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From today's Page Six (NYPost):


Long line of Jacko ex-pals

MICHAEL Jackson's alarming behavior is costing him all his old friends. The latest to part company: Cher. "I don't have a nice thing to say about him. He and I were friends when he was little. I watched him grow up and all that, but, you know, you dangle a baby over a balcony, that's it for me," she told Entertainment Tonight. "If it was up to me, he wouldn't have those babies now." Cher told TV Guide: "I don't really care what he does to his face. He could just erase it as far as I'm concerned .¤.¤. This guy is nuts. He shouldn't have these children." Elizabeth Taylor reportedly severed her relationship with Jacko when he treated her rudely. His ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley told Rolling Stone he is "manipulative and controlling." Now Star reports that Jacko - wearing a plastic mask with eyes and lips painted on it - visited the Grove shopping center in L.A. where he fell in love with a $210 handbag with a see-through plastic pocket for child photos. What he really liked was a picture in the display purse of one of the designer's two boys. He persuaded the store owner to sell him the bag with her son's photo in it. A rep for Jackson didn't return calls.

"King of Pop" Michael Jackson was selected as the "most foolish American" in a poll out on Friday, ahead of April Fool's Day. To quote:

"Eighty per cent of those polled said Jackson, who has been in the media spotlight again since a British television documentary shed new light on his personal life, was the biggest fool in the country, public relations consultant Jeff Barge said, who has the survey taken every year.

Jackson, 44, drew foolish reviews for, among other things, dangling his baby son out a window in Germany to show him to fans last year.

Boxer Mike Tyson came in a foolish second."

Michael Jackson Chosen Fool of the Year by Aussie Press

Hey, everyone is turning on Michael, even Cher. I guess the old song is true- "Nobody knows you when you're down and out."
Wacko in his own words and home movies on the telly this Thurs... can't wait! (ahh i love tabloid shite)... i saw a clip and his son looked the spit of one of those kids from that movie Village of the Dammed (?) you know where all the kids are all evil, blond Aryan...

More family pics..
Daddy please hire a bloke and two midgets in masks to the next Magique and we can call Page 6 and say its wacko and the kids... PLEASE daddy!


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Jacko's whiter than white
3 October 2003
The Evening Standard

When a four-year-old boy called Kalien met Michael Jackson, he just didn't know what to make of him.

The child shrank back in the arms of his grandfather, the singer's physician Dr Allan Metzger. And he wasn't alone in his astonishment.

The 45-year-old singer's complexion drew gasps at the charity event in Beverly Hills. For he was whiter than the white partygoers.

Jackson insists his appearance is due to the rare skin disorder vitiligo.

An onlooker said: 'It looked as if he'd dunked his face in a bowl of talcum powder.

But his face actually is that pale. He looks positively scary - like a ghost.

'It's hard to believe Michael Jackson used to be a black man. Now he looks like a very odd white woman.'

Help! Kalien faces his own Thriller show


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How could I have missed it? How could any of us? Michael Jackson is a real life Anne Rice vampire! The clothes, the sunglasses, the gloves, the inexhaustable amounts of wealth, the endless search for a "young companion", his questionable sexuality, and the most obvious sign of them all: his skin seems to be getting whiter, more luminescent, and strangely harder as the years go by. Hmmm....
Yikes, I just heard that the Santa Barbara sherrifs office is at the Never Land Ranch looking for our guy Michael. Evidently a 12 year old boy is claiming that MJ molested him!!! Can
ya believe this! Hey, at this point, I think the parent's of the kid should be served with a warrant instead of Michael. Everyone by now knows MJ's fascination toward little 12 year old boys. If anything, I say the kid's parents set the kid up with MJ so that they could get a pay-out from MJ. I mean, every parent in the worrld must know by now that MJ is one sick puppy. I wouldn't let my child hang out with Michael, that's for sure. What parent would??

They are the real bottom feeders, all these parasites making a buck off a truly talented, tho truly screwed up and sick individual, by having their kids be mollested by him. It is pretty sick and pretty crazy. Anyway, this is my read on it.
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Could very well be a set-up. Or not. In any case she's a tragic figure.

Search warrant issued after allegations made by 12-year-old boy
MSNBC News Services

Nov. 18 "” Santa Barbara County sheriff's deputies are executing a search warrant at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, according to several broadcast reports.

"DOZENS" OF UNIFORMED deputies arrived at the pop star's ranch outside Santa Barbara and served the warrant at approximately noon ET, according to Court TV. The cable channel also reported that the search was being executed under the direction of Santa Barbara County District Attorney Tom Sneddon based on allegations made by a 12-year-old boy.

