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It's hard to believe hatches that a huge mansion once stood on the top of that Point Lobos. It's such a beautiful park and I never see anyone there. The new restaurant is sleek and forties'-ish, a nice treat for Mommy's birthday!!

The Presido beach was my first look at the Pacific. "There's your darned ocean," said the Falon, both of us frozen from walking along the long, LONG side of Golden Gate Park... miscalculating how bloodie far it was from the Haight!

We stayed at a cute hotel at the end of the Haight, the Stanyan Park Hotel that looks into the GG Park.
I wanna live there. Why must the world be so expensive. Can we have a crash, please.
so i arrived to my new hometown saturday night.
made the trip cross-country with my old housemate from short mt., keer. we had a blast.

when i got here my boyfriend, musqrat, was ready and waiting with dinner and kisses. after that, we took our dog colt for a walk to dolores park...
just as we walked into the park what should come floating thru the air under the nearly full moon??
"somewheeere over the rainbow..."
a big screen had been erected and they were showing "the wizard of oz" there in the park.
musqrat and i let colt wander around while we slow danced.
then it was time to go home and get ready to go out with all our friends to a club called mezzanine. that night's headliner??
sister sledge!!!!
and who should be the first sequin wearing lesbian up on the stage for "he's the greatest dancer?" musqrat, of course.
the show ended with "we are family" (duh!) and i did feel like "i got all my sisters with me!" (well, all the west coast ones, at least.)

if it gets any gayer, i'm gonna pee rainbows.
loving it here!!
It looks like we'll be there at the end of July Gobbs.
Get things in readyment.

I guess coming Monday is now a MUST.
You know how good I dance on poppers!

BTW the "Poppers Dance Off Contest" is one of the most brilliant ideas I have ever heard of.
I know I sound like a broken record but there was a time when something that creative and funny could have only happened in New York.

San Francisco, New Orleans, Portland Ore., Seattle...
They are bleeding us of our creative youth.
last night was another doozy.

kendig is a gorgeous man and excellent dj.
it was very brunette v. blonde.
detroit tech v. east village electro.
two great tastes that taste great together...

it looks like we're pulling back, though.
going monthly instead of weekly
for the rest of the summer.

tomorrow i'm playing juanita more's
BOOTY CALL at the bar on castro.
love her. love her work.
and it's always a hot, sweaty mess
at this wednesday night.
i'm not sure you know him, dadz.
i've just met him since i've been here.
he's VERY handsome.
cover boy for the guardian
(our version of the voice)
during gay pride week.
spins vinyl and cd's, mixes well,
and has a high-quality collection
of vintage and new stuff.

i wish you had been here
to judge the battle but
you would prob'ly have been
dazzled by his good looks and
would've been able to talk with him
about music that i don't know
and at the end of the night
i'd be walking home trophy-less
and you'd be walking home with him!!!

you're right about juanita, though.
well, then it would have been a hard win.
i think in the "divas to the dancefloor, pleeez"
category i had him beat.
but he's got skills. and vinyl.

i know you'd have been fair but, c'mon...
you're MY daddy.
fathers are always tough on their children.
and children are always tough on their parents.

actually, dadz... not to get too brown, but...
there is a certain lesson you gave me
as a young dj that i remember all the time
when i see a dj carrying on a lil' too much
in his/her own booth...
"never look like you're having more fun
than anyone else in the room."
if only some of these children had a daddy like you...

last night's booty call was a hit.
always is.
i pulled out my house favorites of the last decade or so and let them HAVE it!!
juanita played first in full beat,
big wig, gorgeous gown. so fierce!!
is there anything she doesn't do well??

(p.s. there's NOBODY as handsome as your wife! can't wait to see you two out here!!!!!)
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That's what Daddy's are for.
People have no idea how important that type of "DJ information" is.

I remember years ago (in the 80's) Frankie Knuckles taught me a major DJ lesson.
He took me aside one day at the record pool, put me on his knee and said, "Johnny, Always put your cologne on right after you get out of the shower. That way it gets soaked into your skin. It will last the entire night and way into the AM".
He was right and I never forgot it.
To this day chicks come up to me at about 6AM at GARY 49 and say, "Wow, what is that aftershave you are wearing? You still smells so fresh. You are really a good DJ".

The next lesson from Frankie was at the opening of Crobar in 2003. We were playing together in the main room. I was still insisting on playing vinyl. For the purity of it. (A pain in the ass!)
He walks in with this tiny man purse of a CD book and rules.
He just looked at my hundreds of bulky records and said, "Are you nuts? Girl, switch to CDs. I've got more music in this little book than you do on all those damn records".

I mean if "The Godfather" could throw away vinyl as easily as that, what the hell was I doing holding on to the past.

I switched the next day.

"Welcome to the 21st century Daddy" Sammy Jo said when I told him.
Hon, I could smell the B.O. right through the interweb!!!

Very clever.
I remember Pickles telling me about the "Poppers Dance Off".
I peed my panties!
And was more than a little bit jealous of never having thought of it myself!

Friday was my last shower/deoderant.
I want to be ready for San Francisco.
4 days in New York with 90 degree heat should do it.

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