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Garren Benfield in concert!
Saturday August 6 @ 8pm.
Le Petit Versailles
346 East Houston St. < Avenue B & C>
Subway: F/V- Second Ave. - J/M/F- Delancey/Essex
"Garrin Benfield is a busy, busy fellow, splitting his time between NY and SF and continuing to enrich the music scene of both cities. He's no stranger to Acoustic Sunrise - Rosalie has been onto him for years - but it's the new song 'Walkin' Time Blues' that offers us a delicious slice of San Francisco." - Renee Richardson, KFOG Radio, SF CA.
Benfield's shows center on his quirky pop melodies but are stretched by Garrin into improvisational explorations into new territory each night. Familiar songs are often twisted and contorted into gorgeous new creations that leave audiences breathless. At once organic and eclectic, Garrin's shows are an experience as much as they are a musical concert! Utilizing electronic effects and a loop station, audiences find themselves grooving to atmospheric rhythms and settling back into Benfield's soothing vocal style. When the whole band is cooking, Benfield seamlessly blends his compositional skills with his improvisational ones, making old songs seem new. His thought-provoking lyrics and orchestral arrangements are constantly refurbished but are never over-shadowed by the endless noodling characterized by many in the neighboring jam-Band genre.


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