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I was just having a Spring clean... found ole diaries from back in the days... thought i would share with you ...a chapter from one of those random nights in the wonderful Jackie 60...I'm sure MY tale is all rather tame to what else went on then... but cute non the less...(PS ***** is HIS name, well you have to have some secrets in your life eh!!)

In the darkness of the cave like club his black woolen skull cap looked like hair.
I starred at him. With sharp round brown eyes he sparked an intense demonic return and grins. I take a deep intake of breathe and loose interest in the conversation around me switching my mental gears I smile back at him and droop my eyes like a bashful Lady Diana. I see him approach and grab my vacant hand. With a deathly cold grip he gently stokes my open palm and begins an impromptu palm reading. I was intoxicated by his very presence, I mouth the words "Go Away!" silently to my surrounding coterie.
His long tanned fingers trace every crease as he tells me a surprisingly accurate tale of recent events. He leans in towards my face, my eyes trace the outline of his full mouth and the sharp incisor teeth unnaturally protruding. A vampire boy with an enchanting glare, I know I was about to board a wild Latino runaway train -destination ˜Lust'.
He was on his own, I'd never seem him before at Jackie 60, though he assured me that he was a Jackie club dancer. With his face almost resting on mine he mischievously declared, "I'd like to get on stage and dance and drive everyone wild as I take my clothes off !" Just as the last syntax snapped my synapse Jackie 60 DJ Johnny Dynell bear hugs us in unison, "I swear you have the best taste, ******* if the hottest dancer.. He is so hot !" Johnny hugs me again and tells "the boy dancer" that he has to get up to show me what he does ! With faint complaints that he is not wearing a g-string he leaps to the foot high stage, removing his sweatshirt as he lands. Invigorating rhythms fill the air as super DJ Johnny spins the discs and masters the beat to a forceful speed. Exotic characters fill the dancefloor, tall leggy blonde transvestites grind and pulse their pelvis next to pout mouthed Brazilian models. A gray haired businessman in a suit sweats up a storm pressed against a pre pubescent shaved headed denim clone. A ferret like man reaches feverously into his silver satin pants for a $5 bill that he girlishly teased into ******* jeans. Dancing alone under a dim blue stage light his cafe latte complexion glowed as sweat slicks like oil into the ridges of his well defined torso. I watch this, my private dancer teasing forward to the edge of the stage where I stand at his feet, the ferret moves against me and joins me at my hip, I stare at him on stage, he stares into the crowd and flashes a fanged toothed grim as the crowd press cash against his glistening bare chest. The excitement intensifies as the music changes to a strong clean dance drum beat. I stretch my neck upwards and narrow my eyes as he teased and bopped, I grab like a crazed animal at his unbuckled belt as he un buttons his baggy form jeans. I pull ferociously forcing the waistband fast down to his slender hips against the clean line of his boxer shorts and the obvious stiff definition of the contents. He mocks his own suprise and horror as he leans downward towards me on the dance floor, "Look what you did " he ˜complains' as he rubs his erect penis through the crisp cotton. The club crowd cheer, like sharks with a taste for blood they move in for the kill, pelting the tiny stage with dollar bills. This crowd want flesh, so do I - his.
Ferret squeals and springs up and down on his toes as he watches the unleashed abandon, ******** possessed twisting around his spills back his shorts revealing his taut naked butt. The words rang like the bells of Saint Clements, "I want to lick this boy ALL over", with physical force my reverie was jolted. Rashly he jumps off the stage in rock star force, without a second he thrusts his thick wet tongue into my hot open mouth. A double cry of, "You go girrrrrl !" rings stereo in my ears from the circle of fagulous admirers. Tugging as his still unbuckled jeans he ignores the fact that they still bulge with donated dollars, somehow he manages to shove my clammy hand deep under his elasticated boxers. I knew for sure that this time , I could read my own palm.
