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I'm just exploring the new (to me) world of PCs, Windows, AOL, Myspace etc. etc.

If you've grown up MACs like I have (thanks to all the nerds I know like Chi Chi Valenti, Rob Roth, Jade Barbie... actually just about EVERYONE I KNOW)
well, it's hard to see why ANYONE would put up with that shit!

I'm sorry, Myspace is retarded!
AOL is retarded.
So is Windows.

Are people nuts?
Why is most of the world on PCs?
I really don't get it.
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I just mean that the "MySpace AOL mentality" is very PC and not MAC.
MySpace is total crap.
Hard to navigate, hard to understand and all ads!
It's slow and crashes constantly.
(As in PC)

Just as an example go to Daniel Nardicio's D-List.
It the same idea but SO easy to navigate and understand and it's a snap to design your own page.

D-List, of course, is small community and doesn't have 300 million people on it but I think that is the future.
I'm on MySpace because it helps me dig up performers in other parts of the country.

It's pretty bad though because if I have 1000 "friends" and I want to see which ones of them live in Florida, there is no wayy to performe that search.. There's no way to manage your friends at all. You can't alphabitze them or put them in any order.

If you were a promoter an wanted to invite local people to an event without pestering the rest of your international list there is no system to do so.

I still use it because so many people I need to meet are on it but it has serious flaws.
As for why most of the world uses PC's and Windows, Daddy, there is only one answer-- Business.
Corporations use it, and so the world follows blindly, without thinking twice, despite the fact that everything is done-- from my perspective anyway-- ass-backwards and takes twice as long. Sure, there was a time when things like creating spreadsheets on Excel and other business apps were developed for and worked somewhat better in Windows, but of course that time has long passed. Many people either don't own their own computers, or got their intro to them through the workplace, and so are stuck.

As far as MySpace, that's sooo last year Daddy. And if you think that's rotten, try Friendster. Still, I have re-connected with a great many lost contacts through MySpace, so there's something to be said for it, I guess. But I agree, it is developed for PC/Windows users wanking on their office or school computers when they were supposed to be working. Certainly, almost none of the music or videos people post were actually created on that clunky platform.

AOL, now that's another story. I have to laugh at those who use it. However, it's obvious what people like about it most-- those endless chatrooms. Never mind that it kills any possibility of learning how to utilize the internet properly and efficiently. People, I guess, feel "safer" within AOL's "village." Though, that safety, as is continually proven, is totally illusory. Bah!

But just the thought of using a "fake" iTunes, a PC clone of Photoshop, an imitation music writing program boggles my mind. I mean, why bother?
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I gagging how many people I know are on MySpace
(I know you told me this a year ago Anna Nicole!)
I look at my friends and have to laugh...
Pat Field, Diamanda Galas, Sister Codie Ravioli & Connie Girl, Debbie Harry & Chris stein, Kevin Aviance, Jackie Beat...
seven, Miss Understood, Hattie Hathaway, ANNA NICOLE...

And now that I have about 50 friends (and growing) what the hell do I do with them?
Seven u have to link to me!! I didn't know you were on there.
I think MySpace is a shitty system full of wackos but it is also just like any large club (crobar) u can still find some interest there if u be selective.
As for Macs V PC. Hatches is right. In the muggle world we all use PC unless u r in graphics/image based industry otherwise its PC all the way.
Myspace has been great for me I have found so many dear ole chums from Blighty on there. And some shags along the way- heh heh.
Although my rule is .. i never add anyone as a friend unless i really know em.
I've been adding everyone but so far it's only been people that I know.

Now I'm thinking that I should add ONLY freaky looking people and not pollute my friends list with muggles.

This whole thing reminds me of collecting baseball cards. You can't do anything with them, just look at them but it's kind of fun. You get all excited when you add someone cool.

Yesterday I added Marti Domination & Twinkle!
(and yes, I know you already had them Hatches!)
I thought this recent bit from
PC World's "25 WORST WEB SITES" summed up alot of the interface problems and general clunkiness etc. that JD was referring to with MySpace. And this was a non-Mac magazine commenting..

Worst Sites #1

Yes, we know. With more than 90 million users, MySpace is now more popular than Elvis, "American Idol," and ice cream. But the Web's most visited destination is also its most poorly designed and counterproductive.

