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For some reason we got off the track in "Tranny Listings & Events" and started posting riviting sex stories. Joel in particular astounded us. We had to start a new topic called "Book Of Joel" ( Forums > TransNYC > Book of Joel). This is where we left off...
All of this great filth reminds me of the BRILLIANT magazine STH (Straight To Hell) from the 80's. I know Bobby and Hattie will remember it. It was a magazine filled with stories just like these that real people sent in. Then genius "National Inquirer" type titles were added like "Sucked Black Cock Till He Was 72" (I can't really remember any of the titles now but they were fabulous) It was also a night at the Pyramid Club. Maybe we should start a STH tribute topic. People write about their hottest expirences.
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Rose Royale:
Hey guys
This topic relates to all things related to transexuals and their admirers. It's very interesting how guys who are into the gender variant population got started, and a good way to begin to understand the phenomenon. They're really an underclass that needs to be heard in a way that is not associated with "filth." Most are very shy and don't need to be discouraged from posting.
So please start a topic on filth somewhere else. One would think that you get your fill of filth at those places you frequent!

I stay away from the boards for one day and look what happens!
Gets Sucked Off by Disneyland Janitor
Johnny - there are compilations of all (or very nearly all!) the STH stuff from Leyland Publications -- titles like 'Boyd McDonald's "Cream", "Juice" etc..' I think there are @ 7 volumes out - for lovers of true literary raunch (i.e. 'Wound Up as the Meat in a Sandwich'). Of course there's lots of editorializing by the old perv himself too!

ps. make sure it says S.T.H. - or you might not get the real thing - there are lots of copycats.
Could I? Me the Vurgin queen that I am I could say a few words reagarding my adventures... There was one time a few years ago I ad met an EMT worker thru aol, and he picked me up at my parents house in yonkers at 8:30 am , my father asked where are you going like that at this hour? I said a photo shoot, well it was sort of ..someone shot.. si we go to a wefare hotel in the bronx and had sex 3 times within 2 hours, by 10:15am I was home makeup wasked off, standing in the kitchen, my mother had just woken up an says why do you have eye makeup on I said eell I was playing with makeup last night and never washed it off.. they never knew what hit me but my legs were shaking for hours, til later on that night I was walking ever so gingerly down some damn street in the west village with white thigh high stockings and a miniskirt, with a gstring on I was bending over in the middle of the street to pull up my stockings, and a boob popped out of my blouse, oops wella young latino guy approached me and we were making out and such, but looking for an alley way or something. We ended up in a porta potty on the west side highway, facing the highway, the lock was broken it could have swung open at anytime, btu thank godit didnt, and again I hwas deflowered! all that in one day!
I nabbed this from "Lucky Bitches" It's from Goblin.

hey gays!!

i'm fresh off short mt. where i had (i think) my best time there EVER!! keep reading and you'll understand why...

so, instead of putting these lil' tales in "it happened last night" or something, i thought i'd open up a frank, honest discussion of the young boyz who have made our lives so sweet. praise them! adore them! ABUSE them!!! (as long as it's consensual.)

i had second thoughts about posting such a "brag." but my third thoughts said GO FOR IT! and so did sammy jo. and besides, i'm as amazed by it as i am proud of it. if i could bottle whatever it is i'm putting out there i could make a million. (mebbe thru an advertisement in freshmen mag.)

let the tales begin...

the first one was ameh.
18, half costa rican, absolutely GORGEOUS.
met him at the oregon country fair, then saw him again at burning man.
he walked up to me and started chattin' me up with a twinkle in his eyes.
asked me how old i was...
"wow! that's old!"
"it is not!! how old are you??"
(i crossed my fingers) "20???"
"ha ha! no. i'm 18.," he casts a look my way and then says, "just legal."
"oh REALLY??"
so he became my burning hot burning man boyfriend (you shoulda seen us tear it up on the dancefloor) and i saw him a coupla more times around san fran and santa cruz. the sex was incredible (i LOVED watchin' his eyes roll back in ecstacy) and he liked it to last for hours.

