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We'll keep you up to date Mr. Joe.
We're seeing Goblin tomorrow.
I can't wait to meet Colt!

Basil called.
I missed his call because I had my phone turned off. We were on the ghost tour and in a haunted hotel room listening to the guide when my phone went off. It was Mr. white calling for me to come out and play.
Very funny.
The Empress was not amused. Wink

I'm sure we will all end up at Tranny shack tomorrow.
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Hello Mboards family

(Chi Chi here)

We have been spending alot of time with the resident ghost at our hotel, Miss Mary Lake. She built this place as a finishing school for young ladies back in the pre-Stonewall era (1890) and has long been in residence on an upper floor of the hotel.

Conveniently, she has recently moved to the landing outside our room where she welcomed us on arrival (and several times since).

As Bonnie would say, she's "good people"!

More on the ghost and our hotel at
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Get outta my avatar!

We saw Goblin (who is thin and gorgeous BTW).
We didn't get to meet Colt because he was at Miss Mary Lake's finishing school for young puppies.

Goblin took us to a beautiful park called Delores Park where the view is out of this world!
We ran into (faerie) Zee and his BF.
Both thin and gorgeous BTW. What's up with that?
Is no one getting fat except for me and Mama Cass?

Going to meet Basil at "Enrico's" in North Beach to see Miss Veronica klaus. Then off to "Tranny shack" which will be a nightmare I'm sure. There are only about 2 weeks left before it closes and if it's anything like the "Jackie 60" closing (and I know it is) tonight will be like a sardine can.
Good thing I'm working the B.O.
Last night was major!
We are leaving for the airport now but when we get back I'm starting a new San Francisco topic because there is just TOO MUCH!!!!!

Let me just leave you with this vision...
As you know we are staying in a "haunted hotel".
Every night there is a ghost walking tour that comes through.
Last night the tour group was outside our door getting the ghost story when it opens up and out walks the Empress going to the show. Of course she's all done up top at etc. The ghost tour gagged! They thought it was Miss Mary LLake for sure.
Very funny.

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