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Can there be better news for the holidaze? And I LOVE the concept of the "Hipster Vatican"..


East Village bohemian snobs drive out the frat boys, from NY Post

"So, what brand of humanity is considered undignified to a guy who spends his days shepherding the underclass?

Frat boys. Solid men in Big Ten regalia. Business types who spent their college years learning about balance sheets instead of transgressive modes of self-actualization. To these, the East Village can be as intolerant as a monocle-wearing English aristocrat from a P.G. Wodehouse novel, gazing down upon the polloi and pronouncing them a little too hoi. As Sarah Laskow put it on the website, the patrons were “not some group of characters out of an old Lou Reed song, so much as the group of characters you’d find on Bourbon Street, or worse, North Avenue in White Plains. There was some irony in the marketing of Superdive, but not much.”


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I was about one day away from posting a photo of the "FOR SALE -fully equiped and licensed bar" sign on the front of Hatches' and Mr. Joe's pre Superdive establishment. Hilarious it ran as a slob bar while Community Board 3 had it on record as being a bookstore !
The commercial rents on the first four blocks south of 14th Street are so stupid nothing stays in business there for more than one or two years except the funeral parlor. Maybe there should be a funeral parlor for dead Avenue A businesses bled dry by sharky landlords.
I went to WILD PROJECT twice this week and both shows, Crazy and Amaaaazzzzzing!!! (I'm sorry about my poor writing that isn't good enough to express how great they were.. I hope someone post about those shows..) That's what should be happening in EV... but, I know how rare such experience is these days    Especially Rob Roth's & Amber Domination's NIGHTVISION, I got a feeling that it is gonna be more than I expected when I was heading to the venue in the ice rain, and yes, that was something so--- worth going through ice rain or spike rain! Ice rain was actually matching, like opening act of the show in fact .
BTW, I wanted to check out that ICE CAR on 2ave & 2st but, couldn't see anything in snow...
Well, Canon has survived a few of these situations at Tribes. The situation it is in now leaves a lot of interpretive options legally because the landlady did accept his recent rent payments, it could be interpreted as a 'constructive' contract ( in legal jargon - essentially standing as a contract in every sense except for not actually existing in writing ). But I'm not a real estate court judge so who knows. I doubt anyone or group is going to come up with nearly 3 million during this time period to save the place. And if it does come to pass it will end up being way more of an institution -think of what happened to ABC NO RIO once it got essentially complete control of its own building from the city, it is still there as a 'community' cultural center but it is not much like it was prior to the change in the ownership status away from the city's oversight. Anywy, somehow, I don't think Tribes is gonna vanish very soon. But it still is completely disgusting Tribes has got caught up in this situation. Any self-appointed real estate wheeler-dealer who would attend even a few events at Tribes would see it is a place that is completely necessary to preserve. You'd have to be totally ignorant to be indifferent to what goes on there on any given day.
Originally Posted by Lily of the Valley:
that is just disgusting.   so upsetting to hear about.  I hope he finds a buyer who will let him stay.  On this same topic, the rent laws which protect tenants from being evicted in situations like this expire on June 15th.   It's critical that they are renewed and strengthened to prevent more tenenats from this kind of situation.
Lil, if you have info going forward on any rent law actions or demos either online or RW please post them in this forum. Thanks. As 95% of my favorite EV neighbors are longtime renters, of course this issue matters tremendously to myself and many others.
Here's a letter from Mr. Canon sent to his email blast list with a current update:

A Gathering of the Tribes         


Say folks,

Here's the situation, read it and weep:

 Because of the situation I find myself in, and I'm certainly not going to get my eyesight back anytime soon, I need your help.

 Since selling this building to Lorraine Zhang, I have found that she has no idea how to manage this property here in NYC.  She seems to have found herself in an awful lot of debt.  

 With your help, I was hoping you might know anyone with deep pockets or charitable organizations that might help me with repossessing the building to place it under new management.  

 I've owned the building for over 40 years and in the process, lost my eyesight, and currently have nobody around to manage the property.  I'll need someone to manage the property properly.

If you know anyone that might be able to help with this current crisis here, please forward this email to them.

For the last 20 years, for the most part I, Steve Cannon, have been financing Tribes myself.  2/3 on my own, and 1/3 funding

The total loss in running Tribes since opening is well over a million dollars, if not more.  Since Lorraine has proven incapable of keeping up with the bills of the property (tax, mortgage, bills, etc.), she finds that she's had to put it on the market.

What I'd like to do is to rent the other spaces out to artists.  Have them pay a maintenance fee...  And find a philanthropist or charity to pay off the mortgage.  I need your help in this search and if you know someone who can help, let me know. The discrepancy between rich and poor is ever widening in the nation, and artists are among the people who suffer most. For over 20 years, Tribes has sought to help emergent and established artists pursue their calling in the arts, and I should like to keep it that way.

If you have any questions, please give me a call:  212-674-8262

For more info about Tribes, check out We're also on Flickr, Youtube, MySpace and Facebook.   

Love you madly,


The latest on Tribes.....

 On April 26, Two Boots Pizza will hold Save the Tribes Day, in which it will
donate all proceeds of the day's pizza sales -- from all 7 of its Manhattan tores --  to A Gathering of the Tribes. The Lower East Side arts
 institution founded 20 years ago by poet, playwright and novelist Steve
 Cannon is on the brink of losing its longtime home at  285 East 3rd St., as
 the building is up for sale.
 Culminating Save the Tribes Day, in connection with National Poetry Month,
 Tribes will host an open mic musical performance and poetry reading with
 special guests at 6:00 P.M. Admission is $5 and can be purchased at the
 Steve Cannon bought the building housing A Gathering of the Tribes in 1970
 and sold it in 2004 to help finance the organization's programming. He has
 since paid rent to continue occupying the space, but recently found out that the building is being sold. So many of the artists, poets and musicians
 whose careers have been nurtured by Tribes - along with neighbors such as
 Two Boots - are rallying to help the organization keep its home. You can
 read more about the situation here: About A Gathering of the Tribes

The authorities need to squeeze my block in to the historic district. The gas station on the corner, right next to my building, was just sold for 8 million to developers who know the parcel has been pre-approved for 43,000 square feet of residential development -which must mean, like, a 12 storey building. Within the week the building I live in had its appraised value jump by 2 million dollars !

Right next to me is the Petite Versailles garden and two buildings down from that the building there was sold about two months ago to a developer who scammed rights to re-do it as upscale apartments and also got a code variance to add a luxury penthouse to the top of the building. If you like the oasis of the Petite Versailles you better start spending all the time you can in it now cause it will probably be the object of a court fight in the not too distant future. I'm going to apply to have my building designated as a historic landmark shooting gallery.

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