"Oh my God !"
We were the disco ball, the shinning fulcrum of the dance floor. Bodies banged as we swayed holding each other tight in the dark. I couldn't remember the music only the deep bass beat pitted in my stomach as I fell mesmerized,
"Chill ! Chill! Chill !" I urged him as I felt my passion engulf me - an affirmation to myself, a command to him. Cold alien sweat dripped from the low club ceiling onto our bare skin, I remove my hand from the depths of his pants and gently hook my thumb into the back pocket of his jeans. I was blind to all around me, yet my sense of touch and smell were heightened to overload. He licked the bend of my neck up to the lobe of my ear, " Yooooo aaaaarrrr soooo sexeeeee" he sang in a rinky-dink Dominican accent, "I've watched yooooo all night and yoooo reeeeeelleee turn me on !"
We wait downstairs in the darkness in this converted meat warehouse club space as the disco sounds reverb above. A tacky bleach blonde transvestite thumps her fat manicured hand on the communal bathroom door.
"Do yer drugs elsewhere I gorra pee" she shrills like a faded game show host.
Like a rabid fox his incandescent eyes glowed in the bathrooms murky red light. I laugh nervously and play with my long loose hair as he violently slams the door shut behind us. Squirts of saliva gush into my awaiting beer scented mouth.
He pushes me and grins flashing his vampire fangs, the calves of my legs are wedges against the side of the dirty toilet bowl. We kiss. His soft full lips open wide against mine, his tongue mopping every inner crevice of my mouth. I arch myself backwards and glare at the tarnished wall mirror watching myself in my own fantasy. I am dizzy with adrenaline.
"Oh my God!" I groan with pure pleasure as he whips my tights black jeans and silken panties down to my ankles with magicians-tablecloth precision. "Shit"
He tugs furiously at my a leg of my pants till I step one bare leg out , grabbing my thick calf in his hand he sticks my platformed booted foot up on the cracked sink in front of me. Then just for a second he stops, stares at me with widening eyes and announced, "I am a wolf ! My family lived in the hills with the wolves, look, look at my teeth" His smile flashed sharp long incisors, I am perplexed, yet I don't have a chance to think about this genuine proclaimation. He pushes my shoulders back against the wall, my back is arched my leg is balanced againsts a wobbly sink and here he is Mr Wolf-Boy with his face burried between my legs.
His sharp nails dig grooves either side of my butt as he grips and laps fast.
In ecstacy my leg twitches and bangs against the sink as I begin to huff in pleasure. I watch him in the mirror his head bobbing like jello beating out the rhythm of orgasm with his tongue, my eye lids droopwith the evolution of my ˜cum-face', and I feel myself flicking my pelvis towards him deep deep deep.
I am climbing higher and higher in pleasure surpassing the point when I cannot hear the nighclub swarm or the thud of the beat, I hear the pulse of my heart and the throb of my breathe.
"Ahh Ahh Ahh !!" I cannot hold my crescendo of fruition !
He steps back and standing tall with a saturated grin watches me reach for my pants in quick embarrasment
"Thank you " I politely gather my catch my breathe.
"would you like to go for breakfast ?" he asks as he leans to help me into my pants
And they say that romance is not dead.
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Oh how I miss the glory days of Jackie. I don't have the prose to match your story, but it certainly got me perspiring. Honey, I hope you got the rest of him for a full servicing- and if his wolfen instincts were as good as his oral skills, you must have purred, moaned, and yelped all the way to high heaven. I think of all the times I had "special activities" in those downstairs bathrooms (and the upstairs ones too). God, if those walls could talk. So many of us left our marks in those tiny little bathrooms.

