I know anna nicole is big fan......he has been getting lots of press in uk recently...gorgeous big lips and chunky blonde streaks!
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Arrrrgh! You know s/he is not one of my favourite people.......but that feud was many years ago........ and we all mellow .....(or do we?)....blonde streaks (it happens to the best of us!)..and i guess it is better than the time she took those tanning tablets that turned the palms of her hands bright Tellytubbie yellow!
Does she still live with the wife and boyfriend? (Lyn and Pete?) _ Lee Chappel are you on line...tell us the dish?
i really like his new nails with the hair on the end of them ,,,,i just tried to do it and did it with over prosesed hair and what a mess....he must have someone else painting his face....i love doing make-up and that day was horible
hey satori,
love the links..thanks!! I'm from the same hometown as pete and rememeber when I was kid he owned the most rockin' record store..it's now a boutique,and not even a nice one!
that bitch can give us first hand, hairy fingernail updates from last week.

spill it, gurrlll....

and daddy - why do you say it's all about jason? wink
I got a nice big warm hug from Steve when we met them in Indy... he's got some arms on him.

wasn't Jason only with them for Nukleopatra? Does he have some special talents we should know about?

who was Jason? I never knew him...should i have known him???? Daddy dish! daddy dish!
Steve Coy, poor lamb...not the sharpest knife in the drawer...(but then again who is bothered with the mantel piece when ya pokin the fire eh!) what about Pete's wife...is he still with her? They hate me...i think it was back to the days he bought a Westwood duffle coat and i told him he looked like Paddington Bear.... this was way back in the days...when he used to paint his forehead yellow - jimmyscouse you must remember this...Probe records, Catherine St... better news is the fact that Wayne Hussey who used to be in DOA is doing SO well making the $$$ with Mission UK Internationally... well done 'Our Wayne'...and to think..it wasn't that long ago..that Pete and Steve kidnapped Waynes gear (guitar etc) in the hope it would stop him from giggin! HA!
Then this must have been taken right after your comment:

She was still with him about 6-7 years ago when they cancelled that concert in Indy. Lynn was the one that showed up to tell them that they'd been booked in a "Truck Stop." They got mad and cancelled the show...

Wayne's done better than both of his former bands... Sisters of Mercy haven't put out anything since what '91?


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This is Jason.
It's not a very good picture. (He's been all Pete Burns-ified). It's from the Dead or Alive website. But trust. I have great pics of him. He's a beauty! Ask Kitty. Don't go by this hideous picture.

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This just in...

Poor Pete Burns. The Dead Or Alive singer has been sectioned by the police for his own safety.

The problems began when Pete was seen in Notting Hill trying to superglue one of his stiletto shoes to a parked car.

A friend saw him and, thinking he'd been on a drink or drug binge, suggested he go home and sober up.

Pete tried to go home, but he had forgotten where he lived, so broke into his neighbour's house. She came home a few hours later and heard singing and music coming from upstairs.

Upon reaching the bathroom, she found Pete sitting in her bath in full drag, singing "You spin me round" in a trance-like state.

Pete is currently being held in a maximum security "celebrity relaxation centre".
New "You Spin Me Round" mixes soon to be released...

You Spin Me Round (Squeaky Clean Mix)
You Spin Me Round (Shower Power Mix)
You Spin Me Round (Tub Dub)
You Spin Me Round (Heels on Wheels Mix)
You Spin Me Round (Unglued)
You Spin Me Round (Glue vs. Lo o Mix)
You Spin Me Round (Extra Conditioning Mix)

with extra bonus track:
Isn't It a Pity (That I'm Completely Out of My Head Mix)


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Oh what a hoot! I am LOVING THIS!
I am sure its true too... too bizarre a story to make up.... s/he has just lost it... but we knew that ages ago.... sad when i think about Pete as he was the one person i knew who was fairly 'inspired' with his image in the early days..when he worked in our local record shop..he used to serve wearing a chain or human fingers bones (courtesy of The Cramps I believe) and black contact lense that covered his whole eye (the white and iris) ... it was a great image... but then he just started head to toe in a designer which to me is no different than a scally kid wearing Fubu or Nike head to toe... and now..i just don't think s/he knows who s/he is.... and the image is just tired...reminds me of a dark haired Lily Savage (for you who know Lil)...the bitterness s/he has too is just sad-bastard to me also...(can't we all just get along!!)..but, anyway! I LOVE this story... thanks for keeping us posted!
There will be ANOTHER new version of U Spin Me released by the end of November...

A DVD is in the works. They are planning on putting rare outakes of early footage on there, Including deleted scenes from SBB era videos.

The latest photo... It was SOOOO sweet of Amanda to lend Pete her lips for the shoot! smile

Personally I do love the look.

Not for me, but it fits Pete nicely. I want the bedazzled eye patch. I wonder if he's wearing it for fun now, or if he's still working on his nose

Finally she found a look that works!
Seriously, I think she looks good.
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You guys are demented if you think this distorted looks is good... this all reminds me of that movie Brazil... when Katherine Helmond gets all that wierd surgery and everyone is saying how fab she looks! LOL Daddy... i thought you and I had the same taste (tee hee tee hee)

You're all mad... God bless ya!
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Talk about smashing the boundaries - how could one not applaud such a visionary and pilgrim. Like a much more saleable version of Jamie Gumb in Silence of the Lambs, sewing himself a suit of female, Pete is BECOMING.

But the pop cult reference I immediately had was from Ab Fab when Edina is getting the lips done in the dream and suddenly her lips are half the size of her face and she begs "No More!"

But agree or disagree with you Anna Nicole, you are always divine reading..
I love how you can say ANYTHING just to watch silly people believe it! I tell people at Chengs that I shellac my makeup and leave it on for a month. She may have really gottten a skin graft, but if so, it's from her thighs or her ass. Still, I love the foreskin story. I'll have to use it!
that story is a gas. and can you imagine. pete running around collecting the foreskins, stopping at all the local childrens hospitals.

"i've got 5 lil foreskins now, enought for the top lip, all i need is 6 more for the bottom and i'll have the most lusious lips in the world!"
That' how I got my big lips.
Only I went to Santo Domingo and got grown man foreskins. After Princess Diandra was done with them of course. They're cheap there and you don't need as many.
Daddy! Be careful.... Santo Domingo... NOW you are treading on MY PATCH! I am watching YOU! Those boys are mine...all mine... ha ha ha harr! (Dr. Evil laugh)....
Oh ... Jeez .... yet again in this section we have hit an all time low.... "Hopelessly devoted" and the name Bobby Trendy... can we kick it up a notch or two please...Or i might subject you all to a section on Hopeless about my love for Mike Tyson!
I was having martinis with Billy Beyond last night at Crate & Barrel and he told me that he just got a new pic of Pete Burns' lips. (he secretly lurks) Hopefully he'll post it so we can have something else to talk about beside that tired old queen Bobby Trendy.
Billy was calling them "Bris Martinis" because they had this pink lychee fruit thing at the bottom of the glass that looked like a shriveled up baby foreskin. I didn't write it before because it's gross and I don't know how to spell Bris. I looked it up but couldn't find it.
Anyway they were "Bris Martinis".

If Jackie Mason, Charles Schwab or Mayor Ed Koch are lurking in this forum maybe you can help us spell "Bris".
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See, now we're back to baby foreskins...

Someone should suggest that Pete adopts those as his new drink of choice.

You spelled it right... "Bris Milah" = Jewish Circumcision Ritual

and,where WAS M.U. when you needed her? I'm sure she attends them on a regular basis.


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