The ease with which anyone of any age can create a page, upload photos, share deeply personal details of their lives, and make new "friends" quickly turned MySpace into a one-stop shopping mall for online predators. That in turn has made the site an easy target for politicians who pander for votes by playing on parental fears. In an era when the basic tenets of the Net are under attack by both Ma Bell and Uncle Sam, MySpace is a headache we don't need.

But let's put all that aside for a moment. Graphically, many MySpace pages look like a teenager's bedroom after a tornado--a swirl of clashing backgrounds, boxes stacked inside other boxes, massive photos, and sonic disturbance. Try loading a few of those pages at once and watch what happens to your CPU. Watch out for spyware, too, since it turns out that MySpace has become a popular distribution vector for drive-by downloads and other exploits...

Full article (and the other 24 sites at)

Well, it's been a couple of months now and going to MySpace has become a part of my life.
I get messages all day long.
DJs, bands, prostitutes, promoters...
It's a nightmare!

I do get messages from from long lost friends that are gorgeous sometimes though. Yesterday Frankie Knuckles saw my page and wrote. He was online and we chatted for a while. This was nice because he doesn't live in New York any more and we never see each other. We had a good giggle. And I just got a note from Dean Johnson who wrote to tell me that I was on his top page. I had to point out that I had more friends than him.
At this writing I have 231 friends.
They are pretty much all people I know and like. The few exceptions are people I know and don't like but it is much easier to approve them than explain to them why I don't like them. There are some people that are fans and even though I don't know them they seem nice.
I look at all of their little pictures and think if they were all at a party it would be totally wacky.
Actually, it would be totally "Jackie".
Prostitutes how dare you.... that was ME! LOL

I must say I do enjoy the gettin the ole waggons in a circle aspect of that ole trollin' site.... it's been good to me (wink wink). I only add people I truly know as my friends and most of them aren't even in NYC... so it's cute to hear from them all again... my ole ole ole fella from WAY back in the days just sent me a note he's finally on...for his sin's his son had to do his site for him!! LOL Now that's when u know u be old! I was just laughin to meself as he's new to the site and only has a few chums on there now...he is in the music biz and was a good pal of Bob Marleys etc ... so u see his friends are all the Marley kids, these real rootsy dread icons.. then in the middle of it all ME and my lardy arse.. it looks so funny. Me in the middle of the marleys .. just the way i likes it! But tis nice to go on peoples pages an see who their mates are... it says allot!!!
There were no computers when I was a teen, so I am making up for my lost teen years on the internet by creating a Myspace page. And yes, I do like collecting the baseball card type friends there. It gives me something to look at.
I just want to know, How does someone get 10,000 friends on their list? I can't get 200, and even now some are dropping off my list, just disappearing from my page. Weird, where did they go? They could have left their baseball card picture, they didn't have to take their pic with them.
A friend of mine has an actually program to select people and ask them to be his friends... he has reason behind this madness - He's part of a Lesbian/Gay/TS/TV group and he likes to spread the mtgs messages on bulletin so I guess that makes sense.
I have a rule to only ever add people I actually know.
I love looking at people friends cos its often their shags too.... quite interesting... I also love it that Adam Goldstone is on there even in death he's a force! And what a minx! All those cutie chicks sending him messages still... love it!
If you want to know what I think about Myspace read the blog entries on 'my space.' It is a nonplace built out of endless paradoxes, mental switchbacks and unsubtle commodification. But it is a real phenomenon. You are all one step closer to being cyborgs.

And who cares how many friends you get -that is just part of the whole 'people are social capital' perversion. I was offered a program that would scoop up thousands of 'friends' off myspace in one cycle. One of the early adapters of myspace said he got up to 10,000 'friends' by offering all sorts of free stuff -cyberschwag- in bulletins. The basic thing I get off on is you are being exceedingly social without being physically social at all. Why didn't someone invent this 20 years ago when I really needed it?
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Well, it's been a couple of months now and I have to say the whole MySpace thing has been VERY interesting to say the least.

Being a person who is easily Google-ed I thought that I had heard from every single person that I have ever known... ever.
MySpace is amazing for that. Ghosts from your past greet you every day.
(like this message that I got today)
We met when we were both go go dancing at the odussy 2000 in brooklyn.

I was speechless.

Right now I have about 300 friends.
I deny about 30 a day!
People with something to sell -bands, records, parties, political agendas...
people I have never -or will ever want to meet.