Ok, after reading that, I really need & want to go out tonight...anybody need a nurse?
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"sticks my platformed booted foot up on the cracked sink in front of me"

"the calves of my legs are wedges against the side of the dirty toilet bowl."

"and glare at the tarnished wall mirror"

I'll have you know I worked my fingers to the bone to make that club nice and that's the thanks I get!
cracked sink...
dirty toilet bowl...
tarnished wall mirror...

The Nerve Anna Nicole!
See if I ever introduce you to any more Dominican vampires!

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Anna Nicole,

Remarkably well done, such a vivid and "adult" image you drew in my head, I will have to draw it. I can't help but note how genius your ferret is, how well he works his way in and out of your story perfectly. The ferret is a very detailed and revealing manifestation of actuality ... while you and the boy are lost in hormone-addled states of imaginative anticipation and delirium, the ferret is vivid and real. Nothing is pristine, neither is it lurid. It just is, but spectacular in that.
I somehow missed the advent of bathroom cam so I did not know it was in the upstairs bathroom. I was attending the marvelously produced and realized Jackie Awards I think in 98 and there was an award announced for the best bathroom cam performance. Now I had gotten up to no good once or three times in the downstairs chambers and went into full panic mode, Absolutely terrified I would see myself projected on the piece of foam core Flavine was holding on stage. (My finest moment was with a Norwegian, vampire, tourist I met on my one and only visit to Click as a patron.) With great relief I recognized the indomitable Alexis Arquette doing what she does best with that elephant trunk like tough to some str8 acting banker boy. Wheeew! I am still not fully recovered from that moment of panic.

P.S. Hey! Kell If you ever come back to NYC drop me a line.

Anna Nicole,
It's been way too long. I so enjoyed your lurid little tale -- brought me right back to your side writhing on the Jackie dancefloor . . . taking your nervously excited, willing but timid hand and stuffing inbetween the hottest latin thug thighs we could find. I think we coined it the Jackie handshake?! Oh -- the thrill of uncertainty, wondering if we'd get a face full of fist or dick for our naughty shenanigans!
I hear from the Motherboards Holiday get-together that you're throbbing as fiercely as ever!
Love the VIVID, TORRID, LUSTY, tale that you told Anna! It's just like the nights I remembered. The hot sweaty bodies writhing together on the dance floor...slave to the rhythm of Johnny's masterful tunes. Snakes of the nightlife under control of the snake charmer.
But wait! A bathroom cam? I vaguely remember hearing about it but always thought it was a rumour! EEK! Eek I deny everything!!!! That was my twin sister you saw on camera! Razz
In the early days of Jackie there was a gorgeous little Italian Brooklynese boy who found his way to jackie via an encounter I had had with him at The Vault. Worked as a mechanic and went to school. Had an amazing cock and loved getting blown. His kink however was fabulous. he was turned on by BIG hair-do's. He would get absolutely crazy asking about how long it took to do my hair and if it was one wig or two. He never wanted to touch my hair, but would stare at it transfixed while I blew him on more than a few occasions. In a drug fueled, Jack Daniels stupor I remember blowing him in the corner by the dj booth with him asking me at the point of his orgasm if I wore Rave or Aqua Net. God Bless Jackie 60!!!!
"In the corner by the DJ booth"!!!
Where was I?
Busy talking to Anna Nicole probably.

There are so many "Jackie Sex Stories", it's mind boggeling. Like the time I went down to the liquor room to find one of our handsome barbacks with a VERY famous super model. (He recently told me that they were still friends. I love that).

Here is another one of my favorites...

I was Djing and I needed a cocktail. So of course I avoided asking our famous coctail waitress Rose (for reasons obvious to anyone who ever went to "Cheez Whiz") and went to the bar myself. The place was jam-packed and it took forever to get to the bar. Finally I did manage to squeeze in. As I was trying to get bartender Javier's attention I noticed this very handsome Italian ("from Italy" Italian) guy and his girl friend smashed up next to me. She was sitting on the bar and he was in front of her. He smiled at me and asked me something. I couldn't really understand him because of his heavy accent. He repeated again, "Do you want some of this?" I thought he was trying to buy me a drink and I said "no thanks". Then he asked again, "are you sure you don't want some of this?" as he stepped back. I looked down and saw his (at least) eleven inch dick pull out of this girl sitting on the bar. He had been fucking her the whole time. I guess I'll never know what he meant by "some of this". Some of his girlfriend or some of his big dick. Since it was Jackie, he probably meant both.
People always ask me, "How come the music used to stop at Jackie sometime? Where were you?"
Now you know.
Where did you get the idea that I would...I am SHOCKED. I can only imagine only a whore would, on the night of meeting her future boyfriend (you-know-who), have given a hand-job to one boy in the upstairs bathroom, stumbled downstairs by coatcheck to receive mouth-to-puss resuscitation from you-know-who, then tippy-toed to the payphone area to give another HJ to a different male (who the whore might end up going home with later that night, but he would be gross in better lighting), then back up to the bathroom for a quick bang with you-know-who. When this hypothetical whore went to write down you-know-who's number, she would have to ask him his name while he serviced her at the bar.
Only a great big slutty whore.
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Oh Alright...but just because you asked Anna Nicole...

