tourists and the new police dept out in full force.

What a season this has been. The weather has been/is beautiful and I want to stay here forever. I miss all my friends in NYC and I can't even imagine everything I am missing there.

So many ghosts here too. I have seen them everywhere. A tall ship's captain that stands stockstill on Commercial street with an unhappy look on his face as people rush past.
A haggard old fishermans wife hanging laundry on an invisable clothesline,
several small children in period clothing with a hoop and a stick running along Bradford.

And I swear I can hear singing late at night in the salt marsh.
I am ready to come home to NYC and see my beloved big apple.

Can anyone tell me what time it is?
Thx daddy and hatches. Saw Messy Bonnie Raitt's skinny sister, Bony Raitt at Spiritus tonite.
And the real Pamela Anderson and Kidd Rock in Broad daylight walking Commercial until the fans got outta control and then they were swept away into a van.

Yes hatches saw Tennesee sitting on the porch of The A House , he looked very pleased.

Daddy..the Dick dock has been shut all summer. But the dunes are cooking bigtime and the love canal as well.

I'm full now. *burp*
The Love Canal is the salt marsh with head high reeds that wind around like a little river and serve as an outdoor "bath house" for the gays. And Homo Hills are the hilly dunes that are between the ocean and the bay side.Nooks and crannys hidden in the hilly dunes where people camp out and get laid.

Really Daddy!
Dear Motherboard Readers,
Here is my most recent report from PPtown. The tourists have all gone home and it is cool, breezy and sunny. The streets are inhabited mostly by locals and townies and a small smattering of day trippers.
this is the time of year to be here. No crowds, no screaming babies and families with strollers in your way at every turn. No circute party fags filling your ear with their constant drivel.Even the divine drag queens have pulled up their wig stands and headed home.

Just the sweet scent of the sea breezes and the howl of the coyotes at night. I could live here forever, except I'll be needing my NYC fix pretty soon. I'll just get in the car and drive for seven hours and be there in no time at all.

Spiritus Pizza is still open until 2am and I can go and visit at night and watch the dwindleling dance or just stay in where it's cozy and warm and watch the whole scene from the spiritus cam.

Finally saw the elusive Kippy Love after waiting all summer for her to emerge from her little house on Commercial Street. She has to be an interesting chapter or two.

Well, I am off to dinner at Front Street with our staff party tonight. I look everywhere for Jizzbucket but I hear tell he's off in New York with that crazy drunk woman Messy Bonnie Raitt.
The post office still has a photo of her up. I guess she's wanted in more than one state.

Until next time.

Problemstown love to you all. razz
For any Provincetown or Boston-based Motherlovers, or any fellow vacationers don't miss this rare bit of New York..

Sunday, June 8 at 11 PM
Commercial Street, Ptown.

Readings and performances by John Kelly, Bobby Miller, Chi Chi Valenti, Andy Horowitz, Matthew Benedict and Kim Rogers.

Suggested donation $5.

And Jackie Legend Billy Rene is bartending. Whoo-whoo!

Should be lots of fun. Hope to see you there..
We haven't tried this yet (we are sending Matt Benedict first) but...
there is a $10.00 (YES $10.00!!!) bus that goes from NY Chinatown to Boston Chinatown. $10.00! It's a real bus, in fact there are lots of them. Then from Boston you can take the Ferry which is a hoot. We'll let you know if Matthew makes it.
Those Chinatown busses are great. I did the Philadelphia one which is $10 rount trip. I think they save because they don't do major advertising. It's pretty much like any other bus.

How long is the ferry ride? Is it far from Chinatown?

