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I have been feeling the swell of energy (well, you know Ms. Miller, I'm partial to those kinds of metaphors) emanating from the day of 3/12 for over a month now, so recieving the bless of your appearance at Magique may have me -most suitably- incoherent. Being alive is not anyone's choice in the beginning, so it is, to say the least, sometimes hard to hold on to the universe out of which we all have come while on this planet. Wild fortune has me in Tokyo today (a long story, which like all long stories is kind of a puff of smoke compared to what's on the other side of the last page after the ending). But I have that part of my identity which knowing you made in me, to rely on, among a few other spiritstrengths, to rest each of my footsteps over here on. So it is really a loud anticipationlaugh I have knowing I will be able to dilute the exhaustion of a 13 hour plane ride with your upcomming offering at Chez, among the crowd that totally knows how to blast-off with you.
It was a brilliant night last Wednesday at Chez, as I knew it would be. Beforehand I was so exhausted, right up until the last second before the car service pulled up downstairs I almost didn't make it out of my bed. But the instant I walked into Chez *boom!* it all hit me, a heavy dose of glamour and genius in one fell swoop. I'm so glad I dragged my tired skinny ass out of bed. Bobby, you were GREAT and your new work is some of the best I've ever heard from you. I WILL NOT CRY!

your fan,
Crackers? Merlinator don't serve crackers, honey! lol. Gonna have to get some new party receipe books, seems we served the same thing more than once to the same crowd. need a new chef around here;-)

In light of the goodness Mr. Miller, is now feeling, and the love that so sweetly surrounds him and helps in the healing process; Mr Miller looked around while sitting at the Cafe, and asked with a quizical face what's all the fuss about? 'Maybe I am wrong,' he said, 'but, it just doesn't seem that bad looking back on it.' Basil and Jamie set him straight. it was bad, but look at all the love that came from it.

yah can't help but love someone that sees the good in everything.
I recieved your phone message my pet. It was wonderful hearing your voice. You sound like a 14 year old girl, fine lady! I think before you consider performing at HIGH LIFE, you should check the place out. It is it's own brilliant animal, but it is a Saturday night affair, and has 500 fags with the attention span of a house fly. 15 minutes of colorful, high energy razzle dazzle in a show is about as long as they can hold on before they start fidgeting. I have a very hard time booking talent, because ANYTHING remotely cerebral, and they start to meltdown. Perhaps however since the space is sooo fabulous for performance, we could book an early Bobby Miller performance very much like how are promoting NINA HAGEN. A select group of people coming early, getting a great dose of fabulousness and either sticking around or flying off to the next destination. I would love to host your work Miss Miller. We just need to package it properly for mass consumption!!! I love the idea of an early affair, complete with reception and a chit chat with the artist known as Barbara Jean Miller. Advance tickets. the whole shebang!!!!! I can see the headlines.......
"Coma Cutee Comes Back With A Vengeance!!" OK OK so I never have been one for subtlety. Let's get crackin'!!! Big Grin Eek Big Grin Eek Big Grin Eek Big Grin Eek
Z & S Yes I will be there and performing too I believe. I look forward to meeting you both. Have a safe trip to NYC. Luv and Peas, Bobby

Cheers Bobby, I'm very glad to hear you will be in town for the Arcadia! event. I have been waiting so long to meet you! Was hoping we'd bump into one another randomly on some dance floor ... Please email me ...
Holly woodlawn is in a coma... at Cedar sinai after collapsing in her LA home... they say its due to alcoholism... beams to Holly...

-I digress- Holly Johnson from Frankie Goes to Hollywood stole his name as homage to the above ms Woodlawn fyi... sure y'all realized that.. (his real name is Billy Johnson or ...Billy Hollygay)

Get well Legend Holly Woodlawn!
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That is very sweet of you to say Marc, but I no longer live in New York. I have resided in Provincetown, Massachusetts for two years now. But I do visit often. Perhaps we will see each other at those times. So happy to hear about your film doing so well in Spain. I wish you continued good luck. Love and Peace.
Well it's been awhile and neither I nor Holly Woodlawn are in a coma.

But I would like to say thank you to all the many people who beamed me back to health and abundance. Those of you who took the time to think on me and send your beams of love.
It worked big time. And to Sweetie for starting the beams and keeping them coming when I really needed them most. Thank you my dear. Thank you Empress and Daddy for your continued love and support. Thank each and every one of my beloved friends for your positive enforcement of my perfection. I owe my very life to each of you.

It is so great to be alive and healthy.
I know I haven't been on the boads lately but I have to send not just beams but planets and the universe to Bobby, whatever the situation!One day I shall raid your photo collection, and pay you in Westwood, name it you can have it(well, except the couture pieces)!!!! I miss you terribly, still, even after all these years, and I think of you every day.
All the love in the world.

Thank you Joe.
I want that hat please.

I have just returned from my father's funeral. It was a beautiful celebration of his life and I learned so much. My family are fine. I got to see my mother's grave site as we buried my dad. It is in a small wooded private graveyard in the shadow forest of Mt. Baker in Washington State. Surrounded my ancient trees and a moss covered meadow with wild flowers. A small blind mouse came out of the underbrush and rolled playfully near the grave stone. Several of us looked closely at it and one boy picked it up and petted it as the small circle of family and friends weeped. The mouse stayed for the entire ceremony, even after he was set back down on the ground he continued to dance around my mothers gravestone and watched my brothers and I shovel the earth back into my fathers grave. We all thought it a sign that my father was now happy.

I am glad to be home here in Provincetown;

Thank each of you who posted your sympathies
and warm wishes to me both here on these boards and on my Myspace page as well.

I hope to see you all sometime soon.
Sending beams of love to each of you.
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