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date:Sunday, February 20, 2011
time:09:00 PM to 04:00 AM
address:New york city  map
cost:$15 in Fetish or Creative Attire, $30 neat all black
dress code:Fetish wear, Creatively dressed, burner beautiful, uniforms, formal wear, cyber,


We are moving IMPACT this month to take advantage of the fact that Monday is a holiday! So join us on Sunday Feb. 20th. Location is yet to be determined. what this event listing or check out for the most up todate info.

Deliver impact, make an impression, and bruise the night in your telltale shape. Select a target. Take aim. Collide. Feel the reverberation as flesh meets flesh, mind meets mind. A molecular disturbance. Electrical currents pulsate through your tissue, down into your bones. Power transferred...a new conception. You will be remembered. You will not soon forget. Tonight leave your mark.
Enter into our sultry palace where you will be compelled to strip off clothing, bend over knee and marvel at the sights. It is in this place and space that you feel transported to another time and place.

Resident DJ's Xris Smack and DJ Jess will be on hand!
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