at the mountain i got to see rayn. he and i have had an ongoing long distance romance for over a year now.
it's been about that long since i had seen him and we had never - how do you say? - consummated our relationship. he's a cute, lil' 20 yr. old southern twink. super sweet. and so we took care of some unfinished business.

then there was wally. another 20 yr. old. 6'4", hair dyed into a yellow and green spiral, pretty cute. he lives at ida - a neighboring community that booze-wah used to call home.
he ended up being a great lay but not really anyone i wanted to talk to very much. and with so many others around i didn't want to get caught up in him. so i let that one slide.

but the hottest was shadow. oh shadow.
i had met him in s.f. he was a straight street kid that got taken in by my friend antler. they became sorta boyfriends even though he's still more into girls. well, antler had told me that he didn't find many boyz attractive.
so antler asked him, "well then, what boyz DO you find attractive?"
he answered, "texxx." (that's MY name in certain circles.)
with that in mind our flirtation got more and more intense but he was antler's boy and there was never an opportunity for anything, y'know?!
he dropped by my apt. unannounced the day before i was leaving. (hmmmm...) i told him to talk antler into bringing him to the gathering.
well, lo and behold, one night i'm
sitting at dinner and i get called over to another
table and who should be sitting there but antler and shadow. i was happy.
i spent ALOT of time on the drums this time around and that night was no different. shadow came out to the fire and before long had his shirt off - his body is SLAMMIN'!!! - and had EVERYONE'S attention.
(did i tell you he's an incredible poet, didj player, and breakdancer????)
we made eye contact across the fire and he started
dancing over towards me. he planted himself right in front of my drum and started WORKING me with belly dance moves. rollin' his tummy, shakin' his ass, droppin' to his knees and then rolling all the way down on his back and back up again...
the faeries were SCREAMING and CHEERING the both of us on.
i was totally hypnotized but i never missed a beat.
it was epic.

a day or so later he asked me to paint his face. so i did - blacked out eyes and white lines and dots, full on tribal style. we headed off together from there to sit on the couch in the main cabin.
before too long the tents in our trousers sent us running back to my tent in the woods.
it was Magic.
watching this BURNING HOT naked tribal boy do his thang. i was thanking the goddess throughout and plan to offer some gifts on my altar (maybe some mcnuggets?) once i get settled here in houston.

we spent most of the rest of my days there together. finishing up in a hot three-way on my last morning with rayn.

ahh, short mt., tennessee.
where the goods are odd and the odds are good.

so who wants to cum down in the spring????
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Walked into the mensroom at Union Station in Washington DC and was pissing at the urinal when a small deminutive white man about 35 wearing glasses and an ill-fitting suit shuffled up to the urinal
next to me and unzipped his fly. Reeling out an extremely over-sized ( both in length and girth) cock, he let it swing loose and it came to rest on the edge of the urinal. Pissing like a racehorse and moaning loadly at the same time, he glanced over at me and smiled. I commented on the amazing size of his flaccid member and asked if it got larger as it got harder. He said it rarely got fully hard but when it did it was twice the size as when it was soft. Now hanging there soft it appeared to be about 8 or 9 inches. I asked if I could get a closer look and he suggested we go some place more discreet. Following him to a back stairwell in the train station and down the stairs to an empty basement area, he stopped abruptly and turned around to face me with his already hardened prick in his hand. It had trully doubled in size. It looked like a small baseball bat. About 16 inchs long and as big around as my fore arm and with a fat dickhead like a peach. The piss hole was an open slit big enough to stick my little finger in. I quickly reached under him to feel his balls which were average but full and round. I dropped to my knees and attempted to get it in to my mouth but to no avail. I jerked it and smacked it and gave it several little nibbles and then licked the fat head until it started to drip pre-cum like a leaky faucett. The next thing I knew he bent over and with his face next to mine, stuffed about half of it into his own mouth. I worked on the remaining 8 inchs and his balls and together we succeeded in getting him to shoot his load. I watched as he swallowed every drop. I wondered later if he could also get that thing up his butt. I wish I had asked.
Alot of you Jackie 60 regulars might remember my friend Jane (from the BBC). She was the one in the DJ Booth always with some piece of Latino eyecandy or some exotic Arabian knight. She would usually be the one reaping the benefits of late-night "Party Naked". I recently found out that she keeps a journal of her (s)exploits. I read one chapter about Redline Richie that was incredible. She also has one on Flowrider. I've asked her to start posting here. You will drool!
One of her obsessions for years now has been professional boxers. She knows them all! Chi Chi and I ran into her the other night as she was dragging ****** (had to delete his name, unbelievably devastating middleweight beauty) into her love-lair. Even Mommy gagged! Jane is a true Jackie legend. I hope I can get her here to show you why.
(Baldwins right away!)