Me,alone,in drag, downstairs dressing room, waiting to go on stage... Knock on dressing room door. I lean over and open the door to find this swarthy latin GOD smiling and asking in broken english " Joey? You remember me, yes? " " Oh yes I remember you" I said, ( I guess he forgot what Joey looked like) I pulled him in and locked the door. In seconds flat the big uncut italian meat came out and the next thing I know my eyebrows are stuck to his butt cheeks. All the while he is telling me " Oh Joey you suck me so good...Oh Joey my ass to be eaten by you is such a treat...Oh Joey...and on and on...The next thing I know there's a knock at the door and I hear Joey's voice. I say to the hot italian that is my call to go on stage and I open the door to find Joey with this look on his face like someone stole his lollipop. I say, " Hey girl, The meat's been pre heated for you, I'm on stage now" Joey say's " Thanks girl for keeping it warm for me" and off I go to do my number sans eyebrows. As I exit the stud says.." not a Joey..: And I say no baby, My name is Lady Bunny.
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Thank goodness the sex didn't happen AT Jackie, but one of my ALL TIME hottest experiences was with an arab I met at Jackie who was some sort of secret service to an arab princess and he took me to The Waldorf where the entourage had I believe an entire floor. The poor princess had cancer or something and they were all in town trying to get her medical care. GORGEOUS Arab secret service man was giving me some of the BEST secret service I have EVER had while 2 of his cronies sat quietly at a dining room table within spitting distance of us NEVER ONCE LOOKING OVER except when the action finally ceased and one of the guys asked if I would like some more. It was pure decadence like I have never experienced again in NYC. Oh and by the way OF COURSE I wanted MORE!!!
Sorry to disappoint, S'tan, but I never had sex with gnome. Though, when we first met he followed me, clad in my tattered Ripper Victorian finery, through the early morning streets of the Meat Market screaming in his high raspy gnomish voice, "Fuck me, fuck me!" Chi Chi yelled at him, "Get away you little gnome!" Hence his name.
But I never knew about Gen at all! Joey, of course, if it had two legs, or even one, well...

When we were working on turning "Bar Room 432" into Mother, for some reason I was left alone late at night to finish painting. Everyone else had gone home and I was putting layer upon layer of clear acrylic on the faux matble in the Versailles Room to make it shine like the real thing. Well, there came a knock on the door which I answered. Gorgeous Latin boy asking (what else,) "Is this the Clit Club?" Well, of course I invited him in to "see the space." I think we shed all our clothes right by the door and saw the space-- all of it! The Main Room, the stage, the Versailles, the stairs, even the elevator... and then some! Leaving some of our jizz in each location. When we were finally spent and the sun was coming up, I told him the Clit was only on Fridays. I guess that was the night the club really got "christened." Poor Javier, I bet his mop head was awfully sticky!
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oh daddy,

was too shy in those days to do much of anything. honest, and loved every minute of the triffles that did occur.

remembering one holiday event at Jackie 60, finding this very handsome young fresh energetic sympatico on the dance floor. we locked like long lost lovers and danced the dance of life as if for the first time, discovering each other like long lost lovers on the dance floor. embracing & yes, kissing in public, while we danced, he was hot, and merlin was getting hotter..... too hot infact. suddenly the young man's 'friend' walks up and announces 'they' are leaving, in mid kiss. so merlin turns to watch them exit the room feeling like a molten puddle of heat.... that seemed warmer than the situation would indicate.

