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We did. At the Vic in Chicago.Great, great show.
And she looked amazing.

I think the most mainstream song they played was "Cities In Dust." Most was their older stuff.

I guess she was feeling punk too, cause she started going off on the security guards for walking back and forth in front of the stage. She stopped the show two or three times and went after them. The final time she ended up stepping on one guys hand. The Vic was discussing pressing charges! So she almost ended up in jail!

red face

A true diva has a light that comes from within and Siouxsie is one and does!!! Having been an ardent fan of hers for many many years, I finally saw her show what must have been 6-8 months ago if not more at Roseland, and while I actually do like the hits more than some of the stuff she played, it was her essence that came through. It's so funny to me how the ever changing crop of bimbos on MTV can achieve more commercial success than a wizardess like Sioux! It just goes to show how little taste a lot of people out there have. Siouxsie blows all the divas alive today out of the water, because it's obvious that at the end of the day, she knows who she is and if you don't, she doesn't give a flying f**k! Rock on Sister Sioux!!!
Well put Ms. Olson. Not to star fuck, but I had the great pleasure of spending and evening with Siouxsie and Budgie and they were so wonderful. She is unbelievably gorgeous and style for days. I thought we'd just have a cocktail and then they'd be off but we were with some old friends of theirs from the punk/club days and having so much fun that we went to this heinous Miami-ish style club and shut it down just clucking and kiki-ing. Rumour has it that there's lots of gorge Creatures music coming our way soon. Vive la Sioux!
Siouxsie Sioux is my all time favorite Icon, Goddess, name it. I wouldn't have survived my teens if I hadn't discovered the Banshees when I did.
I was not only at the show but, as it turned out this man I had known for a while named Knox is their newest giutar player. He's played w/Cyndi Lauper, Psychedelic Furs, and on all the recent Creatures recordings. Anyway, I had the heads up that they were primarily only doing songs from the first 3 records and concentrating on all the guitar heavy stuff (as they were going to be a 4 piece w/ no keyboards).
They opened with Pure and went into Jigsaw Feeling and I kid you not I cried, even though it was difficult to breath in my GORGEOUS corset. They did songs I never thoought I'd see like Monitor and Drop Dead Celebration (What! I can't even believe they remember that song).
I got to meet her after the show briefly(after they had to escort Nancy Isla out, in handcuffs...long story)and if possible she looked even more amazing in this skin tight Gautier looking gown that was elaborately sliced up reveiling lots'o skin! I could go on for days about her and the band so I'll stop now but...if ever anyone wants to talk about HRH Sioux I'm ready and waiting.
There's a really funny story about Danzig after the show that I could tell.
Funny, I remember Mace and if that was your girlfriend I'll give you the # of my waxer-that bitch needs to be boiled! The English fog must be settling in your brain, dear.
Anyway, I played Pluto when I DJ'd @ Star Tartare on Sunday. I love it too, they played that a few years back @ Life (they did 3 nights there w/John Cale).
so, can anyone dish about the new "best of" that came out recently? Years ago, I was a devoted follower of the SATB-L listserv, but haven't been a part of that in at least 5 I'm out of the loop on the Siouxsie gossip front.

I'm just wondering how much the band had to do with putting this together... I think it's really quite sad actually. Same old stuff, warmed over, and served "fresh." Really doesn't feel like it has their stamp on it. Especially the *pathetic* addition of Dizzy, in which Siouxsie sadly tried to reach impossibly high notes. Can't imagine she would ever have purposely released that.

Don't get me wrong now, as Kathy Bates would say, "I'm [their] #1 fan..." but I know the problems they have always had with their record labels, and this reeks of another project that was out of their control. I resisted buying it for a little while for this reason, but then broke down because of the extra disk of remixes, many of which I had on scratchy old vinyl... Siouxsie and the Banshees have somehow never managed to hook up with decent remixers, in my opinion. Most of them are butchery. But it's worth it here to hear the beautiful-though very flawed-Dazzle remix (sounds like someone's playing around with the repreat button...). And Kiss the for Me is fab and Peek-A-Boo is decent too.

BUT, does anyone know the story behind this re-issue, which seemed to come from out of no where? Also, many years ago there was talk of a b-sides compilation. Any news on that front?

I'm no expert, but I was literally obsessed with Siouxsie & The Banshees for most of my teenage years. My parents even had me forcefully institutionalized because of it (well, that and one other reason....). While I did break the obsession after Superstition came out (ugh... don't even get me started on that one....) and they started making appearances on Club MTV, I am still a pretty hardcore fan. I have all the B-sides and extended mixes on CDRs if anyone wants me to make them copies. I also have the Creatures Gifthorse (fan club only) CDs if anyone needs copies of those.

