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Originally posted by Eddy:
07.01.2003: Abfab to return for 5th series
A fifth series of Absolutely Fabulous is to be made following the success of the special episode shown over Christmas.
The one-off episode 'Gay', in which Eddy is reunited with her estranged son Serge, received an audience of nine million. According to The Mirror this success has persuaded Jennifer Saunders to pen another six-part series.

"It's very exciting. We're due to start filming before the summer."

The Mirror also reports June Whitfield, who plays Eddy's long suffering mum, as saying: "Jennifer's decided to write some more episodes of Ab Fab and we're all delighted. It's very exciting. We're due to start filming before the summer."

Is this Fabulous News or what!!!!!!!! Big Grin Smile


Serge "im serge im your son"
eddy "he's a book?"
It's all official now!! WHOO HOO!!!

Sunday People - 2/2/2003

GREAT news, sweetie - comedy Absolutely Fabulous will hit our screens again later this year.

Writer and star Jennifer Saunders has started to pen a fifth series of the smash-hit after the success of the Christmas special.

BBC chiefs have signed a £300,000 deal with Saunders to bring back Eddy and Patsy, played by Joanna Lumley, for a six-part adventure.

There is also an option for a new Christmas special.

A BBC insider said: "The ideas that Jennifer came up with were really fresh. We were keen to get it back. Big Grin
Originally posted by glamnerd:
Pack the pills and booze, darlings! Patsy joins Eddy as she searches the glamorous streets of New York for her long-lost son Serge.

Pills and booze are ready sweetie!!! Can't wait to see you in the show!!!! And my life is good for a while, I have the new series to look forward to!!! Big Grin
After a slow start, the new episode was off and flying once they actually hit NY. Loved Serge's boyfriend AND the Whoopi gay marriage bit lots - and good to see them in new situations with new jokes.

And it goes without saying that it was thrilling to see Debbie, glammie and Jackie Bigalow, even if it was brief, AND to hear Deb's "Wheels of Fire" as well as the all-Blondie soundtrack..Even "Presence, Dear", my all time favorite!!

And I adored Jennifer actually daring to make a 9/11 joke in the beginning...Especially after sharing that weird-but-magical night with her in October 2001 NY...

Fabulous, sweetie!
I am suprised no one has mentioned the new season yet. It is hysterical - they are right back on track again. Funny, sharp and acerbic writing - the thing Ms. Saunders does best. Outlandish celebrity guest stars. I love "Titticaca Two-ways" getting a restraing order from Baby Spice or Patsy "working" in the shop, Jeremy (it's a lifestyle, a concept...
Can't wait to see Saffy's labour and new baby - because mixed-raced babies are the fashion accessories of the season, sweetie! They are the Chanel of babies.

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