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As there are lots of sub-movements and ways to get involved in the unique slice of history we are in, here I begin a topic on Occupy Wall Street..News, links, reports etc. please


I will definitely be bringing some books down to this in the next few days if anyone would like to tag along...

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I most highly recommend everyone at least go down and take a walk through the park, even though with all the people and chaos that isn't too easy to do.

It just FEELS really good. You will not regret your time there.

Here is a direct link to a map of the park, including closest train stops (use the map zoom in for more detail ), since it is not a well known site to most:,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&ion=1&biw=1152&bih=550&wrapid=tljp131792994216004&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wl



Here is a link to's continuous live feed netcast :


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Tomorrow's Schedule:


October 15th International Day of Action

Occupy Wall Street's October 15th - Day of Actions have actions targeting banks throughout the day around specific themes: jobs, education, housing, environment, and war. It will culminate with a mass convergence at Times Square, 5pm. Thousands will be participating throughout the day. Don't miss Occupy Wall Street's biggest day!

Complete Schedule for NYC

11AM - March on the Banks
... From Liberty Square to Chase
We will then march to student meet up at Wash. Sq. Park

Fordham Plaza

Wall Street And Broadway

Washington Square Park - Student meet up and student loan lender bank action

New York Public Library Main Entrance
42 and 5th avenue



ONLINE ACTIVISM; Occupy the Boardroom!/event.php?eid=271676536196432


This is all part of international day of action!

This is my favorite sub-story of OWS so far..the HIPSTER COP


As the Occupy Wall Street protesters and the media become more familiar with the styles and faces of the NYPD officers charged to watch over Zuccotti Park, "Hipster Cop" AKA 1st Precinct Community Affairs Detective Rick Lee has stood out in a sea of white and blue and drab Law & Order gray. Little is known about Lee—is he gay? Does he have kids? Is he into mumblecore?


The Hipster Cop on Gothamist

Thank you for the video... I hope all of those psychopath cops eat "BK Ultimate Breakfast Platter" every morning and become sick very soon then they might get a clue of how corrupted our society is. Somehow, it is legal to sell a breakfast platter that contains 2,490mg of sodium though it is exceeding gov. suggested daily value of sodium. By selling such poisonous product at their over 7,000 stores in the U.S., BK's CEO has been receiving the total compensation of over $15 million.


Darla, thank you for your response, but my cat won't allow me to get a pigeon. Anyway, OWS protesters are not protesting capitalism itself and I think they are protesting the abuse of capitalism. Their slogan is,

"OWS is fighting back against the corrosive power of major banks and multinational corporations over the democratic process, and the role of Wall Street in creating an economic collapse that has caused the greatest recession in generations. The movement is inspired by popular uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, and aims to expose how the richest 1% of people are writing the rules of an unfair global economy that is foreclosing on our future."

Now that the adolescent Drudge Report view of the world (delusionally preoccupied with thoughts of scabies, defecation, deviant sex crimes)  has been exposed irrevocably as lies, it is interesting to see Bloomberg now expose himself as being completely unmayoral.He's fine when he's chaperoneing a multi-billion dollar mega development of the west side rail yards in Chelsea or cutting massive tax breaks for his cronies on Wall Streeet. But when he has to deal with a social dilemma he outs himself as having no qualifications whatsoever. And then at his propaganda events for the press instead of making political statements like a mayor he tries to deliver moral sermons thinking he is higher up than all other human beings he wants to talk down to. So now he is a naked joke. Zuccotti Park squashed him.

I guess everytime the chant went up in the park that "FOX NEWS LIES!", there was a latent apprehension of a fact, people who watch Fox News have been statistically proven to know less than people who do not watch any news at all  !


So now that we have a nation running on debt instead of capital, we have a news company that instaed of informing people keeps them dumb.

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I believe that, Seven. I used to date a guy whose all of his relatives were R. He warned me about it but, anyway I attended his American-Catholic Family Xmas Eve gathering for the first time expecting to see things I watched in the movies. Then what I saw in their nice traditional house were the scenes from John Waters movies. The most insane one was the comment his sister in law made during the after dinner family chat time in front of a fire place. She said we (U.S.) should drop an atomic bomb on Iraq cause Iraqis are all terrorists. I asked her which news channel she watches, and the answer was,,, "FOX NEWS"! Only FOX! (her husband kills DEERS, btw)  Newspaper? She doesn't read any, and the only "paper" she read was a tabloid magazine, of course.  I asked her if she has a passport by any chance, and she said, "No".

Join the OWS Maid Brigade for more anti-capitalist street theater!
As corporate powers externalize their costs, ordinary people are forced to clean up the mess. From oil spills to bank bailouts, corporate money-making schemes have us working as round-the-clock maids picking up after criminal profiteers…


On MAY DAY, we will take the streets in classic maid costumes—modified however we see fit—and spread the message that we are sick of cleaning up after capitalism and corporate privilege. Marching together, we will carry signs and laundry lines of clothing printed with relevant facts, creating a theatrical and content-rich image of insubordination.

As May 1st approaches, we will be collecting and modifying costumes, gathering clothing and information for our laundry lines, and meeting up as a group to make plans, learn thematic songs, and get to know each other.
Mon 4/23 6:00pm, Union Square Park (South side)
Tues 4/24 6:00pm, Prospect Park (Long Meadow near Grand Army Plaza)

If you are new to political demonstration, we can also connect you with standard direct action trainings that will give you all the knowledge you need to participate safely in mass actions in a way that works for you.
All bodies and genders welcome, we would love for you to come out with us on May Day!

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