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I really don't know.
I would guess either Charlie Atlas or Tina Paul would be the only ones.

We just saw Gennaro in the Provincetown bone yard. He sends his best.
Did you know him Julien (I mean Mister X)?
He would have slit your throat for 45 seconds in that closet of yours.
I know that he is very happy that someone like you (meaning someone who knows how to wear Westwood correctly) is wearing his Westwwod.
Oh Ilsa, you are killing me.
I was just thinking about that theme tonight!
It is definitely one of my very favorites.

The Herstory:
In the early 1980's I was marginally involved in the early Hip Hop scene. It was so great in those early daze. Hip Hop was new and VERY up beat. But by the late 80's / early 90's it was just starting to get dark and "thuggy". Rap Groups like "The Funky Four Plus One More" were being replaced with groups like "N.W.A." aka "Niggers With Attitude" (I do love that name though). "Public Enemy" (another great name) were coming on to the scene (actually threatening me one night when I didn''t play their record). They had just released their angry album "Fear Of A Black Planet". It was the beginnings of "Gangsta". You know, Nigga this, Nigga that, mutha fuckin' bitch this, mutha fuckin' bitch that bla bla bla...
I hated it.
So "Fear Of A Blonde Pussy" was The House Of Domination's little way of calling it the way they saw it.

The image was a Dominatrix (I think it was Muffy Domination's legs that I shot) in fish nets and heels with her legs spread apart so it made an "A". It was cut off right at the muff with F.O.A.B.P.
Fear Of A Blonde Pussy

I remember at the top of the invite it said:
To be blonde and concious in Amerika is to be in a constant state of rage.
– Mad Dog Domination

And at the bottom it said:
At Jackie 60 we don't respect women...
We worship them.

It was hot.
You have good taste Nancy.
(figgers you'd like the one with "pussy"" in it!)

I mean, a lot of people even at that time were saying how misoginous rap records were becoming. The whole pimp thing etc.
We just thought is was so funny
-these 16 and 17 year old boys trying to play it off like they are these big bad pimps with all their bitches and hos.
It's so Jr. High School.
I think "Fear Of A Blonde Pussy" got a lot closer to the truth about Rap Music than "The Village Voice" ever did if you know what I mean.

We could really explore a lot of sensitive issues in a Jackie theme. People didn't look at what we were saying the same way they did...
well, The Villge Voice.
We had a lot more freedom.

Anyone remember "Gay Jamaica"?
That was a hot one as well.

It got personal.
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Oh Daddy, I went back and looked at the invite archives and it brought a tear to my eye. FOABP is actually one of the ones on there (in there?). Then I went through the themography. Jeepers. How did all that happen? I'm just so glad I was there to witness/be a part of some of it. Now if only I could remember it.... Goddamn that Hattie and her 16 count pour!

The other day I remembered one day in the office when Mommy scheduled a meeting with some computer company/internet doodie just to wreck him and we put the gigantic dildo on the desktop on top of her papers. He was so terrified you'd a thunk it was plutonium. Good times...good times...
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As I remember it...
Didn't you guys put like 15 of those big dildos all around the office, including the chair that you invited him to sit on?

More Herstory, The famous Jackie 60 Dildos:
Someone in the "Jackie Family" brought in a big garbage bag full of gigantic dildos one day.
He said, "Here, I'm sure you guys can use these. They used to belong to ******. He gave them to me but I just use them as pull toys for my rottweilers".

They were HUGE!
All sorts of crazy looking things, some as big as Jonah Falcon. They were great. We had so much fun with them.
(Well OK, I used to get stupid with them).
As a matter of fact, there is a very scandalous "love scene" in the Jackie Movie between me and Javier and that big 3 foot monster dildo that I used to swing around.
It's hysterical. It looks so real. It's very scary.
(It's not quite Jessica Rabbit and Genocide Domination's famous moment in "Requiem for a Dream" but almost).

I wish I could tell you guys who these huge dildos belonged to but this person is sober now and after some major ass surgery has gotten his act together.
(I would have given anything to have seen his "act" before the ass surgery!)

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Who knew that those dildos would come in handy so much?
I will never forget the launch party at Jackie. Some of the boys brought by the webmaster were supposed to do a naked, nasty show in silhouette behind a screen, and advertise their "equipment." Unfortunately, those "models" decided it would be cute to hoover up some crystal meth in the dressing room a few minutes prior to showtime. Needless to say all those lusty and angry red 10X6" members decided to retreat to a pale and withered 1X2"-- I believe it is called "crystal dick." And hungry man holes, you know, do not "read" too well in a shadow play... Daddy saved the day by appearing behind the screen with the most gnarly and tooth-marked of those dog bone dildos. The crowd, however, wasn't falling for it. I even heard boos. Most mortifying indeed.

Sorry to hear that N...'s back door is out of commission. It was one of the things I always liked about him. Glad to hear he is clean and sober though. And should you see him Daddy, just tell him that anything you could do while you were drugged, you can do twice as well when you are clean and sober... anything! Eek
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I've been emailing back and forth with Jackie Legend Mo B. Dick who lives in L.A. now.
She wrote this very funny memory and said that I could post it for her.

I truly miss all those wonderful daze at Mother - what an incredible time in my life. My most cherished moment in all th 11 years I was in NYC was at Jackie 60 awards show when I was backstage wearing 1/2 man 1/2 woman outfit talking to John Paul Jones while Chi Chi was smoking a joint, Flowrider was naked under a trench coat jerking off so he could streak across th stage, Hatty in drag sipping a coke, Johnny Tingle & gal pal getting into character as Sid & Nancy and you were playing this hypnotic music that lent a most trippy effect to this incredibly surreal moment. Life has never been th same since then - thank you !
much love & respect

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