Please post a short message here to tell all you are allright. We are all concerned.

Ted n Di

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more to come, I pray

Kylie dear -

We are NOT going to let a mere terrorist catclysm stop us, rest assured. Thanks for your love and concern - we will continue to post here as everyone is heard from.

We have heard from Kitty Boots (whose film production office was a block from WTC so we were concerned) Johnny and I are okay but deeply shaken - the first plane flew within feet of our roof I am told.

Besides this topic and the other one here - to all our friends, I have deleted some topics that should have been posts to consolidate our reactions and make the forums easy to read.

I have also started a topic in Another NY - Waiting For The End of the World" for first-hand accounts of this unprecedented day.
If you live or work near the Buildings Formerly Known As WTC 1 or 2 stop by and share your thoughts..

One last thing -
I have heard there is an urgent need for blood but the phone numbers of the Red Cross are jammed and there are no downtown locations listed on their website. If anyone can find out what hospitals are taking donations downtown and post it here it would be much appreciated. (We don't want to just go to some hellish scene and make it worse..)

I'm going out for a drink...
I departed JFK at 7:00 AM for a Salt Lake City connection. (I had turned down a flight to San Francisco, (from Newark?), agent said SFO gets fogged in too much). Over Nebraska the captain put out the speed brakes and we began a rapid descent to Omaha. They said it was a problem with air traffic control.

On the ground I had a very concerned voice msg from my sister, who told me what happened.

I will be in Omaha until they tell us we can move again. I can't wait to get out of here so I can volunteer to help turn Afghanistan into a parking lot.

I hope we're all ok....
Pray for those poor souls who are the victims of this incomprehensible evil.

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in case you haven't tried to give blood recently (or ever)...
they will NOT accept your donation if you answer on the screening form that you are gay or have had homosexual sex in like the last twenty years.
SO LIE!!!!!

if you know you're healthy just tell 'em you're straight and give 'em yer juice.
Kitty made it home recently - they are letting people walk over the Williamsburg bridge it seems. Thanks for those who emailed to offer shelter for her. Rob, who also works way downtown, is fine. Johnny's ex DJ assistant Angel who works in WTC made it out from the 28th floor- he is totally shellshocked of course.

7 World Trade has just collapsed...
May all of our loved ones be alright.

The news here in Australia is scary. There is talk of America going to war. Of thousands dead. I wish I could send blood from Australia.

I have been up watching this since it began for me here at 11:30pm here/about. It's 7:30 am now. Desperate to reach loved ones in NYC.

If you will, pray with me?

Dear Goddess
Dear God
Dear any Deity who is listening;

Protect those injured and awating help, may they or as many as is possible be found safe;

Shine on those unhurt, we all need each other now;

Bless the internet, it's my lifeline to you all;

Cradle those who were lost in you divine light, may they be at rest;

Thank you dearest Deity for those who were spared;

Bless those who can give blood, may there be enough;

Bless my nurse and parameic friends and any of yours too who are helping those hurt, may they be safe to help others;

Bless the MotherBoards, so we can all reassure each other we are OK. May we lose no-one.

And please, please, dear Deity,
may this planet not go to war.

Amen, Awoman and Blessed Be.

Any word on Lee Chapel?

I made it home to my animals(Tommy is away-so they were alone)-thank god-the L train was running-they would not let us walk into manhatten on williamsburg bridge-they were using it for people leaving manhatten-finally the L train started to run.My production office for the film i am working on is at fulton and nassau-fortuently we were in brooklyn -today for the last three weeks we have been in that office everyday at that time- the three people left to man the office were evacuated-in that horrendous smoke-but are o.k.Of course the film people just called to give me a 7 am call in brooklyn tomorrow-i feel like not leaving my house for a while!!!
I spoke to some other friends of mine and they just want to leave town.
An officer I was talking to at the airport said that they were briefed of the possibility of a second round. Please be extra careful and vigilant!

The Prez is just down the street from me at the Air Force base. I guess that makes me pretty safe?

UPDATE: Heard report that van was stopped in NJ loaded with explosives, apparently headed for the GW or other bridge.

I reserved my room for another night just in case we remain grounded.

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Heather Eve

Daniel aka (DJ Maximus)

are both ok.


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Hi again Kylie

The first message on my machine today after my mother (who of course reprimanded me for sleeping through the day) was Lee Chapel asking if me and his friend, my Isreali roommate,Tom, were OK. I immediately thought somebody was rounding up all the gay and tranny Jews, until I got awake and rationale enough to turn on the TV.

So far no one I know of personally or love, has been harmed!

From Baby Dee:
Hello friends
Does anybody out there know *******? I'm concerned because last I knew she was working at the World Trade Center. She was my roomate for years but I lost contact with her a few years back. She's a tranny but not a nightclub tranny -- more of a regular girl type. I'm hoping that somebody might know her from tranny meetings or that sort of thing.

I just want to find out if she's OK.

Another New York indeed!

Baby Dee asked me to delete the name of her friend because of her concern for her privacy. (She left her World Trade job by the way and is fine).

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Katy from P-cult is fine
Melanie from Justine's is also ok
Tim Mullen is ok

has anyone heard from:

Russ Burns? <= OK
John Steelo <=OK
Big Bruce <=OK
Chris Flam <=OK
Baroness & Mark <= OK
Todd <=OK
Syren <=OK
ken feet <= OK
David B.
Luna <= OK
Goddess Diana
Karen Kelly
Garo <=OK
Tommy and Michael

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I have had mail from Velocity Chyalld, she is fine, or as well as can be like us all. I have asked her about Goddess Diana, they are in a band together, will let you all know as soon as I do. I have met Goddess Diana a few times and she is one of the most beautiful souls and a really amazing woman. (!!!) I pray for her to, may she be well and able to reach us soon.

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