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Hoping someone in the UK can help me out... I've just found out about a cover version of Nightmares in Wax's "Black Leather" by a band calling themselves "Nude"

It's on a CD put out by London's Ghetto
apparently a hot spot right now... appearances by all kinds of 80s legends.

Here's the track listing:

The Cock @ Ghetto - Volume 1 Tasty Tim

01.Black leather - Nude (Dead or Alive cover)
02.Electroclash anthem - Morplay
03.Useless - Tobell von cartier
04.It kills - W.I.T.
05.Perspex sex - Free form five
06.Supermodeling - Larry Tee
07.Church of the poison mind (2002 elektro mix)- Boy George
08.Don't you want me - Human League/Jade
09.Just what I needed - W.I.T.
10.Replicunt - Dirty Sanchez
11.Contraversy - Prance
12.Soccer practice - Johnny McGovern
13.Dead sexy - Nude
14.Do I look like a slut - Ave D
15.Unpretty/Electricity - OMD/TLC

I can't seem to find anywhere to buy this online. Any suggestions?

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hey guys...
don't have an answer to your GHETTO cd question but here's a clue (maybe)...

W.I.T. and ave. d are both, to my knowledge, larry tee productions. morplay may also be. as may johnny mcgovern. they're all part of the electro-"splash."
tobell may even be on that label.
larry did work with another drag queen once.
(what was her name??)
and maybe this band "nude" is with him, too.
BUT...i can't remember the name of larry's record company. (can anyone else?? daddy?)

maybe i should lay off this hawaiian green stuff.
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Always cheerful and pleasant.

I guess that's why he's only really big in non-English speaking countries.

I love the writer's descriptions of him. They don't dance around it at all.

My favorite line: "If you want the boy-next-door, go next door."

We can't wait to get a hold on this... We've got most of this on bootleg VHS but DVD!!!!

1. You Spin Me Round 2003
2. Brand New Lover 12"
3. Something In My House
4. Turn Around & Count 2 Ten 12"
5. Come Home With Me Baby 12"
6. Lover Come Back
7. In Too Deep
8. Save You All My Kisses
9. Your Sweetness Is My Weekness
10. Hooked On Love
11. My Heart Goes Bang
12. That's The Way
13. I'd Do Anything
14. You Spin Me Round (Original)
Special Features
15. Rip It Up- Live In Japan Concert
TV Appearances
16. Lover Come Back- Razzmatazz 10th Aparil 1985
17. Misty Circles- Razzmatazz 21st June 1983
18. Flowers- Celebration 20th November 1980
19. It's Been Hours Now- Exchange Flags 1982
20. Rebel Rebel
Our UK DVD arrived. It's amazing Smile

They have 3 performaces that even Anna would like. (During the Wayne Hussey period) They have a video for "Flowers" on there with Pre-plastic surgery Pete... Black all around his eyes, wearing buckskin and 3-4 dead animals worth of bones around his neck.

We ordered it from HMV UK. It showed up 3 days later.

The bones Pete used to wear were supposedly human he and some guy i used to hang with (Kris Guidio - google him his an amazing artist did loads of Cramps art work). used to wear the same one... if i remember the rumor was they got them from Bryan Gregory (original Cramps member) who got them from grave robbers.... and so the legend goes.... Pre surger Pete with bones and black contacts was far more original i think... especailly that time he and Lyn took tanning tablets and they both turned bright Orange like tellietubbies... ahh those were the days....
I wonder what Pete and Boy would each say knowing that both their topics are at the top of this forum? Just like the days of their old rivalry.

Oooh, and I just realized that by posting this, I will bump Boy's topic below Pete's...
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Boy just interviewed Pete for a radio show a few months ago... I didn't listen to it, and I have not seen it lately, I'll have to see if you can still download it.

So apparently the rivalry is over.


i like steve more than i do pete but they are both great performers. my daughter was the one who got me addicted to dead or alive

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