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Always been a symathetic home for New Yorkers, or at least a good vaca. Here's an event that could just as easily have been in NY, pre-Giuliani (but probably is illegal in NY now.)

From: "jillian mcdonald"
Subject: press release
Date: Mon, Feb 4, 2002, 2:29 PM

please follow the link below to the press release for No Live Girls�
Peepshow 28 exhibition. This show will open in San Francisco and Seattle
this month, in time for Valentine�s Day.

Also, please see the review (NOLIVEGIRLS history) in WiReD News @,1284,49575,00.html

Have a Happy V-Day.
Jillian Mcdonald

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Here I am in tres gay San Francisco, surrounded by rainbow flags, and staying with my friend right in the heart of the Castro. I went to Trannyshack on Tuesday (incognito though in boy attire), which for some reason I have always missed on previous trips just never being here on the right day. It had a whole Jackie-esque vibe on a downsized scale- total mixed crazy crowd with the gay boys & girls (femme boys, muscle studs, butchy gals, and average homos), the thrill-seeking straights, the trannies, the dragoons giving shows, and the chasers (which I could spot a mile away lurking and laying in wait for that special girl). The show was a hoot with special Olympic features with host Kennedy from Salt Lake (though my only suggeston would be to cut the length as it went on over an hour and I wanted to get back to the dancing). Of course, the other more global downside was the nonsmoking thing (it is illegal to smoke in clubs/bars/restaurants here). I had to put my delicious cocktail down (and they give you BIG glasses which I loved), go outside stand there (be accosted by the omnipresent scary homeless people lurking outside who wanted to light my cigarette- 'no thanks, I have a lighter'), and then return to the merriment.

Only in SF would one see a brown volvo with the Louis Vuitton logo across the entire thing, and a huge cardboard Glinda the Good Witch cutout plastered in someone's apartment window for all to see. Alas, the Barbra Streisand museum in the Castro is closed (and I never got to see it...shed a brief tear for me). Though my favorite CD store on Market delivered as always and I found a German Klaus Nomi greatest hits, along with other fabulous CDs, and the record stores (with real vinyl still) have such finds and so reasonably priced. The bonus for me was that I found out my Barbarella soundtrack was worth $65 and I bought it for $1 17 years ago in a thriftstore. Loved that.

As much as I love visiting other cities, San Francisco especially, I can't wait to get home to NYC...
My friend Phillip (Dir. Vegas in Space) sent me this 'press release' -

"Hi, everyone.

Get yourselves ready -- it looks like it's going to be a Phillip R. Ford summer!

First, I'm happy to announce that the long-awaited Vegas in Space DVD will be officially released on July 23. It going to be a great package, I think, with lots and lots of bonus material.

Please take a sneak peek at it here at the Troma Vegas in Space web page:

Plus, I'm appearing in a short film at the 26th Annual Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. It's called Shut Up, Josephine (I thought up the title), directed by this year's Pride Parade Grand Marshall Shawna Virago, and it's playing on Monday, June 24 at 9:00pm at San Francisco's Herbst Theater as part of a program of fabulous tranny shorts!

And don't forget about my first major theatrical production in seven years, Let's Talk About Me, in collaboration with Jennifer Blowdryer, opening at Theater Rhinoceros on August 29.

Consider yourselves warned..."
Hey smile

Passing this on from a friend of ours. Sounds like a great party.



TEKRAH aka ANDROGYNOUS ANDROIDS are playing sunday
june 30th aprox. 9pm-12 maybe more!!! at GENDERFUKT
the x Transmission Theater in SF
for more info
check out our new site
highspeed connection recommended and quicktime
downloadable on the front page.

Unbelieveably true but Penny Arcade will do her first ever appearences in San Francisco during Ladyfest Bay Area next week Thursday July 25th Victoria Theatre 6pm $5-$7

Yes 6pm Think of it as a coctail show...I am.
so if you want peeps you know to see me out there

it's at 6pm . I am also doing the Kick off Party wed July 24th at 9:30pm and friday Spoken word 2 pieces at 8pm-it;s all at click on Ladyfest Bay Area.

lots of love to all!
Hello everyone,
So it's been two months since our move to San Francisco, and we are finally settling in after a bumpy start. The truck bringing our stuff across country broke down and left us in an empty Apt. for two and a half weeks, during that time we realized we moved into a shady area next to not so good Apt. building, but we are jaded New Yorkers and can deal with it until we find a better Apt., soon, we hope. On the up side, I will start working as the Wardrobe Supervisor of the American Conservatory Theater in September. So goal number one is complete, we moved and have jobs.
Thanks for everyone's support, keep in touch, and big kiss.
Todd and David
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I wrote to LuLu to see how he was doing in SF.
(Someday he will post himself)