It's a long bus ride to Boston. If there was a direct P-Town bus, even if it cost more, I might prefer for the convenience. Do you know of one?
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It leaves from Maria's Bakery on Lafayette! I love that place. It's one of those Chinese bakeries with those insanely cheap pastries. I like the lunchy ones that come with tuna inside or a hot dog baked into it. My very favorite are the coconut cream buns that look like a big pussy. Maria's is really big and it looks like the sort of old fashioned place you'd expect to see in Brooklyn or Queens. I wonder if it used to be Italian and they just kept the name. Everything in there is between 50¢ and a dollar.
1) Matt B. took the Chinatown bus and yes, it's a real bus. And yes, it's really $10.00 to Boston. And yes, it lets you out really close to the Ferry.
He missed the ferry and took another "real" bus to Hyannis where he missed his connection to P-Town and had to take a cab. Not a real money saver after all. He said the bus was great except they are in no hurry what so ever. He would take it again but leave LOTS of time.

2) P-Town is very dog friendly. We took Whitney Houston. (No... our border collie Whitney Houston not the other one) Lots of places take dogs. Just ask or go to their website.

3) I know Varla is doing shows this summer. She's great. Also check out this bitter fat queen named Chris Francis. He is hysterical! Just don't sit too close to him because the acid from his tounge will kill. We went one night (David Ilku & boyfriend Andy, David LaChappel, the Empress and I) WE WERE PEEING HE IS SO FUNNY. Really nasty, bitter, hideous. (I wish he was on the Motherboards) Don't miss him.
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Helen and I finally made it to Ptown (for Fantasia Fair - which was a trip). What a kick-ass town! We stayed at Fairbanks, had a gorgeous room and a blast.

I really do wish more Motherboarders could have seen the Fair Follies (talent contest) - straight people are too funny. Wink

'in matters of grave importance, style, not sincerity is the vital thing.'
-oscar wilde
Just so you know, it's warmer here than in NYC, but it's magical here like that.

Saw the eccentric and talented Sharon Neisp at the A&P yesterday. She's living here year round too. In a barn in Wellfleet and writing and working on Gospel Spirituals.

And life goes on and I am writing and cooking in my big kitchen and missing all of you in Manhattan. Will be in town Jan 26-30 and hope to see many of you during my visit. Sending lot's of love and warm wishes to everyone.
Well it's been awhile but this is as good a time as any to give you the latest from PPtown. Well the place was packed with gay brides and grooms and more press people than you'd find at a Michael Jackson court date.
There are living for it here. 124 couples filed for marriage licenses here on Monday followed by 124 weddings throughout the week. All kinds of queers are here to participate and celebrate this piece of history. It really has a true feeling of solidarity and community more than I have ever seen before. Everybody seems to be jumping on the gay wagon Mary...They all want to take your wedding photos or do your hair or arrange the flowers or video your ceremony or cater the wedding feast...Like busy gay bees working for the Queen to make it all go just perfectly. And it appears to be just that. Perfect!

And the locals are gagging and the tourists are dropping their jaws at all the action going on right now. Exciting, very exciting.

If only I were a justice of the
Report from P,town:

It is sunny and warm and very clear and beautiful here. The shy is blue and at night there are a million stars shining brightly. The regulars have returned for the season and the day trippers remain the same.

Today I met the grand daughter of Cookie Mueller. A beautiful 3 yr old with a clever
manner and an inticing smile. She looks exactly what you would think Cookie must have looked like at that age.

I said hello and she closed her eyes tight as if doing so would make me dissapear. The she opened just her left eye to see if I was still there and quickly closed them again. As she was being wheeled away by her mother and god mother, Sharon Neisp, I could have sworn she looked back at me and winked. Cookie in a nut shell.

Visitors this week: Merlinater and bf, and Miss Lisa Jackson in a return engagement at The Vixen.

