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Anyone catching the re-runs beside the Empress and I? They are on at some hideous hour like 11:00 AM but on Sat. night they do a marathon and show the whole week from like 2AM to 6AM. Perfect!

I forgot how great Sammy Jo was... and why I named my DJ daughter that. How could I possibly be associated with someone called "Dave"?
I couldn't!

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Was almost afraid for them to start as JD and I and a group of friends used to eagerly await Dynasty and watch it together. We were so enthused that we even named members of our crew as Dynasty characters. (I always hated that they called me Blake but as I watch it now I really understand it more.)

But after catching the first marathon a few weeks back and my second one with Daddy from 3-6 AM Saturday night (ow) Dynasty hasn't diminished at all - if anything it is even more of a camp to watch it now.

This early era they are in now is fab, between Sammy Jo, equally gorgey Steven 1 and Fallon 1, and of course Ms. Collins.

The high point though will be the coming of Dex Dexter (WHAT a great name,) Dominique Devereaux and Sable Colby though - I LOVED how insane things get when they're around.

Long Live Dynasty!
I wasn't permitted to enjoy Dynasty...I got so much ribbing back then when the show originally aired; my boy name is essentially the same as Joan Collins' character's; the kids at school were merciless, ruined the whole thing for me.

Even to this day, when I'm ID'ed or have to give my name up in some formal occasion, inevitably some fool thinking he's clever pipes up with - "Oh, like Dynasty!" Bah!
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Back in the day, I LIVED for Dynasty - - though I lived for Dallas first and when Dynasty premiered I initially dismissed it as a less-clever imitation. I was quickly won over however by the much more glamourous Carrington mansion, the gorge - and gay - Steven #1, spoiled rich bitch Fallon #1 who put Lucy Ewing to shame in the slut category, and the outrageous gowns and ludicrous pagentry of it all. As an added touch it took place in Denver, where I grew up. (several gay bars at the time had weekly Dynasty nights when crowds would gather to watch new episodes) My stepfather used to chide me for liking such "girly garbage" but I paid it no mind ... at that point of my adolescence I was already living for daytime soaps All My Children, General Hospital and One Life to Live during summer vacations. The first year was interesting, but things really kick off on the season finale when a suited and veiled Joan Collins waltzes into the courtroom in a gigantic wide-brimmed hat during Blake's trial and Fallon gasps, "that's my mother!"

Lately I've been seeing Dynasty posters around town, but I never noticed when it ran. I'll have to try and tape it or catch some of it when I get home from Webster on Saturday nights. Can't wait!
I have not yet caught it, but have seen the billboards around town. Well, we all date ourselves with this one, but I was in college, and we all gathered in my room on Wednesday nights to watch the bitchfests and of course could not wait until they had the knock-down-dragouts between Alexis & Krystal. It was so gay, and we all loved it. I personally loved the original Steven- Al Corley, and I thought he was the ultimate cutie & tortured soul regarding his sexuality (in retrospect, this is no real shocker to me now). I also preferred Pamela Sue Martin as the orginial daughter (Fallon) over Emma Samms (who always reminded me of General Hospital) with her bad American accent.

How I lived for the drama, bitch slaps, super shoulder-padded outfits, chiseled cheeks, and catty comments in all the nightime soaps (in addition to scheduling my classes around All My Children)...Knots, Falcon Crest, and Flamingo Road (with such a bitchy Morgan Fairchild in pre-Joan Collins villianess role and the young and then oh-so-sexy Mark Harmon). Anyway, I digress...
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Of course, Dynasty's triumph was Alexis..(ever notice how many kids begat during that time are named "Alexis"?)

The Catfight in the pool with Crystal is one of the funniest things I have ever seen..just thinking about it renders me incontinent..

More importantly, Joan introduced furs, heavy drinking & chronic shopping as a way of life to the neanderthal masses - what an achievement!

"Cherysh - A Gay Man Trapped In a Gay Man's Body."
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Actor foils bank raid
London Evening Standard
11 December 2002
Actor Christopher Cazenove today told how he foiled a bank raid by striking a robber in the face with a wooden chopping board.

The 56-year-old ex-Dynasty star said the incident left him terrified and shaking, but he was glad he had given the thief "a bloody sore nose".

Cazenove, who played Ben Carrington in the Eighties US soap, bought the £14.99 kitchen board at a Sainsbury's in Clapham when he stumbled across two men outside the NatWest bank next door apparently brawling.

He soon realised they were thieves attacking a guard carrying a security box. As one of them grabbed the box and ran towards him he instinctively smashed the board into his face, knocking him to the floor.
My memory fails me ... I don't remember that character? After '85 I watched the show only sporadically. Who was he? Someone fill me in.

Al Corley (Steven #1) was without a doubt the hottie of the show. But I also had a thing for John James (the nice guy who finished last Jeff Colby, nephew of Blake rival Cecil Colby). Yummy.

And speaking of Cecil Colby, one of my favorite scenes from the whole series is the one where Alexis is riding his cock in bed in her quest to become the next Mrs. Colby and thus further wreck havoc on Blake. Then Cecil has a heart attack mid-orgasm, and Alexis flies into rage, slapping him and yelling, "don't you die on me!"
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Chi Chi was Blake and of course I was Crystal.
I didn't pick Crystal, I was just informed that's who I was. Why wasn't I Dex Dexter? That's who I wanted to be. Not the namby pamby do-gooding blonde bimbo who likes everybody. (Not the one married to Yanni!)
Crystal... YUKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

Original Steven & Fallon
Is there anyone who prefers Steven 2 and Fallon 2 to the originals?
I thought Steven #2 was okay, he just wasn't HOT like the first one. Steven #2 was a good actor and managed to keep my interest during all the various Steven-related storylines, but the first Steven had that brooding, sensual quality like James Dean in East of Eden.