Just being a DJ @ Crobar brings me about a thousand potential new "friends" a month.
What do they want?
I don't get it.
I guess having a DJ as your "friend" tells the world what kind of music you listen to.
Wait a minute...
That's it!
Your MySpace friends tell the world who you are.
It used to be tee shirts told the world who you were.
Now it's MySpace.
Now I get it.
Thaks for the add, Daddy.

I couldn't figure out why myspce was so popular either, but my at horrid day job, they wanted me to create a myspce site for the wretched institution. So I created a ludicrous myspace identity called "Sweet-Bologna-Salad" - just to explore and see what it is all about - and I started finding people that I know, and then seeing who was in their friends list - and through that I have found a bunch of people that I love (or fucked) and am back in touch with. And now I admit that I am addicted to asking famous people to be my friend, but besides you, Hattie and Tangella among a few others, I have not had much luck.

I agree it is a spyware ladden monstrosity of a 8mph SUV on the info-super hi-way. But after a couple of back & forth crashing myspace emails telephone numbers are exchanged.

My Athens, Ga friends say that if one has a band, it is mandatory to have a myspace.

Did anyone see that article in NYT a couple of weeks ago a while back about Satchi & Satchi's site that is the artists' must have myspace imitator? Hattie is right it is all about business. I think that these mywebsite things are going to become super segmented (and super demented) I can't wait for
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Originally posted by bobby:
I haven't figured out how to add anyone. Boo Hoo I have no MySpace friends.

Hi Bobby, just go to the person's page that you want to add and then press the "add to friends". It's in the box usually under the main pic that also has the "send message". Press "add to friends", Then they will either accept you or reject you,, I have rejected quite a few people and some that I don't even think were people.

Lol, I hope you weren't joking about not being able to add a friend. Surely you should have Tom as one of your friends, unless you deleted Tom.
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am i the only one who's grossed out and through with myspace? to me while it is an ok way for anyone w/ access to have a webpage and stay in touch with friends - even promote music or shows - it seems to exemplify the utter self-absorbtion our culture has come to embody. It seems less about connection/communication that it is about me, me, me... plus its corporate owned and operated. maybe its just ME.
Call me Pollyanna...

The corporate thing does bother me, but still, I find it so helpful. I just did a gig in Colorado and I met the local queens in advance via MySPace. I also hired one as an assistant.

I think those of us who are not super consumers ride along for free when it comes to ad driven media. I don't buy cars, soda, junk food etc, so when I see these ads on TV I feel like I just got a free show. The Internet is full of banner ads that I never click on. So hey, Murdoch isn't getting much back from me. I'm just riding in his boxcar.
Here are some thoughts from the blog area of my myspace page that kind of address what people have brought up in this string here on the Mboards:-

buying frenzy in digital ghostland

(UNIVERSAL INTRO: In this zone where there is only the almost real, distance becomes a kind of torrential everywhere. One ends up living in distance permanently.One's body no longer has a physical relation to distance. In this distance one's body becomes the screen not over which but into and through which distance rides. Think of all the radio signals going right through you now. The EMS call that is circulating in your knees. The pizza order that has been phoned through your liver. The air traffic control instructions that just rode into and out of your thyroid gland. Distance is seething all through you right now. Just shut your eyes and ride child. You've never been so far away from yourself before.)

Alright. I've been resisting this one.

Friends as a kind of capital.

Your zone in this almost real space is a kind of bank deposit account of telelectric relationships.

A my space as a sort of stock market of (dis)sociability. Your cybersocial net wor(k)th measured in photoicons collected through a type of techno game of tag-your-it. You, an exploiter of synthetic neighborliness. The entire world of computer-owners a 'natural resource'. Each zone owner's worth calculated as a sort of retail outlet for that impossibly elusive commodity from the actual world, the 'friend.'

All of the similarities are so uterly blatant and over-easy to make it is not possible to deny an element of flat out truth. And, so what?
To live blind of some forms of truth is to be only half alive.

What can be actually beautiful about this almost real myspace place is just that, how it magnificently distorts the woeful shortcommings of the disappointing actual world. You can be happy here in a place that does not really exist. You can find friends by interacting with their electronic shadows. The principal social advantage here is being alone. It is wonderfully liberating, isn't it, to have stuck one's self down, immobilized, in front of a plastic, glowing box. All the human world now alive, only in the mind.