We all send our best Mother Love to you all.
Full tilt summer here right now. Carnival begins next week and the drag will be flying. Bea Arthor in town to perform as well as Ellen Green from Little Shop Of Horrors. Also Margeret Cho at The Vixen. So many tourists the town could flip over at any moment. Missing all of you in Manhattan and hoping to come visit after Labor Day. I hear Bonnie is on her way up the coast, I hope she leaves her nasty attitude at home. This town has posted her picture in the Post Office and asked that the locals keep their eyes peeled for trouble.
Bobby, I think if you just do one of those old fashioned bent-tree-with-a-noose snare traps and place a snifter with one phlegm-diluted gulp of Jack Daniels left in it as bait, you will have a dangling Bonnie out of the way of everybody in an instant, as well as some enjoyable entertainment. 'Pin the Tail on the Messy One' anyone?
Just a sad note on the passing of my good friend and former boyfriend, Indian larry. He was killed doing his famous motorcycle stunt at a bike show in the south on Monday. Great obits in both the New York Times and the Daily News. Larry was a rebel and a one of a kind man. He left many friends and fans around the world and will be missed by everyone who ever knew him. I send my love and prayers to his wife Bambi.
Long live Indian Larry.
Bobby, something made me think fondly of P'Town last night. Perhaps it was the sudden cold snap and the snow we got here. There is an incredible raw beauty about December on the Cape that I love-- snow blowing down the empty stretch of Commercial Street, the fireplace at the A House, the bulk of one's day spent indoors with only a brief and brave venture out to the post office to keep cabin fever at bay.
I am not a huge fan of winter, but I think if I were to spend it again anywhere in New England, it would be in Provincetown. Maybe the season is more dramatic there due to the proximity of the ocean, which becomes a very different thing entirely from the gentle and hypnotic summertime sea that gently rocks the rooms at Captain Jack's. There is also tragedy in the Cape winter-- boats down off Nauset, fishermen lost-at-sea, bodies found frozen out by duneshacks. (The shacks are probably not even there anymore. When I lived there, only one or two remained.) But the very changing sea makes it much more bearable and even romantic, unlike the endlessly heavy and crippling winters of other parts of New England. When I lived there, the Bay even froze totally across for a bit, and you could see men ice-fishing each day as the sun came up.
I also remember trying to boil water for coffee on a toaster, because someone in the night had stolen the propane tank right off the back of my house in the woods near Beach Point!
So, I am wishing you and the rest of your townsfolk, a very happy Yule season, Bobby. And many, many fond memories, as I watch the light dusting of snow we got in New York melting in the morning sun.
Hatches my Darling, You speak so beautifully of our beloved Provincetown...Yes it is winter here but strangely the weather is different almost every day. Yesterday 10 degrees, today 45 degrees and the weatherman says thursday will be in the upper 50's..Go figure. The shacks are still there and several have been rebuildt and people actually live there. I saw the bay freeze over last year and then when the tide came in the entire thing cracked and turned into icebergs about two feet apart. Amazing sight.. It looked so Artic. The only thing missing were the penguins. Thanks for the warm wishes..I hope to see you all during our Feb visit between Feb 19-25. I may be doing a special show at The Slipper Room with special guests like Lisa Jackson. I will post here when I know for sure. Love to all.Happy Holidaze.
Bobby! Crazy warming, you think?? Pretty soon Manhattan will be a tropical island! Can you imagine. But I'm writing to tell you that as I was weeding through stuff I found a postcard invite for a show you had many eons ago. It was the postcard invite for a show of photographs taken in Sudio 54. The invite photo had Olivia Newton John and Elton John. I then proceeded to tack it onto my fridge. Just wanted to let you know that. Missing you and Happy Holidays.

Merry Christmas from lovely snow covered Provincetown. I took a walk in the cemetary today to say Merry Christmas to Gens, went shopping at Conwell lumber for tissue paper and saw Max Mueller ( Baby Noodles in Female Trouble), stopped at the A&P for cake icing, came home and made 100 mini angelfood cupcakes for friends and family and the local nursing home, opened a few presents with my adoring husband ( got a FABULOUS giant wall clock with see through inner gears that move while the clock is running) and burned some CD's for gifts to the neighbour boy. Who says life isn't full and rewarding outside of NYC. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Say hi to Gens and tell him we'll be up this summer with the new puppy. He's got alot of Gennaro in him. When Chi Chi put down his first puppy pee pad instead of peeing on it he picked it up and paraded it back and forth through the living room. (Did I mention that he sleeps under a picture of his Uncle Gennaro?)

Say Hi to Max.
How is "Baby Noodles'" baby?

