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Makes sense to pay homage to my favorite jackie here on her transmogrified self , since the night I refer to is Interjackie, when the glamnerd debuted the early fetish interfaces right around the birth of the web. The cybersluts were especially delicious as I recall.

I also seem to remember a digital pirate subtext, but maybe that's because my friend was dressed that way. It was a great big synergy night, something that only a few places can ever pull off - here torture garden comes to mind. Those early computer-club morphs were still very exciting to stumble on for a programmer / nightclubber like me.
My favorite night of all has to be the Home Shopping Network, because it was my first night ever at Jackie. I had been told my several different people- "oh, you would love Jackie." So I went one night, and it was packed to the rafters, but when I walked in I was entraced by Marti and Jessica on stage- dialing the phone, teasing each other's hair, etc. Like nothing I had ever seen before. What I wore will not be discussed, though I remember it too well, as such things have long since been extricated from my wardrobe. The show was Big Sue II...and I remember thinking what a talented bunch people- so Mickey & Judy putting on a dazzling show. Later, Sweetie sans Big Sue attire, walked by me, said to some boys "hiya fellas." I thought she was so mean (and I was scared of her)...little did I know that she was exactly like her name Sweetie (and she would become one of my best friends in NYC). Not till later on at other nights did I discover the carnal pleasures of the downstairs bathrooms and the omnipresent lurking chaser(s), but the memories of that night, and seeing a new world that had never been available to me elsewhere (tired DC)...and then living it (literally & figuratively) for 7 years on. I doubt such a phenomena will be repeated.
my favorite jackie theme would have to be the ball at ascot 1900. to me that was the most beautiful night. i loved getting to work and seeing the entire staff dressed and ready to entertain.
other highlights were walking in and not being recognized or having to ask "who is that"
someother very special events would have to include, california uber alleys, please kill me, low life, men, women and drag, i'm not a coke whore; i'm a model,telemundo 60, the absinthe drinkers........
what i miss most of all was being lucky enough to be fully accepted by a family,in a space with and for the most wonderful loving and creative people i have ever known. the energy was amazing, i miss worring about what i would wear for next weeks theme. at least we have the monthly parties. it's all here now and i'm happy to be included. thank you chi chi, johnny, hattie, kitty and the entire staff i miss seeing all of you on a weekly basis. all my love,
michael ford (dresscode)
i have so many favorie themes-i guess after 10 years we must of had over 500 themes-some i don't remember -and often i didn't see all the shows as i was at the door.
sid lives was one of my favories with amanda lepores astounding performance-and johny tingle and jenny genocide as sid and nancy.the witches of the east village with clark,art and eve as the spice girls was a memorable moment.marties shoe dance always made me come off the door to watch the show!!!
others i remember fondly
bowie boys
goth disco
jackies food network (i'm a avid food channel watcher -two fat ladies used to be my favorite now its the naked chef!!!!)
dead elvis
bettie page! of course
geisha night-debbie performed
after the blast

anyway i will post again more of my favories!-once my head recovers from hatties birthday partie last night !!!
Although I am a Brown Party fanatic, I have to admit it's the performances that I miss the most and the onstage banter between Chi, Paul, Hattie and assorted guest verbalists. little Annie intoxicating a crowd of non believers, amanda & her poodle balloons, Armen & his whistle, Billy Beyond doing anything always brilliantly, Heather Rabbit serving booty & fierce domidetermination, Clark & David almost getting into a fight over the correct Tallulah hair, Michael O'Brien at Verbal abuse, seeing Kitty sweet yet all knowing smile as you entered and exited, dancing to records that only Dynel would have the courage to play, mting the oddest assortment of strangers, old friends, nuisances and genius's all withing 4 hours of sheer debauchery.
We're dying to relive it, except that Betty Badum is no longer reliving anything. I loved her carefully counting the tiny specks of glitter with a pair of oversized joke tweezers from Gordon Novelties (still the best store in showbusiness.) It seemed to carry on for at least five minutes. Fascinating theater! And why the neck brace? Will we ever know? The "Prozac Finale" was all her idea. I remember John telling us cast members just minutes before the curtain...
At the end, just KEEP GOING! Don't stop 'till they throw us off the stage!
Truley inspired. We never apologized to the audience for that show. I guess we never will. I'd love to try and top it...but it's so hard to get a decent booking at Bellview.
Absolutely LOVED Klingon Women ... so bizarre and inspired! And Foreskin Fiesta - - the name alone sums it up.