Hello Li Guo Liang, how is Mongolia today, so happy to have you invested in my relationship fund. Now, besides yourself, do you have a product, talent or service to offer? Never mind Liang. Just that you are even there is worth something.

Funny how a cold pleasure is so intensely promising. Almost like the feel upon one's hand of money.

This my space can make you rich and happy. And that is a form of truth.

What we occupy as the cybernetically re-educated is a digital concentration camp. A camp tricked out as an availability resort for technopersonalities. But in this digital concentration camp there is no suffering at all. None. Only a radical reduction to a list of ingredients that facilitate perpetual examination according to criteria of a 'browse.'

And it is the very quantification of all of one's most unique, individual traits that lays one open to being absorbed by the data clinic.

Having the uniqueness of the individual personality converted in to an extreme standardized uniform, to uncritically worship a digital concentration camp is to be unwilling to acknowledge one's demotion to being a joyous robot, a standardized impersonality whose outlook and awareness have been absorbed in the statistic clinic. It is the degree to which your humanity has been polluted by the dream the happy cyborg has to be re-humanized. A dream you need not yet have.

Yes, one's self-aggrandizement through the statistic clinic may amplify a naivete about the attractiveness of the self and the marvellous efficiency of a statistic-based information dump. But the most important collective function of this almost real place is not how it persuades all to subordinate to continuous examination but how it acts as a barricade against disappearance.

For if you don't know, here it is possible to exercise an acute form of imprecision, wordless intuition, to speak with affect, to require code to continuously sound struggle against divisive power.

The primary merit of this place is its status as a temporary solution. An heroic postponement of your total erasure.

(c)pskiff 05
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seven, what part of that post did you write and what part was copy-pasted?

Just curious about the concentration-camp metaphor. You are in there forever, you will never get out, to act within the world.

Living away from New York I agree ... suffering from/enjoying the strange sense that distance is a fiction. It actually still is not. Just try it... try to break out of the cyberspacial zone and call someone or write a snail mail ... and be met with dead silence.
I get what you're saying but I think it's an exaggeration.. well again that depends upon the individual I guess. This whole concept of "cyberspace" has always seemed odd to me. I don't think of myself as being in a simulated place when I communicate online. It's just a more organized and efficiant way of making a phone call or writing a letter. I don't see it as a replacement for human interaction. I can't imagine staying home from a social engagement so I could get together with people online. The new hype about Second Life also baffles me. I mean, I can see enjoying it like you'd enjoy a game, but moving cartoons around on a screen is not like going to an event. Maybe some people are lost in the world of pretend but I think many of us are just touching base with eachother.

Now as for MySpace, yes collecting people is like collecting trading cards. They are not really my real friends. But they are likeminded contacts that are there should I need them. If I'm visiting London and want to find the local freaks, I now have a shortcut... which is a lead to real world interaction. Not so creepy. Besides, isn't it cute that we can all be a star with our own trading card. It's a democratization of fame. Fame is surface, fake, image, sure. But when you do decide to meet someone then real things happen. I just don't see it as such a bad thing.
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I wrote the whole thing S'tan.

I agree that communicating other ways can seem just as airless.

And I like your sentiments too Miss U. I have a high level of ambivalence about being cyberfied.

Myspace as it stands is of course a very facile promotional or marketing or networking tool. I know a web designer who has gotten loads of clients from being on myspace. The site itself holds itself out to the public as being a promotional tool. I think there must be ways to do it that are not as harsh or capitalist as myspace. For now myspace is just the service that figured out how to do it quickly, easily and in a way that is relatively simple for the vast majority of computer users. But I think the harsh drawbacks are more than obvious. And a lot of what I posted from my myspace blog above applies to any cyberpresence one could take up.

Myspace didn't invent dehumanization. But it has made a singularly phenomenal contribution to it.

The total agglomeration of technology promotes alienation, and paradoxically that is what myspace in part remedies -it is a technology that itself tries to provide a repair to the effects of being severed from eachother that are imparted to humanity by technology itself.

But a closed system of loss and repair can be viscious in ways that are no less mean than they are subtle. Just consider Daddy's experience of being accosted in public by shunned would be 'friends'.
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Seven, I always like what you write, OK, I am not always able to understand what you say, but when I do understand what I'm reading then it is some very good writing.