A "convoy" of law enforcement vehicles, including a forensic evidence collection vehicle and an ambulance passed through the gates at Neverland, which is located in the Santa Ynez Valley outside of Santa Barbara. The ambulance left the scene shortly afterward.

A Court TV reporter said a portable toilet was brought to the scene, indicating perhaps that law enforcement officers will be there "for quite some time."

Jackson's spokesman, Stuart Backerman, did not answer his cell phone and did not immediately return messages early Tuesday.

The search comes on the same day Epic Records released "Number Ones," a greatest hits collection featuring Jackson's new single, "One More Chance." On Nov. 26, CBS is scheduled to air a Jackson special consisting mainly of old concert footage.

Allegations of sexual contact involving the 45-year-old singer were made by a 13-year-old boy in 1993. That case was settled out of court.

If this is the alligation and if it's true then not only is Michael Jackson to blame but the parents of the child who he last molested are to blame. The fact that they put a price tag on their stolen childhood is sickening. I can't imagine anyone not prosecuting and seeking revenge on a person the diddled their kid. The media also allowed MJ to protray it as if he was the victim after he paid out millions to some kids parents. Sick, real sick
When that TV show premiered earlier this year, the one that ignited all that press about MJ in which he confessed to sharing his bed with kids, there was a Hispanic boy on it who had cancer but was getting better. I wonder if it's the same one mentioned here. I noticed at the time how the cancer patient boy, who was pretty, was MJ's favorite and the one to sleep in his bed ... while the boy's fatter and plainer siblings slept in some other room.

411: Jacko Accuser: 'Wine, Sleeping Pills'
Wednesday, November 19, 2003
By Roger Friedman
Fox News

The 12-year-old boy at the center of the Michael Jackson child molestation scandal may have confessed to his psychiatrist that the pop singer plied him with wine and sleeping pills when he allegedly molested him, according to sources.

The boy has also hired Los Angeles attorney Larry Feldman, the same lawyer who represented the family of a 13-year-old boy who made similar allegations a decade ago, the sources said.

Also, according to my source, Jackson "” knowing some months ago that the boy and his family had serious complaints about his relationship with them "” tried to get rid of them.

"He bought them passports and planned to ship them off to somewhere in South America," a friend of the boy's family (a mother and siblings) told me. In fact, says this source, Jackson kept the family at Neverland for a period of time, hoping to convince them to drop their allegations by lavishing them with entertainment and further merriment.

Calls to Feldman and to the family's other attorney were not returned.

According to sources, the boy who made the allegations was a cancer patient whose "last wish" was to meet Jackson at a time that his friends and family feared his illness was worsening.

Jackson paid the family's medical bills and assisted them financially, even buying them a car and, according to sources, possibly a new house. When the boy's condition improved, according to a family friend, Jackson brought him to his Neverland Valley Ranch. That is when the alleged inappropriate contact between them is thought to have occurred.

At some point last spring, the boy's schoolmates "” apparently aware of his relationship with Jackson "” began taunting him in public. In one case, an incident of harassment is said to have occurred at a gas station, prompting the boy's mother to seek legal advice. The lawyer she met with advised sending the boy to a psychologist. According to my source, the psychologist had enough concerns to report his conversation to the police.

That would jibe with the idea proposed by the police and others that the family is not seeking civil damages at this time or anticipating a cash settlement similar to the one that happened 10 years ago.

Sadly, according to my source, the health condition of the boy involved is still in jeopardy "” a situation that should add to the melodrama of an already shocking and headline-making story.

I have just gotten caught up on this topic. Lex, I love your post about the pretty boy getting to bed down with Miss Pasty J. and the "fatter, plainer" kids having to bunk someplace else. Maybe in the kennel with the rest of the dogs!! The images created in that documentary of the young latino boy laying foppishly against Miss Pasty J. were soooo disturbing. There is something so troubling about pedophiles need for control. It's such an act of dominance against someone weaker. So predatory. I personally felt it was just a matter of time before Lady Perp struck again. We must acknowledge however that children are bought and sold every day. Sickening but true. Its just the "master" in this slave auction happens to be very high profile and an extremely easy target. The world has some very dark corners kids.
However, I do not believe that he is a child molester. If he is in fact proven without doubt to have done it, I will change my opinion. In the meantime, I for one believe that he would not sexually molest a kid, I believe he is a rare bird, and aside from his obvious lunacy, I also think he is good. Held up to the klieg light of mainstream American scrutiny, which ones of us would not be considered completely perverse, if judged by our appearances or the way we live? I go on instinct, and instincts can definitely be wrong. But it's a hell of a lot better than going on what's written in the news. Why not use one of the old early American tests of guilt or innocence, such as weighting him down with boulders and tossing him into a pond. If he sinks he's guilty. If having a seriously altered face, being artistic, preferring a fantasyland to real life and being eccentric as hell AND not wanting to admit to any of those things also means one is a childfucker, I suppose most of the people we know are guilty of it. There is such an effort to cover up the ones who are really doing it, such as all the priests, but of course, they are unknown, drab, uninteresting, farty old pedophiles. They won't look as interesting being gobbled up by the lions in the coliseum as will Michael Jackson. I would like to meet him very much.
Pulled this off the Internet Movie Database news section. **surprise** Michael is not the biological father of the older two children, as if we ever had any doubt!