Of course, I'm slightly partial to a largely-overlooked theme called Black Like Jackie, circa 1992 when my ex and I, at the time performing in our band Louis Quatorze, mounted the stage in blackface and sang one of our original songs, "tiger! tiger!" which was all about the adventure of Little Black Sambo whipping a tiger into pancakes. Complete with spatulas and doo-rags.
That was you???
I remember that show, it was genius!
"Black like Jackie" was good as was "Fidler In The Hood" but I think we really perfected Blackness in '99 with "Uncle Charlie's Cabin". Truly one of my faves. It was so over the top! It's really hard to shock people today, especially at one of our events but...
black total top masters and their white pussy boy slaves in cages and all set in the pre-civil war South had people's jaws on the floor! I remember black stud Joseph all dressed hardcore in leather mask and whip screaming at his white pussy boy (played brilliantly by Larry Goldhuber) "Nigger, lick my boots." People gagged! And Hattie as Harriet Tubman dressed in her victorian bussel running onto the stage screaming "Don't whip that boy, slavery is wrong!" and Joseph smacking her and saying, "Shut up you abolitionist bitch! My slaves are happy. They love getting whipped." And Larry just looking up at his master with loving eyes. It was so brilliant I could hardly DJ because the action on stage was so riviting. And who could forget Michael T's performance as "Snoop Truthy Truth"? Didn't he win a Jackie Award for it? And of course that was also the night we had an early birthday for the famous black artist Cara Walker (known for her Afro-centric paintings of slavery etc). It was totally a coincidence. They called to rent the club early for her party. We were of course thrilled and looked on the calendar and almost died. It was the same night as the Jackie Slavery party! We told them about it and they actually thought it was very funny and loved the idea. I think some of her guests were a little confused, but she really got it and was great. That's what we used to call "Jackie Syncronisity". Jackie keepin' it real!

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I missed that! You know I am practically on the floor laughing as I read your description of it! Those plantation scenarios! You know I have a gay male Jewish friend who's totally NOT involved in the club world and he LIVES for black and latino studs, she even bought a brownstone in HARLEM. I try to explain sometimes to him all the Jackie themes and gatherings and why I love it so much, but he's kind of uncreative and doesn't really get it. But WAIT until I tell him all you've just told me! Now I think he'll understand ... in addition to getting a little moist and worked up.

And yes, that was me in Louis Quatorze years ago at Black Like Jackie, before I started shaving my head. The Black Like Jackie performance held special significance for both my ex and I because we're both mulatto (one black parent and one white parent) so we discussed all things black-interracial often. Alas, the marriage didn't last ... the romance and business got too mixed up and out of control, just like in Fleetwood Mac (except we never scored a top 40 hit).

What was the more recent Jackie where Sweetie came out in an immense purple wig with giant corkscrew curls and a little pink minidress lipsynching to Lil' Kim? I laughed so hard my heart went into convulsions and was so enthralled I could've laid down and eaten her out right then and there!

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funny I was just talking jackie with some friends who were visiting from London. Then 24 hrs. later I find this topic.

I probly only went to 20 jackies but I had many favorite themes like shoe ball, geisha nite with DEBBIE HARRY and the Lillith Fair.

alltime favoriet and my first jackie was cokewhore -I still have the flyer on my wall.
There were so many amazing evenings but Jackie's baby was spot on. The sick nannies Go Go followed by the Perfect Basil Twist's Jackie's baby puppet Singing your "Goin str8 to Hell" And do not for get the Johnny Dynell set that looked like a haunted mansion. I will never forget when Chi Chi said at the end of Basil's performance " We have been having sex here for 9 years and we finally had a baby" Also late night was quite wild that night.

