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hi chi chi!!
thanks for posting that link.
it seems like there's a real
desire among s.f.'ers to get back
to the heeey!-daze...
please send beams and blessings to
the new club ERA mentioned in that article.
lots of friends (including myself) behind it.
hoping that its beltane debut is a HUGE success!!

on another related note...
our sister-in-crime, GLAMAMORE! is BACK!!!!
turning it out weekly at "SOME THING" at the stud.
the house of MORE! is bringing it!!
hostess vivianne foreverMORE!,
dj and performer (!!) juanita MORE!...
each week is "some thing" different...
(some thing divine, some baby mama thing, etc.)
and the girls are giving SHOWS!!
(especially the mother of the house herself, miss glama.)

if you're in s.f on a friday night
now you know where to go.
and stay tuned for ERA saturdays...
Gobs darling

Thanks so much for the updates - we are overdue for a stint in SF and I will make SURE we can catch a Friday night - sounds amazing.

Also eager to hear more on ERA when it opens, best of luck with it, hopefully we'll be there post-NOTS - perhaps for the out-soon Jam Hot remix project as it is on a label there..

much love till we meet again..

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