The "Best Of" CD released last year had something to do with the backers of the tour. Twice Upon A Time was no longer being pressed, and somehow Interscope (who released the "Best Of" CD) was involved in the backing of the 7 Year Itch tour. Details are sketchy at best. But they wanted to put something out while the tour was still generating interest and fresh in people's minds, so they threw together the "greatest hits" package to cash in and squeeze as much money as they could out of the tour's sold out successes, and for the record industry that means some sort of best of compilation (under the assumption that people aren't going to go out and buy their whole back catalogue). They put the remixes and stuff on the limited edition 2nd CD set, to give something new to people that already have Once & Twice Upon A Time so they'd buy it. The non-limited edition (without the 2nd CD) was for people that didn't have any other S&TB CDs and wanted a "best of" compilation. Which was pretty stupid, because I'm sure 98% of the people who went to the 7 Year Itch shows know who S&TB are (were?) and have a lot of their albums already, and weren't just discovering the band just because they were on tour.

I saw all three 7 Year Itch shows in California. The two in San Francisco were great. The one in Palm Springs (the Coachella Festival) was terrible. They were only given one hour of stage time, Siouxsie sounded awful, and I was so far back from the stage that I couldn't see anything (and the cheap ass organizers didn't even put up video screens for the people in back). There were so many people there that enjoying any of the acts was impossible. And while S&TB were on stage, everyone around me kept saying "who's this?"..... I have heard that the DVD (taken from the London shows) is pretty bad, so I have refrained from buying it just yet. But like I told Michael (Madison), I will buy it eventually, no matter how bad it is.....

The new Creatures single comes out in a month, and the new album October 20th I think. I've heard reports that it's not their best. It's been compared a lot to Feast, so if you liked that album than you'll like the new one. I've heard that the new album won't be as edgy as Anima Animus.

I lost my gag reflex and all you got was this lousy message board posting.
Fans have been lobbying for a B-sides compilation for years, but unfortunately S&TB have no control over that. Apparently Polydor, the label most of their albums and singles were released under, refuses to allow the license to anyone to release a b-sides compilation. Last I heard, the fan club was still asking people to email Polydor (or whatever record conglomerate they're under now) once a week to request a b-sides compilation. I don't think it's gonna happen, though.

I lost my gag reflex and all you got was this lousy message board posting.
And the authorized bio was already released in the UK a few months ago. It was supposed to be released last year, but the release date got postponed, then canceled, then added again, and ultimately was published by a totally different author than originally reported... There's still no word on a U.S. publishing date yet. If it doesn't get published before December (which usually means they're not going to print it domestically), I'm going to order it from the UK. It's supposed to be extremely thorough and well-written.

oofdah, enough about the Banshees. Now where's that Showgirls topic.....

I lost my gag reflex and all you got was this lousy message board posting.
I absolutely adore the new Creatures single, "Godzilla!" It's just been released in three parts, one of which contains a video. I managed to snag Part 1, which contains two additional songs, "The Temple of Dawn" and "Attack of the Super Vixens." Hot.

Siouxsie fans more partial to the Spellbounds and Peek-A-Boos won't find much to like here. This single from the soon-to-be-released album "HAI!" (recorded in Japan) marks a return to the very tribal sounds of the Creatures' first full-length album, "Feast": lots of howling and whoops, cymbals, and hypnotic percussion. Very terrestrial. Spellbinding. And the result of some hallucinogens, I'd say! Fun! Hai!

I prefer the sound of this to "Anima Animus," which though I also enjoyed, lacked the personality of their previous efforts, "Feast" and "Boomerang." They were recorded in Hawaii and Spain, respectively, and were really infused with much local spirit, as I suspect "Hai!" will be.
apologies... I can not help myself...

exterminating angel by the creatures

here it comes again
taste of jagged glass and rusty can
there are just black holes
where the stars would be watching
just black holes
where the stars should have been
plumes of dirt
caress a urine colored sun
swarms of angels
come to kill your sons
and there's nothing but black holes
where the stars should have been
nothing but black holes
where the stars would be watching

oh those strange argonauts
digging again in your pit
cover them in menstrual stream
cover them in black gold
plunge them into ingots
ripping through your menstrual stream
rising up taste of rusty can
and jagged glass feeling again
here it comes again...

hordes of locusts blot out your sun
raining down - rain on everyone
poor little rich thing
poor little bleeding heart
poor little misunderstood
piss on it - I'm sick of it
enough is enough
I wanna fuck it up
in spite of it
just for the hell of it
I wanna fuck it up
out of sync - out of phase
out of sight - out of spite
raining down, raining everyone
poor little rich thing
poor little bleeding heart
poor little misunderstood
piss on it - I'm sick of it

please play this at my funeral


feed the fire of your desire...
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SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES and MAGAZINE guitarist JOHN McGEOCH has died in his sleep at the age of 48.