I also have to mention Connie in "Steal this Invite" My I quote the great Miss Fleming " You stupid white mother fuckers now look what you did you made me git my afro in my eye." (She uses the tip of her machine gun to brush aside her 2' fro.) "See how whitey do you!"

I've got to weigh in on this one, belatedly (maybe in a ressurectionist posting here), although the Jackie movie is still in progress(?)

Yes, the Post-Apocalyptic Xmas was devine - Ambrosia gift-wrapped me in red Serran-Wrap on-stage that night.

The "Jackie;s Baby" was also a classic and pure Jackie genius, with the evil stroller, J. Constantine and Basil's puppet child.

"I'm Not a Cokewhore" - also a big fave.

But I'd have to give the top honors to the Queen of Baltimore, or something along those lines(?) All the Charm City/John Waters trash-glamour-realness. Being biased, as a native of the town, I somehow ended up going on and on from the on-stage seat of honor as "Miss Angie-o-Plasty" with some blond fellow, downing Rolling Rocks and spouting my best "Bawlmorese" until Daddy came up and reprimanded me to "stop saying the same thing over and over." Anyone recall that one? My hair was in curlers under a pink hairnet, hon.
I still like the Best Body Modification contest that was part of one of the Ball revival theme nights, when a beautific young boy pulled out his tool to display a piercing done with what had to be a to two pound padlock.

Tina and Ahrlene have loads of Jackie pics, I know. But you may have already hit on them.
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I just came across this invite to "Donatellith fair".
(One year's take on "7th on 6th Fashion Week".

This was the dresscode:
Suggested dress: Chanel guitar straps, Indigo Girls Vs. As Four, Vera Wang gowns with Erykah Badu headwraps, Mary McFadden gothgirl eveningwear, Sarah McLachlan custom jewelry, recycled 7th on 6th gift bags, Versace couture with armpit merkins, crystal-studded "Take Back The Night" or Greenpeace tshirts or Prada Peasant looks.


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I don't remember the theme, but my favorite theme was when Daddy showed up in a dress...and to think I had such a crush on him till that point! It was a blue silk number and Daddy wore it "properly"...meaning no pants/stirrups/leggings underneath. That image is forever burned on my circuits. Fortunately, I was able to overlook that little incident and revived my love afffair with least in my mind.

Mister X
You know that's a topic in itself "Daddy Crush" cos i think it's a right of passage for the Jackie family to all have a crush on Daddy at least one time. It's like when u start a new high school and there's always ONE teacher that everyone crushes on... that's our daddy. The Empress is like the Headmistress that everyone looks up too , the one who walks around the halls in mysterious flowing gown...but the one that you are scared of if you are sent to her office for 'the cane'.
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Oh Bobby, I guess it's true. I'm sure 90% of the people in the Versailles room were secretly harboring a crush on daddy, they just wouldn't come out and admit it. I do remember that in spite of the drag, daddy did wear "sensible shoes" (read: flats!)...i guess kiki-ing and dj-ing in heels was just too much of a commitment. After all a girl has to be comfy sometime. I also remember daddy on stage bike shorts. Is it me, or is it hot in here?
my favorite all time jackie theme was and always will be the brown party. it's time to celebrate all things brown again- brown recycled paper sketch pads, brown sharpies, brown ultrasued pants trimeed in brown corduroy, brown silk jersey dresses with big brown baby bonnets and brown adidas with brown fishnets layered over torn brown fogal tights, brown food but not brownies, and brown alternative lifestyles such as charlie brownism and the brown / beige radical polital sect that resides in brownsville.
Well, Jonah and daddy aren't really the same, Jonah was height. And my big, huge... closet just keeps growing. I did wear the Costume Institute's bequeath-ment yesterday (courtesy of Gennaro, bless his soul) to work, love it to death. Bobby, I miss you terribly. I did want to ask you daddy, remember when Romy Haag performed at Jackie? Did anyone ever video tape (yes, befor there was DV there was video) the performance? I'll pay top dollar for the footage...

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