this is basil confirming the
merlin as producer line

bobby was so present
at cabaret magique last-last night
the scent of roses and all
I am so happy to hear you are feeling better. I'm just another person who loves you, sending you some warm, stupid love.
Keep up with the positive attitude, and maintaining your look while being slightly fashion-challenged.
Thinking of you often throughout my day,
Oh Daddy I wish I could hear your entire dream. I am tired today and full of what the hebrews call turis. A feeling of aggitation and anger but then I come to the boards and it all passes. Thank you everyone for your wonderful posts. They mean so much to me. It is snowing here and so beautiful. I am blessed with the love of a wonderful man who cares for me and looks after my every need. I miss you all and hope to see you in the spring. I am planning to do a show at The Slipper Room then and want to give back to all who are giving me their love now. More to come on that later.
So nice to hear from you Shelly and Merlin I don't remember signing you as my producer? But if you say so, where's my big advance. Send the check right away.
Love is the glue that holds the universe together. xxxBobby Wink

As nice as it is for you to come and read these posts it's even nicer when we get to see and read your posts.

I think Merlin will make a fine producer and I would like to book my ticket early as I'm sure your spring show will sell out quickly.

virtual reality can be so wonderful,
making us blood royals, wise, and strong,
showing us kind reflections
that a mirro might try to ignore.

so first, we think to pretend,
to practice what reality may become,
while it is in our hands to shape,
please, let us all dream on........

thinking of you Bobby and to the future
where we all belong.
I am trilled to read your posts, it is a relief.How wonderful that you are recoverring quickly, and theres nothing like an upcomming show to throw a girl togeather(as if it ever worked for me) I love you and am thinking of you.
Princess CH...
How sweet to hear from you. Thank you for your encouragement. Today is a good day. I gained 2 pounds this week. Now I weigh as much as you. I hope everyone is staying warm in NYC. It is like Anartica here but I don't leave the house anyway so I'm nice and toasty. Thinking of you all.
Bobby xx
So do you need any black gowns? It is really cold here too, I am trying to stay in as much as possible, but the fans the fans....
There is so much love around you lucky lady, you will be fine.

Tosca Towers
Hey Bobby,
I've got a few extra pounds around my middle that you can have. I don't want them anymore.
Keep gettin' fat,
love Daddy (2)
Hi hons. It is nice to know you are getting some more fats on ya! Did you know fat makes estrogen? That's why ladies of a certain age get
their little storage pudge: to make some extra
for the long haul through the big M. You can't wig out yet and miss that ride. Sheee-it.

I tried to go out today and it was yes, like Antarctica. I was shocked to see
Balducci's is boarded up! Well last time I went there I couldn't even find my apricot tea. The new owners botched it, I guess. Can you believe it. The world is coming to an end.

I am sure you have everything you need, but if you can think of anything you might want from NY let me know. Hope your apartment is okay. Let me know if there is something needs doing.

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Princess Ra/ No, no black gowns just yet but I would look divine in one, I am at least a size 6. I appreciate your posts sooo much, LOVE

Daddy/ What extra pounds? I've seen your icon picture on the boards and I want that same tummy. But I am eatting like a horse and starting to gain some weight. I miss you very much too. And Mommy. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Stan/ Balducci's has shut down??? It is the end of the world. But not before that rat basterd Bush does his part to help it. Thanks for your concern about my apartment. I am looking to sublet my place for at least the next year. Keep that in mind if you will. The rent is cheap for the west village. Hope all is well for you. I am working on a play about queens ( the creatures not the town) with the help and guidence of Paula Vogel who wrote "The Baltimore Waltz" when I have the energy. Can't wait to see how it reads in it's entirety. Thank Goddess for spellcheck. LOVE LOVE LOVE
See Bobby...even Balduccis misses you!

Keep on eating and keep on posting. I'll see if I can't dig up someone in need of a sublet.
Honey, watch that CTV, she knows wear the bodies are hidden .........

Was so good to chat you today, Bobby, and am happy you are on the boards more and more. and the answer is yes, for the first week in February, just worked it out.

loved you first.

The Merlinator
Bobby, I dreamt I was in my summer house (I don't have one) and you stormed in - in a pastel yellow polo shirt and white capris (the guy kind, I don't know what they're called)- with two of your friends I didn't know. Then you sat down and demanded I get some better food out here (at the table) "'Cause that's not what I ordered."
Bobby, I do love and respect you, but if I invite you to my summer house and fix you a special meal, you're gonna have to eat what I give you. Wink
Thank you Colleen...
Merlin I will see you on feb
B.Dom...I would eat anything you'd serve me anywhere and I mean anything. Love you.Love to Flowryder..
Daddy..I demand that you continue to be as smart and fabulous as always...and more love. Big Grin
sitting here with Faux Pas and reminiscing about our introduction to the fierce Miss Barbara Jean Miller. It was in the basement of Pyramid. and you said we needed to wear biger lashes. HA HA. Well we took heed, and the rest is herstory. Missing you, and soooo happy that 10:00 o'clock BOBBY TIME is warming your bones. So much love to you Bobby and cant wait to give you a good hug.
Faux Pas sends her affection and best regards.
Love Sweetie Big Grin
At the beginning of a stunning Incoherent Reading/wailing/chanting/masturbating set at Cabaret Magique last night, the INCOMPARABLE Paul Skiff paused and said

"I'm thinking of Bobby Miller right now. Are you?"