I don't know if what I am going to say will make any sense but I'll try.

For some people like myself, loneliness is a harsh condition to be in. Even when I went to clubs like Pyramid and Area, I was sort of living in a vacuum of loneliness surrounded by crowds of people. And being a t-girl the loneliness can be amplified because quite a few "straights" want no part of a t-girl, you know, people on the street, stores, just everyday people, at times they treat me as a disease. Also there might be other mental reasons that I am the way am that I am in no control of. Maybe I am also to blame for putting myself into this solitude.

As I am getting older I felt that I needed something to break this cycle, so a friend got me a computer which took me 6 months to figure out how to work it. I got the computer to help me break out of a depressed state that I was in, sort of a therapy thing. I also felt that I needed to belong somewhere before I disappeared completely from everyone's eyesight. I needed human contact, I mean humans like myself and not the idiots that live in my area, and not the people I have to meet for work. I needed contact with people like myself, even if it would be through the colorful plastic box in front of me.

So I went to forums such as Myspace to try and find what was missing in my life. I was grasping for anything I could reach out to. I wanted to belong to something, I really didn't know what I was looking for but I thought myspace could have something of interest.. But as you say seven, it is kinda like a concentration camp, I get really nothing out of it, but I can't resist going there. It's like I am forced to go there, like going to a miserable job, I don't want to go, but I have to, this is the feeling I get from Myspace. OK, posting pics and having guys ask me out is kinda fun, but it's not real, I will never meet any of these guys. Especially the guys from Iran or Mongolia.

Seven, this statement says it:

-it is a technology that itself tries to provide a repair to the effects of being severed from eachother that are imparted to humanity by technology itself.

I feel that I went to myspace and other forums in order to repair the effects of loneliness, maybe not because of technology itself, but then again, it could be because of technology, it's just that I don't understand these things to know any better.
Maybe I shouldn't use the plastic glowing box to try and solve my problems.

Thanks Seven for your well written post.
Babette, I really identify with a lot of what you say about being isolated because of what others ascribe to you as your social 'type'. I've had to deal with this in subtle ways and very blatant very harsh ways most of my life. I'm given to periods of intense introversion, I'm what used to be called effeminate and since the early 1970's 'crossdressed' (what an olde fashioned term). My mind takes off on total flights of reverie even in broad daylight on the street so at any moment I can be vocalizing what appears to others as total trippy nonsense. And more. During one intense long stretch of my life I never even went outside except for maybe twice a month to go to the store to buy food! I still think a really good day can be one where the only communication I do with a live human face to face is when I just have to hold two fingers up to the token booth clerk and fork my four dollars over. So going on line to connect -I wouldn't really call it socializing per se myself- was a kind of half-natural thing for me to do and I do find it very fulfilling in some ways -like now, here, on the Mboards. I think this forum though is obviously more rareified than myspace. But I guess what I am saying is, the cybersocial realm has not solved any of my social impediments, because, mostly, as you suggest, the impediments are really the outlooks and awarenesses of other people. However, I feel a kind of release and ease a lot of times being online in contact with other people. I don't have to become self-conscious about the way I look or talk or think or dream. There is a kind of comfortable zone here in a lot of ways.
Wow this topic really got interesting!

Your post really got me.
I get now.
I can really see why online communities (including the hideous MySpace) are so important.
I went to your MySpace page (you are quite the babe by the way) to add you as my friend but...
I guess we already ARE friends.
Who Knew?

And seven,
your post(s) REALLY floored me!
I enjoy the comfort of the online... the ability to reach out with little effort... to be able to dangle a carrot way out and get some bites even if its not from the donkey u want. Lazy fishing.
But it's also been an excuse to hear from people who wouldn't normally reach out. Ole pals around the world whom i found again who now add me on their list again. That lovely warm comfort of the ole friendly faces.
I have a rule to only add people I really know on my friends list as it just stops all the silly shenannagins, but each to their own. I also like the 'people watching' elements of it.. peering onto someones page and seeing who they are talking to.. or read a blog.
I think it's great, but has it's place.
I can see that the MySpace experience is different for everyone.
I can see why it's fun for you Ann Nicole.
I even like connecting with long lost buddies.
But for me, a DJ somewhat in the public eye, it's a nightmare.
Every band, wanna-be DJ, wanna-be pop star, wanna-be hooker...
you name it, they all feel the need to connect with me.
Every Saturday at Crobar for example, I get,
"I went to your MySpace page. It's cool. How come you don't sell any of your CDs? I went there to buy one but you don't sell any. What's up with that"?
It's like if you don't have a MySpace page... WITH PRODUCT! you are not a real DJ.
Wow Seven,, I have many of the same feelings that you have. I have periods in my life where I rarely left the apartment, except for food and essentials. I did have a friend that would get me things if I was really out of it. I had things happen to me that I can't quite get a grip on, so I'd rather hide than face the world.