The punk veteran was also famous for his work with Sex Pistol John Lydon's Public Image Limited.

Steven Severin, bass player for the Banshees, said in a statement on his website: "I was shocked and saddened to hear that John passed away in his sleep last Thursday. Although we hadn't worked together for a long time and I hadn't seen him for a couple of years he was always in my heart and often in my thoughts."

He added: "Without doubt the most inventive guitarist of our generation and my favourite Banshee. Love to all his friends and family. Bye John."

According to press reports, McGeoch qualified as a nurse in 1995 after giving up performing. However, he continued to work on music for television.

Born in Greenock, Scotland in 1955, the guitarist moved to Los Angeles in 1986 only to return to the UK in the Nineties.

His distinctive guitar playing and sound can be heard on such Siouxsie And The Banshees hits as 'Happy House', 'Spellbound' and 'Christine'.
I agree. She looked better and better dancing and swaying like a bellydancer in the heat. I really loved every song. She was so uncharacteristically silly towards the end of the show last night. THere also were so many cute Goths there last night. A friend in the of mine saw them Sunday and said that someone in the audience sprayed mace and everyone had to leave. I loved Dear Prudence. Budgie's drumming was impecable.
"Turn off that #$@*% cell phone, you spoiled rotten little brat! This is not about you."

--Siouxsie Sioux, lashing out at Paris Hilton in the Enquirer. Paris had reportedly been yapping on her celly during the toasts at a private party for Deborah Harry. The heiress reportedly blushed and beat it like a banshee out of there. But that didn't stop Siouxsie from giving her a parting shot: "Who invited that silly cow anyway?"
Funny you should mention that Hatches because Siouxsie always said that Louise Brooks was one of her make-up inspirations as well...see, all great minds think alike. Although, everytime someone mentions Siouxsie, (Blacklips) Eve always comes to mind. I think Eve performed every Siouxsie hit single on that Pyramid stage.

Mister Damage! Thanks, you just made my Xmas! And you're right - this collection is amazingly, gorgeously complete. I've never had a real decent turntable, so what magic it will be to hear "the woods and the town, covered in snow, all transformed to a fairytale..." in all its original and Thorn beauty. Siouxsie and the Banshees were always SO generous to us fans with all these B-sides, put so much creativity into every last one. It's a tremendous body of work, finally free from the evil clutches of "fucking Warners."
From the gossip press:
During a toast for Deborah Harry in the LifeTime Achievement Award for the rock and roll artist, Paris Hilton was invited, sitting at the honoree's table in the front. Reportedly, as Paris arrived to the event, she asked "Is this Debbie Hargy's party or something?" (Nice Paris, you dont even know the name of the person who invited you?!?)

Paris look extremely bored at the event. As Harry was reading off her speech to the audience, Paris's phone rang, and she gladly picked it up and started jabbering away to Nicky, who was on the other line. Singer Siouxsie Sioux, immediately yelled at Paris, in quote:

"Turn off that f*cking self-phone, you spoiled rotten little brat! This is not about you!!!! Who invited this stupid cow anyways?!?"

Paris blushed and quickly ran out of there, meeting up with Nicky in Hollywood, in tears.

Version 2:

"Turn off that #$@*% cell phone, you spoiled rotten little brat! This is not about you." - Singer Siouxsie Sioux, lashing out at Paris Hilton in the Enquirer. Paris had reportedly been yapping on her celly during the toasts at a private party for Deborah Harry. The heiress reportedly blushed and beat it like a banshee out of there. But that didn't stop Siouxsie from giving her a parting shot: "Who invited that silly cow anyway?" (from E! Online)
Siouxsie's first-ever solo album will be out this fall, Mantaray. The video for her first single just hit youtube..astoundingly sexy, as if you'd expect anything less from La Sioux. Sadly, her vocal range shows pretty severe damage IMO. Not so strong. But I'm eager to hear the rest. Daddy, can't a computer take her voice higher? Yes. It's not just that she's gone deeper, as everyone does. It's like phantom limb reaching for those notes that were such familiar territory, she's trying to use a limb that's no longer there. Ah well, it is growing on me and she's still my idol: into a swan
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Oh guys, don't go trying to school me on Siouxsie. Siouxsie had a significant range. Not the widest, but significant. She could reach heights and depths. The range is gone. Destroyed. Chrissie and Debbie, in contemporaneous comparison, still have a pretty impressive reach, up and down. The last several years have seen Siouxsie's range diminish - unquestionably. That's what I was lamenting. Into A Swan sounds flat to me. No matter. We still worship. She is ever ruling.

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