And please give Big Daddy a big one for me too.
Hi Daddy, "Baby Noodles" is having wife trouble.
She likes to go out and party and now I believe she has taken the baby " Grand daughter of Cookie ", to her mothers house and I think it is going nowhere. Poor Max.

It is 14 " of snow here with 10 foot drifts and we have been without electricity since noon today. It has just come back on and we are warm and cozy here at 28 Tremont. Hope you are all well and happy. Love to Mommy and the new "baby".
Report from Ptown:
It's snowing like there's no tommorrow. we still have electricity and phone lines but it's only 11pm sat night so we'll see what happens tommorrow. It looks like a ghost town and anyone with any sense has left for higher ground. Hope everyone in NYC is fine and staying warm too. I send lots of love and kisses.
I just woke up and can't see out of the windows or doors. The drifts are about 6 to 8 feet and it looks like there's about 20 inchs so far and it's still snowing. The wind here is like a hurricaine and the high tide is arriving now. I am a big block from the ocean so I hope we don't float away. If so I'll be sure to post from "Elsewhere".

Joe/ Glad to hear that the project is still on. Good luck.
Oh, by the by...
Casanova Beausoleil def wants to have his coming out party at "Captain Jacks" this summer. I hope you can put a nice recption committee together Bobby.
Just off the top of my head I was thinking....

1) Bobby Weatherby
2) Jingles and Tee Tee
3) That big fat nasty queen that insults people at his show (I forget his name).
4) Billy Rene
5) John Waters
6) Lynn & Lacey
7) All the boys & girls at Spiritus
8) You & Big Daddy of course
9) John Dowd
10) Varla Jean Merman
11) Gus Gutterman... Oh hell, EVERY drunk at The Gov. Bradford
and last but certainly not least...
12) Sharon McKnight

Oh, and if you can swing it, that fat cop that dances in the intersection directing traffic.

Did I leave any VIPs out Hattie?

Casanova Beausoleil
Who Was the Lady In the Dunes?

One of the most enduring mysteries in Provincetown is that of the "Lady In the Dunes..."

In 1974, the body of a young woman was found out by Race Point, the cause of death was blunt trauma, her face disfigured and her hands had been removed. For over 30 years she has remained unidentified and her killer has never been found.

Now they have done a computer reconstruction of what her face most likely looked like, in the hopes that someone may finally identify her. Once they find out who she was, they may have a chance in bringing her murderer to justice.

I can remember that when I lived there, three years later, everyone in town had an opinion about who she was and who might have caused her death and the Lady In the Dunes was still big news. Some were even convinced that her ghost haunted that lonely and beautiful place.

Here's an article I came across yesterday, followed by the computer-generated image:

The Cape Cod Times

Perhaps at last the mystery will be solved and her spirit may finally find rest.


Images (1)
  • dunes8
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OMG!! It's Messy Bonnie's mother to be sure. They say she hung out down at the docks late at night looking for fishermen and had a propensity toward the drink. It was also suspected that she had a female child that was found next to the body with a little cup of whiskey and a rattle full of roffies... I wonder if we were to hypnotize Messy bonnie if we might find some hidden repressed memories..And they still have that photo of Messy Bonnie on the post office wall here..What's that about?
It is cold here, snowed yesterday and we are all getting cabin fever. I am so ready for sunshine and warmth. I will be in NYC April 19th - April 25th and I am expecting some warm sunny weather. Please tell me that there will be some hot days ahead during my visit home to the rotten apple. Also is anything going on that I should no about while I'm there?
If you find yourself in Ptown this summer I am producing a great event:

"The Big Country Music Jamboree"
with live music, two step dancing and a silent auction of Celebrity items. To benefit The Aids Support Group Of Cape Cod.

July 29 7:30 - Midnight
Town Hall
$15 at the door / $3.00 off if in western attire


Peter Donnelly
Laura Cappello
Ellen Greene
Ryan Landry
Tammy Faye Starlight
Zoe Lewis
Electric Milk Machine
Hedda Lettuce
Thirsty Burlington
Gays For Patsy dance troupe
And your MC Bobby Miller.