as merlin turned, merlin noticed again how warm it was..... and looked up at the dj booth, and oh daddy, dear daddy, you were there holding the spot light shinning it on our little pantomime to love, the whole time. didn't think anyone would notice anything on that dance floor especially the merlinator.

could not stop laughing the rest of the night.
Click and Drag. Standing in line at the downstairs toilet. They guy that comes out has a big grin on. I enter. There on the sink sits a pro domme with Victorian dress hiked, she's wiping herself off. I'd just needed the room to set up a couple of boosts. So I figure to share with her. She wants more sex though. Just as we reach an agreement on the configuration of the act wouldn't you know, the light bulb in the ceiling blows out. On the edge of the sink my boosts are lost to sight so I crack the door to let in the light from the hall, do the things, and get a nose bleed. There is no toilet paper in the room. So I tell the domme to wait just a minute while I dash to the bar for a napkin. She says, "I'll be right here with my socket in the air for you." With her dress up over her waist, both hands on the toilet rim, her naked ass is swaying. I edge out the door of the toilet where there is a line of five or six people giving me a dirty look. I just nod back at the door shut behind me and tell them all "She's cleaning up for a minute." The downstairs is totally packed but I get to the bar and nab a napkin. Before I can turn around from the bar this huge woman wearing a spiked dog collar, two Heidi braids, and engineer boots, a lip ring and a Heckle and Jeckel tattoo over her cleavage, has her hand on my ass. She asks me if I want to "Go to the Men's Room." "Sure thing," I reply, " but I want you to do me with a beer bottle so why don't you get one for me here and meet me in the toilet, just cut the que at the door, I'll be inside prepped and waiting." Needless to say, I wiggle through the crowd and head for the upstairs. Halfway up the stairs this skinny college boy starts to chat me up. He's in a pair of dark jeans and a leather harness with a leather police hat cocked on his brow, black lipstick, dark eyeshadow and sparkly geranium-colored long fingernails. He fingers my collar, the one with the wisdom teeth and tells me, " I like a good thrashing and you seem like the one to supply it tonight." I'm stuffing a blood-streaked bar napkin up my nose and dying for a smoke and a whiskey so I say, "I guarantee some sweet bruises," while I pinch his ear. "But I need another napkin, catch one at the bar for me and just meet me in the first toilet downstairs, cut the line, I'll be inside waiting." About a half hour later while lounging in the Versailles room puffing a tuna with, I think it was, Merlin, I notice the pro domme and the huge Heidi humping eachother near the front bar. When I leave hours later, the skinny college boy is sitting on the curb of 14th Street near the bagel store, he's smoking a cigarette. The neon lights show off his bruised eye and fat lip. I feel good. I know what people really like.
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ah yes, then there was the night merlin went downstairs to get his coat, leaving his 'ride home' upstairs to fend for himself. he was a hunky ex-marine type, with tats everywhere and the muscles to prove it. sweet and agreeable he was. and easy on the eyes. the first time merlin saw him that night, there was a coffin in the Versaille Room with two girls in it kissing and hugging and giggling, and this ex-mmmarine (suddering thinking about him) turns to merlin and askes if he can do push ups on the coffin over the girls, holding himself up on the edges of the box with his strong beautiful hands. 'go for it' was all merlin could get out. well that got us all noticed. lol.

so comming back up the stairs rounding the corner and re-entering the Versailles Room, guess who is sitting next to and chatting-up this ex-marine -- to beat the band, as they say. you guessed it, daddy! poor merlin didn't have a chance? so merlin sits next to daddy and listens in to the conversation, as daddy just pumps him for information and obviously enjoying the the conversation. then merlin gets up and moves to other side and sits next to the ex-marine relaxing watching people around the room and listening to daddy chat-up the ex-marine, not trying to interfer or nothing. during a lull in the conversation, the ex-marine turns towards merlin dramatically and asks,'you ready to leave yet?'

