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Many MotherboardsNYC members in New York City and Beyond are fans of the twisted genius that is Granite.  Until now, most of us only had the opportunity to see new works every few years in New York, or at a Beltane gathering, or on visit to Granite's home for a fabulous Art House Dinner in New Orleans.  Technology is finally catching up with Granite!  Please visit the new Etsy shop for some new works including paintings, vintage early '1970's male figure prints and cards, toy drawings, and designs for decadent new tees featuring these images.

FB:  House Of Granite - please visit the page and "Like" it!
Coming soon:!

Contact House Of Granite at for e-mail updates offering coupons for discounts on items in the shop, opportunities to use your purchase to help finance an upcoming Artists Fund, and other delicious treats!

I will post samples from House of Granite here periodically.

Blessed Beams.


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