Huge affirmative applause.

Missing you!
Hi Y'all..Cold here too but I am feeling better and I just found out that my viral load has dropped to zero...Still working on the T cells. I wish I could be there for the weds nite caberet, I have afew new poems up my sleeve.
Much worship to Paul Skiff, genius of word and sounds. Thanks Chi for that post.
Merlin arrives tonite for a week to Bobbyset while Daddy is away on bussiness.
I miss you all. I am slowly improving but have a long road ahead. Keep those prayers coming. I send them back to each of you tenfold and then some.

Love from PPTown,
Bobby xxx
It's 8am, Monday Morning, no one that would read this will be up for hours......

Arrived in Ptown, Saturday Evening, to the smells of Mr. Miller's cooking. Yep, he is watching the Food Channel and cooking up a storm-- the diner was delicious, Risoto and marinated chicken!

Kinda weird to be here when John is not around, miss him. Please take care of him while he is in nyc. He has a big unconditionally loving heart.

Daddy, Bobby is still gonna need help with that wig. HONEY! Hoping, this 'wildman look' is just a passing phase.... LOL. Amazing to see the change from the last couple of visits. Our love & good thoughts, his determination, and the Bobby Miller attitude towards life are turning the tide.

Caberet night is so much fun, sorry to have missed Paul Skiff last week.

From the front line......
The Merlinator
Hey Bobby I just resently joinedthe Mother board soI don't know if I'm even doing this right.I just resently found out your news and have been keeping you in my prayers. I also cameabout a photo of us from the Christmas show we did together.I would like to send it to you but I need to learn to use my scanner.I hope your feeling better getting some strenghth back. Kitty made me some great costumes for cabaret Now I just need some hair.I ILove you and really miss you and your cute butt.
Love Rabbit
Hey Bobby, Merlin and John

Sorry I missed that great dinner last night, but momma I'm sure you will be preparing a feast with all the trimmings for my arrival later this month. If you do I just might do a number for ya hon! But this girl hasn't been in drag for at least 8 months, so break out the makeup. Don't worry, my performance skills are still razor sharp, HA !!
Oh by the way, you should beware of your new producer the "Merlinator", he took me under his wing and all I got was a 3am gig at Now Bar, some queen has a party there (oops).
Anyway, I hope you guys are having a good time together. I must admit I am a bit jealous not being there, but my love for all of you just melts it away. How gay is that?

Love, Jamie

p.s You guys shoud check out my brand new Betty Page photo gallery on, designed by my new idol - the one and only Daddy. Bobby, you are featured with your poetry girlfriend Penny Arcade. Let me know what cha think. Roll Eyes
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hi bobby,

just wanted to say hi and let you know i haven't forgot about and am still sending all my positive energy. get well soon, we miss you around here.
bobby--i'm so sorry i haven't been writing. getting my life together--what else? tim told me that he had a good long talk with you and that you sounded wonderful. i'm so glad. i knew you would come back--it's not your time yet. g-d's just giving you some down time so you can reflect and learn. and of course she had to get your attention first! everything here is--well, it's new york! there's a beautiful snowstorm today so the city's prettier and quietier than it's been for a while. johanna's having relationship problems--what's a mother to do?? i have to go to l.a. to see her--you know how i love that. four days--that's my limit in that town. but here's the best news: they're going to have roller skating again at roxy!! thinking about starting a thursday night skating thing with a d.j. and all. i will keep you informed. if i ever get my act together and get a digital camera (maybe that's what i can do in l.a.! johanna's so good with these things!) i'll take pictures for you. thinking of you every day and saying my little prayers. xoxoxox to you and john. love, judith
Hi Judith....I would love to go skating with you. I don't kmow when that might be but I will look forward to it. And Daddy and Basil should definately come along. You know Daddy was a champion rollerskater in the old days. I learned so much from him.

Thanks Judith..I love bobby
Spent some time in Provincetown with Bobby and John last week. Mid winter snows, cold morning walks, long friendly conversations, great meals and major Judge Judy sessions daily.

There was a lovely ordinariness about this visit, as well as a sense of momentum for a future filled with promise and the love of friends. There is a soul re-blossoming in Ptown, whose physical stenght needs building everyday.

Patience and love are winning the day.

The Merlinator
Greetings! I hope you're feeling better - today was spectacular in the city - despite the news reports, I believe the masses of people who poured out from all over the place, clogging midtown east, numbered in the hundreds of thousands. Scott (who you haven't met - not many have, as I'm keeping him hidden) and I weren't able to make it further east than Third Ave., because of the crowds. Despite the cold, it felt really warm out there, among all that humanity. Terrific energy. I thought about you.

My favorite protest sign: "Drunk frat boy is driving this country into a ditch! Take him away from the wheel!"
My friend Brian went to Ptown for this weekend, he said that he did not know you, but maybe you will eventually meet him, he's a regular visitor!
Hope you are well,
Thanks Minnie..Can't wait to see you and all the family.I will be in town for about 10 days. Hope to get around quite a bit. Feeling lots better and have regained most of my energy but I still get tired at the end of the day. I miss everyone madly. Love to you all...BM
Can't wait!!! Glad you're feeling better honey. At Magique there will undoubtedly be a long, long line of well-wishers to greet you.

all the best,

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