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being back at my dad's house for the start of STH is just TOO perfect. AND the current news stories to boot... let's begin.

when my dad remarried (the first time) i got a new stepmother and two stepbrothers. l****, the older of the two, was a year younger than me and lived at my dad's house with his mom. and it was his bedroom - the bottom bunk to be exact - that i would stay in on my "bi"-weekly visits to that house. (every other weekend, natch.)

we were at a very curious age. and even before our parents married we were learning together the joys of masturbation and the excitement of ejaculation. it was all so new!!

neither of us considered ourselves gay so we approached it through "truth or dare" - always including both of us daring the other at some point to "suck my dick." this relationship went on for YEARS - me, between 14-17; him, 13-16. we would jerk off together, jerk each other off, watch each other jerk off, suck each other's dicks... but NO kissing and NO anal anything. (i remember one time i almost came just laying naked next to each other.) and we would do it over and over again each night that we were together. and our parents were asleep on the other side of the wall. we did it in hotels on family trips, in the boathouse at our lakehouse, in a guestroom at my grandmother's...

i just this week found out that i was the first in a string. he and his school friends were playing the same kinda games when he would go spend the night out. (that little boy whore!!)

what i wouldn't give for one more night with him. especially now when i think of him in his new job... (can you handle this???)

George W.'s personal assistant!!!!
as in, the smithers to his mr. burns.
as in, when laura calls her husband my step-bro answers the cell phone.
as in, he's got the president's "pilot" in his palm!!

hmmm, maybe i could talk my way into a night in lincoln's bedroom. but only if he came along.
get this...
my sister told me about the other boyz!
she still runs with some of his old friends.

AND she told me that there's an article about him in the current issue of TALK magazine - the one with herr rudy on the cover. (i'll post the page number as soon as i see it for myself.) just look for the picture of him carrying the "first dog."

then ask yourself - which one in this picture is really BUSH'S BITCH??!!
A few years back I gave up a broom closet share on Seventh Street & First Ave and moved to a huge, two bedroom apartment in Park Slope with a plutonic gay male friend. (I only stayed there a year before deciding I couldn't deal with the commute and fled back to Manhattan). Anyway, my roommate and I agreed to have separate phone lines, and I used a pre-existing one in my bedroom. But my roomie had to have a brand new one installed, so he arranged for a NYNEX guy to come out on a Saturday morning.

Low and behold, it's Saturday morning, but my roomie never came home Friday night (he forgot the appointment and crashed at his boyfriend's pad). I'm sleeping in my bed wearing only my boxer-briefs when the door buzzes. I get up, put on my robe and see it's the phone guy. He's alone, about 5'6" and a total Guido, black hair, green eyes, a goatee, about 30 y.o. Stocky build. Big lips. Instantly I'm hot, I usually have raging hard-ons first thing in the morning anyway. I let him in and show him to my roomie's bedroom and he gets to work. After a few minutes of course I go back in there and offer him some water, but this time only in my boxer briefs with my 7 1/2" hard-on clearly visible. He looks me over and says "yes" to the water, which I bring back in a moment later. I wait in the living room some more, then he finishes installing my roomie's phone line.

