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Dearest Mboards community

On April Fools (Thursday April 1, 2010) we turn NINE years old! As birthdays are a time of reflection, we've been thinking of ways to make the user experience even richer, and perhaps, should the community choose, add some social features as well.

The Motherboards has always thrived on being apart from whatever the dominant social networking platforms were, from Friendster through MySpace. The past two years have seen the explosive growth of both Facebook and Twitter for many of our users. We hypothesize that you would enjoy tools to integrate your Motherboards posts with your existing Facebook or Twitter accounts, but that might not be true.

Many of the best solutions to achieve this would involve freezing the eight years of posts stored here and asking everyone to re-register on a new version of the Mboards. I am not sure this is wise as some of our forums (like the Club Chronicles, NYC Girls, Endless Night and best of) have become a kind of wiki for night culture, and this would stop new entries on those topics altogether.

On the positive side of a full restart would be more features found on other social network sites, including free photo and video uploads. So, it is a hard decision to make.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, either way. And any change coming would be during our usual summer upgrade period in July, so it is a ways off.

In closing, thanks for your tremendous support of this crazy little bit of cyberspace for all these years. And Happy B-day!
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Happy Birthday Motherboards !
It is weirdly gratifying to have peripheral sensation of being a constituent part of some technical organism like this.

Whatever decisions you've made up to now have kept the boards vital and still a lot of fun as well as a great place to catch a short list of parties, otherworld news, etc. So I feel fine deferring to what you may decide about the future of the boards.
For myself, I'm not on Facebook or Twitter so upgrading to include cross-site amenities does not matter to me. Would there be a way to
re-launch and engineer it so all current Mboard members would get their registration migrated?
Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying this beautiful anniversary weather if you're in Gotham..

Thanks to those who sent me a PM or email on the topic of integration with Facebook, Twitter etc. I think most peeps seem to want to keep their identities separate here, which I TOTALLY get.

Some respondents want the option to post topics we participate in here (or just find interesting) to Facebook or to Twitter via or similar, so I will definately be focusing on those to start.

Thanks again and keep those opinions coming y'all
Really good news - it looks like the new iteration of Infopop/Eve/Social Strata will carry the Mboards forward with some new features like being able to post YouTube videos directly and "share" your posts in public forums. Seems like it will do this without losing either our user identities OR our nine years of posts!

The best time for us to make this change is the beginning of July, so we will probably go offline for a few days while we move. Of course we will give plenty of notice when we have the dates. Looking forward to SERVING you Social Media features without changing your Mboard experience!

Delighted Smile yinyang Cool
My great shame that I missed MB B-day! and Happy (very... I'm sorry...) Belated Birthday!!!
That will be interesting idea that MB is going to be associated with facebook/twitter and finally I will be motivated to use those...
Facebook: I registered a while ago then haven't used it for I got upset that someone I didn't expect found me in minutes after my registration.
Twitter: I tested by subscribing Machine (Dazzle)'s, but never got a single twit from her then forgot about it Confused When I had a chance to speak to her, I found out she has so many shows and don't have time to twit!? (I understand that thinking about the tremendous amount of time she spends on her make up & costume...)
I really hope I can still access to MB archieve after the change because that is my most valuable labyrinth of deep, decadant NY night club, art and culture! rose rose rose
An update on the Motherboards spiffy new features:

We will be staying with our interface and general setup here, but adding several social networking features between now and July.

The first I am happy to say is already operative - you can now embed videos in any post. When you open your new topic or reply window, you will see on the toolbar a new button second from right. It has a filmstrip on it - just hit that and insert your embed code (from YouTube etc.) between the +++FLASH_VIDEO+++ +++/FLASH_VIDEO+++

Hit "post now" and you should be all set!

News of this and other features will be posted to this topic and their own "Mouth of the Motherboards" topics as they go live in July.
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