Hello Johnny!
Things are going great, I'm Wardrobe Supervisor of A.C.T., David has two jobs, we've decorated our apt. in Chinese Modern with all the kitch from China town, and loving the cool weather( which means having to wear more clothes and you know what clothes hores we both are!). I also like the slower pace for everyday living, and we're closer to Japan(shopping).
Havent really had time to go out yet, just around our neighborhood, Polk Gulch...The Cinch(like dick's bar), Ntouch(Asian bar, with amatur strip night-scary, and kareoke night-funny) and we like Club Rendevous(like......Oscar Wilde uptown, old men early in the night, they have a strip show at 7pm!!!, then a fun crowd coming later. and a great drag show on friday nights.)Oh and theres a waitress that is Rose's twin there!!!!!!We still havent made it down to Trannyshack yet, Im dying to go. Folsom street fair this week, cant wait it's so gay. Gay pride here was amazingly huge and GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Big Kiss,
Todd Tomarrow
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I just came across a book of photographs, published a few years back, by photographer Jim Jacoy-- portraits of the punk scene in SF & LA in the late 1970s. It's quite an oddball thing-- no one is identified at all, whether they are famous like the members of the Cramps or Darby Crash, or not so famous, like the remarkable Vicky Schrott and Don Vinil. But there is also a great short intro by Exene Cervenka in which she mentions having still being able to see Carol Doda descend on her piano in that era. Some glaring omissions, too-- like me, and Pops and Ande... Also some inexplicable writings from Thurston Moore, but he may have been a young Cal Arts student back then... And an intro by Marc Jacobs, who I don't think ever lived there.
There is also a gorgeous pic of a young Needles Jones clutching her trademark accessory-- a lunchbox-- and a good 15 years before that other "Party Monster!"


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Apologies for doing a quick edit there, fastest, so your link would be "clickable."

Unfortunately, the Baltimore show is the day after Night Of A Thousand Stevies, so I know I will be flat on my back. Any plans for a NYC showing?

I didn't notice if there were any pics of La Blowdryer there, seven, but the book is so thick and rich I might have missed them. 'Course she was still in grammar school back then Roll Eyes
Our old drag king friend Fudgie Frottage does Friday nights at The Transfer, Church and Market, it's called Dragstrip and very mixed.

There's also a party called "Faggot" on the first Wednesday of the month at Daddy's on Castro. Don't know much about it though.

Best thing to do is to get to Trannyshack and ask around. Or ask Fudgie at Dragstrip. They know everything. Tell 'em Hattie sent ya!
And speaing of the Fudgster, this missive from her in my box this AM... for a worthy cause:

Date & Time: 2005-08-18 8:00 PM
Location: DNA Lounge
DragStrip presents
a benefit for P.A.W.S. (pets are wonderful support)

WHEN: Thursday, August 18th, 8pm until afterhours, band at 9, contest at 10, dancing 'till after hours with DJ Gina Schock (Go-Go's drummer).

WHERE: DNA Lounge, 375 11th Street @ Harrison, SF,

BENEFITS: Pets Are Wonderful Support,

INFO: 415.282.5378

WHO: Reigning drag troupe The Transformers; SFDK9, will pass down their title and the crown
(family jewels) to whoever wins this testosterone-fueled bash of the binary system.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA"”Dragstrip announces the 10th annual San Francisco Drag King Contest. The Left Coast's sexiest, genderbending event will take place on August 18th at the fabulous DNA lounge. One of the country's premiere drag king contests, this beloved, one-of-a-kind, kinky party is sure to thrill and spill! Expect all kinds of kings from rough trade to well-dressed dandies and blue-collar butches to prissy pomo-homos. Biceps and trousers bulging, the contestants will turn you on with their outrageous performance styles where lipsynch, live rock, fetish, burlesque, hip-hop, rap, interpretive dance and schtick meet and occasionally beat meat.

"The San Francisco Drag King Contest is truly one of the hottest events of the year," says MC Fudgie Frottage. "These kings reign supreme. Every year the show keeps getting bigger and better. Drag king aficionados will go NUTS over all the sexy, studly, and/or silly talent."

MC's: FUDGIE FROTTAGE, "The Man With The Biggest Balls In Show Business" and
RUSTY HIPS, SFDK7, "The Hardest Working Drag King in San Francisco"

Contestants are judged on talent, creativity, studliness/sex appeal, originality, humor, make-up/facial hair and fashion by our illustrious panel of local celebrity judges: SIMONE DE LA GHETTO of Harlem Shake, SKEETER WILDMAN: SF Dyke Daddy '92, author and sexpert DIANA CAGE, Pepperspray's JORDAN L'MOORE, and reigning kings DREW MONTANA, and TIN HARDWARE (Transformers)
Before the contest DJ Chelsea Starr (Hotpants); after the contest: Special Guest Celebrity DJ: Gina Schock from the Go-Go's

Enforced Dress Code: DRAG: King, Queen, Faux, Fetish, Formal, High Femme, Festive.

TICKETS: $10. - $35.
$20 advance, and $25 at the door. Very limited show seating available for $35 online only. Advance tickets available at Retro Fit Vintage, 910 Valencia, Madame S, 321 7th Street and
$35. tix for workshops: Arty Fishal's Drag King or Miss Indigo Blue's Femme-Tastic (includes tassle twirling) and show at
$10. after midnite/show for dancing to DJ Schock.
Just thought I'd say hello from SF. Funny, I forgot I posted on here when I was visiting just 9 months ago. It must have been that trip that made me fall in love with this city.

