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Michael T in his "television" directorial debut presents
"The Undead Rocky Shock Treatment Phantom of the Paradise Rock N Roll Horror Show"
An absurd send up on rock and roll musicals and some winks and nods to classic horror movies.
Rob A Lou as a Rock n Roll Ghoul Stud
Rob Buchwald as an Asshole and moonlighting "Juicy Fruit"
Joanna Choy as a Slut
Felix Hess as a Butler and Deranged Dr.
Emma Craig as a Domestic and Unlicensed Nurse
Subie as a Groupie
Eddie as the Monster who would not Die
Jack Sullivan as a Transylvanian
Shannon Fatale as a Transylvanian
Nick Naro as a "Juicy Fruit"
Jeremy Fury as a "Juicy Fruit"
David Slone as Wolfman Jack-O
Michael T as Dr. Frank N Swan
The Undeads
Julian Maile-Guitar
Jeff Gordon-Bass
Ben Jaffe-Sax
Harry Morris-Acoustic Guitar
Bobby Moller-Drums
Filmed and Edited by Christopher Smith and Rob Buchwald
Recorded and Engineered by Alan Camlet


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