I too, get a kind of ease feeling when online, but sometimes it seems surreal, like a Dali painting, I seem to become part of the site that I am viewing, I get too wrapped up in the whole setting of the site, then there comes a big let down feeling. I hate to make this analogy but it's somewhat like drugs,, very happy and at ease then boom I'm on the floor crying. I really like some sites on the web but I also feel miserable at the same time. I know I can't blame sites like Myspace, I do understand that it's me that feels this way, and that it's my fault that I took the internet so seriously. That the net would be a solve all solution.

Anyway, I too, like Motherboards, I may not post a lot but I read everything, love how you all interact with each other and with really no harsh feelings towards each other.

And thanks Daddy for the comp, I always enjoyed your DJing, I wasn't a poser back then, I loved to dance when I went to clubs, so a good DJ would make my evening special. I mostly remember you at Area club.

And another thanks Seven, you are able to put into words what I am feeling on the inside of me.
Originally posted by Miss Understood:
I'm on MySpace because it helps me dig up performers in other parts of the country.

It's pretty bad though because if I have 1000 "friends" and I want to see which ones of them live in Florida, there is no wayy to performe that search.. There's no way to manage your friends at all. You can't alphabitze them or put them in any order.

If you were a promoter an wanted to invite local people to an event without pestering the rest of your international list there is no system to do so.

I still use it because so many people I need to meet are on it but it has serious flaws.

Actually you can browse through your friend list . You do so by clicking "Browse" then in the upper right hand corner of the table select the button "My Friends" instead of Full Network.

Also, if you like MySpace you can check out my new site which is a myspace style online social network for drag queens and everyone who loves them!
I have to say... Myspace has been good to me... I've lost interest and logged out of everything else but this site. It's hooked me up with all sorts of ole mates from back in the days.(I have a rule that I only ever add people i know as 'friends' and here I am with 76 mates on line - who'd have thought it!). But tonight - stuck home alone I decide to browse online and i found I guy I've 'stalked' for ages yet never met. He's a director out of Jamaica and I just think he's amazing... his cinematography and his intereviews about staying true and now buying into the guns and bling of the popular culture I just always adore him. He's also barking bonkers it seems. So, I see him online mail him an he mails me back! U have to love myspace. He mailed me back even though i confessed to him I am Kathy Bates in Misery when it comes to him and his work!! Check out his work, it's just amazing
I think his best work is Damian Marleys Welcome to Jamrock.
Gawd bless myspace now i can cyberstalk....
Sandra Bernhart in King of Comedy
I've read about people who use a program to add thousands of friends at a time. But I haven't seen the software nor do I know how to obtain it.

A lot of the pages I've seen with astronomical 'friend' counts, pages that are not celebs, are of course young females showing a lot of skin in randy poses and using come ons for tag lines. Gee, what a genius formula.

Cybersluts. -Jackie 60 invented the archetype.
Honestly... of late, THE ONLY people that send me e-mails are UNDER 20! I'm just NOT interested. Either that or these ole farts who look like Santa Claus in ill fitting brown suits. Where's the beef?
I have a rule to only add people I KNOW as friends and to only reply to people am interested in - in some way or another - on e-mail. Ruthless c**t that I am.
States Fault MySpace on Predator Issues
Published: May 15, 2007

Some of the country's top law enforcement officials are charging that the online social network MySpace has discovered thousands of known sex offenders using its service, but has failed to act on the information.

In a letter sent yesterday to a lawyer for MySpace, a division of the News Corporation, attorneys general from eight states said the company had not done enough to block sexual predators from the service and had failed to cooperate with the authorities.

"The fact that MySpace failed to come forward immediately with this information is really staggering," said Richard Blumenthal, attorney general of Connecticut, who added that the information had come from "highly credible private groups" who got their information directly from MySpace.

