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As far as "one of those Flow-shit-eating-grins"...
Is this the one of which you speak?

No, that was his Brain Surgery face.

IMHO the Jackie/Mother bathrooms just continued the great sexual barrier smashing of the Mudd bathrooms. Since people knew us from that time, the early legends who were our first crowd assumed it was permissible to have sex in the bathrooms. And it was!

And, the true democracy of the crowd - Noah's ark - at Jackie produced much of the magic - where else would Gnome have felt as comfortable?
Or the nambla Hasids? Or the President of Brazil, on the lam? Or Joey, for that matter?
The president of Brazil on the prowl for Joey, I think it was.

One of the most whacked go-go sets I remember was a Chanuka theme. I think it was Genocide Domination, and the male part I forget who, done up as Hasids, go-going. Truely surreal. Now that was a Shabat the devout would get no where else in the world.
"The Hasids" were VERY early Jackie RGs (regulars). They would come in and ask, "are any of my people here?" When it was time to leave, I would sneak them out the side door, first looking up and down the street for any of "their people". They stopped coming when a picture of them by Tina Paul appeared in Rolling Stone Magazine. Its a genius picture with one of them covering his face. I'll try and find it. I had this fantasy of hiring a yellow school bus every week to shuffle back and forth from Jackie to Brooklyn.

I'm saving THE best Jackie Sex story for when I have more time to write it. In fact, it won a Jackie Award for "Best X-Rated Performance".
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oh this topic is making me want to go out....more specifically to go back in time and go out! I totally remember Chi Chi speaking of the Hasid or midget sign of a successful party. and if you got both in one night.....well sweetie, you've won! We actually got that spacific Click @ Fun Hasid to help bartend! thanks for that reminder S'tan! And Daddy , I'll let you tell that bathroom cam story , but Im sure I will have to add my own details, they are still clear in the retina of my mind....yeesh! There are a lot of things I cant remember but that is NOT one of them....Wink
OK, here goes..
And please, anyone who has details please chime in.
This is how I remember it...

There was this very handsome, very sexy young guy that used to come to Jackie every week. (I think he was a Click & Drag RG too). Anyway, he was a stock broker or investment banker, something like that. He used to wear a suit and tie. Very hot. His whole thing though was trannies. He loved to flirt with them and drive them crazy. He would never actually do anything with them. He would flirt all night then get all huffy saying that he was straight bla bla bla. He was a big old Tranny Tease. Then he met his match...
No, not Joey Arias.
I guess Alexis was woman enough to get this uptight stock broker into the bathroom. And as luck would have it, Rob had the Bathroom Cam hooked up that night and caught the whole mess on tape. This guy went nuts for Alexis. He did EVERY un-natural thing that you can do to another person. He was a Piggy Bottom! Now, Alexis knows the camera is there and is smiling up at it. She is always making sure that Stock broker is visable. This was too good to be true. Not only was it being taped but it was also being shown through out the club on Rob's monitors. We may have even shown it on the big video screen in the main room as well. I forget but we probably did knowing us...
OK, knowing me.
People started lining up outside the bathroom waiting for the two love birds to come out. When they finally did, the room exploded with applause and stockbroker RAN out of the club never to be seen again...
or so we thought!
A few months later at the Jackie Awards I spot the "Pass Around Pig Bottom". He's back! I know that Alexis is here from LA and I also know that she is going to win a Jackie Award for Best X-Rated perfomance. (for her supporting role with the stock broker). I also know that Rob is going to do a 3 minute video presentation of the hideous event on the main stage. All the pieces are in place.
OK, picture it...
The club is jam-packed. The presenters (I forget who) announce Alexis as the winner, the screen comes down on stage and Rob's tape is shown on the big screen. The stock broker sees himself like he's never seen himself before and again dashes out the door. This time really never to be seen again.
Did I get anything wrong?
I'll try to get Nurse Randella to put down her scool books for a second because I think she knows more. Probably Miss Understood and Sweetie have more as well.

Alexis Arquette -more than a woman.


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The only thing I have to add, Daddy, is that everywhere in the stall, and on the door as well, were these very obvious signs saying, "WARNING: YOU ARE BEING FILMED!"
Well, after stockbroker shot his rather huge load, just after he pulled his slobbering tongue out of Alexis' bunghole, he ripped one of these warning signs off the wall, glanced at it and wiped the dripping spooge off his hands and member with it, then threw it away.
All were in awe!
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ok, you got most of it correct the only detail I really love is the fact that it was around the holidays and the theme that night was some kind of "hooked on christmas" or "island of demonic toys" , whatever , but the greatest thing was that Alexis had a blinking christmas bulb hanging from his neck the entire time and because the surveilance camera I had was a light sesitive/Infra-red kind it created the most insane effect as he was blowing the guy, sort of a strobe backlite on the big fat cock. Ha! hard to explain , better to be seen. I also thougth it was when the guy came downstairs to the Dom Lounge and saw the 20 monitors that had the bathroom on them and 50 people around them clapping that he then made the connection in his pea-brain that he had been filmed and then ran out of the pretty sure thats how that happened. Ha!
What dimly creaks into the very back, dark, hallway of my brain is: when the screen projection on stage came on to reveal the basis of the award, so many people crammed in the room just kind of froze trying to figure out, I suppose, what the word 'performance' really meant then, because it was obvious what was on tape was 'real'. Just one example of the majic you all worked there.