Then I told him I'd like to give him a tip for his trouble. He asks in his best Bensonhurst accent, "what did you have in mind?" at which point I start to unzip his fly. He says, "wait a second", drops his toolbox, goes to the sofa, drops his jeans and briefs, sits down and spreads his legs really wide and this fat, ultra-thick hard 7-incher is staring back at me. I drop to my knees in front of him and he installed the real tool into my hungry mouth. I devoured that pole like it was the last one on Earth, until he got so aroused he stood up, grabbed my head and starts fucking my mouth! Then he pulls out just in time to shoot a thick wad of jism all over my neck and chin.

We didn't say a word as he dressed, but when I unlocked the door to let him out he says, "thanks for the tip".
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Once when I was in Rome at the train station, I stopped into the men's room ( again!) and was standing at the open urinals when a young male hustler came in. Walking up to the urinal next to me he quickly flopped out a perfect example of an italian sausage. Long and thick and an endless foreskin, he let it hang there as he rolled his big brown eyes at me and smiled. He put it back in his pants and walked toward the door looking back at me to follow him. We walked to an empty train parked to the side of the trainyard and entered an empty car. He quickly unzipped my fly . Dropping to his knees he started sucking my dick and not to well I thought. He had both hands on my butt and was moving his hands all around furiously. Suddenly I was aware that he had taken my wallet out of my back pocket and had put it in his boot.. I let him continue to suck my dick as I fucked his throat and held him tightly by the hair until I shot my load down his throat. He stood up, smiled and wiped his mouth, muttered something in italian under his breath and ran out the door. I counted to three and followed him. He never looked back once to see if I was behind him. I followed him out of the station and down the avenue. Turning up a side street he ducked into an alley to count his booty. As he had my wallet open and was just about to examine the contents, I reached around behind him and grabbed it out of his hand. He swung around in disbelief and his jaw dropped when he saw me. I said in italian " Wrong! I'm from New York City baby and where I come from we will pay for it but there's no need to steal." I handed him the italian eqivelent of $10 and said" That's about all that sloppy blow-job of yours was worth but if you wanna make another $50 drop your pants and bent over." Without missing a beat, he dropped his pants and bent over, revealing a beautiful ass and an already greased hole. I fucked him in the alley for at least 20 mins until he, jerking off as he rode my big dick, collapsed in a heap shooting his load all over his leg. I gave him the fifty and a big wet kiss on those full lips and told him to stop stealing from his tricks. He was sitting on the ground smiling up at me with his pants still around his ankles when I walked away.
This past weekend, I went up to the Adirondacks to get a brief respite from war-torn Manhattan. I took Amtrak to a small town in the foothills, then a taxi to the cottage of an old friend. I had been given the keys, so I had the whole place to myself. I had forgotten that 1) It's 20 degrees colder in the mountains this time of year, and 2) hunting season is at full throttle right about now. Well, since I neglected to bring anything red, I was not going to venture into the woods at all, so I settled down with a few good books and a full fridge.
One morning, I got up and was sitting out on the verandah, catching a few rays of sun, when a brown pickup truck drove by, then came back and stopped. A guy got out, maybe in his forties and introduced himself to me. Very weathered and huge hands. A few broken teeth in his mouth. He knew my friend and said his name was Bill. Nice blue eyes. He told me he was just starting a goat farm nearby and had lived in the area all his life. As soon as he found out I was from New York, he began to tell me how his wife didn't understand him. I, of course, took that as a cue and invited him in. Soon, I got sick of listening to the particulars of goat farming, and went for the gold. His body was nearly hairless and and built from, I dunno, pullin' a plow himself. His dick was about 10 inches and uncut and fat as a tree limb. Wotta logger! And he sure knew how to eat ass. Guess there really is gold in them... Anyway, we must've carried on for six hours. Then he got up and said he had to pick up his 19 year old son who was out hunting. I said, well feel free to send your son over too. He smiled and said we'll see.
The next day the same truck pulls up and a young guy gets out, about 19 or so and introduces himself. All I can say is, like father, like son. In every way.
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