In the letter, the officials asked MySpace to provide them with the number and names of sex offenders on MySpace, their addresses and a list of steps that the company has taken to alert law enforcement officials and other MySpace users.

"We remain concerned about the design of your site, the failure to require parental permission, and the lack of safeguards necessary to protect our children," the attorneys general wrote.

The letter asked for a response from the company by May 29.

In a statement, Hemanshu Nigam, the chief security officer of MySpace, said the company had recently begun using new software to "proactively identify and remove any known sex offenders from the site."

Last December, MySpace announced that it would work to remove sexual predators from the site by working with Sentinel Tech Holdings, a database company based in Miami. MySpace said that it planned to run its membership rolls against Sentinel's Sentry database of known sex offenders.

MySpace said that it has spent the last five months testing the automated service.

In his statement, Mr. Nigam also reiterated MySpace's support for state and federal laws that would require convicted sex offenders to register their e-mail addresses and instant messenger accounts with authorities. He said such a step would aid the company in keeping sex offenders off the service, which has 65 million monthly visitors, according to comScore Media Metrix.

Currently Virginia and Kentucky are among the few states with such laws. In December, Senator John McCain, the Arizona Republican, introduced an e-mail registration bill in the Senate, where it is still pending.

Law enforcement officials used yesterday's announcement to warn parents of young children of the risks of online social networks. "I tell parents every day that MySpace is a dangerous place for teenagers," Lawrence Wasden, attorney general of Idaho, said in a statement.

Mr. Blumenthal of Connecticut speculated that the problem might be deeper than is realized. "There are apparently thousands of convicted sex offenders using their real names and identities, which is counterintuitive," he said. "Our concern is over whether this is just the tip of the iceberg."

Officials did not say what actions they would take if MySpace failed to respond adequately by May 29. Mr. Blumenthal said only that all 50 states were behind the letter and that "appropriate actions" against the company were being considered.

At least one child safety advocate gives MySpace good reviews for fighting sexual predators. "I haven't seen in my 12 years of working on these kinds of issues a company jump through as many hoops and respond as quickly and diligently as MySpace," said Donna Rice Hughes, president of Enough Is Enough, an Internet safety organization.
The comments are too much

Remy, dont worry, I hope u aint get sentece fo 8 to 25, Cuz dass juss wrong. (shyt, ial b pissed too if sum1 took cash outta ma shyt). but u noe, shyt happens, n youz real, u rap bout shyt dat uve been through, n dass why u ma fav female rapper. You alwayz keepin it real wid yo fanz. We gun pray fo you remy! & fo ur family also!

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Just discovered this in a discussion on The Well - its 1 1/2 years old, but still stands in terms of MySpace vs. Facebook, from recent experience IMO.

A fascinating read-


Over the last six months, I've noticed an increasing number of press articles about how high school teens are leaving MySpace for Facebook. That's only partially true. There is indeed a change taking place, but it's not a shift so much as a fragmentation. Until recently, American teenagers were flocking to MySpace. The picture is now being blurred. Some teens are flocking to MySpace. And some teens are flocking to Facebook. Who goes where gets kinda sticky... probably because it seems to primarily have to do with socio-economic class.

The goodie two shoes, jocks, athletes, or other "good" kids are now going to Facebook. These kids tend to come from families who emphasize education and going to college. They are part of what we'd call hegemonic society. They are primarily white, but not exclusively. They are in honors classes, looking forward to the prom, and live in a world dictated by after school activities.

MySpace is still home for Latino/Hispanic teens, immigrant teens, "burnouts," "alternative kids," "art fags," punks, emos, goths, gangstas, queer kids, and other kids who didn't play into the dominant high school popularity paradigm. These are kids whose parents didn't go to college, who are expected to get a job when they finish high school. These are the teens who plan to go into the military immediately after schools. Teens who are really into music or in a band are also on MySpace. MySpace has most of the kids who are socially ostracized at school because they are geeks, freaks, or queers.
As I understand it Facebook began as a school-age-user-only site (that was the only way you could qualify to get on it) and only fairly recently opened up to the rest of the world because of financial pressures to compete with Myspace. So its funny to see Facebook users putting down Myspace as being for people who are immature. I found people my age notifying me they were now on Facebook also. The look of Facebook is decidedly humdrum in my opinion and there are a lot of aspects to it that are completely promoting conformity. It appears to welcome the mind set of people who are overly self-conscious and conformity prone.