Silent Auction items from the personal collections of:

Debra Harry( Zebra print jacket and Orange heels from Blondie world tour)
Karen Allen ( costume from the film " Scrooged")
Lisa Edelstein ( Of NBC's " House")
Cowgirl Hall Of Fame NYC
Ellen Greene ( star of Little Shop of Horrors)
Alexis Arquette ( Costume from The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour by Bob Mackie)
Rosanna Arquette ( Moschino western jacket)
David Arquette ( western suit)
Patricia Arquette ( western wear from TV show " Medium")
Michael O'Keefe ( from the film "Cadyshack" )
Jimmy James
Vince Bruce ( Broadways " Will Rogers")
Robert Lafosse ( NYC Ballet star)
Lady Bunny
Penny Arcade
Michael Musto ( a date for a Broadway show and drinks out on the town)
Patrick McMullen ( author of 80's photo book)
Jon Bon Jovi ( from his own collection)
The Flawless Sabrina
Jamie Casertano
Bambi Cambridge
The World Famous *Bob*
Dirty Martini
Tom Woodruff
John Dowd
Patricia Field ( Sex & The City book)signed
Toby Keith ( Autographed photo)
Emmy Lou Harris ( from her collection)
Bonnie Raitt
Willie Nelson

Costume contest for Best Cowboy/cowgirl
Raffle prizes and Party favors

Refreshments will be served

Come and learn to dance the two step and shop till you drop. All money raised goes to The Aids Support Group of Cape Cod.
Report from Ptown: Well it's been another fun filled season here in PPTown. A riot on July 4th in front of Town Hall. 20 people arrested, cops abusing the citizens, all charges later dropped to avoid a law suit againt the town, great new roster of summer stars; Dina Martina, Tammy Faye Starlite, Cashetta making a huge splash here with her singing drag magic act ( really amazing!), visits from a few minor and major celebs to give a little excitement to the mix ( Maddonna, Paula Abdul, Rosie O'Donnell, Eartha Kitt, Melissa Etheridge and that big gay major football player) and all the regulars. The only thing missing so far is Mommy & Daddy and little casanova. But the fall is shaping up already with art openings, a new huge art museum and lots of local scandale..
Sending you all love and kisses from Problemstown.
Move to Ptown, become a "star".

Just received this in my mail here.

Hello, all. My name is Jennifer Lane. I am the Executive Producer of LOGO's upcoming television series, P-TOWN, a "reality-docu-soap" in the style of MTV's LAGUNA BEACH. I appreciate this opportunity to introduce myself, answer a few questions, and invite you to speak with me about your business and the people with whom you work.

Our association with the Business Guild is important to our success. Every television producer wants a second season of their show and to do this we'll maintain an open and respectful relationship with the business community. We're presenting a prime-time fantasy...and portraying Provincetown in a positive light is part of the show's style.

I will be in Provincetown for a few weeks in mid-February to hold open casting calls and to meet with people. Production of our "pilot presentation" will take place for a week in late March-early April. The series production takes place between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

We embark on our hunt for 6-10 main cast members. These will be real people with real lives, people that live or work in Provincetown during the summer. We're looking for charismatic, gay men and women most likely between the ages of 25 and 40 (LOGO's demographic). Our cast will look good on the cover of OUT magazine!

Go Go Luckey Productions has a proven track record with the hit series LAGUNA BEACH and ROLLERGIRLS. The plan is to continue this success with P-TOWN. Please email me, contact below, if you are interested in participating as a location for the show, if you have a potential cast member in mind, or if your business is a good social focal point.

I have been working closely with Bill Schneider at the Provincetown Tourism Office. He's happy to field any questions you may have regarding the project. phone 508-487-3298

And of course, please feel welcome to contact me directly. phone 310-314-3305
I think you should doll yourself up and go apply and tell them you're 39. You too Daddy.
I mean the "typical" PP-town made up of youngsters who are there in the summer?
How brainless to have an age cut-off.

I was thinking I would visit PP-town this summer for a change. After the desert trials....
Would love to see you there - do you stay throughout?

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