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Dear Bobby let me start by saying that I love you very much, I keep thinking about the first night that I met you at parkside. I sang a few songs at chesse wiz and you came up to me after the show and introduced yourself, then Sweetie came up to me and said run, run for your life this man is bad news!!! I had know Idea just how right she was. In the short time that I have know you, you have influneced me on so many levels. I'm not talking about hair and makeup(alought you have saved my life more than once in that department) I am talking about the way that you encouraged me to be myself. You've helped me to find that power that we all have inside of us, that power to be sexy and strong and beautiful.

I love you Bobby Miller and I always will, I am thinking of you 24/7. I know that I will see you soon.

xoxo Lisa
Daddy, you asked a good one.........

yes, have heard from several people, that will not be outed just now, that have had Bobby Miller sightings over the last week. as he has been out of his body lately checking on everyone, while in intensive care.

can tell you that when shopping in Borem Hill last weekend, standing in the snow trying to cross Atlantic Avenue, Bobby came flying down and around, swishing (for lack of a better word) from above laughing and teasing me, saying 'Hey, I can haunt you now, Merlin, for real if I wanted.' Merlin reminded Bobby, that he was not disconnected from his body, so technically was not a disembodied spirit. we both laughed.

then while eating chicken pot pie at a local dinner that song came on, the Dixies Chicks cover of 'LandSlide', the undeclared theme song of this moment. it was then, I felt his struggle and the pain that Bobby has been living with for some time, tho he did not tell us.

quickly, also, while in Ptown for Thanksgiving, John said that Bobby wanted to speak to me. he was still waking up in bed (it was before noon). Sitting up, Bobby had those intense penetrating eyes, only he could get when he was excited. he looked at me and said he had a dream and everyone that had passed to the other side was there. Bobby said Hilda was there and all his friends, Gary, a couple of X's and others. the mystery question we both had of this dream was, why was DD with her hotess canapes and the only other living person there, throwing the party at her place?

humbly submitted in love, the Merlinator

the mystery question we both had of this dream was, why was DD with her hostess canapes and the only other living person there, throwing the party at her place?

Thanks for posting that Merlinator - fascinating.

Darla's appearance as a symbol in Bobby's dream can mean many things - here's my guess-

Darla's party at her house represents The Motherboards themselves - since Darla was in a sense created, or helped along, here. Since Darla appeared on The Boards in their infancy, brand new to NY, and ended up meeting bobby here...

Bobby's subconscious might see The Boards as a place where his friends still are alive and thriving, with Darla's hostess trays representing the conviviality, but where the dead might be comfortable to.
I think it would be incredible to harness all of the unbelieveable energy people are sending to Bobby. I think Bobby should be on our minds, in our hearts and in our prayers all the time, but I also think it could fierce to send a evening "meal" of pure white light, energy, and love. Let's impliment a 10:00pm "feeding time" where everyone stops what they are doing for a few minutes to send a mass, oversized, extra helping of healing to our friend. It can only help, and THERE IS STREGNTH IN NUMBERS.
yes sweetie
i sense that bobby especially needs this today

and Ted and Di thank you for asking how i'm doing
bobby means alot to me and it is very intense seeing him go through this. Many people are being very supportive so i'm grateful

Jon might not be checking these boards. he is such a wonderful man and Bobby is so lucky to have such a gentle and strong daddy. This has been tough for him. But he has an incredible spirit and many loving people around he and Bobby in ptown

I hope Bobby felt the amazing field of power directed towards him tonite. THERE IS STREGNTH IN NUMBERS!!!! Please make a committment that no matter how many times Bobby is in your prayers, chants,meditation, spells, incantations, ..... let's all come together at 10pm as a community and with our faith that this universe is run on love and goodnesss and mercy that our friend will be lifted up and made well. Tell your friends and loved ones.
Just as the soft rains fill the streams,
pour into the rivers and join together in the oceans,
so may the power of every moment of your goodness
flow forth to awaken and heal all beings,
Those here now, those gone before, those yet to come.
By the power of every moment of your goodness
May your heart's wishes be soon fulfilled
as completely shining as the bright full moon,
as magically as by a wish-fulfilling gem.

By the power of every moment of your goodness
May all dangers be averted and all disease be gone.
May no obstacle come across your way.
May you enjoy fulfillment and long life.

For all in whose heart dwells respect,
who follow the wisdom and compassion, of the Way,
May your life prosper in the four blessings
of old age, beauty, happiness and strength.
10 pm every night, waves of love to Bobby, I'm on it. Sending lots of love to Basil and John as well, and thanks to Sweetie for coming up w/ this great idea. I even told some friends in IL about Bobby tonight, and they said they would pray for him, too. So as usual, he is making friends (and teaching lessons) everywhere he goes.

