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It's a little after 11pm on Friday night and I had "BOBBY TIME" about an hour ago. I have gotten so much from reading the last dozen or so posts and knowing how much love is being heaped around Bobby. I am sooooo proud to be part of this community. Most of us "show folk" have a tendency to be a little self involved because we rely on ourselves to perpetuate our careers aka our livlihoods. To read and feel the humanity in these posts is such a lesson about who we are when we are under fire. We are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, we are friends and neighbors. Maybe a little sappy but how refreshing to see being just plain loving human beings. I cant wait to discuss this with Bobby, because I am sure he will take great pride in knowing the preciousness of his spirit and life sparked such an outpouring of honesty and "keeping it real". I pray everyday for healing for you Bobby, and I am certain I will have your fingers fluffing my "gilda" and telling me the "t" very soon. I love you my friend.
I'm not very plugged into virtual reality, but I felt such a need to communicate with Bobby that I had to get with the times and post you a message. Bobby, I love you with all my heart, I'm thinking of you, sending prayers to you and I cannot wait until you get better and we can resume our dance lessons! I cannot tell you how much our many moments on the dancefloor together meant to me! You are the best leader I've ever met when it comes to the hustle...and one of the best leaders I've ever known in life as well. I think of you so much since I found out you were ill, and I'm sending you all the love and positivity I can muster. Get well soon! -Brandon
The very thought of Bobby Miller, at ten o'clock or any other moment of the day, is like...being in a bubbled bathtub, with candles burning on the windowsill and some haunting and brilliant music eminating from another room. So encompassing, penetrating all the senses.

It's like reaching a state of 'alltime', where the trials of the day past melt off of your soul and the hurdles ahead become not so daunting. Bobby's one of those rare people who, once you know them, is always going to be a part of you, a source you can tap into...
Grace, clear as Bobby's own eyes: his greatest gift, his fiercest 'do.
Hey little Bobby!
I just came home from San Francisco to find
out you were sick. What a drag for you and as you can see, for everyone here. We love you lots and lots and hope you feel better soon. Though transitioning to the other side surely is a thrill. When I was over there during the last days of Carl A. I have to say I enjoyed life alot more. They really are all waiting for ye to come on home. I will look for you in my dreams.

Note to posters here: I yam Bobby in P-PTown?

Bobby was one of my earliest glamour instructors. She used to do my hair and makeup every couple of months. But whenever my over-sensitive scalp would make tears come to my eyes... she would punctuate that day's beauty lesson with a sharp whack on the head with her rat-tail comb -


"Now let me finish your hair in peace."

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These are such inspirational posts. I'm learning more about just who and what Bobby is to so many people. A teacher, beauty nurse, guru, dancing partner, mother, father and most of all a true friend. My thoughts and love are with him each day and luckily I ge t to speak to him just about everyday. I want to let you all know that Bobby is returning home to Provincetown with John for Christmas. Basil with be there as well and I am going up later this week and will spend New Years with him. He will have easier access to the boards at home so keep the love coming.
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So happy to hear you do not have to spend the holiday in the hospital!!!

I was driving about town night before last and at 11:02 (I suspect 10pm exactly EST) -- I caught an image of the moon (which is so peculiar here this time of the year, haloed in red and yellow and almost full) and thought of you.

Then later (much, much) D. and I snuck out in the buff to Mom's hot tub and although unbelievably cold outide - worth the near frost bite to our nipples - spent the night looking at the stars, and each time I caught a glance of the moon, I continued wishing you well. Shall do so the whole time I'm here (best to make use of this hill, which the native americans thought was magic!)

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
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Bobby, I wish you the love and peace that you have generated on these boards. Today, New York City was especially generous to me, and I thought of your coming home to shake up this town some more.

Today was especially busy from dawn until dusk. I visited with friends in town for the holidays, some just passing through, did some last-minute shopping with my best friend, exchanged gifts with my boyfriend before he left; and whenever I looked into a loved one's eyes today, they all seemed a little brighter; those were the moments you came to mind. I thank you for those moments - I'm not one to go on and on over Christmas, honey, but you've made this one especially memorable. Feel good.
I think I saw Bobby MIller on the corner of Church Street waving two Golden Bells?
Can this Be?

He said "Ho, Ho, Ho, How's my hair look hon!"

Well Merry Christmas Miller, I mean Captain!
I send love to Jamie, John, Merlin, Basil, and Helin. Stay as beautiful as you all are.
Merrry New Year!
It is quite difficult to respond to all of this outpouring of love and affection. I am so deeply moved I cry through all the posts. If there is one thing that means the most to me in life, it is to instill love in people and it seems that my trbulation has aroused love in so many of you. I am trying to surrender to my seeming fate and stay positive and hopeful at the same time. I think it is going to be a long road back to full health. I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers and posts. It is hard, I barely have the strength to sit at the comuter. A few personal messeges:

Tonya/ Thank you so much for the two videos. I really can't wait to meet you darlin'.

Chi Chi/ I can't tell you how much I enjoyed our phone chat last week. ButI always love speaking with you. Kisses to Daddy.

all other posters/ Thank you from depths of my soul.I love each of you.

Shout out to Mother Flawless/ I am your slave. Please don't worry, the docters have all been very positive, it will take awhile.

Very Dear Bobby,

It's indescribably wonderful to finally hear from you vis a vis the Boards. Now I know that you're really on the mend for real. I haven't shared here but as you probably know I've been in touch with your lovely daughter, Ginger who loves you very much, as well as Basil and your buddy Merlin when I see them. Also I'm very grateful to Tonya for sending you the video which gave many of us an opportunity to send you Christmas Greetings. You are loved and we miss you!

I knew this, but never so acutely what an important part of our little corner of the planet you are, and can't wait to see your brimming-with-love, self again. After all it was you who brought Mom to Mother where we were reunited.

I want to hear you reading all of your poems again and again! They've become not only so much a part of me, but a record of our times, the years and decades we shared.

Wishing you, John, Basil and Ginger the happiest and healthiest of New Years.

With love and big hugs,
Hi Bobby,
I hope you are feeling better today and
looking forward to the New Year. I remember when
we thought we wouldn't make it to Year 2000,
but look how easy it was. At least we found
some true love along the way.

I love people here talking about your dancing style because of course when I found out you grew up in Wasn.D.C. in the 1960s, I knew you knew
"how to dance." It is always truly strange not to mention wildly pleasurable, because
how many people can go back and dance the way they first did when they were 14 years old...
We were both white kids in mostly black schools
with weird hipster backgrounds, including the early days of integration and all that meant, wow...

What happened is you became the 'parents' of a whole bunch of oddballs gathered in the City of the Odd. You have your girls and I have mine,
ain't it awful

Lots of Love
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hey hon. howzit goin' today?
i've only been in town a lil' while. mommy was quick to tell me about you the first time i saw her and gave me an update this afternoon.

y'know what a hard time i've given you here on these boards? well that's because i knew you were fierce enough and strong enough to take it and dish it back. and through all of this i refuse to believe that you've lost any of that strength and ferocity. i can SO see us here in a few months watching you make the rounds of the crowd and on the dancefloor wondering... "was he really in the hospital last christmas??" (pleez prove my psychic abilities to be true!!)

queen... you have ruled new york for decades. there's no stopping you.
so snap out of it, bitch!!!!! wink

faerie love and light...

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