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Carmelita Tropicana & Ela Troyano (NYC)
Post Plastica (World Premiere)

"Carmelita Tropicana lights up New York's performance venues with colorful, hilarious, and brain-twisting narratives." -Time Out New York 

Part live performance, part video installation, this piece offers a glimpse into a future in which celebrity culture has pitched a battle between the primacy of virtual and artistic lives; in which revolutionaries keep bees in a secret underground; and in which a half-woman, half-bear scientist has gained the upper hand... 

Featuring Becca Blackwell, Erin Markey, and Carmelita Tropicana.


Each evening will be begin at 6pm in El Museo's El Cafe with complimentary pre-show talks featuring guest experts, curated by the artists. Check back soon for a list of speakers and topics. Performances begin in El Museo's El Teatro at 7:30pm.


More on the show & space 



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