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I am so impressed with The Herrera Brothers, the graphics, video, Bromance,
all of what they do.
Very clever and always well done.

When Sammy Jo aka Pickles first told me about them...
"Daddy, it's so you" he said.
I was mildly interested but when he told me about the "Poppers Dance-Off Competition" I was hooked!
They would line up contestants and one by one make them sniff a big hit of poppers, put on some stupid song and watch them go crazy on stage.
Now that's what I call entertainment.

I'm sorry but I just have to say it.
San Francisco (and a lot of other cities) has it going on.
In New York thousands of queens line up like boring nelly lemmings to go into a big room with the sole intent of standing around, showing off their new fauxhawk haircuts and acting bored, complaining that New York isn't what it used to be.

With the glorious exceptions of the burlesque scene as in !BadAss Burlesque! and Mr. Black, Mattachine,
Daniel Nardicio's D-List Parties, Tingel Tangel in Brooklyn and a few other notable exceptions
(check out the "Edge Of Night" forum)
New York is just "too many fauxhawks, and too little time".

Don't get me wrong.
I love New York and the weather in San Francisco would have me slitting my wrists in a month.
I don't want to move there but I really want to give props to the "lesser" cities like San Francisco, Portland Ore., Seattle, Minneapolis, New Orleans...
These cities have it going on!


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What about Ptowns hon. We have "Fag Bash" on Weds nites downstairs at The Governor Bradford. The coolest new party anywhere with great music and cool kids dressed to the nines. And "Kook" on Sundays at Enzo, a hip fun theme party not unlike Jackie back in the day and "Showgirls" on Monday, crazy and a barrel of laughs with the divine Ryan Landry who seems to have taken a new direction all lovey and fun and positive. Just as pretty as San Fransisco and with twice as many hot fags.
so saturday was one of those "only in san francisco" kinda days...
the herrera bros., jacob (aka dee jay pee play),
and i produced a float for san francisco's lovefest - a parade thru the city and a party in the GORGEOUS civic center here featuring GIANT sound systems and electronic music.
when we went to the producer's meeting on tuesday we realized we were the ONLY gay contingent.
and we didn't know what the hell we were doing.
we were kinda freaking out when we left that meeting til the fortune cookie i got at dinner afterwards told me: "something on 4 wheels will soon be a fun investment for you!"
then we knew we had to get 'er done.

i woke up at 6:30 on a cold wet saturday morning after dj'ing at a club til 2:00 the night before. i thought, "why? do i really have to do this??" but when our goth-y little float that could started rolling down the street and the sun broke thru the clouds it all turned around.
we never expected to have so much fun!

i almost peed when we rounded the corner into the civic center. then again when i realized that the 'mo's in charge of the event had given us the BEST spot on the plaza - directly opposite city hall, the side where the sun lasts the longest, front and center!!
and our music was eclectic and diverse and top notch. i was so proud of everyone!!

so... kudos us!! the homochic crew ROCKED it!!
If I didn't know better I'd think she was a real DJ!
I hope she "found" that version of "Paris Is Burning" that I sent her.
I'm looking forward to hearing it on the 13th.

And that handsome Leo Herrera looks very familiar.
I believe I know him.
I think we shared a bottle of poppers once.

When you first told me about "Death Of Shade" I thought it was a stupid idea but I was wrong (as usual) it looks great.

What the hell do I know?

Can't wait to see you all in New York next week!
blowing the dust off this topic...

fun new nights in s.f.:

(formerly octavia lounge)
on market & octavia
cheap drinks, cute crowd

11th & folsom
free, cheap drinks, cute crowd, warm fireplace
local resident and int'l guest dj's

stay tuned for the return of BOOTY CALL WEDNESDAYS!!!
i've been dry lately.
i DO have another gig for SF MOMA
coming up next week at supperclub.
opening party for a fierce
artist/architect - Jurgen Mayer H.
was trying to get a demo together
but... we'll talk about that in private.

i have my eye on a little neighborhood gay bar
that's home to the imperial court
and a saturday night drag show.
it's right around the corner from
the CUTE new place we're moving into mar. 1.
i wanna do a night there.
also... have my sights on a sunday brunch spot.
(again... more in private.)

leo is swell.
just went thru a fever bug
that was going around.
still entertaining the idea
of coming back to nyc this spring/summer.
wanna support her in all she does
but, selfishly, want her here to collab with.
you guys have enough talent out there!!
i'll post her latest invite.
(almost forgot!)

wish you and the emp were still
coming out to visit regularly!!
i miss you!!!!!!!!
valentine's weekend brought some
NYC superstars to the city by the bay.

cazwell and amanda lepore were here
to perform at a party and (more importantly)
shoot her new video, directed by leo herrera.
word on the street is it's GORGEOUS.

mizz justin bond performed last night
to a sold out castro theatre.
she did the carpenters' "close to you" album
in its entirety, and more for encores.
such a romantical way to spend v-day.
she looked FABULOUS, sounded great,
and had the cockettes perform entr'acte.
SO san francisco!!

after the show, the sisters of perpetual indulgence
declared her a saint.

see the glamour for yourselves here:
Justin Bond at the Castro
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