The only other time I heard it that quiet in the room was during the judging of a body modification category prize won by an eighteen year old twink who, on stage displayed his prize piercing only at the off-stage horse-whispered entreaty of Daddy who revealed to the Empress, then on stage officiating, that the young piece of chicken had something in his pants of interest to the judges. The boy whipped out his cock, pierced by what must have been a two pound paddlock. All the straight women in the crowd practically fainted right then and there.
Rob, you are absolutely right. It was downstairs that he saw the monitors and everyone started clapping. Now I remember.

And seven, I'm so glad you were there to witness and remember all this.

Okay, shall we move on to the next?
Rose and the Brittish admiral?
Pookie and the Yankee? (Or was it Hattie in the poodle skirt with the Yankee? I forget now).
Mike Tyson?
Wierd Al Yankovitch?
Sweetie and Calvin Klein?

you pick.
Oh, yes, I forgot one of the Empress' all time most hilarious lines that had the whole house delirious with laughter. After the young paddlock-pierced twink tossed his metal-bobbed member back into his pants. Chi Chi asked the crowd if there were any more entries who wanted to walk on stage and vie for the best modification prize. There was about thirty seconds of totally dead silence from the still crowd. And then Chi Chi says with a particularly victorious leer, "That's right everybody, if you don't have a paddlock through your cock, don't even bother to get up here!"
Well, it's not that exciting really.

It was one of the very first Jackies. Mike Tyson was going to jail the next day and he wanted to get a little crazy before the big House and he came to jackie. This was real early in the life of The House Of Domination. Mother Kitty Boots was dancing with her daughters then. So when Iron Mike came up to her girls Mother Cat got very protective of her kittens. He backed down of course. The next day the headline of The NY Post was...
Nothing really happened but the headline was very funny.
Let's just sat it was oil and water. They did not mix. Sweetie, clearly on her home turf, admonished her foe by declaring "Be gone old queen!"

...and he was.

It was a lot like Gandalf, before he dies in the first "Lord Of The Rings", declaring to the monster, "You shall not pass!" I would say that that's where Sweetie got her inspiration but it was way before the movie. Actually, it probably was the other way around. (Sir Ian came to Jackie and stood with his ear in the speakers for hours. I warned him that he would go deaf but...
well, he was with Jackie Bigalow and...
enough said.)

Gandalf/Sweetie the Magnificent
"Be gone Olde Queen!"


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That's probably the night I thought I saw a dejected looking Calvin getting cruised by two huge guys on Washington St. in front of Hogs n Heffers. They were telling Calv something like, "Hey just bend over the Harley for us."

Probably the moment he decided he was going to infringe the copyright of the Jackie 60 logo t-shirt.
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Well Jonah, you sure were "hanging around" and doing a bit of a performance yourself!

As far as sex goes-- we have only mentioned the lower floors of the club proper... what about the upstairs staff bathroom in the building? I know I had a few trysts up there. Until the front door lock got broken and trannies from 14th and Ninth began using it as a crack den/whorehouse and the old landlord had a fit, so we weren't allowed to use it anymore!
And speaking of crack dens and whores, remember that guy with the dreads upstairs that ran a pot and 'shroom delivery service & who had a penchant for the "ladies"? Sissy Fitt worked for him for a while and was outfitted with an attache case of samples, like any traveling salesperson.
Ah, the Olde Tyme Meat Market!
An attache case. I guess that was before everyone switched to backpacks. But these days a lot of delivery services also traffick in 'discount' cigarettes and so they need a backpack for all that merch.

One of the last fun nights at Jackie I was on the dancefloor with a friend around 3AM when a very young, smartly suited fellow began making the rounds of the small crowd of latenighters to freely offer everyone copious boosts of blow from a small gold cylinder on a chain around his neck. The Old Type Meat Market indeed.
Oh dear, the upstairs bathroom. I forgot about that. I remember swearing up and down to the hideous landlord that no one from Jackie 60 was using the bathrooms upstairs. Then he took me in one of the rooms...
Empty beer bottles, half empty cocktail glasses, used condoms, pieces of Jackie decor, Jackie invitations for the next week, empty tiny plastic bags, roaches, cigarette butts and a pair of pants stuffed down the bowl...
Of course I stuck by my story.
I said if these were our people, those cocktail glasses would not still be half full!
I forget if I told this story already but it's worth repeating.

Last year I was at some club or party when this really cute young girl came up and introduced herself to me. She said, "Daddy I want to thank you. Jackie 60 was the first club I ever went to and it was at Jackie that I had my first orgasm with another person". I looked at her... SHE WAS LIKE 19!!!! I asked, "How old were you"? "14" she said. "Who were you with"? I asked, totally stunned. "Genocide Domination".
I was speachless.

Genocide Domination from Jackie 60, 1999
Photo (still from Jackie 60 -The Movie) by Paul Brissman.


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Originally posted by daddy:
We've been going over hours and hours of footage for The Jackie Movie and as luck would have it we have that WHOLE "party naked" on film. (Shot with 3 different cameras!) And of course you knew there was a camera in the bathroom as well.
You did know that didn't you?

Oh sweet Lo' Jesus! No!
I had no idea. I spoke with Janet F Murphy today and he informed me about the BR cams. Daddy, there may have been notices but I noticed nothing- literally- nothing. I was quite often too far gone on whatever.
My guilty bathroom pleasure was- Hatches, what was his name? He always sold his 'wares' at Pyramid, too.- EARL!!! Ya, my guilty Jackie Bathroom pleasure-

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