Well, I made a good choice for sure! I'm loving it out here. Soaking up the sun, whippin my ass into shape on the hills, and meeting so many creative and unique people. (SF has inherited so many of NYC's artists I'm learning)

I had a set of ideas of what I was looking for 3 years ago when I moved to NYC. Little did I know back then I was heading to the wrong city for what I wanted. It's so nice to finally be somewhere I feel is truly what I've been looking for and truly feels like home.
I keep hearing that SF is what NY used to be -- also people are saying that too about Austin. Others tell me SF is the same hell as NY with $3K studio apartments, but I don't believe that is all there is. I love their law against destroying people's views -- you can't build in front of someone's fantasic view... What if they had something like that in NY? hahaha "Eat my airshaft bitch" is that mode.

Did you find a great place to live Artemis? .... oh yes, just read your blog, very sweet...

I should be in SF March 23-26 and then again April 2nd for a few days. Is Trannyshack still on and what girl-friendly venues are active? I need night life street life like a motherfucker
after Fingernails' desert plains, and her adjunct strip malls of Taco Bell and Walmart.

lots of love
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Yes, Trannyshack is a must! I went for the first time this past Tuesday and had an AMAZING time! Sherry Vine was out performing so it was nice to see a familiar face as well.

The thing that really struck me about Trannyshack here in SF was how many drag queens and trannies were actually in the audience and just hanging out! You can go see so many performers in NYC, but it is rare to find more than a handful of people dressed in the crowd. And not just your over the top dressed party kids, but your trannies who don't want to perform and don't want to stand out, but just want a place they can go be themselves as the women they want to be and feel comfortable. I thought it was truly beautiful!
Well it used to be like that in the audience at Mother! You'd see all the locals, plus alot of shy newbies first-time-out in drag and it was ultra-charming fun etc. If there is still a venue like that in NYC now I don't know about it.

When the Falon and I were in SF we went to Marion's, I think it's also on Harrison? and it was a totally great place in that both butch gay leather guys and trannies were all hanging out together. And the drag acts were totally top drawer. I had not experienced such a group before as in NYC it was always pretty segregated, possibly out of survival instinct... anytime I tried to go to the Lure or the Eagle forget it, they did not care if I was NYC's Top Domme in full leather. I had lipstick on.

For sure! San Francisco has been everything I always dreamed NYC would be!

The truly open minded community, free flowing arts, and ability for people to truly express themselves however they feel.

Working in the drag community here has been such an incredible change as the focus here is so much more on the perormance, fun and entertainment as opposed to the ridiculous politics and money I dealt with in most of my NYC shows.

I'm sure I will be here for many many years!
The Empress and I are here, it's August...
IT'S 50 DEGREES!!!!!!
What the Hell?

I've been here before DJing but this is the first time for the Emp. She loves it. She brought trunks full of velvet cloaks & corsets etc. Everything that she has not been able to wear in 100 Degree New York. She's in heaven. I'm in long sleeves, sweater & jacket.

Other than the temp. and the fog coming in on those little cat feet everyday...
San Francisco is great. Very magical.
Right up there with New Orleans, Portland Ore., Austin, Fingernails and Provincetown.

I just re-read this topic and it was fun to read Artemis' posts. He went there for a vacation. Went again, then never left. Very cool.

We (The Jackie Factory) are opening the new Barney's store here in September. It's going to be a big dinner & party in tents set up in Union Square. We are here casting 30 go go dancers.
It's a tough job but someone has to do it.
You wouldn't believe some of the stories already!!!!!

We are having lunch with Lulu (aka Todd Tamorow) later. I'm also going to call Miss Glamamore.
It will be a Boy Bar reunion.

And it's Tuesday...
That means Tranny Shack!
"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."

Of course you must have heard this apocryphal quote attributed to Mark Twain by now... probably a million times.

I read somewhere once that SF has about forty different climates within its environs. This really hit home when I was visiting a friend up on Telegraph Hill, and it was snowing. While down on Folsom it was 75 degrees, and cactus thrive out on the Avenues. I love it!

A pity you probably won't see much of the legendary fog then if the weather is that cool.

Perhaps you and the Empress will don some velvets and check out the huge camera obscura out by the beach at Point Lobos.


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Along with the Camera Obscura the restaurant out on Point Lobos, "The Cliff House," is very nice and it's interesting to see how many times it's burned down and been rebuilt. Pictures of the original fantastic structures...

... their site says rhe sea lions are back, having disappeared since the 1989 earthquake.

I love walking around on those cliffs might be impossible in cold weather, though.
There are also ruins of the Victorian baths, (Sutro baths) not much to see but evocative anyhow...
There are still the tubs hewn from solid rock that were once used for the popular cold "sea bath." and a tunnel under the cliff that is only accessible at low tide. I adore Cliff House, Stan, but was afraid that it had long vanished into history. It is quite brisk there, but people do nude sunbathe in little rocky pockets north between the Point and the Presidio. And-- speaking of the Presidio-- I wonder if the nude beach near there is still happening. I think it's called Baker Beach.

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