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After the show a few of us head out to a bar to soak up the last bit of Barcelona we can before we have to head on to....

MADRID: Now, it's difficult for me to give a fair account of Madrid because we awake to a very disgruntled crew who arrived to find that the load-in area has been removed due to extreme road construction and so all the equipment has to come through a hobbit hole down a narrow stair case. Catering can't even load in so they are frantic to try and find food to feed the 50 people that rely on them for nourishment to do their jobs. There is no internet in the building. The weather is cold and wet. And the area around the club (including the club) are reminiscent of Beirut, and not from the 50's. However, any malaise is easily wiped away once the lights go out and Madrid prove to us that Spanish people enjoy nothing more than dancing their asses off and getting fucked up. I have an awesome time and get to ambush them with "I Feel Love" when their not expecting it and it has beyond the desired effect. The room goes absolutely basllistic by the time the band takes the stage. Afterwards we file onto the bus for our very last bus ride.

LISBON: Last stop on the tour. Arriving in the morning we all bid farewell to our trusty driver Carl who takes meticulous care of us all. It is the cliché, we are a family. It is a sunny day in Lisbon and as soon as I settle into the hotel, conveniently located in the heart of town, I break out with my iPod for a nice long wander through town. Up and down serpentine streets and across huge squares I am immediately enamored of this city. By 4pm I know I have to head back to the hotel so that I can do my immense catch up job with you readers. It is the last night of the tour and everyone is in good spirits. Everyone seems real excited to be going home. The tour has gone extremely well but any moments with friends and family in NYC trumps any end-of-tour blues. Mind you, these guys have been on the road for the last 12 months with 3 more to go. I am a little sad that it's over probably because the last week has been so fierce. But still I think how happy I am that it is only 2 more weeks till get to go home. In no way am I complaining about what I get to experience and the opportunities presented to me, but I have not spent more than 8 days in my apt. in NYC since September. I just want to pet my cat and let her know that I still love her.
Damn Pickles!
You better watch your back when you get home.
There are a lot of VERY jealous DJs here!

Amsterdam: Great city! The last time we were there The Empress went out for "coffee" and was gone for three days. What is it about the "coffee" there Pickles?
Starbucks has a lot to learn from the Amsterdam Coffee Houses.

Barcelona: "The Metro"? Is that the place where you pee on a glass wall and everyone watches you from the other side?
(Or was that just me drunk peeing on some poor person's window)
And tell Jason to be careful on that scaffolding!

Paris: I agree... Right Bank. That's my girl.
As far as the big fat bears, I also have trouble with all you skinny little tooth pick bitches.
I can relate to Baby Daddy.
Well, now that I go to Bear Parties.

Madrid: Love it! The people are fab.

Lisbon: I've never been to Lisbon. I can't wait to grill you on her.

Tell Baby Daddy I know some hot new Bear parties when he gets back.

Baby Daddy


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Tell everyone exactly what it is you do.
What is the show like?
(I didn't know you did 2 sets)
How long is a set, what do you play? Do you change it up from city to city?
What kind of drugs do you take.
Your blog is becoming VERY popular but I don't think some people understand exactly what it is you are doing with The Scissor Sisters.
Pretend you are explaining it to your grandma.
Not to worry AN, I avoid bear bars at all cost unless I am on handholding duties with Babydaddy. Sadly though, no moroccan trip this time.

Ok, Daddy I'll explain. For those who don't quite know what it is I do do, I basically do a 1 hour dj set when the doors open, then there is an opening act for 30 mins, then I do about 40 mins more until the band are ready to come on stage. If I am a little elusive about discussing the band it's only because I don't want some idiot coming on here and taking stuff I say out of context and blasting it on their site. Yes it seems paranoid but the behavior I have witnessed already when it comes to being around SS would make anyone slightly paranoid. The whole fan/fame thing truly is bizarre when you see it happen to someone close to you. People who want to transfer adulation but also try and extract as much from you as they can. I'm not speaking of myself just what I see and perceive. Ok blah blah blah enough of that crap.
So anyway my job is to make sure the audience knows that it is a party and that they are expected to participate and not just stand and stare. Musically it's great for me because the fan base is so broad that all genres are appropriate. I've been playing pretty hard this trip which may have been problematic early on but once we headed south it turned them out. He he he

Now I am sitting in the Lisbon airport about to hop on a plane to Milan where I get to play at Club Billy (my first time) which is supposed to be some fierce big gay club that's been around since the T Rex. I am hungover as hell and the only thing saving me right now is being able to type this to you and the full Cure catalogue on my iPod. Now I think I have to head to my gate. Will be in touch soon...

"If only I was sure, that my head on the door was a dream...."
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So if it happened to me it could to you too

Let me interrupt here...

I know what Pickles is trying to say. That he has been surprised by his good fortune etc. but the truth is it's probably never going to happen to you. There are more so-called "DJs" today than ever.
Pickles is extremely talented and has been extremely lucky and works very hard but his life is the exception not the rule.
Go into DJing with your eyes open!
Unless you have a trust fund (and I know a lot of young DJs now do) this is a tough road.
i'm a picklehead!!
(kinda like a deadhead but for dj pickles.)
here's what i remember:

ghostbusters, r. parker, jr. ->
holiday, belzy ->
crazy right now, beyonce ->
screwed, p. hilton (dj a.m. remix) ->
club tropicana, wham! ->
vibeology, p. abdul ->
sexy back/toxic mashup ->
then a bunch more crap before...
is that all there is, p. lee

boy was i ready to party after that!!!!

honestly, i AM a picklehead.
i've learned SO MUCH from my sister.
and been DRIPPED in fierce music.
all the best gigs i've had... thanks to her.
i owe her ALOT!!
(i'll nurse you through your old age, hon.)

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