Troubled pop superstar Michael Jackson's two young children have been interviewed by welfare officers, after their mother Debbie Rowe expressed concerns about their safety. Prince Michael, six, and Paris, five, were quizzed by officials at their Beverly Hills, California home, which they share with the Thriller star, 45. The move comes after Rowe reportedly began legal proceedings against her former husband in a bid to win custody of the youngsters. Rowe has accused Jackson - who is currently facing multiple child abuse charges - of being an "unfit father" and denying the pair a "normal life". She also claims Jackson is not the biological father of either child and that they were conceived using artificial insemination. According to a Jackson family source, the children's nannies were also interviewed during the visit, at which the Bad superstar was present. Previously, the singer's parents Joe and Katherine Jackson had pledged to take responsibility for Prince Michael and Paris - and their baby brother Prince Michael II, whose mother is unknown - in the event of Jackson's imprisonment.

Originally posted by romy and pilar:
There is such an effort to cover up the ones who are really doing it, such as all the priests, but of course, they are unknown, drab, uninteresting, farty old pedophiles. They won't look as interesting being gobbled up by the lions in the coliseum as will Michael Jackson.

hmmmm... do not start me on that, I can go on for days

how unfortunate that all can not hide within the infinite folds of gods robes...
but then who knows who one would be crouching down next to... hello brother peter, they are accusing me of molesting a child whose parents tried to swindle me out of X amount of dollars...but we know for a fact that you molested 20 children in 3 different states, at least those are the ones who have come forward, how are you this fine day? oh, I am sorry thats BoBo humping you there... just ignore him...


feed the fire of your desire...
Okay, so why all the fuss over Janet Jackson exposing her boob during the Super Bowl halftime show??

Right after it happened, Janet said right away that it was an accident(a wardrobe malfunction, if you will). Yet a lot of people are calling for an investigation against poor Janet. Come on, guys, time out. This smacks like another PUBLIC LYNCHING!! Just because they're culturally divergent the Jacksons are being constantly picked on - be it Michael, LaToya, or Janet!!! Yipes! Let's get real here. Janet is INNOCENT. Does she need to call in the Nation of Islam too??
If anything, Justin Timberlake should be arrested for sexual assault (since it was he who actually tore off the right cup of Janet's bra).

BTW, the halftime show at this year's Superbowl was the best ever. It was sooo sexy. I actually got an erection watching it!! It was so cool! It totally rocked - thank you, Janet!!
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the real "controversy":

did you hear that groban fellow singing on the f*ckin s*per b*wl??
i missed the darn show, in any case,

..."you raise me up to walk on stormy seas...
to be more than i can beee..."
mr. groban's current "hit" sounds nightmarish to me, as if a lobotomized barry manilow had unwisely crossed a crushingly generic christian pop sound with the theatrical,
soap-opera tones of "les miserables" ...
all this mess scored melodramatically, if randomly to a virtual template of the tune to "wind beneath my wings"...

eccentric king of pop mike jackson has apparently sold *4 million cds* world-wide this year for his greatest hits/really "smelly" duet with accused pee-er on underage girls, mr. r. kelly...
..."one more chance", indeed!

--yet shady cum-back kid mike j.'s sales spike pales next to the multi-million dollar f*ckin world-wide cd sales of the gormless mr. groban...

...come back, rick astley - all is forgiven!
Yikes, just imagine what the public outcry would have been at the Superbowl if it had been Michael instead of his sister dancing with Justin Timberlake. Justin would have grabbed Michael's crotch and RI-I-I-P we would all see Michael's penis.. How Cool! What Fun!!! (I wonder if he'd have an erection)?????

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