the expression on daddy's face was worth the life time of friendship since, daddy had no idea.
These ARE so evocative of that period... One thang that I remember back then was I was living just two blocks away on Horatio... during that time I also used to go horseback riding real early (up at Claremont) I remember at 6am one morn walking in shiny high knee riding boots, carrying my lil riding crop wearing a tight English riding jacket... when who do i run into on the street as I wander for a cab... but, Flowrider... whom I think to this day was NOT convinced that I was really looking for a cab to go horseback riding!! Only in the Jackie world eh!
hatches, I knew you never had a tryst with Gnome but Chi and I liked to imagine Gnome would one day get lucky. You made such an cute couple. Particularly when you were in Victorian and he wore his bloody meat market apron.

Not for most, but for me this was totally sexy:

One night Genesis and I were at Click for a Jayne County show (standing at the edge of the stage, looking straight up her dress the whole time.) We left and were wandering about the neighborhood, then so great! deserted and gnarly.

We got to one corner and I looked back, to see Gnome was following us. Another 1/2 block, looking back, there was Gnome, a bit closer. I was telling Gen of the Gnome, and as we got to the dead corner (where Pastis is now) we both turned, to face Gnome.

He stared back at Gen -- and made a deep bow from his waist. We both nodded our heads slightly at this obesiance and thought nothing more of it.

When I related to Chichi this mysterious moment, a hieratic greeting on a desolate street, sagely the Chi nodded her head:
"That's because Genesis is the King of the Gnomes."
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Merlin, you were a rogue at Jackie! You had almost as many cute little twinkle puffs as Rob Roth. I remember that night very well.

And Betty, you grew up at Jackie. You were a baby when you started with us. So cute. I have to say though, I was a little concerned when you first started "dating" Flowryder. It was the Daddy in me I guess. Chi Chi and Kitty were VERY concerned. But we quickly saw that you could take care of yourself. Eventually Chi Chi & Kitty learned what I knew all the time.
Robert Flowryder is the greatest man who has ever lived.

And speakin of Flowryder, I mean Betty's "future boyfriend (you-know-who)"...
you just have to hand it to him.
That's all, just hand it to him.


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Ah, so many American Gothics, so little time!
I have no doubt that had the Meat Market lasted, I would have become Mrs. Gnome eventually. Or would that have been Mme. Gnome?
He did however bring me an extremely large cured meat one evening-- some sausage or other-- and was often known to shriek out, "How 'bout some chops, Hattie!" Oh, the bloody perks!
Ah, yes, the formative years...Daddy, I think I was 19 when I started there. My first year out of high school and I stumble into Jackie's. My memories are still tied to that high school mind and you know what those memories are like: Jackie 60 seems like part of my childhood. Did you know, Kitty saw me auditioning at Clit Club and asked me to come to Jackie's? I couldn't even drink for the first couple of years (this was during the Guiliani club crackdown and Kitty even sniffed my soda once), so my sets were s-o-b-e-r. And that is so sweet about you guys' concerns. Little did I know...
BTW, if anyone has stories that involve Flow (and I KNOW you do), please don't not post them on my account. I won't out anyone, but Flow used to warn me at a party before I met someone if there was even a "brief history" there. Anna, you know what I'm talkin' about. You should post about the first time WE met. I can't, I giggle too hard when I think about it.
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First meeting Betty I LUVED her SO much (still do gal!) she gleefully introduced me to her boyfriend which was Flow whom of course I'd shagged. Out of respect for Betty and not wanting to be a cunt... i thought best to be rather cordial but when she introduced me to him. As i lean out to shake his outstretched hand he grins one of those Flow-shit-eating-grins and Betty being the queen witch that she is.. just tossed her head back and laughed heartily "ooooooooohhhhhhh you two have fucked,Right!? I should have known" Flow and I smirk and nod... Betty u dah best! All boys asside... u rule!

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