Since I found out about this, I feel like I can "see" the people I love in a way I couldn't just a few days ago. I guess something like this kind of wakes you up and makes you realize the good stuff that's in your life all the time. As Bobby said, be grateful for what you have -- that has really stuck in my mind, too.
did not know of our 10pm 'appointment with Bobby' last night, had not been on the Mother Boards all weekend, sure felt it while coming back into the city -- starting around 9:23pm (someone started early last night!). a powerful feeling of being cared for and loved came over the car, actually hugged myself while listening to the radio and checked the time. it works family, thanks sweetie.

spoke to Bobby twice yesterday, once for a very short chat, and the second time to just say hi, knowing he is alive and kicking!n
Hi everyone, Jamie/Ginger logged on to Basil's computer here at the Cape Cod Hospital. Basil and I had such a good day here with Bobby when we arrived yesterday. He's very talkative, just the way we like him. We spent the day looking at some photographs I brought him to decorate his room. These white walls were just screaming for some imagery, so now when he looks over from bed he can see himself marching in the Gay Pride Parade with Chi Chi and John Kelly, be enchanted by the likes of Rose Royalle and Mother Flawless Sabrina - and most importantly see himself on stage at the Slipper Room inspiring the masses.
He then spent about 45 minutes reading the boards and all the new posts in this forum, which really lifted his spirits. The love pouring through these boards to him is so vital and important. Thank God for the Motherboards!!

It's a rainy Monday afternoon and I am sitting in his room waiting for him to arrive, he is now downstairs having some more testing done. I just ask everyone to keep the love coming and keep posting because we will check in online later. I am hoping to have him make a new post today.

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Hi everyone, I can't tell you how much your messages mean to me. I'm still at the center of the fire, but everyday seems to be getting better.
Even in my full, experienced life I have never dealt with something this difficult. It amazes me how strong I am, so much stronger than I thought I was. My main wish is that someone will be inspired by my challenge. I am still not out of the woods. I have a long road to go. Be patient, this will take time.
Soon we will be on a dance floor, "I love the nightlife, I love to boogie." Thankyou all for your kind thoughts.
Dear sweet Bobby:

Emily emailed me and told me the news and I immediately wanted to get online and tell you how much I've been thinking about you this week, and that every night at 10 PM I get in a quiet place and sit and think of all the wonderful memories I have of you laughing, telling stories, hosting events, giving sage advice, and cutting my hair! I was cleaning out some boxes this month (moving), and came across your chapbook where you thanked me and it was a sweet reminder of you. I am very grateful that John and Basil are taking such good care of you and I'm thrilled to hear the news that you are feeling better and may be moving out of the hospital soon. I'll be sending you some cheer to your PO box soon, but in the meantime, I hope the waves of love shower over you every night at 10 PM (and all day long!) and that you know how very loved you are and what a special place you have in so many people's hearts.

oceans of love to you,
Nicole Blackman
He sounds much better. He said this was his best day yet. He still sounds very weak and tired but still has his wits and sense of humor. I told him Messy Bonnie Raitt was trying to get his number for an appointment but he said the bitch should just give it up. He also said there's nuthin' he can do with that hideous grey streak. Poor Bonnie. He's looking forward to leaving the hospital and says he's feeling the love everyone is sending and it really helps.
Upon meeting Captain Lipstick, my life has never been the same.
I recall the times I have been furiously keeping pace with Bobby as we waltzed around Manhattan. He reminded me of a Super Hero in his leather, and big boots.
Today I walked down my steps, and I paused before exiting to stare at my neighbors guitar lying on the sofa. The sunlight was shining on the strings, and I thought of Bobby, and his many talents.
Please join me in surrounding Bobby with the Golden Light, and imagine him dancing around with a big smile, happy, healthy, and in the Captains Chair.
I send much love to you Grandma!
Bobby, not sure if you remember when you, Todd Colby, Janice Erlbaum and I hauled ass up to Providence for a slam, but you made such an impression on my mother and late stepfather that when I left her a message about how you were doing, she called back immediately to say she was sending you some cheer to your PO box. Even my stepfather remembered when you spent so much time at dinner that night talking to an older fella who was alone and how good and included you made him feel. So keep an eye out for something in the mail from her, and me, and a few other elves that have signed up to send you some pixie dust and love from the Big Bad Apple.

Glad you have so many tough cookies in your corner, Bobby. Love to you today, tonight at 10 PM and every night.

xo Nicole B
Just checking in to see whats up with Granny. Love, Love , and more love to you Bobby. Just So you know, Thier are poeple in this town and on the boards that have never even meet you but when they see all the love and energy that every one is sending you, they see how important it is that you get better and they join right in for the 10pm SHOW!! As Sweetie said last week ( you have so much more work to do on this planet)!! Love ya!


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