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Report from my first NY Fashion Week show post-tragedy.

Last night was the Marc Jacobs show, which had a special symbolism for many - his huge show and afterparty on the pier on September 10 (always has the Monday 9 PM slot at Fashion Week) was this huge blowout that ended only hours before IT happened, and I do know several people who did not make it to work at WTC that Tuesday because they had been bingeing or otherwise carousing at that party.

But anyway, on to the show last night, which was at The Armory, which most of us had seen in quite another incarnation during September. It was mobbed of course, but two huge signs hung at the entrance "Photo Identification Is Required For Admission." This was new, and even though scrutiny of our invites revealed a tiny warning to that effect at the bottom, we were already there, quite ID-less as usual AND sporting the following-

I was wearing a large-hole fishnet face veil cut like a chic hockey mask with my equestrian-ish fetishy suit jacket and long tiered skirt.

Johnny, having injured his foot last weekend, had pulled one of my walking sticks on the way out the door. It was one of the concealed-sword variety - I hadn't been watching.

I was still skeptical of how the ID thing was going to translate amongst all the bimbo boys and drama queens of The Fashion Pack, so we decided to give it a shot. We just had to show invites to get up the steps, and then were told "go to the left and show your ID please". Our hearts sank. Then at that moment one of Marc's show production people came forward "Chi Chi, Johnny, THIS WAY" shepherding us towards the right. That door only required search of my miniscule handbag and showing again of invites. We were in - and my hunch had been correct. The terrorists had not managed to destroy a great NY tradition - the overlooking of rules for the overdressed!

The show started an hour late, during which several people in the F( =Friends) section commented that the incredibly packed room had a very low-key energy. No wonder, with the room itself having so recently witnessed so much sadness - rooms hold on to these things long after. There was much talk of the last show, and the extraordinary day that followed. Veteran photog Patrick McMullan told me that after Marc's show last time he had thought to himself "I wish something would happen to stop Fashion Week. I just can't face it this season" and then had been wracked by guilt for weeks, as if he had caused it.

The show began with the unmistakeable opening bars of "Teen Spirit" which had been an incredible motif for Marc years back with the "grunge" collection. But there was nothing period about this show, or certainly not THAT period. I could describe it best as the taking of miltary jackets (from Edwardian to French Revolution) rather distressed and combined with layers from Les Miz gauze to dull pewter sequins. I haven't loved a show of Marc's this much in many years. In fact we liked it SO much that we became afraid for Marc - though he has done some great collections in the last decade the last thing we had been really mad about in the same way was the collection that got him fired from Perry Ellis.
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well, it was no marc jacobs show, BUT...
i saw sally jesse once at a fried fish & clam shack in p-town.
she was so h.a.g. positive that we didn't even recognize her. i thought that all the hoopla around her was 'cuz she was an old waitress from the joint and we happened in on her retirement party. (no red glasses, sweetie.)
you may have been sitting right next to her. trust.
Hey Gobs, I wore your "Glamour Goblins" T-shirt to an A-list fashion party, sweetie darling, hoping to have it featured like you requested. I was sitting next to Monica Lawinski, no photos were taken but maybe it will end up in Page Six or something. Alas no Hilton sisters though! But I bet you next year the Dolce & Gabanna show will be featuring rhinestone encrusted "Glamour Goblin" T-shirts
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Daddy, what a memory! I had totally forgotten about the KM/KO connection. And you are right, she did look great as she was kicking open the bathroom door last night to share the loo with one of our barbacks.
And Glammy, I am sooo worried about the Hilton Sisters these days-- haven't seen hide nor hair. Perhaps they are visiting Dick Cheney?
From: "Noah"
Subject: Paris's Bday, Reebok MAGIC Event, Valentines Day, Presidents Day at Tao, Limelight
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 17:20:12 -0800

If your looking for something to do or tell your friends about this weekend, check out the following events Jason and I are hosting for Presidents Day Weekend.

New York: Thursday Feb 14th: "Valentines Day" at Suite 16, 127 8th Ave at 16th St. Expect: Fashion week party, lot's of pretty people in red.

Friday Feb 15th: "The Last Dance" at LIMELIGHT, Sixth Avenue between 20th/21st St., 10pm. Expect: 2,000 people!

Sunday Feb 17th: "Presidential Dinner" at TAO, 42 E. 58th St. at Madison, 10pm. Expect: Great crowd, dinner and dancing.

Las Vegas:

Saturday Feb 16th: "Paris Hilton's 21st Birthday Bash" at LIGHT in the BELLAGIO HOTEL. 10pm. Expect: Vegas, what do you think.

Wednesday Feb 20th: "Reebok/NBA Magic Trade Show Event" at LIGHT in the BELLAGIO HOTEL. 7:30-10:30 pm.

All of the events will require you to be on the guest list so if you would like to attend please email me back ASAP or call me office at 212-420-9420 by 6pm Friday Feb 15th. Have a safe and fun holiday weekend and I look forward to seeing you.

