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i know...sell out, period. she doesn't need the money, but i guess she wants to push her single just a bit more.

she does have a smart marketing sensibility though to her credit. mashing up holiday and her new "hit" hollywood is pretty cutting edge for a mainstream gap ad and definitely is something she culled from going out to dance clubs of late, and pulling missy elliot in for the hip hop groove was smart for broader appeal.

Sadly, I have to agree with all on this. While my love of her music is unflagging, this is all just so tacky. I really can't believe that the Gap will see a $10 million turn around in sales thanks to these spots. And though there was a line around the block at the Gap's midtown flagship store of people wanting to buy these stupid new jeans on the morning after the commercial debuted...I think the spike in sales will be as fleeting as all of the summer movie "blockbusters" have been.
If she made out with "Messy" I would really be impressed!
That girl will do ANYTHING to get attention.

And speaking of the devil...
as I was typing this my wife just came in and handed me a note from M's old boyfriend. (the REAL love of her life -from Jellybean through Sean Penn) I guess he's out of jail now and wants to get together...

And what do you mean "Old Tart" Anna Nicole?
What does that make ME?

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Yikes, talk about being totally Swept Away!!
I watched the MTV Awards last night and I must admit that Madonna, the old bitch, and her two young whores, Britney and Christina, absolutely stole the show. I am talking about the opening number when Britney and Christina come out dressed as hot & horny "virgin" brides (they are singing "Like A Virgin") and then the old fetish bitch Madonna comes out all in tight black and looking very FETISH like she is the top and both her young whores are the BOTTOMS. Talk about being and getting HOT. Yikes, I swear both Britney and Christina were absolutely fawning over Madonna. They looked HOPELESSLY DEVOTED to her - like they were willing to DIE for their Bitch Goddess.

I am willing to bet the shaky, wavering way Madonna was singing was probably because she had just gotten done sexually pleasuring both of them backstage before coming out. Hey, it was HOT!!!!
Yawnnnn is SO right...
The only thing i can give Madge props on is that ole rumor that she used to troll around Alphabet city in a limo pickin up boyz... now THAT I would applaud.... (and that fab story that David Blane told on radio that she used to go to his house and give her a bloweey and then he would ask her to leave! i know he's a wanker just I would LOVE to blow blane)....
I agree that this rates a great big yawn, yet as I surfed past MSNBC the following night, there was a whole panal of irate and indignant people hootiin' and hollerin' about how immoral it was. A woman with long blonde hair was so angry that Madonna had done this when she "has children at home...." Talk about making an issue out of nothing.
Well, so I am not work on Friday, everybody was talking about it, and I finally had had enough, and let them have an earful.

September always seems a time of passage and milestones for me. Twenty years ago, I started college fleeing the oppression of the manicured suburbs for the heart of downtown DC, 10 years ago this month I moved to NYC, and now I am matriculated again, and of course there is another 2 year milestone heading towards all of us next week. I digress, my point being that 20 years ago this month I walked into Melody Records on Connecticut Ave in DC and bought the Madonna album after hearing Holiday at Badlands- the "new" gay bar at the time, with its blues & greys, neon, and overzealous smoke machine made the orange/brown Lost & Found seem so 70s gay passe. Like we have all heard before, I was among many who was surprised she was caucasian. And I was the dutiful gay boy fan for years, fascinated with her shenanigans, loving her music, and reading everything I could about her, and then taking my niece to the concert 2 years ago, which she thought was a big yawn- she was more into the fact that everybody was jealous of her going.

People, the emperor has no clothes! This is not new, not shocking, and just a transparent marketing ploy to stimulate flagging sales on that tired new album Madonna spewed forth last spring, which also has nothing new on it. She kissed a girl 12 years ago in the Justify My Love video, and the girl was dressed as a boy. MTV banned the video, and I dutifully ran out and bought the video single for $5.99 which I played maybe 2-3 times, then tired of it (and I still have it), while Madonna laughed all the way to the bank. I bought American Life, and I like a couple of songs, but not worth the $14.99 I plopped down to get it. She has always been very shrewd and successful in her marketing strategies, and tuned into the zeitgeist, but this was too obvious in my opinion.

What we saw was human behavior, and it shouldn't be shocking, it was a kiss (and Tatu already did it, and better I may add). Though I am sure there are straight men across the nation jerking off to thoughts of Madonna and Britney lip-locked in a scissoring frenzy, but it is just not all that exciting anymore. Britney has had her 3 album pop princess arc, so she needs to literally pull a new rabbit out of hat or she will just fade away (ironically as Justin's stardom skyrockets); however, kissing Madonna is not the way to do that. Christina, well, she probably has kissed a woman before, and I think she went along with it because she has an album and a tour to promote, and I don't blame her for some reason. But Britney and Madonna- it just really was shameless showboating to lift their sagging careers and keep people talking, when all we really want to do is yawn.
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When will people wake up and see what crap she is doing these days.... anyone who is still 'into' Madonna is caught up in the hype the Kings New Clothes is right.... amazing spin doctoring...clever SHE IS... talented and iconoclast she ain't....

NEW YORK (AP) -- Listen up, Madonna fans. With her first children's book about to be published, the singer has recorded a special audio message for shoppers on

"Have you ever heard of the `English Roses"? she says, referring to the book's title. "Here is what they are not: A box of chocolates. A football team. Flowers growing in the garden.

"`The English Roses' is the first of five stories I have written. It deals with the subject of envy and jealousy and how these emotions cause so much unnecessary suffering in our lives."

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