I detested Emma Samms as Fallon #2. Very, very bad casting if you ask me. On General Hosptial I liked Emma Samms a lot (as Holly, Luke Spencer's first serious romance after Laura disapeared) because she was so totally different in general. But as Fallon she was too British, too classy, too clean and just WRONG.

Pamela Sue Martin was the best. I loved how her hair was always a little messy, like she'd just finished getting gang-banged by the entire defensive line from Daddy's football team.
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Hard to imagine a show having that much impact now - there are just so many more options. As an illustration of how deep and wide Dynasty-mania was, I remember being in the laundromat in Chelsea. The ENORMOUS, 300-pound Laundry Diva Jenny was sitting with me in her 8th Ave laundromat when the TV flashed a commercial for KATHERINE ROSS who was going to be a particularly irritating new character on either Dynasty or The Colbys, I forget.

Jenny pulled a face. "Get the HELL off my program" she trumpeted at the set. And I knew EXACTLY what she meant!
Emma Samms sucked big time. I actually got into Dynasty because of Pamela Sue Martin's Fallon; I loved the character, even more than Sammy Jo. She was so authentic somehow. I also watched her as Nancy Drew in my early years, so I was sort of a fan I guess. I stopped watching all of it with Emma Samms ; I hated the way she looked too! Yuck!

My favorite thing about Dynasty was watching them eat. Especially Miss Joan, she always had these amazing breakfast , lunch or dinner platters in front of her but she would NEVER eat them . She would even go so far as to put the caviar up to her mouth but NEVER put it in! She would just push the tray away or get up and leave it untouched!

So sick, so 80's superpower/Regan/excess
Today the world stopped dead. Time froze as if suspended within cracked ice glazed over with winter's frost. Housewives all over the world dropped soapy dishes to linoleum floors in a shattering burst of exploding glass, dishtowel slung over a tired shoulder. Gay men from all over the globe shook with anticipation, arm hair standing on end, rigid chills wracking at the insides of their abdomen, sucking in and holding a long, deep lungful of air while clutching at leopard printed armchairs until their knuckles turned white.

It was the day Alexis Carrington-Colby arrived on Dynasty in re-runs on TV's SoapNet.

I remember watching that show as a little kid and idolizing Alexis. I know for me (and I'm sure a lot of other gay men as well) Alexis was the ultimate role model back when shows like Will and Grace didn't exist like they do know, there was Alexis, the only one to take in and befriend her gay son Steven. There were no gay MALE role models back in the 80's (Steven didn't count, he was confused as fuck haha), so we embraced Alexis in all her bitchy glory. I don't miss Dynasty on SoapNet..everyday like clockwork I'm recording it on the VCR.
And some people wonder why gay men and drag queens alike can easily rip morons a new asshole...we grew up with and learned from the queen of them all! LOL
The first Alexis-Krystle catfight was by far the best. A friend of mine from back in the day used to say that he only liked Krystle when she was fighting. And I agree Alexis was the centerpiece of the show and such a point of identification for gay men on many levels. First for her grand dramatic diva entrance at Blake's trial, then for the way she took in her tormented gay son after he'd suffered so much rejection, alienation and torment at the hands of his domineering father. I think that's why the Fallon character was popular with gay boys too ... because she was always cool with Steven's gayness and was his secret "ally" in the family, and I think many gay boys saw their own sisters in her. And of course she was also a total slut, and most gay boys know about that too!

And on the subject of Pamela Sue Martin, a quick sidebar: anyone remember her from The Poseidon Adventure? She had the fiercest diva turn in the whole film when Gene Hackman says, "okay, time to climb the Christmas tree, but you'll have to ditch the long gown". Pamela Sue Martin, wearing high heels and a full-length red velvet skirt, says, "okay!" and in one swift movement velcros off the skirt and casts it aside to reveal matching red velvet short-shorts underneath. Work, bitch!

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Lexx, I remember that scene as a little kid in the theatre watching that movie, which forever frightened me of traveling by boats as a child. But Pamela Sue Martin's hot pants were great, and on that subject (completely digressing from the Dynasty moments here), Stella Stevens shoes were so hot through that whole movie- remember she wore her husband's shirt (because her gown was too slinky and glamorous for anything besides a party) and silver disco heels as they trapsed through the upside down boat. I was 9 and I wanted those heels so bad! And since the boat capsized on New Year's Eve, it would be a great film to watch in celebration of the new year...
Has anyone else been HOWLING of late over the medical career of Dr. Nick Toscani, or whatever his name is?

He begins the show as a shrink, then returns to his first love, brain surgery, which he is allowed to practice as a total freelancer, barking out orders to stray nurses in the hall to sedate various Carrington women who have just ended up there. He has been an ER doctor, consulting ob/gyn and preemie doctor (for "Little Blake") and most recently also performed the paternity blood tests on Blake and Cecil Colby, doubtless doing the bloodwork as well...

About the only mediacl specialty he hasn't tried yet is vet to Lady (Fallon's horse.) I'm sure that's coming.
surprisingly enough, i have fond memories of dynasty. its was one of those rare ocassions where my mother and i spent quality time together as we huddled around the little booby tube on thursday nites, at least i think it was thursday... and i hate to admit it but my customer service rep. alias was "fallon" during the time when i worked at a hack online porn site many years ago... (we weren't supposed to use our real names!)

and of course there was that delightful spin-off 'the colbys" afterwards! but does anyone recall the "fallon (aka emma samms who couldn't act even if she played herself) being sucked into an UFO" episode?

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