Noah Tepperberg
For two hours last night, a well-aimed jet would have wiped fashion out well into the 2020s. In attendance on the roof of 60 Thompson Street, for Bloomingdale's Big Daddy Cal Ruttenstein's CFDA Lifetime Achievement award dinner-

First Brood Vampire and divinity KARL LAGERFELD, Marc Jacobs, Stephen Sprouse, Anna Wintour, Anna Sui, Ralph Lauren, Diane Von Furstenberg, Lauren Hutton, Helmut Lang, Susie Menkes, new designer Zack something who Alba brought to Jackie when he was 12, dysfunctional legend Candy Pratts Price (sp?), Abysinnian bloody Vogue Sweetie.
I'm sure you've all seen Stephen Sprouse's new Red White and Blue line at Target stores nationwide and online...

Some of it is quite cute but the website selections pale in comparison to what is actually in the stores (apparently, as per my "source"...let's just call her "Lulu"), anyway I got the women's shirt online and it's very cute, and the material is good quality. Needless to say these clothes are well on their way into becoming somewhat of a collectors item, because of Sprouse's erratic carrer as a fashion designer.
HEY ALL LULU HERE!!!!! Love the Target Sprouse soooo much and will be pop'n up on my web site soon. Thanks to MOTHER for everything. Time is coming faster than ever and am leaving NYC on June 26. Dont think I can put up any more EBAY stuff til we leave but will keep u all posted. Will miss all my extended family. but thank god for email and the internet.
So great to "see" you both here!

Lulu, thanks for the amazing DCI donation - we are honored!!!

Though we'll miss you terribly, I think what you are doing rocks! PLEASE keep us posted here in JACKIE LEGEND or ELSEWHERE if you can find the time.

Julian, you're not leaving too are you? The Westwood store would have to close if you did!
I'm out here in PA (near New Hope) with Sammy and Miss Bond . and we have attacked the local Target store, I got the Sprouce beach towels, beachballs and my favorite .... the boogie board....also wiped out were the skirts, dress, hats, bikini, etc. by Mr and Mrs Bond. I also indulged in a Stark folding chair sweetie......Target didn't know what hit them.
Partially out of solidarity with my possibly soon-to-be-cremated Hindu sisters and partially out of not-wanting-to-wear-fashion-to-the-fashion-event-sweetie, I've re-discovered my bright red and gold wedding sari that KB tricked out for the "Jackie Goes To India" bash some years back and have been featuring it nonstop for last few nights out, with red fishnet top under.

It is a total blast wearing this, and gets you dressed so quickly and glamorously that you really see why all those Spiritualists became so chic all those years ago. Most fun though is the guaranteed homage from some of our favorite cabbies (See "SEx With Taxi Drivers" in QMTV if you'd like to catch up.) I don't know what it is exactly about the sight of a Big Blonde so attired, but you'd think I was walking around nekkid theway some of the Pakistani, Indian and Bengladeshi (sp?) drivers get so worked up.

I've had so many great conversations, which always begin with something like -

"That is great dress, you are wearing a sari."
(No, really, I didn't know that was the name of it...)

My favorite, on the way to Kal R.'s dinner Sunday night, was the driver who suggested -

"You should go to MY country, the saris are so beautiful there, and so much cheaper than 27th St."

When I asked where, he told me "Kashmir."

Well, I said diplomatically, (not wanted to remind him of just the wee bit of tension looming there at the moment) I've heard this may be not such a great time to go there.

"What do you mean? It's a great time to go," he shot back, insisting that NOTHING might interrupt a blonde sari-shopper in Kashmir at the moment. "You bring two, three hundred dollars and you leave with many beautiful saris."

I loved his total focus, his obliviousness, blind hope, or whatever you might call it, considering what the headlines are like every day, considering the million soldiers currently massed there and of course the rather persistent story about all those pesky nukes en pointe in his hometown. "Sounds great!" I chirped cheerfully, and stepped off into the night.
You would LIVE for the Indian market area in Bangkok. It's so mysterious! There's a huge block of gorgeous shops that you can walk around, but it's the gritty market maze within the block that's so fascinating. You walk around, getting lost, weaving be tween the indoor and outdoor, accepting the uncomfortable heat, stumbling upon all sorts of hidden treasures. And, as always, everything's crazy cheap! I guess it's the closest we can get to India for the time being.

I feel terrible about what's happen ing in India and Pakistan! Both countries have seen such hard times, the last thing they need is this war! While I've never been there I have a deep appeciation for their expressiveness in art, film, and design,
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Legendary British photographer Nick Knight's website

has a downloadable shirt pattern courtesy of art-house designer Yohji Yamamoto. The shirt itself is pictured in the "images" section of the site (handy for those less experienced with clothes making, me included, because it gives you clues as to how to constuct it) added incentive, once done making the shirt you can send them a picture of yourself with your own creation! Who says you need to deplete your bank account for a Yohji outfit?!
I would suggest making it in some fabric other than black as the details don't really show (as per one of the photographs already submitted)...I think t-shirt material would work well for this one.

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