I see all sorts of completely wild creativity on Myspace ( along with a lot of mess ) and practically nothing of that sort on Facebook. In fact, Facebook comes off being a really dull site in comparison. Paradoxically, for a cyberzone, I think Myspace strongly encourages individual expression and creativity within the limitations of its apps and technical paramters. I don't think that can as easily be said of Facebook.

It is interesting to see the cyberworld, because of variations in the characteristics of various sites, playing a part in defining basic differences in the psychologies of users and making it possible to break down the userworld into a very few starkly contrasting demographies.
SEVEN just took all the intelligent words right outta my mouth, & Anna NicoleSmile I so agree with what you both said about this controversey Wee Hee... This was some of the best 5 pages of reading I think I have done on-line in some time...Y'all entertain, inform & crack me up in a way I can barely comprehend...

Myspace vs Facebook, Mac Vs PC...Mac wins hands down in my book!!! Need I say more...Myspace is good for reconnecting with peeps and such, but becomes a bit boring... Although I am increasingly amused by some of the crap I read on there....

SHHH but NOTS always starts a shit swirl or should I say twirl of crap on there...Y'all would not believe some of those goings on, it is hysterical Wink I have spun around in my chair several times on that count...When y'all write a book all about NOTS please contact me, I have STORIES tee hee...

Facebook ugh that is blasphemy to us Myspacers, but I did finally open an account after much pleading from one of my long lost friends, that I reconnected with on Myspace BTW...& ALL I do there is play SCRABBLE wee hee okay and that insane addictive Bejeweled Blitz to wake up in the mornings... I am convinced it has some kind of sublimital messaging attached to it..I swear, it is addictive & I dont know why... Still I challenge y'all to beat me at it bwahaha...

Me personally, I NEED my music, videos, sparkly pics and such. So, because I am a FREAK I will keep Trolling Myspace & because there is that one circle of NOTS hysteria on there I continue to be amused annually...

Oh, AOL I nearly forgot ...Well, I use my OLD email address from them & I do mean a decade plus old, hell thats were my NOTS updates come to!!! It would just be all wrong to put a stop to a good thing, it would ruin the whole freak theme I have going on here Wink... Other than that, nope can't say I use it...

Thanks for making me think & the chuckle fest, geash this was some good stuff...Man, I must be a freak of the highest order, I am getting my jollies from the strangest things these days...Wooo Hooo...Perhps I sorely need to get a life, or at the very least a gripSmile...
Spins & Twirls*~...

P.S. Thanks Daddy for making it okay that I cant spell or speak proper enlish either, oh I see ur rapping Smile well is still okay us trolls have issues ya know....
I cant even go on Facebook now without thinking of this genius Michael Musto column in the Voice two weeks ago, and spitting coffee..


Meanwhile—if I can move onto a smaller stage—I've been screaming, "You're fired!" to anyone who even suggests I join Facebook. And they're coming out of the wood furnishings, honey. Someone actually told me I need to do this because even a peanut butter sandwich has a fan page there. Oh, great! So I should join and find out I have fewer fans than a fucking sandwich?

And then, of course, I'd get to read all those breathlessly indulgent status updates—earth-shaking stuff like, "Susan Schwartz just got in from the laundry," "Karen Clark has a sinus condition," and "Maggie just had a runny bowel movement." God, how can I live without that kind of information? (Withering Streisand look thrown at my computer.)
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A PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH!!!! Bwahaha...I bet a "fuff a nutter" has plenty of friends.... ohhhhhh snap Wink....Get your minds outta the gutter...It is a marshmellow & peanut butter sandwich on toast & is oh so YummY...Ysa know I think the whole facebook community spends far to much time doing laundry... I do see that as a status way to much, whew & I thought I needed to get a life...geash
Pickles, would that be Tommy Lee or the Fluff A Nutter Sandwich or both??? One is a fine hot mess of hot man meat eye candy & a rythm machine the other just a fine yummy hot mess & how did myspace & facebook turn into Sandwiches and Tommy Lee??? & do I have enough questions for ya???

Wait a minute hmmm a Tommy Lee sandwich!!! I better not even touch that Wink wee hee
Originally posted by Pickles2:
"along with a lot of mess"


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